Dave’s Girl

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Bif Boobs

I feel the hot sun on my body, as I am laid on the beach. We planned to meet here, but you haven’t turned up yet. Its a secluded quite part of the beach and there is no one here apart from me. I close my eyes and relax. Suddenly my mobile rings. I answer it lazily.

“Baby, I am sorry. I don’t think I will be able to make it. I have to work longer,” you tell me. I can’t hide my disappointment, but tell you that it’s ok, so you don’t feel too bad. Your voice sends shivers through me and I feel my pussy getting wet. I let out a little moan. You know that type of moan.

“Stroke yourself Baby,” you request of me. My hand starts going over my breast, my nipples turning hard under the touch, making me moan again. “Tell me what you are doing. Please,” you growl into the phone.

I let my hand go lower over my tummy and tell you this. Slowly I spread my legs and slide my hand between. There is a wet spot on my Bikini Bottoms. You moan out as I tell you about it. I imagine you standing somewhere, talking to me on the phone, with a raging hard-on in your jeans and I get even more excited. I push the Bottoms to the side and let my fingers run up my wet slit. My head drops back and I start moaning louder. You know what I am doing, without me saying it. You can tell by my moans. I let my fingers circle my clit, and lightly press down on it. I push my hips up and slide two fingers into my waiting wetness. You tell me to go faster and I obey you. Little whimpers and moans escape my throat and you know that I am getting close to cumming.

Suddenly the phone connecting breaks. I swear lightly, but have gone to far to stop now. I drop the phone and let my fingers go on. My body is arched up and my head dropped back, eyes closed. My legs spread and my fingers fucking in and out of me. Suddenly I feel beylikdüzü ucuz escort something wet on my clit and a hand holding me down by my neck. My heart starts racing and I try struggling.

I hear a mumbled “Shhhhh, luscious.” and relax. Now I know its you. Your tongue licks on my clit and your fingers replace mine in my pussy. You lick up and down my slit, teasing me, as you know how close I am. Then your mouth covers my clit and you suck it in. I loose all control and start screaming out my orgasm. You feel my hot cum on your fingers and go down with your mouth. Licking, sucking, tasting. I shake and shudder, as the orgasm washes over me. You hardly give me time to calm down again, before you slide up my body.

Kissing me deeply, you slide up into me. I can feel your hard cock fill my pussy. I moan into your kiss. I wrap my legs around your hips, so you cant escape me again. I want to feel you inside of me forever. Slowly you start moving, your cock sliding in and out of my wetness. I arch my body up to meet you, begging you for more. You know very well what I want, and start moving faster, slamming into me with powerful thrusts. The strokes balls deep. It feels so good being with you. You grab my hips and continue to slide your cock in and out of my pussy. I reach back with both hands. I place my left hand on your ass and the right hand on your thigh. I can feel your thrust get more powerful, more forceful.

My body starts shaking, as I feel my second orgasm coming on. I don’t want to come alone. I try controlling it, so I can cum with you together. “Please Baby,” I whimper, “I need to cum. I want to cum with you!” You growl out and tell me that you are nearly there. I tighten my pussy-muscles on your cock, knowing that it will drive beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort you over the edge. I feel you tightening and you moan out. I arch up to meet your final hard thrust and let my orgasm come. It rolls over me, as I feel your hot cum shoot up into me. My hand claws into your ass, and I press you deep into me with my legs.

Both of us are shaking and breathing hard, but neither of us wants to leave the other body. You rest your head on my neckline and I can feel your heartbeat against my breasts. The wind carries voices from the distance to us and you reluctantly leave my warm body. You pull your jeans back up and I arrange my bottoms again. “Lets go home Luscious,” you say and pull me up with you.

Back at the house I step under the shower, cleaning the sand and salt of my skin. I step out of the shower and you wrap me into a towel, before you enter the shower yourself. I enter the bedroom and drop the towel to cream my body. I don’t want to wrap myself back into the wet towel, so I grab one of your shirts, that’s lying around. It falls almost to my knees so all the buttons aren’t necessary. I don’t hear you behind me, as you force me, face down onto the bed.

Your mouth is on my ass, licking and biting towards my pussy. You are licking my inner thigh and ass with the tip of your tongue, teasing closer to my pussy. I start whimpering and moaning, begging you. I try to press my hips up to your mouth, and your tempted by the sight of me, wet, swollen from our fuck on the beach, but you push your hand down on me to stop me from moving. You go on teasing me, till I am ready to go up the walls, then you slowly kiss and lick your way up to my neck. As you are on top of me, you grab my wrists in one hand beyoğlu escort and pin them over my head. With the other hand you reach under me and rip the shirt open. Your hands graze my breasts, but you avoid my nipples, teasing me more. You let go of my hands just long enough so you can slip the shirt of me, letting me feel your skin against mine.

You reach over to the nightstand and grab a few scarves you put there before. With one you bind my hands and with the other you blindfold me. You roll me over onto my back, and brush with your fingers, then with your lips over my mouth. I let my tongue slip out, trying to touch you, but you pull away. I protest lightly and you smile. You know how much I want you. You run your fingers lightly over my skin and I start writhing under them. I start begging you to touch me…kiss me…fuck me. I can feel you move up my body, straddling my chest. I can feel your cock against my lips and let my tongue dart out, licking it, testing how much you will let me have. I run my tongue slowly over the head, gently at first, then harder. I can feel you trying to resist, as you want to tease me more, but I also know that you cant resist my mouth long.

I start sucking on the head and feel you giving into it, losing control. You untie my wrists, and I put one hand around the base of your hard shaft and with the other I start rubbing the sensitive spot under your balls. You start pumping in and out of my mouth. I take you deep into my mouth and throat. Licking the underside of your cock, sucking hard. Your hands go to the side of my face, and you fuck into my mouth harder. You can feel me purring onto your cock. I hear your breath coming heavy and low moans escaping your throat. Soon I feel your body tense and you start to cum. You try to pull away, but I hold you to me, drinking your cum, wanting to have every bit of you in me.

I let you calm down whilst I clean every drop of your cock. Then you slowly pull out of my mouth and slide back down my body. You cover my body with yours, kissing my sweet lips and telling me how much you want me to be with you forever. I pull the blindfold off, look into your eyes and smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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