Daughter Takes a Ride

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All people in this story are, of course over 18 years old. This is my first story and written in a foreign language – English. I was inspired by stories like “Mum takes a ride”, but couldn’t find one about a daughter, so I wrote this. Well, later I found several, but still wants to post this, enjoy.


Jennifer was excited.

At last, at 21 years, she had got her own apartment. She could finally move out from her parents. Well she comes along well with her parents, but nothing is like have a place for your own, she smiles as she thinks about it. Now she had got, at last, a small apartment close to university.

Her parents and her older brother have promise her to help her move all her stuff. Her mother, who was a lawyer, was going to drive. Her father, a handsome man in his mid-forties, work as a lorry driver. He came home late and tired, as usual. He was coming along to help with the carrying.

When they had filled the family car with all her stuff, there were nearly no room left. Her mother managed to squeeze in herself behind the wheel. Her handsome brother sits down at the side of her mother. Then her daddy press himself in through the backdoor. Jennifer didn’t want to take a bus, so they decided she would sit in her daddy’s lap. Well the trip was to be about 45 min, but her daddy thought he would manage it.

Her daddy immediately falls asleep. Jennifer find it rather cosy to sit in her daddy’s lap. She began to pounder about what her daddy thought about her. She has dark blond hair that fall nicely to her shoulders. Her nose was short and a little upwards, but people called it cute. Her boobs were normal size, C38. Her best asset was her nice bubble butt. She had got many wolf-whistlings from men when she walk by and swing it a little. Now she twisted it comfy in her daddy’s lap and wonder if her daddy finds her sexy. She had always had a crush on her daddy, as long as she remembers.

After a while she finds her daddy’s legs a little uncomfortable, türbanlı escort there was something hard in his lap. She moved around a little until it felt better. The hard thing begins to get bigger.

-Oh, my god, she thinks. It’s my dad’s cock at it was now pressing hard between her round globes. Jennifer noticed that her nipples had suddenly become hard and she felt a little wetness between her legs. As her daddy was snoring she moved boldly around a little more and was gratified with that it felt even bigger. She and her dad were completely covered up by some big rugs between them and her mum and her 23 years old brother.

Jennifer boldly rise herself a little and took down her jeansshorts and panties to her knees. Now when she sit down it even felt better. Her father’s cock was hard and felt so good through his trousers against her bubblebutt.

She careful put a hand under her and managed, after some time, to open his zipper. She boldly went into her father’s underpants and managed to get his big cook out from his trousers. It felt like haven to feel his big fat cock directly between her round globes. She felt she was getting more wet.

Jennifer stayed like that for a time and enjoyed the nice feeling. Then she listen to her daddy’s snoring for a while. He was sound asleep. Her dad had a habit to take a short nap when he comes home from work, so it was no surprise to her that he was asleep.

She had now worked up enough courage for the next step. She rise a little and took hold of the cock and aimed it towards her folds. She carefully sits down and felt her father’s cock slowly penetrate her very wet pussy.

It was haven.

Thank god for this opportunity, she thoughts. She slowly rocks herself forward and backwards and enjoyed the feeling. She knew she had gone too far, but couldn’t stop herself. She wonders what her dad would say about her taken advantage of him. Just now she didn’t care about it and just ulus escort wanted it to go on as long as possible before her dad wake up. Jennifer went up a little and slowly down, really enjoying the feeling. Her pussy began to get really heated up and she moaned very low, careful to keep her voice down. Well her mother was listening to the radio rather high, so the chances were low that any other person would hear anything. Jennifer begins to bump up and down enjoying the feeling as her father cock seems to get bigger.

Now they were soon at her apartment and Jennifer reluctantly rice a little and let go of the nice cock. She also pulls up her panties and jeansshorts. She had a little problem to stuff her father’s cock inside his pants, as it was rather stiff. He even begins to stir a little.

She wakes her father with a beautiful smile and told him that they were at her apartment.

They unloaded all her furniture and things and went back towards home. On the way back they had to stop at grandma as she had a lot of things she wanted her children to have. Once again the car was totally full. Now her mother wanted dad to keep her company, so Jennifer was forced to sit in her brother’s lap.

After a while she felt her brother’s cock began to swell. He tried to adjust himself but in vain as his cock was rather big. She knows that her brother like her bubble butt as she had often caught him staring at her ass. She guessed he was embarrassed, but she likes the feeling having his hot rod against her butt. She was still a little hot after her adventure with her dad. Trying to assure him it is ok, she takes his hands and places them high on her legs.

Jennifer moves around a little in her brother’s lap and was gratified with that her brother’s cock got bigger. She pushes down a little and felt him careful push up. Soon they were dry humping each other. Jennifer suddenly feels her brother’s hands on her jeansshorts opening them. She let herself yenimahalle escort up a bit and feels of her brother push down her shorts and panties in one swift motion. She sits down again and feels his cock more clearly against her ass. She feels that he put one hand between them, unzips and takes his cock out. Mm, she likes the feeling of his big cock directly between her naked globes. Her brother’s cock is not as fat as her fathers, but feels good.

She feels that he slowly moves his hands towards her pussy. She doesn’t do anything to stop him. She now feels his hands between her legs and she slowly open up her legs. She feels his finger touch her shaved labia and she moans low. He continued with his fingers along her slit up to her protruding clit. He play a little with it and Jennifer tries to stifle a moan as she feels she get very wet. Suddenly he takes his intruding fingers away and Jennifer feels his hands on her hip pushing her up. When she slowly sits down again she feels his nice cock slowly penetrates her.

It was heaven.

She slowly rock forwards and backwards trying to adjust and get as much of him as possible inside her. They start a slowly fuck as she goes up and down on her. Suddenly her brother asks there mother to get higher volume on the radio as they are playing his favourite music. His mother fulfils his wish. Now he starts to pound her pussy harder and she reach down to play with her clit. She feels him grab her naked boobs under her t-shirt.

Suddenly he groans and he makes a very hard push and she feels her self being laden with a hot fluid. She plays desperately with her clit and feels her pussy and legs cramp as her orgasm rips through her whole body.

She went limb and feels that her face is all red with excitement. After a while his cock starts to get limb. Her brother coughs loudly and asks their mother for some paper towels. He takes his limb cock out and gave her the towels. She feels the wet fluid begins to run out and quickly use the towels.

She rise a little and put on her panties and shorts and rested comfy in her brother’s lap, wondering what this will lead to. She felt a little nice kiss in her neck and she purred as she was sure her brother also was interested to continue this.

The end.

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