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Daniel is a good-looking man that I met off of a singles site. He’s blond with blue eyes and 6’2”, that’s my kind of man. Though I was a little scared when I answered his message cause his profile says his dream location is anywhere but hell, so no Texans. Well, I’m an Okie so Texans are pretty close relatives. He told me that he was fine with Okie’s and Texans as well, he was just adding a bit of his odd sense of humor. We chatted online for many months before he was able to get away, and travel so we could meet.

Online dating is much different than any other form of meeting. You learn more about the person that you are intending to date, than you would say if a man picked you up in a dance club or a bar. Also, strange and seemingly obscene come-on lines are better received online than in a dance club or bar, taken as mostly humorous rather than serious. Also, online dating can sometimes lead its way to sexual teasing and taunting.

This sexual teasing can manifest itself in cyber sex of course, both parties describing the acts they will do to each other when they finally meet in person and while chatting both performing acts of masturbation on themselves and describing the results of their efforts. Also, this teasing can come in the form of erotic stories sent to one person via email, putting the receiver in a hard state, maybe at a place of work or school when the state is welcomed but not easily hidden. Also, a good form of sexual taunting is when both parties perform acts of exhibitionism sending nude photographs of themselves to each other, these photos usually include close up shots of some parts of the anatomy. Daniel and I did all of these, so much increasing our desire for each other.

We couldn’t wait to meet and finally put our sexual desire to an end after a climatic evening spent together. Although online meeting is wonderful, it has it’s drawbacks these usually being the fact that both parties live very far apart, some are luckier and find that they live rather close to each other and may have past each other in the super market or at the gas station. This of course was not the case for Daniel and me, we lived far apart and so the separation and the length of time it took for him to be able to travel so we could meet in person so much increased the sexual desire between us.

When he was finally able to come out to my town and meet in person, the electricity between us was obvious, we greeted, embraced and then our lips finally met in climatic spark of electricity between our tongues. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were out in the middle of the parking lot to my apartment, he probably would have laid me down that instant and we would’ve had passionate sex right then and there. We decided to hold true to the normal rules of dating that at least there should be an actual date before sex can happen, even though, through our meetings on the Internet it was already like we’d had millions of dates and all with a very pleasing endings.

The instant we met in person my body ached for his touch, yearning for his caress. I attempted to keep the dinner very innocent, but somehow my foot kept finding it’s way into his crotch, massaging him until he was as hard as a rock. I moved myself to his side of the table, sat next to him and made him feel the wetness through my very thin lacy panties; this only increased his intense arousal. We managed to finish our meal, though only half eaten, but we were prepared to move on to desert.

With the obligatory date out of the way, we were ready to move on to other matters that had so overwhelmed us during the times of our not always but mostly sexual chatting. As we exited the restaurant and walked toward his car, I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, and pressed my lips deeply into his lips. Our bodies were pressed together, my breasts squished against his torso, I could feel his hardness pressed into my middle. Our tongues knotted together, as we shared yet another deep and passionate kiss, that exuded all of our sexual arousal. Suddenly I wrapped my full lips around his investigating tongue and stopped it’s movements as I rapidly sucked it into my mouth then released it a little and sucked it in again. After I released his tongue fully, Daniel gave me a quizzical but pleased look.

“I really would rather it be your cock that I suck on instead of your tongue,” I said.

We quickly separated our embrace and got into his car, with him unlocking my door first as a gentleman should. When we were both inside the car our passions overtook control. Once he was seated in the drivers seat, and just as he was about to start the car, I reached over to him and attacked the fly of his trousers. His cock flew out so fast that it almost hit me in the face, but I was able to divert the blow. My hand wrapped around his erect member and began to stroke him up, over the top and then back down again. He watched as my hand deftly rubbed up and down him and relished in the feeling of my soft hands stroking his manhood. He leaned esenyurt ucuz escort over to me and gently kissed my lips as I continued to stroke him.

Suddenly I realized I was in need of a release as much as Daniel was, the wetness in my pussy had quite soaked through my panties and was working it’s way through my skirt, also the tingling sensation had manifested itself into an intense burning desire working its way throughout the length of my sex. My hand released his throbbing cock, in favor of raking up my skirt and discarding my very wet panties. I spread my legs as wide as could in the passenger seat of a car, allowing him to get an almost full view of my very wet pussy. I grabbed Daniel’s hand and placed it inside my dripping pussy letting him get the idea that I wanted to be stroked as well. Then I went over to his erect cock with my mouth open wide and began to tease him with my tongue. He began to stroke my sex with his fingers, as my lips went up and down his member. Daniel was turned between two objects of interest, either to watch as my mouth devoured his cock, or watch my pussy as his fingers investigated it’s curves and creases.

There is something very titillating to me about giving a man a blowjob, while his fingers work their way inside my overexcited pussy. I’ve wondered if I would be able to cum, just by giving a blowjob alone, but have never tried this more in favor of having my pussy stroked by exploring fingers at the same time. Daniel’s talented fingers soon had me to orgasm, but I hadn’t gotten him off yet, I began sucking him as hard as I could even as my body was trembling and shaking as orgasmic waves tore through my body. Soon he had me cumming tremendously as my juices squirted out of my pussy in a great gush soaking Daniel’s hand and the seat beneath my butt.

I decided to concentrate on the head of his cock, caressing him with my lips and tongue then I abruptly sucked the head and the rest of his pulsating member all the way in my mouth. I sucked him so hard my cheeks were concave, my lips pressed against the sides. Soon I felt his body go rigid just as he brought another orgasm crashing down on me, his hot cum shot in my mouth and down my throat just as my cum shot out rewashing his hand. His load was so large that some dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. I continued to suck him until I was sure I had drained him completely dry. Then gently tucked his spent cock back inside his trousers.

Finally I released him from my mouth and sat back up. He was still vigorously rubbing my pussy. I pulled his hand away and replaced it with my own and I began rubbing myself.

“I can do this! You drive us to the hotel, cause I want that cock inside my pussy now!” I said as I brought myself to another orgasm.

My juices once again squirting just as Daniel pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street. The drive to my apartment seemed indeterminately long, as I continued to rub myself causing wave after orgasmic wave to crash down upon my body, awaiting Daniel’s cock to enter my long too empty pussy. During the drive I was afraid that Daniel might crash his car as his interests were once again diverted between watching the road and watching me play with myself. My masturbation demonstration had him hard once more, as I viewed the bulge inside his trousers as he pulled into the parking lot of my apartment.

We attempted to regain our composure as we got out of his car; I left my panties hanging on his rearview mirror to dry out. We hustled up to my apartment and with shaking hands attempted to unlock the door, Daniel took the keys from my hand and acting with macho bravado unlocked the door with not a single shake. We entered my apartment and Daniel hung the keys on the little hanger by the door. After closing and locking the door, he walked toward me and held my face in his hands, and planted his lips against mine, giving me a gentle and loving kiss.

After our little act of abandon in the car the heat of our desires were somewhat decreased, but the desires were defiantly still there, just not as on fire as before. With a definite gentleness Daniel grabbed the bottom of my blouse and slowly raised it up and off of me, the he wrapped his arms around me as his fingers unhooked my bra. He eased my bra down over my shoulders and completely uncovered my breasts before him. He took in my naked half for a brief moment and then bent his head down to my chest and kissed each of my nipples. Then he reached the waist of my skirt and gently slid it down my legs, I raised each of my feet up as he slid the skirt from under them. Then he grabbed each of my high heels and took them off my feet. Then when I was standing before him completely naked he looked at me again, this time taking in each part of my body as if he was taking photographs with his eyes. His hands lovingly cupped my face and his lips met mine, our tongues arched and tangled in our mouths, searching for the best spot to explore. Then he wrapped esenyurt üniversiteli escort his arms around my body and embraced me into his, I squeezed tightly back.

At this intense moment of being completely undressed by him, my wetness was back in a flood and my pussy was on fire to have him finally fill my hole. I grabbed his hand and sat him down in a large overstuffed chair. I went down and took off his shoes, then helped him out of his shirt, and then I unzipped his trousers and pulled them off of him with a little assistance. Once I had Daniel completely naked sitting in the chair, I straddled his lap, he held up his cock as I centered my pussy over it and then slowly slid down him. Daniel let out a hiss of air as he finally entered my pussy and I let out a moan as I felt him completely fill my insides.

Slowly and with deliberation I gyrated my hips on him, feeling him slide inside my pussy. As I tried to make our first act of intercourse last as long as possible, Daniel began rubbing and massaging my breasts. He grabbed my tissue and kneaded it within his hands, and then he ran his fingers over my nipples until they stood erect. His head went toward my nipples and he wrapped his lips around the areola and slurped the entire nipple into his mouth, his tongue wiggled and swirled around my nipple. I moaned at his attentions to my nipple and my gyrations on his cock increased in speed and I moved my hips in a fashion to make him go deeper. His talented mouth went to my other nipple, his tongue teased me, and then he pinched my nipple between his lips and tickled it with his tongue. My hips moved faster on him as my pussy slid up and down his cock. Suddenly his hands went to my hips and grabbed me and held me up and he began to thrust himself up and in to me very deep. I buried my head in to the soft curve of his neck, and began kissing there.

Daniel thrust himself into me deeply and the shock of him ran through my body as an orgasm exploded from head to toe, leaving me dizzy. I bit into the side of his neck as another shock wave exploded forth and then my pussy constricted around his cock and my pussy muscles released and flooded him with my juices. Just in that moment he thrust into me deeply once more and his cock pulsated inside of me, I felt a brief shiver ripple through him and his cock shot out it’s hot load deep inside the depths of my soaking wet pussy. We stayed connected and he gathering me into his arms, now coated with a fine sheen of sweat, he held me snuggly as we sat panting our chests heaving in unison. I covered in kisses the area of his neck where I had bit down as my orgasm had put me in a state of dazed exasperation.

I looked at Daniel and his eyes had a burning dazed look to them as he stared into mine. Our bodies slowly recovered from our massive orgasms. I got myself up and off of him, my muscles screamed from the strain of our recent activities. Daniel stood up beside me, his now softening cock hanging lifeless between his legs.

“That was amazing,” said Daniel.

“I couldn’t have imagined it any better,” I said.

“Let’s take a shower and wash some of this sweat off of us.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

I grabbed Daniel’s hand and lead him down the hallway to my bathroom. Once in there I adjusted the water temp until it was nice and warm. We entered the shower, Daniel stayed toward the back of the shower and I pulled him to me under the spray of the shower. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. As our naked wet bodies were pressed together under the spray of the shower softly my lips met his, I kissed him, lingering, savoring every moment. After some time our lips separated, I raised my eyes to find his, when an exciting idea popped in my head.

“How about we wash each other?” I asked.

“You want to wash me?” Said Daniel.

“Yes and then you wash me. Sound like fun?” I said.

We exchanged a subtle look of amusement and Daniel nodded his head in approval. We separated our embrace and I grabbed the washcloth and soap. I generously lathered the washcloth. I turned him so that he was turned away from me and I was able to have access to his backside. I first ran the washcloth over his shoulders. Then I worked the washcloth over the length of his backside. Softly I ran the washcloth over each of his butt cheeks. Next I eased just a bit of the washcloth in his butt crack and ran the length of his butt crack all the way down just behind his balls. Next I bent down and ran the washcloth slowly down each of his legs.

After I had his backside thoroughly soaped up, I turned him around to face me; I couldn’t help but too look down at him and let a small giggle escape my lips as I saw his cock was already becoming semi-hard. I was lightly pleased with the effect my little idea had on him. When my eyes worked their way back to his, I could detect a bit of amusement dancing in the blue pools of his eyes.

I etiler escort stood up on my tiptoes, so I could reach his lips; softly I kissed him and lightly bit his lower lip. I dropped back down soaped up his neck and then across his broad shoulders, then down his hairy chest, and over his stomach. Then I knelt down and intentionally avoided his crotch and began to soap up his legs. I got to his left leg and ran the washcloth up the inside of his leg all the way up to his balls and went up and over then I began to stroke his cock with the soapy washcloth.

Then I placed the washcloth in my other hand and began stroking him with my soapy hand, his closed his eyes and threw his head back, relishing in the sensation of my touch as I caused his cock to grow even harder. Suddenly I released this cock from my grasp, and stood up, he looked at me with a quizzical look and I handed him the washcloth.

“Rinse off and then you’ve got to wash me! Everywhere!” I said.

My pussy began to ache with the anticipation of his touch. Daniel and I exchanged places in the shower as we did our naked bodies were pressed together. He got under the spray of the shower and rinsed off all the places that I had so generously lathered. Once he was thoroughly cleaned he made a motion with his hand for me to turn around, so he could start with my backside as I had done his. He gazed over my backside with the once again soapy washcloth, then with his other hand, he ran it over my body increasing the lather left by the washcloth.

My body tingled with his touch as his hand caressed over my shoulders and down my backside. Once down to my butt cheeks, he softly caressed each cheek and cupped each with his hands. Then he worked his hands and the washcloth over the backs of my legs, then surprisingly I felt his hand go between my legs and his finger lightly touched my slit all the way where it met my butt crack, which drove me completely mad with desire. Then he stood and grabbed my shoulder and turned me so I was facing him, circling an arm about my middle he roughly, almost violently, pulled me to him. His tongue was at my mouth; I instinctively opened my mouth to accept his tongue. He instead began tracing the soft fullness of my lips with is searching tongue, then his lips pressed against mine as his tongue explored the recesses of my mouth.

Raising his mouth from mine, he gazed into my eyes and then released me from his grip around my waist. He grazed my body with the washcloth then with his other hand began to lather me up, his hands touched the hollows of my neck and went down to my chest. Gently he explored the fullness of my breasts, gasping each and then sliding over my nipples with his soapy hands, my nipples swelling to their fullest. He eased his hand down to my stomach and lathered soap there, then lightly caressing over my mound, he suddenly knelt down and rubbed up and down each of my long legs. Standing back up his tall form hovering over me, his hand went down to my pussy gently caressing the outside of my lips.

“I think I missed a spot,” whispered Daniel his husky voice filled with desire.

Deftly his fingers parted my lips and began stroking the length of my sex. I buried my head in the hollow between his shoulder and neck as his fingers caused me to quiver against him. Just as I thought I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm, abruptly his finger withdrew from my soapy, dripping pussy and stepped back. I met his eyes with a disappointed questioning look; he met my gaze with an ornery smile touching his lips.

“You’ve got to rise off now,” Said Daniel apparently giving me a taste of my own medicine.

I cocked an eyebrow at him and we proceeded to exchange places once again, and as we passed by each other, the softness of my stomach and the smoothness of my shaved mound grazed his stiff cock, and he let out a long hiss of air. Finally I was in the spray of the shower again, I thoroughly rinsed off my soapy body. Daniel stood at the back of the shower and measured my actions with his eyes, intently watching my every move. Planning to surprise him I reached out and grasped his erect member in my hand and pulled him to me. Once in front of me, I got down on my knees and proceeded to massage his cock, and paid special attentions to his balls as well.

Then gently I brought my mouth to his cock. I taunted the smooth head of his cock with my tongue and my full lips. Once again Daniel leaned his head back, squeezing his eyes shut he let out a long lust filled moan. I generously lapped the tip of his cock with my lips and tongue, hopefully putting him in a land of completely ecstasy. Abruptly I took the remainder of his shaft into my mouth swirling my tongue around his member. Daniel’s hand buried itself within my damp thick hair. His hips began to move as my lips stroked his member. Daniel looked down at me as I consumed his cock then made it reappear, only to devour it once more. Suddenly I began to use my suction on him and my head moved faster and faster, until I felt his hand grasp tightly on my head and push himself deeply into my mouth, almost all the way to the back of my throat. His cock spasmed inside my mouth and with a loud grunt escaping his lips, his cock spewed forth it’s hot load down into my throat. I continued my suction until all of his manly juice had been completely drained from his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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