Dad’s Special Smoothie

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His nineteen year old sextuplets walked by in a uniform row, first Carling — a skinny blonde half hippie, half hipster, all yoga — then Erin — shorter than her sister and not conventionally attractive, but with a wry, seductive smile constantly glued to her face, then Darah — the smart one and a little wider than Erin. Then came the next three: Hope — the stylish one — and her identical twin, Christine — the stoner one, and, yes, Brian knew, though of course Christine didn’t know that he knew — and, finally, Stacy — athletic and tanned as always, even in the winter. They turned to face the wall, squatted ever so slightly, and pulled down their bottoms to reveal their rear ends, buttholes barely squinting out of specially-cut holes in their panties, above which was written in a flowery cursive, Daddy. And so, it began.

But how had this all actually come to be? It still blew Brian’s mind every day how his once rebellious teenage daughters had ended up so submissive to dad. It had started with his divorce. He and his new partner, Vanessa, had been trying for awhile to have another kid, as if six wasn’t enough! But Vanessa had really wanted a child of her own, so they had gone through all sorts of measures.

The end result of this process had been him sneaking down around midnight with his specimen, stored in an egg-yolk medium container — specially designed for desperate situations just like this one — to place it in the freezer, as the fertilization lab was closed for the night. As usual, he had hid it at the very back of the freezer in his secret spot.

When he had come down the next morning for breakfast, he found that his kids had absolutely ravaged the freezer making breakfast smoothies, and the container was nowhere to be found. His girls were all on a health kick, working out together and in remarkable shape by this point. He turned to look at them sitting around the kitchen table, their lips frothy with smoothie, their glasses empty, talking about their latest Instagram posts, when he saw, to his horror, by the blender, his empty container.

“Why’d you buy egg yolks dad?” Carling piped up, seeing his horrified stare wandering over there.

“You joining us on the health kick?” Erin laughed, wiping her mouth.

“Sorry, we needed a bit of a protein boost,” Darah said. “Especially for today, we’re doing squats after class.”

“We’d be happy to get you some more though — ” Hope cooed to him playfully.

“—when we go grocery shopping later,” Christine added, as usual.

“We gotta run for uni though now, talk later dad, love you!” cried Stacy.

And with that, they were gone, and luckily, they didn’t catch that he still had the same horrified look on his face as when he had first noticed the empty container. This was an accident of epic proportions, and the ramifications were hitting him in a steady stream. Had he just ruined any semblance of a normal relationship with his daughters, each of whom he loved so much? Had he just defiled his own flesh and blood? Had he inadvertently traumatized his daughters forever? Had he committed a crime? Had they?

But as time usually does, it lessened the horror of the accident in the coming days. He still thought about it constantly, but realized there was nothing to be done about it now, and nobody would ever have to know. Moreover, at a physical level, the amount of his sperm his daughters had accidentally ingested, split among 6 of them, must have been minute. Small enough to pass through their systems in the blink of an eye and let the episode be completely forgotten. One day they might all be able to laugh about it? Worst case scenario it was kind of just like a mother breastfeeding her kids, just the male version and a little delayed — and so, on and on his rationalizations went.

But the problem was that after the accident, his daughters started behaving differently. He noticed they pestered Darah, the chef of that morning’s smoothie, constantly about her recipe. Every morning, it was like they were chasing the dragon of this perfect smoothie, tasting the new batch always with a look of disappointment.

Moreover, they had started behaving differently. Under the discerning gaze of their loving father, they had started wearing skimpier and skimpier clothing, their skirts slowly moving up their thighs, their jeans a little tighter around their bums, cleavage spilling out more from their blouses. And he overhead among their everyday chatter that even Darah was starting to struggle a bit in classes, and that each was having trouble focusing of late.

One morning, Darah finally remarked that maybe it had somehow been dad’s egg yolks that had made the smoothie special, and their questions turned to him. Of course, he hadn’t divulged the secret, but as they pestered him, he realized that he better invent some kind of alibi to divert any suspicion. Finally, he relented that he had gotten them from a local farmer’s market, a secret one though.

“Mmm, organic” Carling murmured.

“Farm to table” Erin casino şirketleri said, licking her lips.

The girls were in awe. They demanded more, and how could he say no? He went to the grocery store the next morning, bought some plain old egg whites, put them in the fertilization container, and handed them to his eager sextuplets. But still, they noticed something was off. Different. He had never seen this kind of greedy hunger in anybody the way his girls chased the taste of his seed. They glared at him all through breakfast, and were cold the rest of the day. Darah, the most studious of them all, failed a test.

It was when he heard them whispering in Erin’s room about reasons why dad wouldn’t provide the egg yolks that a twisted and desperate plan began to form in his head. It began to crystallize even further when one of his girls mentioned bringing up the whole “suspicious” affair to Vanessa. He realized there was no way he could allow his new partner to get involved in this horrible accident.

The next morning he had the egg whites. Like he had said before, it really was a minute amount… and male breastfeeding and stuff… probably some health benefits? He had done it once, so there was no going back. His daughters were clearly suffering without the stuff — Darah could lose her scholarship — and he would do anything for them — really anything, even this admittedly sick act. But they didn’t have to know. It was probably just like everything with them, a phase, like Ed Sheeran or Riverdale. It would all be over soon…

But his daughters each had 2 glasses of smoothie that morning, and left for university with a definite glow about them. Over the coming days, his desperate plan quickly became even more desperate. The girls were soon drinking the smoothies breakfast, lunch and dinner, and his supplies were constantly running low, till one day, he simply couldn’t produce. The well was dry.

That morning, his daughters started groping at him, pawing at him, tugging his arm to give them some or divulge where he had bought them, to his protestations.

It was at that moment that suddenly Darah raised a finger to her nose.

“This is weird, but I smell them,” she had said.

“What?” cried Hope.

“Where?” cried Christine.

“Are you holding out on us dad?” Stacy pointed at him accusingly. “Don’t you care about my gains?”

“And my straight A’s?” Darah complained.

They started rummaging through his pockets, grabbing at him, till Darah knelt down in front of him, right by his crotch — highly inappropriate — and pronounced, “It’s coming from right here.”

“Those must be some good egg yolks to hide in your drawers,” said Carling.

His daughters were ravenous — he was completely disturbed by this situation, but unwillingly, he was also rock-hard, from all the female hands running all over his body.

“He definitely has something in his pants,” Erin accused.

“Looks like—” Carling whispered

“—silly, that’s too big to be that.”

“Yeah, tough luck C if you’re expecting that for your first time.”

“It’s definitely a container,” Darah said, propping up her glasses. “Got you dad,” she smirked as she pulled down Brian’s shorts.

Out sprung dad’s cock, engorged to immense proportions, its thick 12 inches completely rigid and swollen with veins, its head standing angrily at attention.

“Oh. My. God.”

“That’s not… egg yolks”

“Jesus fucking Christ dad.”

“We just really—”

” —fucked up.”

“Look at the time, we’re late for school.”

They each turned and quickly sauntered toward the door. Brian was obviously in shock, standing there in his family’s kitchen with his massive cock angrily pointing forward, but at the same time, as they moved toward the door, he felt somewhat relieved that the situation hadn’t progressed and that this — finally — would be the end of things.

But as he watched them go, he couldn’t help but notice their now very skimpily framed bums: Carling’s yoga pants, the seams straining so much that he swore he could see skin in the worst places; Erin’s jean shorts a little too hiked up on one side, revealing the bottom of her left bum cheek; Darah’s curves perfectly framed by a form-fitting dress; Hope and Christine’s identically round bottoms right next to each other, moving in a synchronized fashion that was hypnotizing; and finally, Stacy’s incredible bum, completely oversized from squats and barely contained in a pair of gym shorts.

It was this sight that somehow provoked a drop of pre-cum to emerge from the head of his cock. This caused the girls to simultaneously turn around. Their eyes were immediately glued to his cock, and what had just come out of it. Like they were brainwashed, they slowly advanced toward him, eyes fastened to his dick.

“Now why did you have to go and do that?” whined Carling.

“I know it’s wrong, but really, girls, his penis is just an instrument, you know, for us to get what we want,” said Darah.

“Yeah, casino firmaları it doesn’t have to be weird or anything,” said Erin, with a pouty face.

“We don’t care where it comes from—”

“—we just need your—”



“I mean, we haven’t tried it fresh, only frozen,” Stacy continued uncertainly.

Inside his mind, Brian was screaming “No, no, no, no, no, no” but the girls were advancing toward him, and he felt his body melting, as their hands curiously touched various parts of his cock.

“Such an impressive instrument,” Erin murmured.

“But how—”

“—does it work?”

“How much of a virgin are you guys?”

“Hand here. Mouth there.”

“This is so weird.”

“Don’t be such a prude.”

“It’s not like real sex.”

“More like grocery shopping.”

“Nobody has to know.”

Suddenly, to his horror, Erin and Darah’s hands were each gripping one of his balls, Hope and Christine were running their mouths along the sides of his cock, and Stacy and Carling’s tongues were cautiously playing with the head of his cock.

Darah stared at it scientifically, being a chemistry student and all.

“This should work,” she said, massaging his left ball a little bit more forcefully.

She began to bark out orders, as if she were some general commandeering a mission. Erin immediately had one of his balls in her mouth, Hope and Christine started moving in synchronized fashion all the way up and down his cock with their lips, and Stacy and Carling were taking turns taking his cock into their mouths.

His cock was pulsating, but obviously Brian couldn’t come — they were his daughters, the girls he had been blessed with, who he had wanted to protect from this kind of lechery, at least at their young age. He wanted to pull away, but was still half frozen in shock — and the feeling of 6 hands and mouths and tongues and lips all over his sex felt — if he was being completely honest — very good.

But as Carling’s mouth turned into Stacy’s throat, and he felt his ball sinking deep into the back of Erin’s slobbering mouth, and he still didn’t come, he could sense the girls growing frustrated. He wanted to come at this point, to escape this situation, but his balls were honestly drained from supplying the smoothies.

Realizing this, Darah piped up: “We need something more.”

The other girls all simultaneously glanced downwards.

“No way.”

“This is weird, but that would be fucking out of this world.”

“Isn’t that like incest?”

“And like, illegal?”

“Way too dangerous.”

“You’re right, Stace, that would be way too dangerous. But I wasn’t thinking that. Maybe, like the other?”

The other girls all simultaneously winced.

“Oh c’mon you children, it’s not that bad,” Darah winked.

“That dick though.” “I think we’re done here.” “We tried our best.”

Darah slowly took off her glasses, the scientist moving from theory to practice.

“Have the courage to do what’s unnecessary,” she said unbuttoning her cute little dress.

The other girls watched in awe, as Darah pulled down her pair of pink panties, revealing a pale, rounded bottom, reached into her purse, grabbed a bottle of lube, and efficiently rubbed it somewhere down between her ample cheeks.

This sight completely broke Brian out of his trance, because suddenly he reentered father mode. His girl, carrying around lube in her purse! Unbelievable! And anal sex, well there were a lot of dangers associated with this kind of sexual activity, that he would have to lecture her —

As his brain started to kick into gear though, and he started to move from where had been rooted for what felt like hours, the other girls suddenly grabbed hold of him, and held him fast.

“I know you’re mad, daddy, but please can we take the car — I mean your cock — for a quick ride?” Erin giggled.

“We promise to be good for the rest of the week daddy,” Carling murmured in his ear.

“This will—”

“—be over fast.”

“We won’t tell anyone, just this one time.”

He struggled against his captors, but suddenly he could feel it, his daughter’s bum cheeks brushing against his cock. He and Vanessa obviously hadn’t been having much real sex during this period of intense IVF so having a cute teenager rubbing her ass in his crotch was making him feel things — even if she was his daughter, he kept trying to remind himself, as he felt his cock briefly brush across her asshole, sticking in it a little bit before sliding down her bum cheek.

Then it happened; Darah got the angle just right, and the lube allowed his head to slightly enter her. At that point, Brian was ashamed to admit it, but all his resistance faded. He was inside his daughter. It had all seemed so wrong at the start, but now it felt so right, to be this close to one’s own flesh and blood only felt natural. And Darah’s asshole was still incredibly tight, gripping the head of his cock in a soft, warm, fleshy embrace.

“Is it… all güvenilir casino in yet,” Darah groaned, her confident voice now containing a tremor of doubt.

The other girls giggled, “Almost!”

Feeling suddenly more aroused than he had ever felt before, Brian pushed into his daughter.

“O—h—m—y—g—o—d—d—a—d—” Darah emitted, granting a syllable to each inch that he shoved into her.

Brian was amazed — and somewhat concerned — that his scholastically gifted daughter could somehow take this much cock. Her bum was almost down to the base of his cock, giving him a sensation he had never felt before.

“—d—y,” Darah finished, pushing her bum forcefully back into his cock, and taking the final two inches.

His whole cock was ensheathed in his daughter’s ass, the cool flesh of her bum cheeks squished up against his stomach. Not only was he getting anal sex, he was getting it with a teenager, and she was his daughter. Each of these thoughts turned him on even more and more, and it didn’t help that suddenly his daughters were lapping like cats at a saucer of milk at his loosely hanging balls. He could feel four delicate tongues running in distinct patterns all over the canvass of his scrotum, and somehow, simultaneously, Darah was doing all the work. Her ass was moving from touching his stomach to far enough away from his that the head of his cock felt like it was almost about to tragically pop out; but then she would push back, re-encompassing his cock in her warm ass flesh.

Her glasses had fallen onto the floor during this, and as she looked back at him with a look of lust, he somehow felt a movement in his stomach, as if cum was being summoned from deep within him. At that moment, he felt the fifth tongue performing a distinct “come hither” motion at the very base of his balls, near his perineum. The tongue seemed to directly summon his cum, pulling the feeling from his stomach down into his aching balls, and then slowly along the shaft of his cock.

He panicked, and struggled to withdraw his cock from his daughter’s asshole, which was gripping it desperately. As his head managed to slip out messily through the friction, he was about to burst. He looked down at his daughters, and looking into their eyes, he knew what was next.

Erin was first, pushing her way to the front, and with a wink, and a finger to her lips, opened wide. She got the first stream deep into the back of her mouth, and she didn’t even swallow, just letting it run down her throat. Still needing practice at this, he almost missed with the next one, hitting Carling half on her cheek, half on the side of her mouth, but her tongue quickly cleaned up his mistake. Hope and Christine were — inappropriately — making a tongue bridge, and his cum crossed the bridge. Stacy had been sitting patiently with her mouth stuck in an oh shape, and his last stream of cum leapt through the hoop.

He turned with a look of disappointment to Darah, who had now turned to face him.

“I’ve got nothing left, honey—” he started to tell her, but before he could finish, his daughter’s mouth was around his cock, sucking him hard enough to make his balls twitch. Feeling this and seeing his identical twins messily sharing his cum, his eyes glazed over, and from somewhere even deeper in him came Darah’s reward.

“Now that’s local ingredients,” Carling grinned, licking her lips.

Of course, after such debauchery, there was no going back. But they had had to introduce some more structure into the morning feedings, so that all the girls got fed equally and so that their assholes didn’t take too much of a beating. Sunday was a rest day for everyone, but the other six days of the week were assigned to each of the girls’ bumholes.

But today, something was different. Brian was going out of town for a work conference for a week, so they had designed something special. Call it something like a beer flight, but with assholes. In order to extract a week’s worth of seed, the girls were all prepared to put in work today.

So he had them lined up against the wall, and only now could he appreciate the difference between each of his lovely daughters’ bumholes.

Stacy’s was always a little dewy with sweat and somehow even her asshole looked a bit tanned. Her muscle tone apparently extended to even her asshole, as she could and constantly did wink her hole at him while he would stare at it. Moreover, her grip was something else. When he fucked her, they didn’t even have to move, as somehow she could get him off just by squeezing and relaxing her ass muscles around his cock for extended periods of time.

Hope and Christine verified that identical twins have identical assholes, but as a result of their life habits, their assholes had somewhat differed from the other. When the whole affair had started, Hope’s had been impossibly tight and pinched, her pink asshole wrinkles converging to form a veritable vortex, impossible to penetrate without a whole bottle of lube. So now she wore a very stylish diamond butt plug, which when extracted emitted the most incredible popping sound. Christine’s, on the other hand, was relaxed, perhaps from her slacker ways, but she still wore a butt plug to match her twin, one that also suspiciously looked like a weed pipe.

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