Daddy’s Little Princess Ch. 03

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We headed for home on Saturday to give us time to do laundry and replenish supplies to go back to camp after we picked up Lisa and Nicki on Sunday. The trip home was fairly uneventful with both of us sated from the week alone. We talked about school and what they had to offer for photography classes, which wasn’t many as it was part of the Arts. I told her if she was still interested photography after taking a few courses, I would help her look into a private school that specialized in photography.

She seemed pleased with that but still wasn’t happy about having to leave me. I was beginning to have similar regrets myself at the thought of being alone in the house and not having a job to go to during the day. I decided to change the subject.

“So, oh wise young beauty, how do you propose we handle this coming week while your nubile friends are in our midst?”

“I think we just be nice to them and act normal. It will be a chance for them to have some time alone and while they’re alone, we can be alone. We just might have to be a little quieter,” she smiled.

“Are you sure you’re ready to see Lisa with another woman? You two seemed pretty intimate and more than just sexually curious.”

“Daddy, we’ve been friends most of our lives and that little incident just brought us together in a way that neither of us expected. The sex was great and I felt closer to her than I ever thought possible, but I’m not in love with her. And now that you’re returning the feelings I’ve had for you, I don’t need anybody else.”

“Yeah, if you say so. Just don’t be surprised if you feel something different when you see the two of them together.”

Teri got quiet after that and I could see her mind drift off as she contemplated my last sentence. You don’t just turn off feelings for someone overnight. It was a problem for me when I first hooked up with Linda and she wanted to do the three-ways. I was always excited at first, but seeing her react that way with other men and women took some adjustments. That was when I started to turn off my feelings.

Even if Teri could turn off her sexual attraction to Lisa, which I doubted, it would be normal for her to be jealous when she sees Nicki filling the close friend slot that she had occupied for most of her life. As we passed the last town and got onto the interstate, she finally looked at me and smiled weakly, leaning her head on my shoulder.

I wrapped my right arm around her as I drove and gave her a quick peck on her forehead. I reached down and copped a quick feel, briefly tweaking her nipple as I smiled down on her. She laughed and slapped my thigh before pinching it.

“Look, the important thing will be for us to discuss our feelings as they occur. Just be honest with me and with yourself and we’ll be able to work through anything.”

“But daddy, you’re attracted to Lisa too. Will you be able to control your emotions around her?”

“Well, I think she’ll be somewhat distracted by Nicki and less likely to flirt with me which should make it easier, but I think I told you that I love you. Believe me when I say I will not let anything jeopardize that love.”

“You say that now, but when we’re skinny dipping up at the pond, you might feel different.”

As I pulled into the driveway, my mind was suddenly distracted by the length of the grass in the front yard. “What happened? Did it rain every day we were gone?”

“I’ll volunteer to mow, if you take care of the laundry and grocery shopping,” Teri offered. She really hated laundry even if it was a necessity. “You know me dad, I’m the Sun Goddess.”

“Okay, at least I can make sure my clothes don’t come out pink. I’ll run to the store while the washer is running.” I gave her a deep kiss before we exited the truck and we went in separate directions.

I was sorting the laundry when I came upon her underwear. I couldn’t help but bring it up to my nose and sniff her essence. The mix of pheromones and her fragrance of the day produced an overwhelming stirring in my crotch. I knew I loved her and I knew I needed her more than anyone since Missy. And I was still worried about what would happen if Missy did come to visit. It could produce more strain on my relationship with Teri especially if it quickly followed the week with Lisa and Nicki.

I got the first load of washing done and into the dryer. I through in the second load and then headed for the grocery store. By the time I got back, they were done and Teri was still mowing the lawn. I through the last batch in the dryer and folded the first before calling up and ordering Chinese food for dinner. When I got back with dinner, Teri was nowhere in sight and the rider was in the garage. I assumed she was in the shower.

I set dinner on the table knowing it would stay warm for quite a while and then folded the last of the clothes. When I got upstairs, Teri was walking naked out of the bathroom, her lithe little body sparkling with a few water droplets still clinging to her.

“Well, I guess we’re not saving on water today, eh?”

“Nope, mamak escort bayan and you’ll be lucky if there’s any hot water left. It was pretty chilly when I was finishing up,” she laughed.

“Okay, so maybe we eat dinner first and then I’ll shower. Should give the water heater time to recuperate.”

“Works for me,” Teri stated as she nonchalantly headed down the stairs in her birthday suit.

“Uhm, don’t you want to put some clothes on?” I asked, torn between wanting to enjoy a peaceful meal and wanting to be teased by my little harlot.

“Oh daddy, you can be such a prude. I have to put you in just the right mood for tonight’s entertainment. I think you are really going to enjoy it,” she beamed. She came back and gave me a warm kiss before quickly escaping my grasp and trotting down the stairs.

Now she had me intrigued as well as horny and I quickly followed her down the stairs. We sat across from each other so I couldn’t touch her. She would stack the food boxes to block my view or lean forward so I had to shift around to get a decent look at her. Kind of like the old feather dance the vaudeville strippers used to do. Just when you think you’re going to see something, an obstacle is in the way.

It was a tortuous half hour but I had to admit I had an erection the entire time. Now that we were done eating, Teri decided to clean up. She picked up the boxes and held them in front of her breasts leaving her clean, hairless pussy in view. The outer lips were puffy and starting to turn a light shade of red. She turned and walked to the trash bin and bent over to drop the boxes in, giving me a wide-open shot of her spread pussy and dark butthole.

I started to get up and move towards her but she was ready for my reaction. As I reached for her, she grabbed my hands and kept me at arm’s length. She looked at me and smiled this devilish grin.

“Well, you need a shower and we both need to brush our teeth after that meal, so I guess you should go now. I need to prep myself a little so just wait for me in bed when you’re done with your shower.” She then pulled me in close for a quick kiss, the odor from dinner preventing it from becoming too romantic. She turned me around and slapped my butt. “Get going you old perve. We don’t have all night. Oh wait, yes we do,” she giggled.

Once in the shower, my mind started to imagine what she might have in store for me. She knew exactly how to tease me using my imagination to get me stimulated before we even started. She seemed pretty sure of herself and that confidence was as sexy as that beautiful face and body. I just scrubbed myself clean and rinsed off leaving my erection for smaller, softer hands. I was back in the bedroom in less than ten minutes, my dick still hard and my heart pulsing like I had just run a hundred yard dash. I didn’t have to wait long.

The door opened and there stood this lovely young slut that I hardly recognized. At first I thought she had brought a friend, but as she raised her head, it was clearly Teri. She was wearing a purple wig and was wrapped in a purple chiffon type wrap around. Her eyes had a dark purple eye shadow that really drew your attention and her lips were covered with a glossy purple lipstick.

As her eyes bore into me, she clicked a remote and music started to fill the room. I recognized the tune right away. It was an old David Rose number from my dad’s vinyl collection that I had copied into an mp3 file. The Stripper is still one of the most recognized songs when it starts playing.

Teri started to sway and bump and grind to the music, slowly unwrapping the chiffon cover to expose the bright purple underwear she had been covering up. The bra and panties were lace and translucent enough that her nipples and areola were visible. She continued to bump and grind to the music as she danced closer to the bed. My dick was hard as stone as she came close and then turned her back to me, unhooking the bra before turning back to face me with her hands rubbing the bra against her breasts and making those long nipples stand out even more.

She did a pirouette and tossed the bra and then just as the last bump was played, she ripped the panties off and tossed them to me. I quickly brought them to my nose and inhaled her essence, the jolt to my cock not lost on her penetrating eyes. I applauded as the music stopped and she stood next to me.

“God you’re beautiful princess. But why purple?”

“You remember that song on the radio today — I Want To Kiss You All Over — well it gave me an idea. This was the only bright, glossy lipstick I had and when I kiss you all over tonight, I want to see where I’ve been,” she replied in a voice deeper and sexier than I had ever heard her use before.

I could feel my head start to spin at the thought of her lips touching every part of my body. The ultimate form of torture would be trying to lie still while sweet, warm lips tantalized my body. I hoped I could hold out and not spill my seed too soon and ruin the evening.

She crawled onto ofise gelen escort the bed and up my body until our lips were just inches apart. Her lips touched mine softly, the sweetness of her lip gloss sending a jolt through my cock. She pushed me down and kissed my forehead, then each eyelid, my temples, and dozens of soft, gentle kisses on my face before kissing my lips again and snaking her tongue into my mouth.

“Time to roll over,” she commanded as she got off the bed and took the sheet with her.

I felt totally exposed with nothing covering me and my flagpole waving in the air while this petite beauty took charge and barked out commands. My stiff rod was leaking precum already and I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed the slimy liquid, squeezing my cock and already wishing for relief.

“No touching!” she said, slapping my hand away. “I do all the touching right now. I’ll let you know when you can touch anything.” I rolled over timidly, not quite sure what had gotten into her. She had never acted this way before.

She was back on the bed, straddling me while her cat-like body skimmed across my back, her hard nipples barely touching my skin, yet sending shockwaves through my body. I was quivering from this almost-not-there touching and found myself slowly humping the bed as I tried to find some release for the pressure building in my balls.

There was a loud crack as her hand came crashing down on my backside with authority shattering the pleasurable feelings that had been building inside of me. I had never associated pain with pleasure and this situation was no different. I started to rise up but she pushed me back down and brought her lips to my ear, at first sucking an earlobe and then whispering gently.

“I’m sorry daddy, but humping the bed counts as touching. Do we understand each other? It’s for your own good.” Then she chuckled as we both remembered that one and only time I ever had to spank her. She was using my own line on me.

I started to relax again as her hands rubbed my shoulders while her mouth went back to work. She placed a wet kiss on my neck, sucking on the skin and trailing her tongue down to the next target lower on my neck. A few more kisses and she switched sides, suckling my other earlobe before placing gentle kisses on my ear and neck.

My skin was teaming with anticipation now as she worked down to my shoulders. One side to the other she kissed, with occasional sojourns higher and lower. I felt her lips slide down my back and tried to imagine the purple streaks she was leaving behind. We would have to shower together afterwards so she could get all the lipstick off of me. My cock jerked again.

“Relax daddy. We’re just getting started. If you’re this jumpy with your backside, what’s going to happen when I flip you over?” Her voice was strange, husky and commanding, yet very sexy and as my mind pictured those purple lips surrounding rigid cock. Again, precum oozed out the tip.

I could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples as they dragged across the top of my ass. She was the one who seemed to be in a hurry now as she quickly planted kisses on my lower back. Her small mounds trailed off my buttocks and onto my right thigh as she moved her legs, straddling just my right leg and pushing my left leg away, opening my ass to her wanton eyes. I felt her pussy grasp my calf as she rubbed and squeezed it a few times, evidently now as excited as I was.

Her hand rubbed my ass cheek where she had slapped me. She was soft and gentle, kissing it as she went. Her now wet pussy was sliding along the back of my calf but it didn’t distract her for long.

“I’m really sorry daddy. I seem to have left my hand print on your butt. It must have really hurt. I’ll kiss it and make it feel better.” Her voice had changed suddenly, back to the little girl I knew and loved. It was like she was talking to one of her dolls when she was little.

Her lips pressed my flesh, her tongue dipping out to taste it, then sucked lightly as her hands began to rub harder. She started to cross over to the other cheek, her tongue dipping into my crack and sending a chill down my spine. She planted kisses high and low on that butt cheek while her hands massaged it, her fingers insinuating themselves into that crack. She didn’t object or slap me as I raised my butt, the desire for more intense pleasure overtaking my senses. Her slippery cunt slid down my leg and over the heel of my foot before all contact was lost.

She ran her tongue the length of my valley until she reached the puckered brown hole. There she kissed, pressing her lips hard before allowing her tongue to snake out and caress the tender flesh. My body was on fire as her hand slid beneath me and cupped my balls while her tongue continued to dance on my asshole. I rose up and pushed back wanting more and she didn’t let me down.

Her lips surrounded that hole and she sucked voraciously while her tongue ran circles around it. I had never experienced anything like this before and I have otele gelen escort had a lot of women who tried. Her hand went up and grasped my hardened staff and stroked it, spreading the generous lubricant I had been secreting. I could feel my shaft expand as the pressure built in my balls and I was ready to explode.

But she must have felt it too, because she let go and removed her mouth from my ass. She gave us a few seconds to calm down, my breathing only slightly deeper than hers. With my ass still up in the air, she started to kiss my balls while she held them gently in her hand. I imagined those smooth purple lip marks glistening on my sac and then she planted a wet kiss on that small area between my balls and my asshole. Her nose nestled into my crack, the soft flesh gently stimulating the sensitive brown hole.

If it didn’t feel so fucking good, I would call this inhumane treatment. My body was aching for release and I knew it wasn’t coming anytime soon. My little princess was definitely a woman, but I had to wonder where she came up with this sordid plan.

Teri finally turned around giving my genitals a breather. As I lay back down she began to kiss my feet, suckling each toe before leaving light purple imprints on my instep. Normally ticklish, this sensation just seemed to arouse me more, if that were possible. She repeated the actions on my other foot before starting the trek up my legs.

She used her tongue a lot as she approached the back of my knee. I never knew the backs of the knee could be such a sensual hotspot. I tingled all over as her lips sucked and tickled the tender flesh. She slowly moved higher and her hands firmly massaged my thighs before her sweet, soft kisses arrived. Those soft breasts with the long, hard nipples began to rake across my ass again as her lips moved higher.

I was about to burst and tried to roll over but my body was weak and trembling from her ministrations. She spread my cheeks and trailed one breast in the opening between them, the rubbery tip making contact with that brown spot she had tortured just a few minutes ago. Christ my little girl was good. She was even more inventive than her mother when it came to sex.

I reached down and grasped my cock hard to pinch it off and stop myself from wasting my jizz on the sheets. Finally she relented and rose up, turning around again. She pulled my arm and removed it from my cock, placing it up on the headboard. She moved my other arm as well. She got off the bed briefly and then I felt the bed sag slightly as she stood up on the mattress.

“I told you no touching. Now just lay there.”

I tried to get my breathing back to normal, concentrating on slow deep breaths. My cock began to calm down as well. It didn’t go down, but that feeling of imminent explosion was gone. Then I heard it. Click…click…click.

“Are you taking pictures?” I asked, my voice raising as I unconsciously tried to get back some control of the situation.

“Of course daddy. What would be the point if I couldn’t prove that I did in fact kiss you all over. Now roll over so we can start on your front side.” She tried to maintain that steely command in her voice, but she didn’t quite succeed. Raising my voice had caused her to question her actions.

I rolled over, my wet, dripping cock swaying in the cool air. She started snapping pictures again, zooming in on my cock. Lying on my stomach, I had forgotten how slutty she looked with the purple wig and makeup. Seeing it again just made me want to spill that first load.

“You start with my cock princess and you don’t stop until I shoot my load deep in your throat. You can finish your game after that and I’ll even repeat it if you want, but I need you right now!” I shouted the last two words for emphasis.

She applied some fresh purple gloss and then dropped down on her knees straddling my thighs as her head came forward. She wasn’t challenging my request. She’d had her dominance but her main goal had always been to please daddy. She kissed the head gently leaving a bright imprint of her lovely lips. Then she kissed again, this time sucking softly and making my body quiver as I felt the cum boiling. There was no turning back now. She grasped my pole firmly and moved her mouth halfway down the expanding flesh just as the milky liquid boiled to the surface and shot into her mouth, blasting the back of her throat over and over and over again.

She swallowed like a pro, not a drop escaping those tight purple lips. I could see her swallow while her hand worked my flesh and tried to squeeze out as much as it could. My knob was normally a deep velvet purple when swollen, but now it was a glistening tower of purple with lipstick smeared half its length. She softly placed more kisses on the base of my rod making sure not to miss a spot. More cum oozed out and she quickly lapped it up, not wanting it to cover up her purple painting.

She grabbed the lip gloss tube again and placed another fresh coat on before stretching her body out on mine and bringing those full sensuous lips up to mine. We kissed for a long time. Soft kisses, passionate kisses, French kisses, sloppy kisses, but all the while the taste of her lip gloss was building the next load inside me. My hands were all over her, caressing and squeezing, trying to create the same quivering mass of flesh that I had been turned into.

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