Dancin’ For The Groceries Ch. 02

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A note from the author:

I would like to thank everyone who assisted me with this story. Your ideas, suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have done it without you. emap, mona, corsetlvr, carnevil9, sr71plt, Weird Harold, elfin_odalisque, keeblercrumb, Just-Legal, wyf and last but not least, ThePhoenixMan.

A special thank you to my ever-patient editors on this story, michchick98 and ThePhoenixMan.

Thank you!

For my readers- I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a fun adventure! The characters and events in this story are fictional. It was penned for the sole purpose of entertainment, for the reader as well as the author. Thanks again for reading me and don’t forget to vote!


“Mom? Mom are you home?” Jeremy called out when his grandmother brought the children home one evening after the sitter called ill.

“What’s all the ruckus?” Elizabeth rounded the corner in her bathrobe.

“Mom, we’re having a career day at school next week and my teacher wanted to know what kind of jobs our parents have so we can share them in class. What should I tell her about your job?”

Embarrassed about his question, she responded, “well, honey, just tell them your mom is an actress,” That’s about what I do when I seduce those men anyway, she thought to herself.

“I did already and then she asked me if you’d come in and talk to my class about your acting, and maybe give the kids a demonstration. But I know that won’t work because of what you really do. They’d kick me out of school and probably call social services, or something, for sure. So, what do I tell them now?”

Elizabeth questioned her son’s comment in her mind, how does he know what I do? “Oh Jeremy, I’d love to help out in your class, but I can’t take a day off yet; I just started there. I hope you understand.”

Jeremy glanced up at her knowingly and nodded his head in agreement.

“How important is this career day to you?” she planned an escape for them both.

“Really? I could care less. I know what I want to be after I graduate from college. I want to be a lawyer just like the one that helped us get away from dad.”

“Well, you know how much we need this job to work out, so if you want, I can call grandma and ask if you and your sister can stay there for the day. That shouldn’t be a problem. Neither of you miss school much, so I think it’ll be fine for you to take one day off. That way you don’t have to answer their questions and I won’t miss a day of work.”

“Hi mom, it’s Liz. Jeremy just notified me of an extra day off from school. I can’t take a day off work because I just started, that wouldn’t look good, ya know. Anyway, I already tried Helen, but she has to work too, so I’m hoping you’d be able to watch the kids that day.” Elizabeth lied to her son first and now her mother about her new job. I can’t keep this up for long. It’s just not me to lie to my own mother, she thought while she waited for a reply.

“Thanks mom, you’re a lifesaver again.” She ended the call then went to tell Jeremy the good news.

“Thanks mom.”

“Hey Jeremy, can you come here for a second?” Jeremy approached and sat on the foot of her bed. “What did you mean when you said my talking to your class wouldn’t work because you know what I do? How do you know what I do?”

“Well, that time when grandma was sick and you went over there to take care of her for a couple days, dad had some movies in the house and when I got up to get a drink of water during the night I saw girls dancing and they had shoes just like the ones by your bed. I never seen you in those shoes before and I figured you just got a job dancing like those girls in the movie.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“I think you’re pretty mom and I know you’ll do whatever it takes to take care of Maddie and me. So I guess it’s okay as long as you don’t bring any of them dirty men home with you or go out with them.”

“Oh my, you sure know a lot for a boy your age, thanks to your father.” Elizabeth ground her teeth then bit her lip to keep herself from going any further with the comment about her ex-husband. “Yes, I will do just about anything I can to keep you two happy, healthy and safe. I said almost anything, because I do have standards that I won’t drop below. I can promise you, your mom will never walk the streets looking for money and won’t ever put either of you in harms way, just for a job. Okay?”

“Okay mom. But remember, if you go prostituting or start takin’ drugs, I will call grandma and Helen on you, got it?” Jeremy stood from her bed, hugged her then left the room.

“Prostituting?” she mouthed the word and wondered where he’d gotten that from. Her head dropped to her hands. My babies are growing up way too fast. I know he’s a teenager, but just barely. I wonder how much Madison knows that I have no clue about? Saturday night we will all sit down and have a long talk during dinner is all I can say.


As time passed, bayan arkadaş she’d learned the moves that brought in the bucks and the more she allowed her men to do to her or vise versa, the more money she made. She had more than one man begging for more of her talents. She often worked a double shift if a girl called in sick or someone quit without notice. Her children would stay at her mother’s house for the night in those cases.

Leeza had been at the gentleman’s club for six months when they offered her the night shift. She was so tempted, but she needed to find someone dependable to watch her children. She’d saved enough money to finally get them out of the hellhole they once lived in.

“If that offer is still available I’ll take it,” she told the owner on her next scheduled workday. “I have a sitter now and I could use the extra cash.”

Leeza prepared her hair and make-up as usual and since this was her first performance on the night shift she strategically added a little glitter to her skin for a different effect. She strutted on the stage as the first song of her three-song set began. Slow And Easy by White Snake rocked her into the choreographed routine she’d been practicing at home. Her slowness of undress had the men’s attention. She occasionally used the pole for support, swaying her hips during a seductive maneuver.

Pleased with the money she had made thus far encouraged her to go further, give more. In private dances she allowed touching and found the nastier she moved the more money she made. Her erotic moves captivated the gentlemen into spending their hard earned money on her.


It had been nearly a year since Elizabeth first started stripping. The money soon afforded her a new apartment, she’d gotten her vehicle repaired and started accelerated courses at the local community college. She was well on her way to making a new life for her children as well as herself. She only hoped her energy level would continue long enough for her to finish school.

“Hey girl! I haven’t seen you in ages,” Helen said when she ran into Elizabeth at the grocery store. “So, how’s that job going? You sure look good; not that you looked bad before,” she added with a giggle.

“Oh it’s going, but c’mon now, it hasn’t been that long. I can’t believe the money some of those girls bring in each night. But, then I’ve heard the more you give, the more you get. I’m just not willing to give that much of myself in those places because I might not want what they have to give, if you know what I mean.” Elizabeth shrugged and shook her head.

“I’m doing better now than I’d been before. I was able to start a bank account and get the children some new clothes and shoes, and we have plenty to eat. I found a company that gives grants to single parents and they’re helping with my books and tuition, which is a relief. I’ve got a few more classes to take then my plan is to get a job at the hospital.”

“That’s wonderful Liz. Oh, by the way,” she paused to pay for her purchases. “I ran into Mr. Foster the other day. You know he’s still smitten over you, I couldn’t believe it after all this time. You sure did a number on him during your divorce.”

“Did a number on him? I never even touched him.”

“You didn’t have to. It was your demeanor and the way you carried yourself that got him. Oh yeah, and your eyes. He said he loves your eyes. He asked what you’ve been up to.”

“Tell me you didn’t say anything to him about my choi…”

“Of course not, Liz. That’s your business, but I think you should give him a call. He’s a decent guy with a lot to offer the right woman. And it’s quite evident that you’re her. I have his number for you.” She handed the notepaper to Liz when they approached the parking lot.

“Well I don’t have much of a social life between the kids, school and work, but I’ll think about it, okay. If you see him again, tell him hello for me.”


“Helen? We don’t have any plans next weekend do we?” Steve asked as he closed his cell phone and slid it into his pocket.

“No. Why?”

“You’ll never guess who’s getting married! Finally!”

“Okay I give up. Who?”

“My cousin! After all these years of being a single man, some woman finally nabbed him. His buddies are planning a bachelor party for him and he asked me to be his best man, so of course I have to go.” Steve raised a brow and gave a smirk.

“Where are they having the party? Who’s going?” Helen asked inquisitively, as any wife would.

“Not sure exactly, but you know Steve wants to go to a strip club downtown. Not sure which one, but he said it’s a clean place, he called it a gentleman’s club I think.”

“Okay, I trust you. Now who’s going?” Helen asked a second time rubbing her hands over Steve’s chest arousing his nipples until he gave in.

“Foster and a couple other guys from the office and some other guys. I think it’s just gonna be a small gathering from the sound of it.”

“Well, Please don’t ask me how I know, but tell them the bayan partner gentleman’s club on Fourth Street downtown is a nice place and the guys are guaranteed a fun night.” Helen placed a finger to her husband’s lips when he began to speak as a questioning look covered his face. “I ‘m not saying anything else and you aren’t gonna ask any questions of me, remember?”

“The guys will have a lot of fun there; I promise,” Helen said then pulled Steve in for a heated kiss that led them to the bedroom.


“Well, here we are. This is the place my wife recommended for some odd reason, but I guess she had her motives and I trust her.” Steve pulled up to the valet.

They waited at the door for the rest of their group to arrive and entered together. Steve located a group of empty tables. “Looks like we got here at a good time,” and motioned for a waitress. “This guy here is getting married next week and we’re celebrating his last weekend as a free man,” he told her.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place for that. Can I get you a drink while you get settled?”

Drinks were ordered all around and the guys settled into their chairs as they took in the sights. Some were right at home in the smoky, loud environment as scantily clad woman pranced around before them. Yet others, particularly Mr. Foster, were obviously embarrassed, with this being their first time in a place like this. Mr. Foster wasn’t sure where to look as the heat increased in his loins and face.

The girls on the stage were finishing their last set when the guys walked in and by the time they were seated and had their drinks the next group of dancers had entered the stage area. “Holy shit!” Steve rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“Hey what’s wrong with you, too smoky for ya?” Steve’s cousin asked.

“Um- – ahem – -no, thanks I’m okay,” he replied as he focused on one of the dancers.

“Hey man, take it easy. Remember, you’re married,” another teased.

Steve nudged his cousin, “Hey, look up there. Is that who I think it is?” astounded to see Elizabeth in partial undress. Unable to take his eyes off her as she slid her toned legs around that golden pole while The Zoo by the Scorpions provided an excellent beat for her routine.

“Oh, Dear Lord!” Mr. Foster gasped and tried to cover his face. She’ll never go out with me after seeing me here. I just know it. He thought to himself, wishing now that he would’ve stayed home, but it was too late. The thought of not pursuing her, now knowing her new profession, never entered his mind.

Elizabeth’s eyes locked with Steve’s and she nearly fainted. She covered her bare breasts then froze when she felt total embarrassment and fear flush over her. She’d thought that was bad, but as her eyes moved from his she saw his cousin and then Mr. Foster. A chill rose up her spine and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

A dancer named Glimmer strutted her way toward Leeza. “Are you all right girl? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Maybe you should sit down for a while.” Glimmer tried to get Leeza to leave the stage, but she refused. She took a moment to compose herself then continued through her routine.

They were bound to find out sooner or later, she thought as she continued her sensual steps of undress. She kicked her skirt behind her just as the second song ended. The third song, Moist, by Janet Jackson began and it was time for her floor routine.

As she danced she recalled her first attempt at this movement after watching Candi do it several times. She sauntered to the pole once again. With her back against it she lowered herself and perched on her heels, thighs spread apart as far as she could get them. With her hands on the floor she leaned forward and crawled like an animal on the prowl for fresh meat. Like a pro, her movements were graceful, yet hot, her gestures, erotic.

Like a tigress, her legs slid alternately as she moved toward the tip rail then leaned back against her thighs and touched her breasts to the sensual beat of the music. She fluffed her hair then turned and swayed her tight ass after a few very slow push-ups. Leeza memorized this song and knew the opportune time to execute a specific movement. She sang the words to herself, but would mouth the word “moist” along with the song. When she righted herself her g-string was stuffed with bills folded lengthwise.

Her set was almost finished and she headed towards the back of the stage to make for a quick and easy exit after she’d gathered her discarded clothing. She felt the gaze of men’s eyes burn through her during that routine. Often, she loved the attention, but tonight she just wanted the night to end as quickly as possible.

The girls disappeared behind the closed door momentarily. Once Leeza was dressed and presentable she made her presence known. Mr. Foster could hardly breathe as she made her way to their table. Feeling most comfortable with Steve, she slid up to him first. With the utmost grace and sultry voice she’d mastered over time, Leeza bdsm escort greeted his guests.

Leeza felt the heat rise when she noticed Mr. Foster’s stare; she approached him. “Hello.” Her words carried a sound similar to that of sexual pleasure rather than a simple hello. “Would you like to go someplace a bit more private so we can talk, and perhaps I can replace that look of embarrassment with a smile?”

Mr. Foster stood and she grasped his arm then led him to the private room at the right of the stage. “How much for thirty minutes?” He questioned the bouncer at the entrance of the room. After listening to the list of options he added, “I want a lap dance, but I want her for thirty minutes, if she’ll have me. I don’t want any of that other stuff.” Mr. Foster paid the quoted fee and entered after Leeza.

She felt at ease being the only one in the room and had the bouncer to thank for that. A nice tip to the staff usually guaranteed a dancer’s request. She wanted to explain her actions to Mr. Foster, but he wouldn’t listen and placed a finger to her parted lips. “Dance for me, Eliz – – um – – I mean Leeza,” he pleaded. A smile quickly replaced the face of embarrassment he wore when he entered.

Nervous tension prevented her from dancing the way she would have for a stranger. “If you’d rather not I understand, but I did pay a lot of money for your company. I’ve been waiting so long to feel you, to kiss you, to hold you in my arms, but you won’t return my advances, so when I saw you on that stage I lost it. I figured I’d get you one way or another. This isn’t what I had planned though.”

“You really want me to dance for you? Do you want me to dance like I know you or as I would for a regular patron?”

“Whatever you would normally do is fine. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

Leeza began her seduction to Wicked Garden by Stone Temple Pilots. The pounding beat of drums and guitar reverberated off the glass-tiled walls of the small room, as well as from the chair Mr. Foster sat, which aided to the intensity of her seduction. Her black dress slid against his suit and he shuddered. She grinned, “You like that?”

A finger pressed against his lips silenced his reply. She already knew the answer. Her movements continued. She stood in front of him with her ass near his face. He grasped his slacks tightly, afraid to touch her.

Leeza’s hands caressed her firm ass, sliding the material up her thighs to give more than a quick glimpse of her g-string. When she turned around her hands were behind her head. The top of her dress fell forward with a slight movement of her shoulders.

Mr. Fosters eyes widened, he licked his lips and exhaled deeply; hands still clenched his slacks. He felt his heart pound harder the closer she moved toward him. Straddling his thighs she grazed her pussy against his throbbing shaft.

He shifted in his seat allowing her a flatter surface, which warranted greater contact of his erection. “Touching is allowed here, Mr. Foster,” she whispered into his ear before she nibbled gently.


“Mmm. Please, call me Ryan,” he breathed heavily against her neck while her body moved sensually against his.

She felt his hips rise against hers and she’d grind harder against him. She leaned toward his parted lips, “This isn’t an act this time,” her whisper almost silent, then rose from his lap. Leeza sauntered around him rubbing her hands over her flesh, inviting him to join her. He hesitated again. She grasped his hand in hers and placed it against a protruding nipple. Her hands moved to his hair, his face then his chest as she danced for him.

Unlike the act she had performed for the numerous patrons in the past, her movements tonight were deliberate. She wanted to seduce him. She longed for more of him, the ache in her pussy so intense, her silent plea, so urgent.

After the sixth song she knew she’d need to change her panties before attending to other patrons. Ryan had her so hot. Those moves were supposed to be for him; instead, she’s the one who received fulfillment as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her.

As her body calmed they talked a bit, but mostly she just held him and he breathed in her delicious scents, a combination of perfume and the sweet fragrance that rose from her pussy. Their erotic union interrupted by a knock on the smoky glass partition.

“Time’s up, Mr. Foster.” The deep voice echoed off the glass.

“I don’t want to leave yet,” Ryan begged. A sudden sadness filled his soul when Leeza stood and said she had to go.

“I don’t want you to spend all your money on me,” she said before she leaned to kiss his lips gently. “No one else gets that.” She stood slowly and sauntered out of the room with a glow about her she’d never felt before.

Ryan returned to his friends as Leeza disappeared behind yet another door. “So, is she worth the big bucks?” one of the party guests slurred.

“Don’t mind him, he’s had too much to drink tonight, Ryan. Besides, we all know she’s worth that and more and she shouldn’t be in a place like this, but she’s determined to get ahead. I can only imagine, they must make a ton of money, I just can’t understand how they can do it; especially a woman like Elizab – – um – – I mean Leeza.” Steve hesitated after the slip of her real name.

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