Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 05

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The following day after lunch the two lovers were out sunning themselves on the front porch when a shrill whistle sounded from the trees followed by feminine giggles. Alec scrambled for his sheet to cover himself while Abby laughed out loud.

“Sounds like the girls are back! I missed them a little bit,” she said, then noticed they’d brought some company and she shouted joyfully while clapping her hands. Rose and June rode up leading a milk cow followed by it’s yearling calf.

“Oh how wonderful,” Abby exclaimed, “we surely can use fresh milk and maybe some cream and butter around here!”

“We found her near our cache yesterday,” Rose replied. “Sorry we’re back so soon but we wanted to bring our new friends home to keep them safe.”

“Well done, ladies,” Alec complimented, while clutching his sheet about him. “I can throw up a small corral to keep them in if you like.”

“That would be wonderful,” Rose answered. She slid off her mount and greeted Abby with a hug and kiss then gave the same to Alec, only her hug was tighter and her kiss much deeper than Abby’s. Not to be left out, June hopped down to share her love as well. Abby inwardly rolled her eyes but didn’t blame her friends at all because she knew they were badly in need of some masculine attention.

Alec tied a towel around him and helped unload the cargo that the two beauties had brought back with them from the cache. They eagerly showed him three sets of George’s clothing and bolts of cloth they’d found, along with a.50 caliber Kentucky long rifle and a well worn saber. He happily checked out his new gear and spontaneously threw his arms around his two saviors and smothered them with affection. They preened in delight and flirted outrageously with him while Abby looked on a bit pensively.

Alec sat at the table to go through the pouch of patches, bullets and powder horn he’d been given. He pulled Abby down next to him and put a warm hand on her thigh.

“Are you ok, sweetheart?”

“Yes, just trying to get used to the girls putting their paws all over you,” she said quietly.

“I’ll put a stop to it right now if you like,” he replied earnestly.

“No, I’ve made my decision, I just need to get over myself,” she muttered.

“Why don’t you speak with them and let ’em know how you feel? It might make it easier for you.”

“I’ll do it tonight after dinner. Maybe you can milk our new cow while I talk to them?”

“Sure thing. However you’d like to do it, I’m game.” He threw a big arm around her and pulled her close, kissing her deeply. She sighed and kissed him back.

“You feel so good, big man,” she whispered, and snuggled closer to him.

Soon, Rose and June rudely interrupted them.

“Up with you, soldier!” Rose demanded. “It’s time we got you some new duds.”

The two women dragged out George’s old clothes and their sewing kits, then pulled Alec’s towel from his hips and tortured him endlessly while measuring his limbs and torso. When they were satisfied, they commenced to modifying the shirts and trousers to fit him better. Abby started dinner and while she was at the cookstove, Alec talked her out of a clean pot, then winking at her went out to milk the cow.

Immediately, Rose and June descended and plied her with questions.

“So, did you two fuck?” Rose asked.

“Yes, we made love and slept together,” Abby said demurely.

“I say you fucked. How could you not? What a beast he is!” June swooned and threw a hand to her forehead theatrically, while Rose giggled helplessly.

“Was he huge and thick? Did he hurt you terribly?” Rose asked curiously, while her face and upper breasts flushed red with arousal as she pictured Alec driving his cock in her friend’s pussy. Finally, Abby broke down and giggled along with her friends. She found that discussing her love life with her friends was turning out to be quite exciting.

“Oh, you have no idea! I thought I’d never get him inside me. I had to have him do it for me. It hurt like hell but it was also amazing. I came a few times and he squirted so much that it got everywhere. Then he went down there and licked me until I thought I’d explode. He’s getting very good at that now,” she enthused.

For quite awhile as she cooked dinner, Abby went on and on about her experience with Alec, and both her friends grew excited while their little pussies wept in their undergarments as they imagined themselves in Abby’s place. Rose’s curiosity about one particular thing finally got the best of her and she had to ask.

“Have you decided if you’ll share Alec with us? We’ve been on pins and needles wondering.”

“Alec and I have talked and we’ve decided to do it,” Abby replied. June broke in and let out a little yelp of joy and wriggled happily in her seat while Rose hugged her excitedly.

Abby continued, “I do have a rule or two though. In the beginning, I want to be with both of you and Alec when you’re in bed, I don’t think I can handle being away and wondering what’s going on. Next, I want to sleep with him every night. Both of you antalya escort can as well, but I will absolutely be there with him,” she finished firmly.

“Fair enough, we’ll do as you ask without question,” Rose said resolutely. She knew what she was asking of Abby and was still concerned if she was truly ok with it. She gathered Abby in her arms and hugged her gently.

“If you ever change your mind or have some hard feelings, please tell us immediately, don’t let it fester up inside you. We love you and care deeply for you and couldn’t bear to have you angry with us,” Rose whispered in her ear.

Abby kissed her cheek and pulled June in close to buss her as well.

“You two are my best friends ever,” Abby sniffled. “There’s one more thing though. I’m taking Alec hunting redcoats tomorrow. He doesn’t know it yet but that’s my plan. I’m uncomfortable with sitting around here so long and I need to get out and look around.”

The girls nodded in agreement. They knew how seriously Abby took their predicament concerning the enemy and they relied on her to keep them safe.

“You’ll be extra safe, please?” June asked plaintively.

“Of course, dear June. I not only need to look around but I want to see how Alex handles himself. I know he’s a soldier, but our way of fighting is nothing like he’s been exposed to. I hate to manipulate him, but it’s for our greater good to find out how capable he is.”

“I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes perfect sense,” Rose said. “You sure pack a lot smarts in that beautiful blonde head of yours.”

Abby blushed and shook her head. “I don’t think so, I just try to do what my Papa would do in this situation.” June hugged her close, then the three got quiet and misty eyed for a few moments while they thought of their lost relatives.

Alec chose that moment to walk in the door with a pot full of frothy milk. Abby sprang up to take it from him and she poured it in a glass jar, then June went to the nearby creek and fetched some cold water to put it in so it would keep longer.

While Abby finished dinner, Rose and June fitted Alec with a pair of trousers they’d modified while they’d been chatting with Abby.

He patiently stood while they joined gussets of fabric from another pair to allow room for his muscular thighs and firm ass. They giggled when he stepped in them and they tacked the panels together with stitches.

His burgeoning shaft left quite an impression in the material as it hung down his thigh, much to their delight. He started in surprise when Rose ran a soft thumb over the ridge of his cock head and she shivered in pleasure when it jerked in response to her touch. He looked down at her and she gave him a sultry wink while she gazed up at him from her position on her knees. She knew he was picturing his cock in her mouth and she licked her lips slowly while he stared down in wonder.

June wasn’t to be outdone and she knelt beside him, then daintily stitched an inseam while her soft hand caressed him gently. He let out a soft groan when Abby slid behind him and wrapped her warm arms around his bare torso. She trailed her fingers over his hard pectorals and teased his nipples until he was nearly squirming.

“Agh! You ladies are killing me!” he managed to say, while they giggled softly.

Abby slapped his ass playfully and announced that dinner was ready. Reluctantly, the two seamstresses got to their feet and together the group sat down for dinner. Abby hated to rain on their party but her urge to get out and recon the area won out.

“Alec, would you like to go hunting tomorrow? You can shoot father’s rifle in the morning to see where it hits for you, then we can take off for a day or two. What do ya think?”

“Absolutely, I’m ready to go do something. My back is much better and I’d love to go for a ride with you,” he responded immediately. She kissed him and rubbed his meaty shoulder.

“Wonderful, I was hoping you’d say that. I think that after dinner we should get some sleep. I’d like to head out early.”

He nodded happily, not noticing the crestfallen looks on the other two women’s faces. They’d been hoping for a night of fun with him, but they understood Abby’s reasons to go active again. These last few days were the longest she’d gone without pursuing her war against the British and she was ready for some action.

Alec finished up and went outside to take a piss, so Abby used the time to thank her friends for understanding.

“I don’t mind, really. I’ve been so long without a man that I can wait a few more days,” June said while kissing Abby’s cheek.

“Me too,” Rose admitted with a long face, then broke out with a huge smile. “June and I will just stay here alone and dream up naughty things to do with Alec when y’all return.”

“As long as those things include me, I hope so,” Abby said with a smile.

Abby plied Alec with drink until he had a bit of a glow on, then took him to bed. She laid on her side and tucked his face between her warm breasts. In no antalya escort bayan time he was breathing quietly and dropped off to a deep sleep. June and Rose leaned over him and gently kissed his head, then kissed Abby goodnight and retired to the table where they worked long into the night to hand sew Alec’s new wardrobe.

The next morning, the smell of Abby cooking a hot breakfast awoke the cabin. As dawn was just breaking, Alec went out and fired the.50 caliber rifle a few times and got comfortable with the sights and impact of the bullets. Abby continued to cook while paying close attention to the time it took him to reload. He seemed to be quite adequate at it and she peered out to see how well he was hitting his targets, pleasantly surprised to see he’d done quite well considering the rifle was completely new to him.

After breakfast, Abby began to pack her stuff for a 2-3 day adventure and she paid close attention to what he considered essential gear. They worked well together and she was more than happy to saddle the horses and set off.

She led him to one of her favorite ambush locations that she didn’t use often but it yielded consistent kills for her. Traffic was generally light with small groups of 2-3 soldiers that she could handle herself using her two rifles. More often than not she’d kill a couple redcoats then the third would hide in the ditch or run into the trees where she’d take him at her convenience. She’d never let one escape yet and hoped not to. She didn’t want her sex or identity made known to the officers in command.

When they were getting close to the road she slid off her horse and Alec followed her lead. She tied her mount to a tree about 50 yards from the road and motioned him to do the same.

“It seems we’re hunting for a little more than deer or turkey today,” he whispered in her ear.

“I’m up for it if you are, but we don’t have to,” she replied quietly.

He grinned happily and threw an arm around her shoulder.

“You’re damn right. I have a score to settle with those bastards.”

“Let me tell you how I set up an ambush and you can tell me what you think.”

She knelt down and he watched her deft hands pluck a twig and draw a rough diagram of her intentions in the dirt. He was impressed by how aware she was of their immediate surroundings and the thoroughness of her escape plan if things went wrong. Her greatest fear was being captured and she always erred on the side of caution when she could. Her rescue of him was her most dangerous combat action to date and she had no intention of repeating that level of risk any time soon.

She assigned him the responsibility of shooting the first redcoat, and she’d take the second and third if there were three in a group. She watched him while she gave him orders and didn’t detect a hint of hesitation or superiority from his sharp grey eyes. She was more than pleased with him so far and gave him a quick kiss as a reward.

She put their plan in action by motioning him forward. She approached the road carefully taking nearly 30 minutes to move just 40 yards closer. She kept her head on a swivel and her sharp eyes swept the area constantly for danger. One time she’d sashayed up to a road while full of confidence and nearly tripped over a redcoat who had dropped his trousers and squatted to relieve himself in the trees. He’d fallen over in surprise and was scrambling for his rifle when she recovered herself quickly and spitted him through the heart with her rapier. It’d been a close thing and a lesson hard learned for her.

She got them settled in and they stayed silent for nearly two hours, waiting for a potential target. Her ears perked up when she heard a faint nickering of a horse. Her ambush location allowed a view of nearly 100 yards in both directions which allowed her to ensure there weren’t two parties approaching her at once, which would definitely be a high risk situation, one that would have her hightailing out of there in no time.

Soon enough, two redcoats made an appearance to their left. Both were mounted and cradling their muskets in their arms. Abby got as low as she could in a prone position and Alec followed suit right beside her.

They waited until the soldiers were a mere 20 yards away when Abby breathed, “Now.”

Thunder rolled and smoke filled the air. Abby scrambled to her feet and ran out of the smoke while drawing her sword. She quickly saw there was no need for it as both men were on the ground. Alec was immediately at her side and caught up the reins of the two redcoat mounts. She glanced at Alec’s victim to see a bloody hole between his surprised, staring eyes.

“Well done, sweetheart,” she said in an approving tone. He watched her in admiration when she knelt at each body and quickly searched them for valuables and any documents they might be carrying. It was obvious she’d done this many times, and it fascinated him. She found several silver coins and a few maps that were in a leather wrapped cylinder. One man had a escort antalya beautiful dagger that she liberated, then handed it to Alec with a happy smile.

“What do we do with the horses?” he asked.

She noticed he was admiring the larger of the two, one that he seemed to be enamored with.

“We’ll take that one with us if you’d like. I’d say you earned him today,” she said lightly, then sobered up quickly.

“We need to get out of here soon. Help me drag these bastards off the road.”

She pulled a small rope from her possibles bag, then wrapped one end around the saddle horn of Alec’s new mount and the other end around a dead soldier’s ankles. She dragged him several yards in the trees then repeated her actions with the second man. It only took a few minutes from the crack of the first shot until the hunters faded back from the road, a bit more than it usually took but she was satisfied.

A few minutes later she stopped Alec and told him her intentions. His eyes widened and before he could protest she chopped the throat from the fourth horse with her razor sharp dagger. He reared up, splattering her face and chest with hot blood while she held his reins tightly until he gushed his life out on the forest floor and fell over dead.

She smiled happily at Alec with a blood smeared face and soaked bosom, only to see him looking at her in surprise. She was truly in her element and he was shocked to his military core. She could take a life easier than anyone he’d ever known and seemed to revel in it. For some reason it seemed especially bad that it was a horse she’d killed so casually, and he wondered why that was so. The redcoats they’d killed on the road hadn’t affected him at all. She saw him wrestling with his emotions and quickly explained her actions.

“We can’t support any more livestock, especially with our new cattle, and I refuse to set this thing free and have another soldier use him in the war.”

“But, it was a fine horse! We could’ve used him!” he lamented.

Dallying for so long near the road was irritating her, so without a word, she mounted up and nudged her horse forward while leading his new one. Alec followed her quietly and voiced no further protest, all the while wondering what kind of woman he’d fallen in love with.

That evening they camped deep in the forest near one of her favorite places. There was a quiet stream that fed a small lake containing lots of fish, and in no time she had a few flopping on the bank thanks to her proficient fishing skills. Alec shook his head in wonder at her skills and gutted them as fast as she could catch them. She was grinning happily and chatting with him like nothing had happened that day which caused him a bit of angst.

He was used to formations and marching, a regimented life with rules and regulations while she simply did what needed to be done, swiftly and efficiently.

He impaled their dinner on a couple sticks and propped them over the coals of the small fire while she pulled a few carrots from her bag for them to gnaw on while they waited for the fish to cook. She caught him looking at her sideways and she knew he had something on his mind. She picked up her sheathed sword and slapped his thigh to get his attention.

“If you wanna hang with me, mister, you better grow some thicker skin,” she said teasingly, but he detected a bit of steel in her voice.

“I know I operate differently than the army but I know what I’m doing. We three girls have survived over six months out here on our own and we’ve been quite successful, and I’m not changing anything. If a girl wants to survive in a man’s world she needs to be ruthless and cruel, and I’ve discovered I’m damn good at it,” she said confidently.

She stared into his grey eyes with her beautiful blue ones until he blinked, then slid into his lap and gave him her soft lips, kissing him until his toes curled.

“You did good,” she murmured in his ear. “I’ll make a fighter out of you yet!”

“So, little lady. We’re you testing me today? Maybe checking out how well I handle myself?”

She giggled and pulled a fish from her stick, wincing as it burned her hands when she pulled it apart and fed him with blood caked fingers.

“Oh, a little bit I reckon. A girl needs to know what her man’s made of.”

He shook his head and chuckled to himself, then smiled ruefully. She was quite a handful and he was beginning to realize he’d better step up his game, pronto.

“And what am I made of?” he queried teasingly.

“Mmmm, sugar and spice and especially this,” she murmured quietly, and ran a small hand up his thigh to caress the thick bulge that she’d been admiring all day.

She teased him while she fed them until their bellies were full of fresh fish, then she took his hand and tugged him to the lake where she slowly stripped them both naked. Using some homemade soap, they washed the blood and dirt from each other in the cool water before running back to camp to dry off by the fire.

Alec spread a blanket out and sat her down. Kneeling behind her, he rubbed the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders until she sighed in pleasure. For some odd reason he flashed back to his childhood and recalled how his father would set his mother in her rocking chair and kneel before her to knead the soreness from her feet after a long day of work.

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