Dance Night

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Ready for dance she has her short skirt and fishnet tights on – they make her fee sexy, and she know he will be there and is turned on immediately at the sight of him greeting her shyly. They are in group with other people and she has my friends there but they need each other so much.

They have drinks and idly chat with group, but keep exchanging glances and looks, and she knows he wants her as much as she wants him. He walks past her and she can smell him and wants to taste him so badly.

They dance with other people but the anticipation is pleasurable agony. She feels him brush my back as the track ends and she knows this dance will be with him. The music starts and she starts to feel really silly and girly, but he is not smiling but looking straight at her with his eyes burning. She immediately get a feeling behind my belly button and as they dance and bodies entwine, she can feel herself getting really wet. He spins her round and the headiness of that, combined with his close proximity, makes her float. He touches her in the dance, but he does it quite slowly and she wants to press into him. She wants to nestle into him and be absorbed – she smells him and wants to taste every part of him – she needs him.

He looks at her and she knows he is enjoying it. Everyone is dancing and absorbed with their conversations and dances. He then says he needs to pop down stairs, smiles and takes her by the hand and leads her downstairs, trying to find somewhere discreet so they wouldn’t be disturbed. Soon, they find a small room used as a dance studio, in which the wall lights cast a warm, romantic glow. They hadn’t been together for a long, long time, and he had missed her so much. Although the days between the times when he saw her had stretched into weeks sometimes, he thought about her constantly.

As the door shut behind he put his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him. His face was close enough to hers so that he could feel her delicately scented breath on his cheek. The sheen of her lipgloss made his mouth water at the very prospect of a taste, but he teased himself by forcing himself to wait before savouring it. Her body rippled gently under her dress as she breathed, and he could think of no other place that he’d rather be.

Neither could wait any longer, and they clasped each other tightly, kissing and hugging each other passionately. She felt his tongue dart into her mouth, and out again over her lips, keen to absorb her taste as much as he could.

He felt his dick become hard as he pulled the girl more tightly towards him. She sensed the heat from his cock through his jeans, and pushed her hips forward so that he mound pressed against him.

This girl was making him very horny, so much so that he almost started shaking. Unable to control himself any longer he spun her round so that he was then pressing against her back, and as she leaned back into him, she could feel how hard he was through his jeans and squirmed her bum against him. He could feel his dick pressing between her legs, getting deeper and deeper each time she moved.

He placed his hands low down on her hips and hooked his little fingers under the hem of her dress. She turned her head round to face him, so that they could still taste each other’s lips. With each movement that she made while they kissed, he hitched her dress up higher and higher. Eventually the back of her dress was up to his belt buckle, and and that point he surreptitiously undid his flies. Not that she had noticed of course, as she was too wrapped up with the feeling of him to be aware of anything else. In a swift, firm motion, he grabbed her tightly by the waist, his fingers caressing her supple body. Without any effort he lifted her back towards him and onto his hard cock, its length running between her legs and the tip resting against her clit. He could tell that her knickers were soaked with the juices from her pussy, and her wetness made them both slippery.

With bakırköy türbanlı escort that, he reach forward and turned her gently but firmly by the shoulders, and pulled her face towards his dick. Her lips were closed, but when she reached his hard-on, he didn’t relax the pressure in his arms, and kept pulling her down. Abandoning herself to the moment, she opened her mouth and took the full length of his shaft into herself. Once he was inside her, all her inhibitions fled. The taste and sensation of him in her mouth, combined with the feeling of his hands on her tits made her feel hornier than she had done for a long time. She licked and sucked up up the length of his cock, using her teeth to nip him gently as a counterbalance to the warmth and wetness of her tongue.

He was trying hard to think of a reason why he shouldn’t come straight away, when he looked at her and remembered his manners. “Your turn”, he whispered. She was still engrossed, so not wanting to disturb her experience, but he tried to lift her gently back to her feet. As she stood up, she started licking his stomach which was too much for her and she bent down once again, licking round the base of his dick, so that she could reach his balls. They tasted hot and musky after his dancing earlier, but the thing that she found most stimulating was the taste her own lipstick on him. The pink gloss that she had been wearing was now mostly around the base of his cock, something that took her by surprise in its sexiness. At that point, she started wanking him into her mouth, while staring into his eyes.

She continued to suck him up his full length, teasing the tip on each pass with the end of her tongue. As she pulled away, a ribbon of juice stretched from the end of his cock and onto her tongue. With her taking her eyes from his, she coiled his juices back into his mouth and enveloped him once more. “No sneaky coming while I’m not ready”, she whispered. This was almost a self fulfilling prophecy for him, but he gripped the base of his dick until his impending orgasm passed.

He could feel her lips touching his hand as she continued to suck hard on his erection, and was rewarded with a long trail of precum for her efforts. She didn’t want to waste any, and so let it trickle over her lips and across her chin. She seemed to be enjoying it so much that he wanted to share, and pulled her back to her feet. Ever so carefully, he leant forward and started to caress her chin with his tongue, tasting the heady mix of himself and her make-up. He was starting to shake again, and pushed her roughly back to her knees so that she could resume her delicious sucking. He was worried he’d gone over the top, but was relived to hear her moan with delight as his hard dick slid deep into her mouth.

Though he could see her cleavage, and the top of her legs, he wanted to see the rest of her. “Clothes off, sweetheart”, he commanded. With that he grabbed her dress with each hand, and tugged it out sideways. The zip at the back gave way pretty well immediately, and pinged off into the dark. It was a very fitted dress, and so she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her dress was now loose around her waist, and she stood up and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were as lovely as he remembered, and her stomach as flat as ever. As though this was nothing out of the ordinary, she knelt back down and resumed sucking his dick. He hadn’t planned it that way but the sight of her naked stomach, and the combination of dark hair, big tits, and the feeling of his dick in her mouth made him come suddenly in a rush. His hot spunk shot into her mouth with such force that some spilled out of her lips and over her chin.

The pulsing of his dick was dying down, but she knew a way to keep his cock rock hard. She took his dick out of her mouth, and pursed her lips to let some spunk drip down over her breasts and onto her stomach. She arched her back bakırköy ucuz escort and pushed her hips froward so that she could make sure that he could see what she was about to do. She allowed a long sliver of cum to trail out of her mouth and down onto the outside of her undies. With a mischievous wink, she opened the top of her pants to let the rest of her mouthful of cum to splash between the material and her pubes. She caressed the stickiness over herself, teasing him with her eyes as she did so.

Now it really is your turn, he murmured. With that, he guided her by the shoulders so that she laid out on the floor, her tanned thighs glistening in the light. Putting two fingers into one of the holes in her fishnets, he tore them apart to reveal her sodden underwear. As his hands came free, her used them to spread her knees so that he could bend his head down fully between her legs.

With a quick, masterful stroke, he scooped aside the flimsy material of her pants to reveal the wetness of her pussy. He leaned forward and put his mouth over her clit, biting and sucking it as he did so. Her undies kept slipping back as if trying to cover her up again, and so in exasperation he yanked the seams apart and cast them aside. All he could see now was this gorgeous, sexy girl lying before him dressed only her fishnets.

Wasting no more time, he started licking her pussy again. In response to her whimpers he pushed his tongue deep inside her, all the while enjoying the pressure of her muscles around his mouth and the combined taste of her pussy juice and his own cum.

She writhed and squirmed at the feeling of him being inside her — she had waited for this moment for so long. She felt the familiar warmth behind her tummy button, and the heat building between her legs. She wanted to scream in pleasure, but didn’t have the breath to manage it. Instead, as her orgasm became unstoppable, her entire body tensed in rhythm as the waves of ecstasy pulsed through her.

Such was the strength of the feeling that she sensed her pussy squirt clear liquid across the floor every time he pressed his mouth into her pussy. It didn’t seem to bother him though, as he simply kept licking and sucking her until she came again and then again for a third time. After a while she began to relax, unclenching her fingers from the palms of her hands. She didn’t want this to end, and neither did he.

He sat up on his knees, and let his jeans fall to the floor. Her legs were still spread wide and he had no trouble getting between them, his hard-on quivering at the threshold of her pussy. They maintained their gaze on each other as he pressed into her, the hardness and heat of his dick slipping in easily.

“Here’s something new for you darling” he said, as he pushed his index finger into her alongside his dick. With his finger inside, he could apply the most exquisite pressure to her clit, and flick the end of his own dick at the same time. With this combination of sensations and manual stimulation, they rocked gently back and forth, fucking each other over and over.

He felt her pussy tense again with the onset of another orgasm, and as she came he squeezed himself and his finger deep inside her, sensing his own approaching orgasm. His cum squirted into her, filling her pussy with hot, sticky liquid. She reached down with her hands to grab his bum, forcing him deeper into her. The feeling of his skin against her own made her feel so, so horny that she didn’t want the moment to stop.

Eventually they parted. Before dressing they kissed tenderly while holding each other once more. Neither of them knew when they would be able to repeat the experience, and they didn’t want to end it too soon.

Her pants were a write-off, so she discarded them and re-dressed quickly. When they were both presentable, they ran back upstairs to rejoin the class. They hadn’t realised that they had been away başakşehir escort so long, and were surprised to see that most people were leaving and the DJ had started packing up.

“Better call it a night sweetheart, I guess” he whispered into her ear. She loved the feeling of him being so close to her, and the sensation of his breath on her neck brought her out in goosebumps. Reluctantly they gathered their coats and drink bottles, and made for the car park. They said their goodbyes discreetly before getting into their cars. He followed her out onto the main road and was expecting to go the usual way home.

It dawned on him that she had other ideas as she took a turn earlier than the usual one. This fork led to a secluded lane, devoid of traffic at this time of night. After a few hundred yards, she pulled over and turned off her headlights. He parked up beside her and similarly extinguished his lights. Wondering what she was up to, he stepped out of his car, and went over to hers. As he peered through the driver’s window, he was startled to find she was totally naked! “How on earth….?!” he said to himself, just as hey window wound down.

“Now, young man”, she said, “I’m not doing this on my own – clothes off, I think the saying goes”. Without a pause, he did as she commanded. “Good boy, now get in the back. I’m going to put on a show”.

Once he was in the back seat, she turned on the map lights so that he could see the supple curves of her gorgeous body. The radio was playing some slow sultry music, filling the car with a warm ambience. She told him to sit in the middle of the back seat with one foot behind each front seat. The anticipation of what was about to happen made his dick start to become stiff again.

She turned to face him, and spread her knees so that one was on each on the front seats. She knelt upright, and started to move her hands over her body in time to the music. The view that he was getting was almost too much to bear. Almost without thinking, he placed his hands on his erection, moving up and down in time with her rhythmic swaying. Her hands moved down her body and between her legs. Once there, she used two fingers to spread her lips, with the other two plunging deep inside herself. She spasmed involuntarily, her hips flicking backwards. As she did so, the gearlever bumped against her hands. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise, but then an idea came to her. Without having to say anything more, she pressed down onto the gearlever, rubbing it firmly against her. It was too large to fit inside, but nevertheless she pressed downwards, enjoying the hard sensation of it against her clit. Her orgasm was building — they could both sense it.

He was stroking firmly at his erection now, keeping time with her movements. The tip was slick with clear liquid, and her rubbed it over his dick, enjoying its slipperiness. He watched her hands flowing over her body — each moving across her breasts, down over her tummy and into her pussy. He started to feel his mouth watering at the sight of her and the sensations between his legs.

His breath quickened with the onset of his orgasm, and as he started to come, she bent over suddenly and enveloped the whole length of him with her mouth, just in time to catch his spurting jet. The feeling of this granite of an erection of this man in her mouth pushed her straight over the edge into the blinding white light of ecstasy.

She pushed down onto the gearlever, feeling the tip of it inside her pussy. She swayed to and fro, being fucked hard at both ends. Refusing to let go of him, she kept on licking and sucking his shaft, until almost unbearably, he was coming again.

This time though, she leant back a little so that he could see the tip of his dick just resting fractionally between her lips. As he came, he watched his cum splash out over her teeth and onto the tip of her tongue. She licked her lips slowly, making sure that she had all his juices before rolling them into her mouth and swallowing them.

After they had both come down from the peak, she clambered into the back with him. They held each other in their arms, basking in the warmth of their love and shared experience. They knew they had been apart for too long, and resolved to make sure that it wouldn’t be like that again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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