Daughter Lena Ch. 7

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The day was not as nerve-wracking as I thought it might be. Lena’s mom got home and the two of them took off for the mall. They were home by 2:00 and had to show me their newest treasures. I sat on the sofa, amused at their rummaging through sacks and bags. But Lena was holding out. Finally she pulled out the last bag and made an announcement.
“Mom bought me a present, but I accepted it on one condition.” Lena pulled from the bag a two-piece swim suit, bright yellow and pretty skimpy by Lena’s dress code. “I made Mom promise that we could go skiing tomorrow. Can we, Dad? It’s been so long since we’ve been on the lake together. Do you suppose you can get that old ski boat running?”

I admit, I was surprised. “You mean take you out in public dressed in that? Have you no shame, Little girl?”

“OK, I’ll try in on for you first, just for your approval,” Lena said as she disappeared up the stairs. Her mom giggled at our bantering, oblivious to what was really going on.

When Lena reappeared, she had a towel wrapped around her, and was actually blushing.

“It might be a little more revealing than I thought,” she said shyly. She dropped the towel, and the brightness of the yellow was intense. Her mother surprised us both by saying, “Lena, I think it’s gorgeous. It sure beats that old granny suit you wear.” It certainly was not a granny suit! It lifted and pointed her small breasts and hugged her bulge of a pussy. The leg openings didn’t rise so high as to let her ass cheeks hang out, but it did emphasize her cute shape. And that distinct pussy, shaped and molded in yellow, was fantastic. “How long do you think that will stay on when you crash and burn,” I joked.

“Have you forgotten, I never fall,” she said. Having established Sunday’s activities, Lena’s mom said, “Well, if we’re going to the lake, I have some things to get ready. Get your clothes back on, Lena. I’m going to need some help.” She headed for the kitchen, leaving Lena standing before me. The instant she was out of the room Lena said, “I’ll be right there, Mom.” Then she grabbed the front of her swim suit and pulled them up hard and tight into her crotch. Her fat pussy lips exploded from around the elastic of the legs and the yellow material disappeared into her slit. “I tried two others on at the store and got the crotch of them wet thinking about the look on your face. Someone will get a smelly surprise,” she said in a whispering giggle. She went up the stairs, then turned and squatted on the top step, her ass and ankles on the same level. I recalled my days in Viet Nam and what the GI’s called the asian squat. Her exposed pussy hung out and I wanted to see more. But she rose with a smile and ran back to her bedroom. I spent the next couple hours getting the boat ready. I was not only looking forward to Lena’s antics, I was looking forward to a fun day at the lake. By 6 o’clock the boat was prepared and I went in to get ready for supper and, of course, a movie. The meal was uneventful until Lena’s mom spoke. “Oh, by the way, Dear. Lena has a noise in her car she wants you to listen to. I couldn’t hear it, but she can show you. I’ll do these dishes up and you go with Lena.” I knew I had just been set up. Supper ended and I asked, “Well, what’s this noise you’ve been imagining, Miss Auto Mechanic?”

“I don’t know, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself,” Lena smiled.

We walked to her car in silence. “You drive,” she said.

I got behind the wheel and backed out of the drive. “You dumb shit. When you squatted at the top of the stairs, I thought I would cum in my pants.”

“Well maybe we can solve that now,” she responded as she giggled. She loved to tease me and she got off on it as well. My little girl had turned into quite the exhibitionist. As I drove down the road, Lena leaned across the seat, unbuckled my seat belt, and began to undo my pants.

“What if we have a wreck?”, I mused.

“Then you better hope I don’t bite your dick off,” she said. Then, before I could object she had my hard cock in her mouth and was systematically blowing me, pumping up and down, occasionally bumping her head on the steering wheel. She had changed back into her loose shorts and top, and I reached for her ass as I drove. I didn’t hesitate to slip my hand under the elastic waist band. She wore full cotton briefs and I reached hard to get to her crotch. Her panties were already damp and I pushed the material hard into her ass crack. I pulled back and slipped my hand into her panties as she maneuvered herself to give me easier access. I found her hot wet hole and plunged my two middle fingers inside. She gave a muffled groan as she continued to suck on my cock. She stopped long enough to say, “Let me know when you’re going to cum so I can be sure to hide the evidence.” My balls tightened at the suggestion, knowing Mecidiyeköy Escort how she would hide it. It was obvious to both of us that I was going to cum much sooner than she was and Lena anticipated my concern. “Don’t worry about me right now,” she said.

I followed her instructions and withdrew my hand from her panties. I placed it, wet fingers and all, on the back of her head and followed her motions. I have heard traffic lights called stop and go lights, but on that day one of them became a stop and cum light.
Fortunately the traffic wasn’t heavy and as I pulled to a stop at the light, I pushed Lena’s head down hard on my cock. I felt the gag reflex but allowed her no relief. I shot my load deep into her throat and held her head in place until I was finished. And as she rose, tears in her eyes, I drove slowly into the intersection. “You bastard,” she said. “I almost puked.” Then she laughed and sat upright in her seat, wiping the tears from her cheeks. “Sorry, Babe. I guess I got a little carried away,” I apologized.

“Yeh, right, after being such a pig, do you think you could help a needy girl out of a problem?”, she said.

“Yes, Mam,” I said. “Do you know any needy girls?” I fastened my pants back up.

“I know one who hasn’t cum in hours and is hot from teasing her horny dad,” she answered. Then she turned and lay on her back with her head in my lap, spread her legs and held the waist band of her shorts AND panties out for my hand’s easy entrance. I needed no additional invitation. I got a quick glimpse of her fine red pussy hair before my hand covered it up. I made her cum before the next stop light, fucking two fingers in and out of her steamy pussy, while the palm of my hand crushed her hard little clit. When she had finished, she quickly rose and adjusted her clothes. “How we gonna work this tomorrow, Poppa of Mine?”, she asked. “I mean Mom is going to be there the whole time. I thought it would be a great chance to tease the shit out of you until I realized there won’t be any release for either of us.”

“Oh what tangled webs we weave,” I responded.

“Dad, I’m serious. Your nuts will pop before the days over and I will have to be in and out of the water all day just to keep my pussy juices from showing.”

“Maybe you should just behave yourself and enjoy the lake and the skiing,” I said.

“NOT!” , we echoed in unison and laughed like crazy most of the way home.

That night we had a repeat performance of the previous night. As soon as Lena’s mother was asleep, Lena began to masturbate, exposing her slick pussy to me. From time to time she would exchange hands on her pussy, and the fingers, wet from her cunt, went to her mouth. “Do you know how long it’s been since you licked my pussy?”, she whispered.

“Too long,” I mouthed.

I watched in awe as Lena brought herself to orgasm, not once, but twice, as she writhed on her pillows. I soon followed by shooting my cum into a handful of tissue. We watched the rest of the movie, then woke her mom and went to bed without speaking.

Morning came with clouds and the promise of rain, but it didn’t sway our resolve. By 9:00 we were on the road. Lena wore baggy cotton shorts and a T-shirt, with the yellow of her swim suit showing through. In anticipation of obvious problems, I was wearing underwear and a pair of snug cutoffs, along with a long tank top that came almost to my crotch. It was the best I could think of to hide an erection. Lena’s mom wore a casual pair of loose shorts and shirt over her one-piece swim suit. The lake was about a thirty minute drive, but I needed to stop for gas before we got out of town. As I was filling the tank, Lena got out and started walking around the trailer. The gas station was packed with people and I wasn’t the only person to watch Lena intently as she strutted around. As she disappeared behind the boat I heard her say, “Hey, Dad. You better check out this tire.”

I should have known she wasn’t serious, and when I walked around to her location I found her in the asian squat at the axle. Her legs were spread wide and she had snugged the swim suit up into her crotch, exposing her bold pussy lips. Her crotch was visible to at least 3 other people and she pretended not to notice. “Does this look Ok to you?”, she asked innocently. “It certainly does,” I replied. I extended a hand to help her up and as I walked past her I quietly said, “You’re starting this shit awful early, you little brat.” Lena only grinned and got back in the car. I swore I saw at least one of the innocent bystanders adjust his swelling cock in his pants.

Our typical launching procedure was to have Lena on the dock, her mom in the tow vehicle and me at the helm. Once the boat was afloat, Lena would hold us in place, while her mom parked the truck and trailer. Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan I would get the engine started and Lena’s mom would join us at dock side. Needless to say, Lena did her squat on the dock, pretending to have a tough time holding the boat in place. All I could do was stare at her pussy tightly encased in the shiny yellow cloth. Her lips weren’t exposed but it was a beautiful cameltoe and only a few feet from my gawking face. I could see a spot of wetness start on her crotch as she grinned at me. “I see you’re going to have to get in the water soon,” I said. Lena glanced down at her own crotch and said, “ Damn pussy’s a tattletale.”

It was a great day. It had been obvious why I loved Lena as a sex partner, but it was equally obvious why I loved her as a person. She was funny and witty and kept me in stitches the whole day. We would ski and swim, then refresh ourselves with cold beer and munchies. As a moderate drinker at best, it was easy for me to see Lena and her mom slowly get wasted. They would climb in the boat after swimming and sit and giggle in their wet suits. Neither displayed any modesty around me, and the afternoon was full of crotch shots and suit adjustment shots. Only rarely did Lena make any special efforts to give me a show. By late afternoon, we were ready to call it a great day. Even working with two drunks, loading the boat went without a hitch. Knowing my daughter and my wife, I wasn’t surprised when Lena suggested to her mom to ride in the back of my super cab while Lena rode in the front seat with me. “You can ride in the back, Mom, and I’ll stay up here and keep Dad awake.” Her mom dutifully crawled in the back seat and lay down. Lena got in the passenger side with a definite twinkle in her eye. “Mom,” she said, “Make Dad turn his head so I can get out of this wet suit.” There was no response from her mom. The smile spread across Lena’s face. She had had too much to drink, but wasn’t slobbering drunk. I suspected the ride home would be a wild one. Lena started with her top before we got off the boat ramp. The coolness of the late afternoon on her wet skin made her small nipples hard and protruding, and Lena took both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and rolled them. “Mom, are you awake?”, she asked as she rolled her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. Her mother didn’t answer.

Without opening her eyes and still pinching her nipples, Lena quietly asked, “Why don’t you ever suck my nipples?” When I didn’t answer, she opened her eyes and turned her head toward me. “Tell me what you would like to do to me, Dad,” she whispered. “Tell me that you would like to lick my pussy dry. Tell me that you would like to fist-fuck me. Tell me that you would like to push your old cock up my ass. Tell me you want to fuck me.”

“All of the above,” I whispered back. As I got onto the highway, Lena began to slowly peel the wet bottoms off. She pushed her hips high off the seat, her large pussy, glistening in the afternoon light, what little hair she had matted against her skin. She turned, totally nude, and leaned against the door. Her left leg and foot came up onto the seat and leaned against the seat back. Her right leg stayed of the floor, splaying her fat pussy like a slab of fresh meat. “Look at me, Dad! Can you tell I want you? Can you see my pussy get wetter and wetter?” One hand went to her open gash and her index finger traced upward from her wet hole to her clit. There it stopped and began small and gentle circles. “We need to be alone, Dad. Fix it! You always fix everything. Make this happen somehow before I go home tomorrow. I
need you now!”

I reached for her luscious pussy and lightly touched her circling finger. She pushed my hand away. “Not until you tell me what you want to do to me,” she insisted.

After a reassuring glance to the back seat I said, “I want everything. I want to suck your clit till you scream for mercy. I want to jamb my tongue into your cunt and swallow all the juices your body can create. I want to fold your fat pussy lips around my cock and pump the head of my dick against your clit until you cum all over my shaft and balls.” My cock strained against my pants and I felt like I was going to cum. “I want to stick something big in your cunt while I fuck you in the ass,” I continued. As I spoke, Lena’s finger moved faster and faster on her clit. I reached for her pussy again, this time without objection. I pushed two fingers deep into her hot cunt and replaced her finger with my thumb. Her orgasm was instantaneous and I could feel the muscles deep inside her contract and squeeze my fingers. She held her breath for several seconds while her cum oozed over my fingers. I started to withdraw my hand, but Lena grabbed my wrist, saying, “Not yet. Just let me feel you inside me for Escort Mecidiyeköy a minute.” Eventually she released her grip and I pulled my hand away. The absence of my fingers left a gaping hole in her relaxed pussy, and I awed at the slow closure of her tender tissues. After a moment or two, during which I thought Lena was asleep, she roused and put her shorts and shirt on, leaving her wet suit in twisted balls on the floor. Then she lay her head back and dosed the rest of the way home. As I pulled into the driveway, her eyes opened and she spoke softly, “Are you going to fix it, Daddy?” I didn’t answer.

Exhaustion and the influence of alcohol had overcome the two girls. They both opted to forget dinner, in lieu of a quick snack. Lena’s mom went to bed, leaving the two of us alone. When I felt it was safe to speak, I quietly said, “Lena, what we both want right now isn’t possible, but I promise I will come see you the day after tomorrow. Is that OK with you?”

“As usual, you’re right. Damn it anyway. But seriously, Dad, you need to know something. I’m not really a tramp. I have never done the things we have done, or talked about. And I’ve never talked dirty to anyone before. It’s just that when I’m around you, I lose all common sense. I know that I made a scene at the gas station, and I would never in my life have ever done anything like that before. But somehow having strangers see you watching me just gets me all hot. And knowing you and some other weirdo are getting off watching me just adds fuel to the fire. Please don’t think I’m trashy. You just drive me nuts.”

“I don’t think you’re trashy,” I said. “But if I didn’t know better, I’d think you really did have my hot blood in you. You have to know that I haven’t been a saint the whole time your mom and I have been married, but any sexual encounters I have had, have been for pure self-gratification. With you it’s different. I want to please you. Every time I make you cum, I want it to be better than the last time. You are complete fulfillment of my wildest fantasies and you not only allow, but also encourage, my lifelong desires. Lena, you are the most sensuous person I have ever imagined. I am embarrassed to say, but the only thing I worry about is you finding another man and cutting me out. I don’t want to share your body, but I know it’s going to happen.”

Lena drew back, surprised at my outburst. “Wow,” she said. “I didn’t know you felt that way. I guess I thought…hell, I don’t know what I thought. Dad, even if I do hook up with someone down the road, I could never share what we have. Yea, I’m probably going to have sex with other guys, eventually, but right now I don’t want to. I know it will never be any better than we have. And I could never open up to someone else like I do to you. I never feel embarrassed around you. And the things I have always fantasized about are a reality with you. Can’t we always just have our own time together whenever and where ever we can and keep the secret between us?”

“I hope so, Lena, I really do love you. But back to the here and now. You’ve left me somewhat in the lurches. You got to cum today and all I got was some good pussy shots and my fingers wet. So, I have an idea. Mom is asleep, but she isn’t such a heavy sleeper that we can swing from the chandeliers. We’re going to go upstairs, you’re going to get naked on the bed, I’m going to stand next to the bed and jack off. Of course, you’re going to have to give me a little show. I know how you hate to show your body to me.”

“You’re really going to jack off for me,” she said. “Another first!”

Lena turned and ran up the stairs. By the time I got there she was naked and spread-eagle on the bed. “Play with your nipples,” I instructed. Lena watched me intently as I unfastened my pants and pulled my hard cock out. “Now give me a show. I want to see your pussy, all of it, spread wide. I want to see you finger-fuck yourself then lick the juices. When you cum I want you at the edge of the bed so I can shoot my load on your pussy.” Lena followed every instruction, playing with her pussy and ramming her fingers deep inside, as many as three at a time. She savored the juices as she licked her fingers clean, and I stood and watched as I stroked my aching cock. She spread her pussy apart until I thought she might hurt herself, just for my inspection. And the juices flowed like never before. She was so far into her own body feelings that she almost ignored me jacking off next to her. “Make yourself cum now,” I demanded. Lena hung her legs over the edge of the bed and feverishly attacked her clit. Her eyes were glued to my cock as I stepped between her legs. “Cum on my pussy, Dad. Right here on my spread cunt!”, she cried. I lowered my cock, ready to explode, just inches away from her steaming hole. My pent up cum splashed against her open gash and onto her flying fingers. She gasped and lunged as my cum landed over and over again against her cumming pussy. Her orgasm lasted longer than mine and she gave one final jerk before she relaxed back on the bed.

“Go to sleep now girl. In two days we’re going to get serious,” I said as I left her room.

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