Daddy’s Special Valentine

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When I was 14, my mother died in a bad car accident. After that is was just my father and I. He also provided for me and made sure I had nothing but the best. Sometimes I think he spoiled me to make up for the loss of my mom, and I certainly didn’t say no. But he loved me as I loved him.

Although my father dated occasionally when after my mom died, there was never another woman in his life. He was a shy, quiet man and a sweet and gentle soul. I was 19 and attending the local college and needed my privacy. But he was also a man. And as much as we respected each other’s space, there were times that my dad and I happened to see each other in various stages of undress. On one occasion, I was looking for a pair of jeans in the laundry room wearing only my t-shirt and panties. For whatever reason, I caught him staring at my ass in a way I’d never see before. It was a look of lust, desire and need. And it aroused me so.

After that, I made sure to let him catch me more and more in various lingerie items, bra and panties, little babydolls or teddies, and even an occasional thong. The response was always the same – that lustful look in his eyes. At night as I lay in bed, I would masturbate thinking about my dad being arouse by me and taking me. It was then that I had the idea to seduce him. The question was how?

I decided to make Valentine’s Day a special day for my dad. He and I always spent Valentine’s Day together so he wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. He always bought me flowers and I always bought him candy which we would both eat while watching TV. This year, however, would be different.

I sent him an invitation to a “special Valentine’s Dinner” in the mail, requiring he dress-up and be ready to be picked up at 7 PM. I then went to the mall to purchase a new outfit for the special night. And, of course, I made reservations for four-star restaurant. The final touch was the limousine to take us to the restaurant.

I got dressed at a friend’s house and put on my new dress. It was a long, sleeveless and backless red dress with the spaghetti straps and a long side-slit up to my thigh. Beneath it I wore tan lace-top, thigh-high stockings and a simple red, satin thong. I went braless, which was İstanbul Escort fine with my 34b breasts. I also wore a pair of black, strappy 5″ sandals and a simple necklace with a ruby heart my dad bought me for my birthday one year. I had my dark auburn hair-up and my makeup accented my green eyes and full lips. I knew I looked good from the look on the limo driver’s face. I just hope daddy agreed.

When we pulled up to the house, my father came outside to the car. He looked beautiful. He keeps in excellent shape and his 6’2″ frame looked stunning in his tailored suit. When he entered the car and saw me, he was stunned. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy Valentine’s Day.

We rode in silence until I snuggled next to daddy.

“What’s the occasion, Ali?”

“I just want to treat you special for a change. You’ve always spoiled me so tonight I am going to spoil you.”

My dad smiled and kissed me on my forehead. “You’re a princess. You deserve to be spoiled.”

“So do you dad.” I savored his kiss as rode in silence with his arm around me. We arrived at the restaurant and exited the limo, making sure daddy got a good look at my nylon clad leg as I did so.

Over dinner we made small talk about school, his job, friends, and family gossip,. Finally, he asked “so why doesn’t a beautiful girl like you have a date tonight?”

I blushed. “Daddy, we’ve spent every Valentine’s Day together since I can remember. And besides, there’s no one out there who can compete with my favorite man.”

He laughed. “I’m flattered but I’m sure there are many younger and more interesting men out there than your old fart of a father.”

I smiled. “Younger maybe, but not more interesting.” I hesitated. “Or sexy.” I felt my face flush when I said that, as did my father’s.

“Alissa Deanna!” my father said in mock anger. I was taken aback and I think he picked up on my nervousness. “Seriously, what is with you tonight?”

“I love you Daddy. You’ve always taken care of me and spoiled me and made sure I had everything I could ever want. And I really appreciate that and want to make you feel special.” With that I rested my hand on my father’s leg and smiled at with my sweetest İstanbul Escort Bayan smile. “You’re my daddy and I love you.”

For the longest time our eyes locked as my hand rested on his leg.


“Shhh Daddy, just let me do this…just let me be you valentine tonight, OK?” With that my hand softly caressed the bulge in his suit trousers. He nearly jumped out of his seat. “I’ll be right back daddy.” I smile, stood and left to go to the ladies room. My father, the perfect gentleman that he is, stood as well. I quickly glanced at his obvious bulge, looked in his eyes, smile and turned to leave. As I walked I put a little extra movement in my hips, feeling my fathers eyes burning into my ass.

When I returned to our table, my father again stood and helped me with my chair. He seemed to have calmed down some. We ordered the dessert special of strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream for two. My father ate quietly, unsure of what to say or do. As for me, I regained his attention by eating the strawberries as suggestively as possible. He had that look again and I knew he was mine.

Eventually, dinner was over and, after daddy paid, our limo picked us to return home. I again used this as an opportunity to show daddy my legs.

As we rode in the car, I again snuggled against my father. He instintively put his arm around me as he has done since I was little.

“Where is this going Ali?”


“You know what I mean, young lady!”

I turned my face towards his and told him, “I told you Daddy, tonight I’m your Valentine.” And with that I kissed him. It was a soft, sweet, gentle kiss, but not the kind a girl usually gives her father. It was the kind a woman gives a man with whom she is in love. And it was a followed by a second and third kiss, each returned. We looked in each other’s eyes and began to kiss with the passion of lovers, our hands exploring each other.

Eventually my hand found dad’s hard cock. As we kissed I stroked it through his suit pants. His hands explored my breasts, my shoulder straps falling enough to expose my nipples to his mouth. His lips and tongue sent shivers through my body. As he devoured my tits, I Escort İstanbul unzipped his pants, removing a beautiful, full hard cock. My hand stroked it gently as our lips and tongues danced.

I pushed daddy upright and leaned over him in our spacious limo. I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue, swirling around the purple head, as my fingers softly stroked the shaft. I then explored the shaft with my lips, licking it like the ice cream pops daddy bought me when I was little. Then, I looked up into his eyes, and lowered my lips around his full cock, sliding him lovingly into my mouth. He gasped.

As I gave my daddy the best blowjob I could, I felt his hand sliding under the hem of me dress, finding my already soaked panties. As he caressed my ass, his finger slowly worked their way under the thong and into my wet pussy. God it felt so good!!! As I sucked my father he finger fucked me slowly and lovingly. It wasn’t long before I felt the trembling inside that gave way to a mind shattering orgasm. I moaned loud enough to let the limo driver know we weren’t just cuddling.

After a few moments, I resumed sucking my daddy’s hard cock. He played with my hair and started telling me what a sexy little slut I was for sucking my daddy’s cock. The more he talked the more wanton my blowjob got. I was daddy’s little Valentine slut and loving it. Then, I felt him tens and knew he was about to cum. With that I began to swallow loads and loads of daddy’s hot sticky cum as it shot to the back of my throat like jet streams. I slurped and gulped down all of daddy’s cum and then put his cock back in his pants.

When I sat up, I realized we were sitting in front of our house and probably had been for awhile. I looked up and saw the limo driver looking back in the mirror.

“Sir, I believe you’re home now.”

“Yes, of course” my father said somewhat out of breath.

With that the driver came and opened the door for my dad to exit. He then began to close the door.

“I’m getting out too once we settle up” I told the driver.

“Oh, I thought you were going elsewhere. Most of the girls usually do.”

“The girls?”

“Escorts, ma’am.”

I laughed. “I’m not an escort,” I smirked. “That’s my daddy!” And with that I exited the car, took my daddy’s arm and kissed him deeply. I then looked back the driver, smiled, and walked to the house arm-in-arm with my father, with that extra wiggle in my hips that let both my father and the driver know that the night had just begun.

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