Dear Jim Ch. 04

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Boy, I am so sorry for being away so long, this job has a tendency to send me anywhere and everywhere at pretty much anytime. After our last get together it was especially hard to be away from you both for so long. Thanks for being so understanding when I swept up our girl for the weekend at the cabin, I needed, I thought, some one on one time with her to wash away my trip. Of course she was spectacular at that!

You must have really warmed her up while I was gone, warmed her up and left her hanging, she was a tiger before we got to the end of the block! The older gent on the corner actually dropped his dentures when he figured out that he was staring at her ass and bare pussy pressed against the glass when we stopped at the stop sign. I don’t think he knows who’s ass and pussy but he knows what he saw! I noticed in the mirror as we turned the corner that he had both hands clasped together over his head in victory and a big, toothless, grin, so I’m pretty sure he knew what, but maybe not who.

We headed up towards my cabin for some nice quiet, sexy, alone time. I figured we’d get in sort of late tonight, have a quicky and then sleep and start really having some fun tomorrow once we got the place set up and the hot tub warmed up. I really did want to talk some with Lori about her fantasies and what kind of things she might like to explore, but apparently she had other ideas. As I said, she wasted little time in making her need clear to me. On the surface streets she was relatively restrained, except for the quick cock check your neighbor witnessed.

Once we hit the open road though, she was anything but restrained. Her shorts and top were gone before I had the cruise set and she was working my shorts off just after. Something about a blow job while driving, wow! I was vividly reminded just how much I had missed her talented mouth, throat, and fingers as she took me deep in her mouth.

The bra and panties you chose for her were awesome! Really set off her skin tone and packaged her body to best advantage. Almost to bad they didnt stay on longer, almost. What a beautiful woman we share. Anyway, she was fingering herself frantically as she blew me, ass up against the window, thong to the side as she buried her fingers in her pussy. The only time she didn’t have some in her pussy was when they were in my mouth, or occasionally, her ass. That was a surprise the first time she fed me one from her ass, as I wasn’t aware she was doing that.

The really big surprise though came the first time she fed me a finger from her pussy, I hadn’t realized you had fucked her and left a load just before I got there! What a happy surprise! You guys really caught me with that one. I can’t describe how hot it was as she brought her fingers from her pussy to my mouth, coated in your combined juices. It took a second for me to snap to what I was tasting, her chuckle around my cock as I figured it out was incredible! Needless to say, I couldn’t get enough after that and would have preferred to stop and eat her (and you!) properly, but we were still in some traffic and it would have been neither discrete nor safe, so I had to be content with enjoying the two of you from her fingers.

Once well and truly out from town, she really got busy, after releasing my cock and turning to face me, she pulled aside her thong to reveal her open pussy to me as her finger snaked inside.

As she did it she looked me square in the eye and moaned ‘we’ve missed you.’

Wow, was that erotic!! Not sure who the we was she was referring to but also not sure I care if it was you and her or her and her pussy!

Her eyes were so captivating, so sensual and so full of sparkle that I damn near wrecked I was so mesmerized. Soon she was absorbed in her masturbation and closed her eyes, releasing me from her spell to drive. I knew this was the recipe for disaster so I started looking for a place to pull off. Fortunately we were in a stretch of National Forest and soon we came across a small two track road which I turned into.

The sudden slowing and turn startled Lori but when she realized what I had done she shrieked gleefully and threw herself across the cab and into my arms. What a kiss! My hands went to her thong covered ass and inside her bra to capture a very erect nipple as she began to tear my clothing off of me.

Soon we broke our tongue wrestling and she panted, “Lets move outside.”

Scrambling out of the truck I was nearly strangled by the remnant clothing I had on but managed to move to her side of the truck, shedding my clothes as I went. When I reached her door and opened it I was greeted with Lori’s spread legs and lovely pussy, again filled with her own fingers while her bra was pushed up over her tits allowing her free hand to pinch and tug her nipple. Well you know how much I LOVE to watch her play with herself so I just stood, no doubt mouth agape, hard cock bobbing in the breeze and dripping, watching her.

Soon though eve gelen escort she opened her eyes and captured mine, reaching for me with the hand that had just been in her pussy, she pulled me to her and pushed my face to her cunt. I could have died a happy man! Her taste is, as you know, wonderful and I remembered vividly tasting you on her fingers earlier. Fueled by the sight, smell and taste of her arousal, the sounds of her impending orgasm, and her demands to “Eat me, make me cum on your face!” I was a man possessed as I did everything I could think of to get her off.

As she came, flooding my face and beard with her juices, she let out a scream that would wake the dead and then pushed me away. I was stunned for a second, thinking I had hurt her and moved to take her in my arms but she simply slid out of the truck, turned away from me, planted her feet and thrust that spectacular ass in my direction and said simply “Fuck me.”

Needless to say, I slid balls deep in one thrust and rode her hard as she held on to the door frame and seat her head thrashing wildly as I drove into her. My hand found a tit and began to work it over, squeezing and mashing her awesome breast. I was very close to cumming myself at this point and she seemed to sense it, cumming again as my fingers fount her hard nipple and pulled hard on it.

My moans joined hers and my thrusting became more uncontrolled and disjointed as she reached between our legs and squeezed my balls. I flooded her with torrents of cum, all of my pent up, stored up passion released in that brief second as we were joined together. I started to slump against her as she collapsed against the seat of the truck.

We were both breathing so heavily, and basking in the afterglow that we didn’t hear it at first, but then it filtered through the fog, clapping. No, not clapping but real applause. We both sort of realized it at the same time and as we looked around we noticed a car stopped on the highway above us, two couples obviously and unashamedly watching us and applauding our recent exhibition.

It was then that I realized how perfectly illuminated we were in the dome light though the open door. I heard one of the guys say “Man, that was awesome!, you guys are so freakin hot together.” and then a chorus of agreement from the other three.

Now I half expected Lori to cover up and get in the truck, but she simply straightened up, stepped back fully into the light and, facing our audience, bowed deeply! As she straightened up, she called to them, “Turn about is fair play!” challenging them to put on a show for us!

Here we were, just off a highway, I’m naked except for one sock, she’s naked except for her bra, which was up around her chin, with four people watching us and she not only doesn’t feel compeled to cover up but wants our new found admirers to reciprocate! What a woman!!

I figured no way they would, just as one guy moved his hand to his partners tit and leaned down to kiss her. The other couple kept looking from us to their friends to each other, unsure what was happening and if they could and would join in. The first couple, who we later learned were Jill and Randy, had really begun to warm to the challenge as Jill snaked her hand back between their bodies to rub his cock as Randy’s hands moved under her sweater and were obviously full of tit.

Lori reached for my reawakening cock with one hand and ran her other across her own tits, ‘mmmmmmmm’ was all she said as she slowly stroked me and tugged her nipples.

The other couple, Mike and Kathy, were still hesitant but Mike had wrapped her up in his arms and was grinding his cock against her ass, very subtly as they now focused on their friends as Randy raised Jill’s sweater up her body and over her head, exposing a nice tight belly and a pair of lovely tits, her bra in the same state of disarray as Lori’s, her nipples just as hard.

Lori, moaned a soft “Oh my god! She’s awesome.” and grasped my cock a little tighter.

Mike now had his hands under Kathy’s sweater as he continued to grind against her ass, nibbling her neck and ears, no doubt encouraging her to join in the fun. Jill released Randy’s jean encased cock and released the buttons on her own pants as his hand slid down her belly and inside her waist band. As Randy worked his fingers across her pussy, Jill simply pushed pants and panties down and worked them off her long legs.

She was now completely exposed for all of us to see. Her skin was very pale, no doubt accented by the very full moon and cloudless sky. She turned to Kathy and said something we couldn’t hear before turning back to Randy and slowly sinking to her knees, unfastening and taking his jeans with her as she went. Jill was quite the gifted exhibitionist as well as an artist with the skin flute as she drew Randy to a profile for us as she engulfed his cock in one fluid motion right down to the base. This elicited moans from all fatih escort three of us guys as you can imagine and a gasp from Kathy. Lori simply gave a small moan of satisfaction and moved from her gentle stroking of my cock to an equally gentle caressing of my balls.

I did notice her hand leave her tit and move to her pussy as I saw that Jill had a hand in hers as well. Mike was really starting to work Kathy’s tits and I noticed he had released the top button on her pants and had slipped a hand inside.

Her hand was atop his on the outside of her pants holding him tight to her pussy. She was clearly stunned and mesmerized at watching the oral artistry conducted by Jill. Not so tied up though that her free hand couldn’t begin stroking Mike through his pants.

Suddenly, Kathy cried out with a loud “OH! OH! OH!”

She slumped back into Mike for an instant before pulling away from his grasp and saying, “Fuck it” and pulling her shirt and bra over her head and dropping her pants and panties and stepping out of them.

Wow, she was much nicer than I had imagined with a very tight body and almost freakishly large tits for her body.

Never taking her eyes off Jill and Randy, she bent over the hood of their car and told Mike “Fuck me Mike, fuck me now and fuck me good.” as her hand slid through her dense bush and three fingers slid deep inside her pussy.

That outburst from our one, we thought, conservative member caused Jill to stop the deep throat and look back over her shoulder at her friend. A broad smile crossed her lips as she saw a very nude, very hot Kathy take a very hard Mike up her pussy.

For the first time since Jill stripped off, Kathy wasn’t watching her friend, her eyes having rolled back in her head and a steady stream of “Oh god yes” and “fuck, fuck, fuck” streamed out of her mouth.

With that Jill arose from her knees and moved to Kathy, Randy’s dick in her hand, tugging him along. Jill reached for Kathy, taking one of those monster melons in hand as she assumed the same position, facing her friend as Randy slid inside Jill.

Kathy’s eyes opened for a minute, realized Jill’s hand was the one gently tugging her nipple and they smiled at one another before their tongues touched and their mouths devoured one another.

Lori and I were, needless to say, fully aroused and panting as we watched this incredible foursome develop. She again began to stroke my cock, more earnestly now as she also plowed her own pussy with her free hand. She began her own chant, in time with Kathy’s, but Lori’s was simply “Hot, hot, hot…”

I had been caressing her ass with one hand and a tit with the other and I pulled her closer and in front of me. Stepping into a slight depression brought my cock up between her legs as she stepped one leg onto the running board of the truck, allowing my entrance to her now wide open pussy.

I slid into her from behind as I held her against my chest, mashing her tits under my hand and arm. I lifted her free from the ground on my cock as we stood there joined like that and watched the scene before us, her pussy milking my cock towards another orgasm as my cock pulsed deep within her, moving her also closer as she continued to strum her clit and my balls with her free hand, trying, it seemed, at times as though she wanted them in her pussy with my cock.

By now, our new found friends were really getting after it, no longer could the women caress and kiss one another. Their passionate cries and the hammering they were receiving precluded anything so tender.

Mike had leaned back against the car with Kathy perched on his cock facing us, spread wide as he thrust her up and down on his cock by her waist. Jill continued to hold on to the car with one hand as the other grasped the base of Mikes cock, holding him up right for her friends pussy to collect. Randy meanwhile was pounding her from behind frantically.

We heard Kathy cry out that she was cumming, followed shortly by Mike saying the same thing through his grunts. Quick as can be, Jill knelt between Mikes legs and began to suck both of them through their orgasms, coating her face in the cum of both of her friends, seeing this Randy erupted on Jill’s face and in her hair before she turned to draw the last few spurts down her throat.

Seeing all of that explosiveness set Lori off and she came deeply, drowning my cock and balls in her cum. With that she slid down off my hard cock, grasped it and walked towards our new friends. Stopping before Mike and Kathy, she hefted Mike’s cock in her hand, gave a “Mmmmm” and leaned in to kiss Kathy deeply on the mouth, then taking each nipple she suckled for just a moment as she pushed those big tits together.

Releasing both Mike and Kathy, she turned to Randy, took his cock in hand and again, a nice, sexy “Mmmmmmm” before tuning to Jill and pulling her close in a full body embrace, Lori buried her tongue in Jill mouth, tasting halkalı anal yapan escort the combined flavors of all four of our new friends. Lori’s one hand gave Randy a gentle tug and the other gave Jill a soft caress and a quick flick of her clit. As Lori pulled back from Jill she said something to her. They then both looked at me and smiled and Jill moved towards me and my still hard cock.

Sinking to her knees before me Jill took me to the base as she had Randy, in one smooth motion. Using her throat to milk my cock and then pulling back and repeating it was incredible! Lori, Randy, Mike and Kathy all gathered around to watch, up close and personal as Jill worked my cock.

In no time I couldn’t take it, both desperate to cum and wanting this exquisite blow job to never end, my cock failed me and began to erupt. Jill took me all, my cock buried in her wonderful throat. Pulling off slightly and taking my last few spurts in her mouth she went to Kathy and kissed her deeply, sharing my cum with her, and then with Lori, soon the three women were kissing one another and sharing my cum. That was Hot!

We all stepped back and somewhat sheepishly introduced ourselves to one another, we learned that this type of public display was new to all four of them but that it wouldn’t be the last time. Further, Kathy confessed that mine was the first cum she’d tasted, never having blown a guy to completion before, confirmed by Mike’s “No Shit!”

Jill confessed that she loved giving head and told Mike that if he couldn’t convince Kathy, she’d happily do it! Mike was all for that but Kathy, good naturedly said she’d give it a try, maybe with Randy as her teacher!

We all regretfully cleaned up, got dressed and said our good byes after exchanging numbers and agreeing to hit the club together sometime. Randy and Jill also have a nice boat so we talked some about another lake trip after Lori told them about our trip. We’ll see if we can work it out. I’m telling you Jim, if it happens, either the club or the lake, you HAVE to go and experience Jill’s oral artistry, she’s as good as Lori, but in a different way, a way unlike I’ve ever experienced!

We climbed into the truck after seeing our new friends off, Lori skipped her bra and panties in favor of a simple, yet sexy kaftan which was opaque enough to keep from getting arrested but sheer enough to reveal her body to those smart enough to look. As we rode along she nestled her head in my lap and sucked and licked my cock, not in the frenzied cum inducing way she had been but almost as though it were in contentment.

She dozed as much as sucked to be honest until we turned off the highway and up the dirt road to the cabin.

By now the moon had set and the stars were out in all their glory, drawing us into the black velvet sky of the mountains. We stood and held one another as we gazed at the stars before moving inside. I quickly got a fire going to take the chill off as Lori came out of the bedroom holding a pair of handcuffs, her kaftan long gone and her smile lighting the room.

“And just what do you have in mind for these?” she asked, barely containing the playfulness in her voice.

I confess, I had forgotten they were in there and was somewhat embarrassed by her finding them. As I started to stammer out something feeble she just laughed and snapped one side on her wrist, saying “You really going to arrest me officer?” with a naughty little girl pout.

I grabbed her wrists in my hands and pulled her roughly to me, telling her, “Arrest isn’t EXACTLY what I had in mind.” as I snapped the other cuff closed and pulling her by the cuffs onto the front porch.

She was surprised to see me take a hook from the rail and snap it onto her cuffs, raising her arms over her head and stretching her out. I then walked around her, tracing her lines with a finger as I surveyed her very exposed, very nude body silently. When I returned to face her she started to speak, but I simply shook my head no and placed my finger over her mouth.

“You may only answer, no other sound is permitted.” and as I said that I smacked her ass hard.

She moaned at that smack and was reminded, no sound, and I gave her other ass cheek a good smack. My fingers found her pussy, her very wet pussy, knowing that while scared, she was also very aroused.

Taking her juice on my fingers I offered them to her mouth, but just out of reach, her tongue extended to taste herself but unable to reach. She emitted a moan of frustration, which brought another shake of my head and another pair of smacks on her ass. I then allowed her tongue its reward as she greedily sucked herself from my fingers. With that I went back inside to resume lighting the fire and turned the hot tub temperature up.

When I returned Lori was starting to get sore and began to complain as I walked out, I immediately gave her a hard smack on her ass, which surprised her and as she reacted, I landed another smack on her other cheek, reminding her that she was still to remain silent. I inserted a ball gag for reinforcement.

As I did that my free hand stroked through her pussy lips, she was soaked! I teased her nipples to harness before applying a clamp which served to both keep her nipples erect and to accent them.

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