Dating Dad Pt. 01.5 – Tante Belle

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All sexual content is between adults of 18 years or older.

Please read the first story Dating Dad, this is a side story, meant to introduce new characters, and offer some insight to Dating Dad part 2.

Never fear there is more to Jessica’s story.

For now, please enjoy this short story.

Thank you.


Summer was always a magical time, my home life was difficult, and when summer came I was saved. Summer didn’t just give me relief from school work, it gave me a break from my life in the city, and my parents.

Both of my parents worked, and had very little time for me. With the exception of our evening meals, we hardly saw one another. They were not bad parents, they just didn’t want to be parents.

Mom was a very renowned french photographer, sometimes she would travel and be gone for weeks at a time. She was, and always will be absolutely stunning. She had an eye for beauty, whether in other women, or in nature, and she was able to capture it with a lense.

Father was one of those types that always had a Bluetooth in his ear. You could never tell if he was on a call or talking to you. Sometimes I would answer him, only to receive a motion of dismissal, as he put his other hand to his ear. He was in real estate, and it consumed his life.

When summer arrived, it was bliss. I got to put my school books down, and spend the summer at my aunts, at my Tante Belle’s.

Mom and her sister Isabelle were born in northern France, both of them made a career of modeling, eventually coming to the States. They could have been twins, with their blonde hair, and fair complexions. Both of them shared dazzling green eyes that sometimes changed to blue. I shared these features myself, though I never grew as tall as either Mom or Tante Belle. In every other aspect the sisters were polar opposites.

Tante is French, like Aunt, pronounced like taant. It is almost like english stole the name and just removed the t in front of it. I guess english steals a lot of words from other languages. Tante, I suppose, is more like auntie, a nickname, she is my Auntie Belle.

Tante Belle, unlike Mom, despised city life. She chose to escape from the busy life, and purchased a large piece of land, some 70 acres in Oregon. There was a small cabin in a clearing, surrounded by dense trees. A creek ran behind the cabin, and across the creek the woods began. If you sat on the back porch on a clear summer day you could see Mt. Hood over the top of the conifer trees.

My aunt lived a very simple life, her spare bedroom was her art studio. She spent many hours in there painting and was very talented.

I remember the smell of her old jeep as clear as day. The memories of it rattling and jostling me about, on the way home from the airport, are fond memories. It was just over a couple hours from the Portland Airport to her place.

The greatest thing about visiting my Aunt was spending time with her. She was free spirited and had a very childlike energy and excitement for life. She would laugh and play, and giggle conspiratorially, as if the years difference in age didn’t separate us at all. We spent hours, days and even nights, doing nothing more than spending time with one another.

We would play in the creek, or ruisseau, as my aunt called it. I would build dams, and she would roll big rocks into place. The dams would flood into giant sparkling pools that we would play in. Splashing around, we played all sorts of games. Sometimes a fish would get trapped and we would dive and splash as if in fear, and ultimately we tried catching it.

She would make us lunches and we would sit on the banks of the creek and eat together. My Aunt was the mother I never had. Her laughter was like music, mezzo-soprano notes that rang like bells, and echoed through the trees. It was contagious, her excitement for life. Everything we did was full of zest and passion. Even our lunches were full of her exclamations and loud groans of approval for the food she had prepared.

She had a northern French accent and the edge of her vowels lilted, sometimes with a throaty sound, and other times with emphasis, dragging them out. It was beautiful. Mom worked hard at overcoming her accent, but Tante Belle embraced hers.

Often, my Aunt would ask things like, “How you say…?” And make hand gestures or mime an action. She would scratch at the dirt and pretend to peck like a bird, and I would yell out, “Chicken!”

She would say “Oui! Yes! Chicken!” dragging out the e in chicken. She was beautiful, and my best friend. I adore her.

I could never outrun her, she had these long legs that simply propelled her across the meadow as she chased me. Always when she’d catch me, we would go down in a tangle of elbows and knees. We would wrestle around, and lay back and stare at the clouds, pointing out fantastical visions and shapes. Sometimes we would build tunnels through the high grass, making forts and trails that led to our favorite pools in the creek.

In the late evenings after Avrupa Yakası Escort dinner, we sometimes would make our trek through the cool dampness of the forest. It was a long hike from the cabin, almost 45 minutes. Long, especially in the dark, every noise compelled us to move faster.. Eventually we would make it to the small lake. Where we would make a mad dash in the dark to the safety of the water. We would plunge in to escape the heat and enjoy the swim in the moonlight.

I didn’t know, until much later, my aunt had been in the French cinema, and had acquired a lot of money. She never let on that she was loaded, in fact she lived in a bare two bedroom cabin. Years later she “sold” her cabin to her American cousin John, he had lost his wife to cancer. Having subdivided the land, she built another home. This one buried deep in the woods near our favorite lake that the creek ran into.

It rarely rained for long in the summer, but when it did, we would hang out together in the cabin. Tante Belle would make us coffee with her “cafetiere a piston”, a device known as a French press. She would walk me through the process, as it was very important to her.

“Premier” she said in French, then corrected herself. “First… you bring water to almost boil.” Her eyes would lock onto mine. “Almost, presque, do not boil” her accent was intoxicating.

She would stir the water into the hand ground coffee, and press it into the most bitter concoction you ever tasted in your life. But after she added steamed milk, foam, and sprinkled cocoa on the top, it was divine. Her cafe creme is still the best I have ever tasted in my life.

We would spend the rainy afternoons doing whatever we could find to do. She didn’t have television, but she did have a radio. When the right song came on, she would often swoop me up in dance. I was taught to bow, and she would curtsy. Together we would dance.

I think every moment was meaningful to me. It was magical and unlike any other experiences in my life. She taught me to paint, and crochet, embroider and sew. I learned a great many things from her in my youth. I learned to garden, and cook. Everything we did was together. Every moment was about her and I. Even work became a game. Carrots became swords and wet fingers became water launching weapon turrets. We laughed and played, and over the years I grew.

I don’t know at which point my aunt became less important to me, but I became obsessed with a young lady at my school, while in my teens. Summer’s at my Tante Belles ceased, as separation from my beloved girlfriend was horrific to imagine.

Dating was all consuming to me. Having only had one person in my life, to hug, and love, and shower me with attention. My girlfriend quickly became the substitute. I needed her attention, I craved it. I desired her love and affections to the point of pure obsession. I admit today that looking back, I was weak, and needy. I was definitely not boyfriend material, and she wasn’t girlfriend material.

Things took off fast between Rachel and I. She was my first girlfriend, and we were infatuated with one another. We were beyond having any rational thoughts and reasonings. Her affections for me made me complete and whole, or so I thought.

It was rocky, our relationship. We had extreme highs and lows, fighting almost daily. She would flirt with other boys just to tease me, and she began to hold back her affection to control me. It worked. I pined after her, chased her, I was wrapped around her little finger. Rachel would tell me what to do, how to think and how I should feel. And I did anything to make her happy.

The only class we had together was choir, and Rachel sang like an angel. She had a cherub face and her cheeks were always rosy. Her lips were round and full, and when she opened her mouth to sing, every boy around her stared at her with lust. Rachel would look into my eyes and bat her long lashes and my heart would melt. She led, and I chased, I was her plaything.

During passing time we would hang out at her locker, and she would tease me by looking at other boys as they passed. She enjoyed flaunting her looks, and the attention she received. Looking back I realise how shallow she was, but at the time I thought I was in love.

When I graduated high-school, our relationship became long distance. Rachel had moved to the east coast for college. A college I did not have the grades for.

In the beginning she would tell me how she missed me. We would spend long hours on the phone, arguing over who would hang up first. But the phone calls came less frequently, and my calls went unanswered.

It wasn’t until I saw a picture of her and some strange guy kissing, that I realised what had happened. Rachel had been tagged in the photo on Facebook by one of her friends. I was crushed, I was fucking crushed. Fuck my life.

I spent days moping around at home. I had become an adult and lost all that was important to me. I felt used, abused and hurt, like my very Avrupa Yakası Bayan soul had been ripped out of me. All my dreams of the future had been destroyed.

A year passed by since we broke up, and still I had no friends, and nobody to talk to. I was alone. That’s when I tried to kill myself.

I was 19 and had nobody to even talk to. My Mom was so distant she felt like a stranger. My father was judgemental and only talked to me when he felt like punishing me. I had no one, and spent day after day in my home, alone. Rachel had left me, and because of her I had spurned all my friends. How could she do this to me? Why was I so worthless that she could just discard me? Why was I so alone? The feeling of hopelessness and emptiness consumed me, eating me alive from the inside.

It was with those embittered feelings that I decided to cut my wrists. I would show them. I would show them all, and then they would fucking feel sorry for me.

My suicide had to be theatrical, as only a dramatic 19 year old can envision. I filled the tub until it was overflowing, imagining my blood pouring over the edges, and onto the white tiles, tarnishing their perfect bathroom. I hoped my parents would find me. Naked, dead, and soaking in my own blood, in their pristine master bath. The idea made me want to cry for myself. I could imagine the shock and horror of my parents. I wanted them to suffer, I wanted them all to fucking suffer. I felt so fucking alone. I hurt so bad. Why didn’t anyone love me?

It wasn’t the lacerations to my wrists that made me pass out, it was the bottle of my moms Xanax that I swallowed. In the end I suppose it was a bit theatrical after all. I was found, not by my parents, but by Lucille, our maid. Apparently she saved my life, and that’s how I came to be strapped to a hospital bed on suicide watch.

My parents did come visit me, a couple days later, but it wasn’t out of concern. They expressed their outrage at my lack of consideration for them. I was told how selfish I am, and how I never think about others. They told me I should be grateful for everything they’ve done for me, and that they wished they had been tougher on me. I was filled with shame.

A week after my hospitalization my Tante showed up. I hadn’t seen her in 5 years, and had forgotten how beautiful she was. Her hair was cut short, and small waves and curls had sprung to life. Her hair had gotten darker. The youthful looks had fled from her face, leaving behind a mature and sultry face. I was stunned into silence when she appeared in the doorway.

She stood there, and for a brief moment her face lit up with a warm beauty that I had never seen before in a woman. One that I had never noticed as a child. If I could put Rachel and my aunt, side by side, she would make Rachel look dull, lifeless, and plain.

I instantly felt a flush of emotions when I realised how silly I must look. But instead of criticizing me, or pointing out my foolish and childlike behavior, tears began to stream down her face.

“Jesse, my little friend… you are not so little now… oui?” Tante said.

My aunt’s english had improved greatly, her words offering just a hint of accent. She sounded more refined, though it brought back a flood of memories, things I had forgotten.

“I …” my words were broken “Tante Belle-” tears streamed down my own face.

“It is okay… my souer, I mean sister, she should never had kids, you must know this by now eh?” She said with a tremble to her lower lip.

Tante moved up close to me and caressed my face, wiping away my tears with her thumb. She cupped my face and kissed my forehead.

“I’m so sorry…” she said in a near whisper.

I stared at her, as I lay there strapped to a bed with my wrists bandaged, and knew everything would be alright.

It didn’t take long to get me discharged, only a couple more days, my parents never contacted or visited me again. My aunt stayed with me day and night, and took me home with her.

I think it was at that point in time, that I realised she had been the only real mother that I had ever had. We spent a lot of time making small talk, during the trip. I confessed to her my love for Rachel and the heartbreak that had come of said love.

She comforted me, and told me it was important to be able to laugh at yourself. It had been silly, she was right, and so we laughed.

When we arrived at her place I was surprised to see a road going past the cabin.

“Had a new house put up.” She said with a bit of mystery.

My intrigue piqued, I noticed that the cabin was being lived in. I arched my eyebrows.

“Our cousin John.” She said simply.

We kept driving for another 15 minutes, her old Jeep making good progress on the gravel road. We passed the lake and went up the hill, and then I saw it.

It was about 4 times the size of her cabin, though it was plain and unadorned, it was on a slope above the lake. It was log built, from her own timber, she told me. The front Escort Avrupa Yakası was all windows, they looked down over the lake, and across the tops of the trees. The landscape rolled and rose all around it, giving it a very earthlike feel. It was natural, and elegant, just like my aunt. She didn’t require makeup, or fancy clothes, she was just beautiful, any adornment would have taken away from that.

The house with its pitched roof and wall of windows, beckoned to me with the powerful offer of comfort and relaxation.

Tante Belle fussed over me a lot the first few days, changing my bandages on my wrists, ensuring I was comfortable. She admitted to me that she was nervous leaving me, not wanting me to make another attempt on my life. I assured her that I had outgrown that, as surely as I had outgrown Rachel, and wondered where it was she needed to go.

“I opened a gallery.” She said with an intoxicating grin.

“A gallery for your paintings?” I asked.

She smiled again, “some of them are, some others are not. I open on weekends only, closed for the weekday.”

I smiled at her again “Tante Belle! Thats wonderful!” I watched her in amazement as her face lit up, she performed a curtsey. The grace and elegance in her movements sparked desire deep inside. I instantly thought how beautiful she was, and how sexy she was.

She walked away from me, her movements much like a cat. I watched her hips sway, with her back arched, and shoulders back, her bare feet were delicate and toes neatly painted. My eyes locked onto her ass, and admired how it lilted from side to side with her hips.

Tante Belle looked back at me over her shoulder, at that very moment as I stared at her posterior, and I blushed. Had she seen me staring? If she had, she didn’t let on, she smiled at me, and continued out of the room.

We talked a few more times before the weekend arrived, and I assured her that I would be fine. My wrists itched furiously, and were nearly healed.

I awoke early on Saturday, the log mansion, as I had come to think of it, was empty without her. I wandered around, exploring, running my fingers over surfaces. Exploring drawers and cabinets. The house felt expansive, and I was in awe. Apartments in the city were miniature homes compared to this massive log construction.

When I finally made my way to the master bedroom my jaw dropped. One wall of the room was windows from floor to ceiling and looked over the lake. Opposite the windows was a huge bed with four posts sticking straight up. Some kind of sheer material draped from the top, fastened in a peak to the ceiling. I instantly felt like I was in the bedroom of a queen, or a princess. The sheer white material billowed out, hanging almost like curtains. I nearly bowed in reverence.

One wall to the side of the bed, was solid mirrors, only broken by a door. I had to know what was behind that door, and so I opened it. The closet was huge, and in it hung more clothing than I had ever seen. I found myself wondering what she needed all the clothing for, I’d never seen her wear anything but a white t-shirt and jeans.

I moved to the dresser that sat at the back of the closet. It was massive, and the wooded front looked old and polished. The first drawer I popped open was full of lacy underwear. I pulled one out, and couldn’t figure out what it even was. My palms were sweating and my heart thundered in my ears. I opened drawer after drawer, finding all sorts of lingerie, some easy to identify and others just unrecognizable gossamer.

The last drawer I opened was full of toys. I had never seen such things in person. But I knew them well from porn. My dick began to swell as I ran my fingers over one phallic rubber vibrator, it was tacky and had obviously not been cleaned after it was used. I was curious, and becoming reckless with my arousal, I gripped myself through my pajama bottoms. I throbbed in my hand, and winced as pain shot through my bandaged wrists. I brought the vibrator up to my nose and smelled. It smelled faintly sweet, musty. I tingled with the knowledge that this had been inside of my aunt.

I ran my tongue along it, trying to taste her. I knew this was silly, sick, demented, who knows what else. There was a part of me that just could not hold my inner kink back any longer. I dropped my pajamas around my feet, and ran the pink dildo up the length of me. I massaged the device and my dick together, much like giving myself and another a hand job. Briefly I wondered what it would be like to touch my dick to another. Would it feel fake and oddly fleshy like this?

I touched my head to the device’s head, penis to penis and watched my precum darken the tip. I actually thought of forcing myself away, literally I imagined my other hand stopping my right hand. Like my right hand had a mind of its own, I wanted to force it away, but instead it drew inexplicably closer to my mouth. It reached my tongue, and the salt of my own self blossomed in my mouth, moments later followed by what I hoped was the taste of Tante Belle.

The head of it was large in my mouth, way larger than I expected. I imagined I was Rachel, and had finally consented to giving me a blowjob. I pushed it towards the back of my throat. My tongue extended along the bottom of its length, and it touched the back of my throat. I gagged.

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