Date Night

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My wife has a boyfriend. His name is David, and he’s black. He’s not especially attractive, at least in my opinion. He’s 48, 5’6″, not obese but he has a belly, shaved head, kind of a shabby dresser. I asked Vickie one time what she liked about David, and she said, “He’s got a big dick.” When I asked if that was all she replied, “It stays hard a long time.” So that sums it up I guess, he has a big dick and it stays hard a long time. Oh, and he can go two or three times a night, sometimes more.

I’ve known about David from the very beginning. Vickie and I were at a party, and I noticed her talking to this guy, short little Buddha body with skin the color of cafe au lait. She disappeared for a while, and I noticed the little black guy was also missing. No problem, Vickie does what she wants, I do what I want, and when the night is over we go home together.

After about a half hour, I spotted Vickie coming toward me wearing a big grin. “I just gave David a blowjob!”

Putting two and two together, I said, “David is the little black guy?”

“Not so little,” she said, “you should see!”

OK, so that was the beginning. Since then, they have been meeting once or twice a week for some extra-curricular playtime, as Vickie calls it. Each time I get a blow by blow description of their activities, and by the way, blow by blow doesn’t really cover all of their activities. But you get the idea.

At first they would meet at a motel, David would fuck her brains out all night, then she would come home and tell me all about it. After a few weeks, though, they realized that the motel was running into money, and Vickie invited David to spend the night at our house. When David was “visiting,” I spent the night in the guest room. I couldn’t actually hear them, and I definitely wasn’t allowed to watch, so all I had was my fantasies and Vickie’s descriptions.

Then one day Vickie said to me, “I’ll bet you’d love to watch David and me, wouldn’t you?”

Bingo! I’d had so many fantasies of that big black dick pumping in and out of her pussy by then, imagined her having orgasm after orgasm while he fucked her senseless, that I would do practically anything to actually see it for myself. Evidently, Vickie had figured that out too.

“Here’s what I have in mind,” she continued. “You want to see me with David, I’d like to see you with David. Let me watch you give David a blowjob, and David and I will let you watch us.”

Fuck! I never sucked another guy’s cock in my life, never wanted to. But sometimes when I was fantasizing about Vickie and David, I would picture her blowing him, and wondered how that felt. I knew how it felt for him, more or less, but I wondered how she felt with that big black dick sliding in and out of her mouth, down her throat, unloading and filling her mouth with funky, creamy sperm.

Of course I had to display at least some level of resistance. And of course Vickie knew she had the upper hand. Apparently David had already given his OK, so Vickie just had to wait for me to come to the obvious conclusion. I wanted to watch David fuck my wife, and I was willing to suck his cock if that’s what it took. And let him cum in my mouth, as Vickie insisted.

So that became the new normal. David would stay over at our house, he and Vickie would sleep in the “master” bedroom, and I would go to the guest room. Whenever they decided to let me watch, not every time by any means, I would give David a blowjob, I would watch him fuck my wife for a while, then I would go to the guest room and they would continue without me. And I was fine with that!

After the first couple of times, I kind of looked forward to sucking David’s cock, letting Vickie watch as I got her boyfriend all hot and bothered, then let him shoot his first load of the evening down my throat. I think I got sort of good denizli escort at it. Anyway, David gave me lots of encouragement, made approving noises, and always shot what seemed to me like big, big loads into my mouth and down my throat.

All right, so that’s all background, history to bring us up to last Saturday night. David came by and picked Vickie up around 7. They were going to dinner at a nice restaurant downtown, then drinks and dancing at a bar that has a live band, a lively crowd, and not so incidentally, lots of black men on the make. Not that Vickie wants anyone besides David, she just likes to be around horny black guys. Or so she says!

Well, about 9 or a little after, Vickie and David showed up at the house. “David decided he wants one of your special blowjobs, BJ,” Vickie told me. (Ever since I started sucking David’s cock, Vickie calls me BJ.) Fine with me. Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea of sucking another man’s cock, and letting David cum in my mouth before he does anything with my wife, I love it.

They sat on the sofa and I got down between David’s legs. Vickie unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper. She reached inside his underwear and played with his cock a while, then hauled it out and pointed it toward my mouth. “Suck it, BJ!” she said, as if I needed any encouragement.

I ran my hand up and down the shaft a few times, hoping to coax out some precum. I saw a clear drop form at the tip of his cock, stuck out my tongue and licked it up. I tried again, with a little less success this time, then closed my lips around the head of his cock and sucked gently. Somewhere I saw the description once, “suck it like you’re melting the sugar off a gumdrop,” and that’s just what I tried to do. He was already nice and hard, so I ran my lips down over his cock, taking the shaft as far into my throat as I was able. I backed off, worked up more saliva, and went down again, all the way to his balls.

I wanted to suck his balls next, but David got up, turned around, and presented me with his ass. He didn’t say a word, but I knew what he wanted. I ran my tongue up along his butt crack, barely brushing up against his asshole. He gave a soft little moan, almost inaudible, but it was enough to tell me what I wanted to know. I went again, giving his anus more attention this time, and at the same time I took his cock in my hand and milked it lightly.

Gradually I worked my tongue deeper into his ass, stroking his cock more firmly. When I was sure he was ready, I pushed a finger into his ass, then two. I got under him and took his cock in my mouth, letting him provide all the motion while I continued fingering his asshole and working his prostate.

Finally it was all he could take. I felt his anus tighten around my fingers, his cock seemed to grow another inch, and then my mouth was overwhelmed with the strong, pungent taste and smell of his warm, creamy load. I held it in my mouth briefly, savoring all the associated sensations, then swallowed. Hey, it doesn’t get much better!

David didn’t say a word at first, just made non-verbal sounds of pleasure and contentment. Then he said to me, “Damn, Junior, you are something else! That’s a great little cocksucker you married, Miss Vickie, you know that?”

Vickie replied, “Well, anyway he’s good for something. Guys, that was really hot. I hope you saved something for me.”

I was feeling a real sense of accomplishment, as silly as that sounds. I got my wife’s boyfriend more turned on than I’ve ever seen him with her, swallowed his first big load of the night, and just maybe, I got him so drained he wouldn’t be able to perform up to his usual standard with her. Yeah, right!

We all had a drink, then headed for the bedroom.

“Just sit back and relax, Junior,” David told me. “Let me show denizli escort bayan you how Miss Vickie likes it when she has a real man to take care of her.”

I sat in the easy chair at the end of the bed, Vickie and David got out of the rest of their clothes, and David pulled my wife over to the edge of the bed so I had a bird’s eye view while he buried his head between her legs. I always heard that black men don’t like to eat pussy, but you couldn’t prove it by David. He went at it with great enthusiasm, and according to Vickie, he was a real expert. I take her word for it, but I also saw how she responded to him. Once he really got into it, her orgasm was a sure thing. She began bucking, pushing her pussy up into David’s face. He took her ass in both hands, holding her up off the bed, and kept working his tongue over her clitoris relentlessly.

“Oh my God,” Vickie moaned, “oh my God, I’m cumming! Look BJ, this is how I cum with a real man!” And then the wave broke, and she went completely non-verbal, filling the room with grunts and moans, little animalistic whimpers, and eventually something close to a purr.

David turned to me and said, “Lady needs a little rest after that, Junior. Why don’t you come over and give me a little head, then I’ll show you how your wife likes to get fucked.”

He positioned himself up by Vickie’s head, so I’d have to be on the other side, and she would be able to see his cock slide in and out of my mouth, right in front of her. He put a hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock, already hard, into my mouth and halfway down my throat. I just tightened my lips around him and let him fuck my face, while Vickie reached up and played with his balls. This went on for a couple of minutes, with his cock sliding deeper into my throat with each thrust.

“OK, Junior, that’s enough. Gotta save some for Miss Vickie!”

I went back to my seat, David laid down on his back, and my lovely wife straddled him and lowered herself onto that big black cock. She didn’t lie about that. It is big, and it does stay hard a long time. She rode up and down on it for a while, long enough to reach another intense orgasm, then David wanted some doggy style.

“Come here, Junior, get a taste of Miss Vickie’s sweet pussy.” What he really wanted was for me to suck his cock some more. Any taste of pussy I got was going to be strictly second hand. No problem, I love licking and sucking my wife’s juices off her boyfriend’s cock.

With that taken care of, they settled into some serious fucking, doggy style. That’s one of my favorites. I can see David’s cock thrusting in and out of my wife’s pussy, of course, but what I really love is being able to see David from the rear. I like seeing his butt cheeks flex and release, I like the way the muscles in his back work, and I love seeing his powerful legs pushing his body back and forth as he pumps that big black cock in and out.

“OK, Junior, let’s make it a threesome,” he said. They had me lie on my back underneath Vickie like a 69, except I already knew she wasn’t going to be sucking me. My job was to lick her clit while David continued to fuck her brains out. Every once in a while he would pull out and slide his cock into my mouth for a few strokes, then slip it back into Vickie’s pussy.

After several minutes of that, David said, “I’m getting pretty close, Junior. Lick my ass a little, then stick a finger or two inside me, and I’ll fill Miss Vickie with a big load of love juice.”

I got around behind him and did as I was told. I love the idea that, even though he’s fucking my wife, he wants my help to get off. I rimmed his ass as long as he would let me, then stuck two fingers inside and gave his anus and prostate plenty of action. It didn’t take much of that before he was ready to explode.

“Oh, escort denizli yeah,” he said, “oh fuck, I’m cumming. That’s it, Junior, I’m filling Miss Vickie’s pussy full of Love Potion 69. Oh yeah, don’t stop till I tell you.”

Vickie, meanwhile, was having another powerful eruption of her own, feeling David’s throbbing cock inside her, pumping a huge load of semen into her. He continued fucking her after he came, so that his sperm started leaking out around his cock and over her labia.

Finally he pulled out and turned to me. “Time to clean up, Junior. Me first.”

I took his cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of his juices mixed with Vickie’s. I sucked and licked until it was all gone, then went to work on my wife. I licked all around her pussy and ass, getting all the juices I could find, then zeroed in on her opening. She did a little flexing thing with her internal muscles, and a big glob of semen came oozing out. I licked it all up, not stopping until there was none left. In the process Vickie reached another orgasm, less powerful than some previous ones, but an orgasm nonetheless.

David put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me away. “Good job, Junior. You deserve a reward tonight, don’t you agree, Baby?”

Vickie didn’t respond, but she didn’t have to. As far as she is concerned, whatever David wants is fine with her.

“Hold your titties together, Baby. We’ll let Junior shoot his load on them, then lick it up. How does that sound?”

“That might be fun,” she answered. “BJ likes the taste of his own gunk. Just make sure he cleans it all up!”

David got behind me and had me straddle Vickie, with my cock aimed right at her tits. He moved up so close I could feel his chest hairs on my back, and his cock rubbing against my ass. He reached around me and began playing with my cock, giving it long, slow strokes, teasing. I soon had a solid erection, and was surprised to feel him getting hard behind me. His cock was lodged between my ass cheeks, sliding up and down the crack as he stroked my cock.

I was getting really excited, and I told David, “I’m getting pretty close.”

He pressed his body against mine and picked up the pace. He was giving lots of attention to the head of my cock, and it was too much to resist, even if I wanted to. I felt the climax building up inside me, David kept stroking me like mad, and I let loose with a huge load. There were four or five powerful shots, then a few weaker ones, and Vickie’s chest was covered in cum. I was breathing hard, and so was David, I noticed. I took a minute or two to come down, then it was time to finish up.

“Damn, Junior, how long you been saving that up?” He was right, I don’t usually shoot that hard or produce that much.

“I guess I was just inspired tonight,” I answered. “Maybe that’s some of yours that I swallowed.”

“Well, wherever it came from, BJ, get busy cleaning it up. David and I have some unfinished business to take care of when you’re done.” My lovely wife, always helpful!

I bent forward and ran my tongue through a pool of sticky white cream, delighting in the taste, the smell, the sensation on my tongue, and just the idea of what I was doing. Here I was, licking up my own cum from my wife’s tits, while her black boyfriend watched and offered encouragement. Hot, hot, hot!

I would have liked to take longer, prolonging the whole experience, but they wanted to move on to the next round, and that didn’t include me. When I had licked up all my cream, David surprised me by pulling me into a powerful bear hug and locking lips with me in a full on, tongue tangling kiss. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

“OK, Junior, it’s past your bedtime. You’ve been a good boy, but now Mommy and Daddy need some time alone.”

Right! Mommy and Daddy! I headed for the guest room, where I spent the rest of the night fantasizing about what they were doing, what they might have me do the next time, what I’d like to do if I had the chance. That thing with David’s hard cock rubbing up and down my crack got me wondering, and the kiss at the end? Where might that lead?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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