Daddys’ Little Girl

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Ariana caught her breath in her throat in-deliberately whenever she had thoughts about him. Her daddy. Her panties would get wet at the mere hint of him, and sitting across the table from him at dinner tonight had been excruciating. All she wanted to do was to have him take her, flip her onto her back on the table,and fuck her right there–but surely his girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate that!

For all intensive purposes, Ariana’s step dad was completely calm and collected–above the table top, that is. She couldn’t help herself tonight, and pushed her purple polka-dot socked foot between his legs, while they played the part of daddy and daughter so well above the taboo scene below.

“Ariana do you have any boys at school chasing you around?” Her step dad winked at her benignly but she knew he wanted to hear every juicy detail.

“I have a stalker? Does that count?” Ariana lied, she did have a stalker but there were boys at her locker every day between classes who wanted to soak up her bubbly personality. She could tell they wanted to suck up more than that, but she’d never tell that to her sweet daddy. She was his, anyways. She didn’t want those boys. She knew it’d make him jealous to hear that they wanted her, though. Picking up her other foot, Ariana nonchalantly placed it on his lap, resting the balls of her feet on the insides of each of his thighs.

“Oh Jesus.” He answered to both her statement and her actions.

The rush she got made Ariana smile incredibly brightly inside; how she loved her Daddy. Well, step daddy, anyways. Him and mom signed the adoption papers several years before mom died. Just the thought of her mom made her eyes want to tear up for her and her Daddy.

Her toes found the tip of his cock and were spinning circles on it now, her blood rushing to her face as she tried to suppress the feelings it gave her to know she made him hard. She was able to keep her heart down enough not to show too much exertion, though. She’d gotten quite good at it, actually.

Suddenly she could feel his cock twitch between her two big toes as she rolled his hard shaft in between them. She could see the slight hint of exertion on his face as girlfriend

finished up grabbing everyone’s dinner plates, oblivious to their discreet dirtiness.

They both stared at each other until they heard her put the dishes in the sink and started doing the dishes, then Ariana’s step dad bit his lip and said,

“Go to bed early tonight, baby girl–naked.”

Ariana’s face flushed completely now–she knew what that meant by that. He was going to come for her tonight..

Her cell phone went off, and Ariana ignored the pop-song ring as long as she could, just staring at him with an innocent little smile on her face, waiting for her Daddy to excuse her from his gaze. Nodding at her with an authoritative glare, he couldn’t help but want to kiss her sweet lips for making him feel like he owned her, no matter if she knew it or not. Ariana grabbed her phone up immediately and answered the call from her friend–staring straight into his eyes with hers.

Traipsing out of the dining room, Ariana gave her daddy a sweet blush smile as she headed off to her room–her breasts bouncing in that tight t-shirt she’s wearing.

“Damn that girl,” He thought as he watched her perky little butt walk off in those unbearably high shorts.

“I’m going to fuck that sweet ass so hard tonight..”


Ariana did as her daddy told her, and after finishing up her homework she put her hair in a ponytail and stripped her tight t-shirt off. She wished he was there, watching her do this and even left the light on to add to her desire. Thinking about her daddy laying in bed, stroking his cock softly for her made her unbelievably hot. She could feel a slight wetness between her small thighs making the pad of her panties cool to the touch as she walked around her room, picking out her outfit for the next day.

Unbeknownst to her–Daddy WAS watching her do this from outside of her window. He’d taken the trash out just about the time he knew she was going to be getting naked for bed, and stood there transfixed as he watched her peel off her impossibly tight outfit from her incredibly hot body and toss it onto her chair.

Her perky little breasts poked out of her tiny white sports bra, and immediately he could feel some pre-cum drip into his boxers–feeling the cool juice on the side of his cock as he tried the best he could not to make any noise. Sweet little Ariana cupped her breasts with her hands and settled herself into her bright pink and purple sheets. Her perfect body seemed to accent every shadow and he looked on lustfully as he watched every curve of her body conform to the bed. A small grunt left his throat as he could tell she had no idea he was watching her.

Scooping up her favorite Beşiktaş Escort fuzz pillow, she hugged it with her sexy little arms and he couldn’t help it–the animal in him began to rumble from deep within his body and he couldn’t wait to sneak out of bed tonight and take her.

Reminding himself that he best go inside soon–he took the dog for a walk and was back already, peeking in on his sweet little fuck toy.

Flipping off her zebra-stripe lamp on her bedside table, Ariana grabbed her phone and began staring at the blue screen while her daddy watched her tongue lick her lips, knowing exactly what she was thinking as she busily texted her girlfriends, shifting her hips forward and backwards slowly and deliberately beneath the sheets.

“Goddamn!” His cock was unbelievably hard and ready for her, and obviously she was ready for him.

“Bed time could not come any faster,” he thought as he made his inside to see his girlfriend off to bed, waiting for the very second that he could slip into Ariana’s bed.


Sharks of all kinds were gliding around her in her dreamworld as Ariana swam through a crystal blue clear ocean–the waves making her feel like she was high, as she floated up and down with the current. The massive carnivores didn’t even seem to bother her as she swam through the water and looked down into it to see them.

She could breathe under the water and watched as they circled her–the sharks’ enormous grey bodies gliding seamlessly through the water beneath her. A hammer head shark, grey sharks, blue sharks, they were all down there yet she was not afraid.

Then she saw directly below where she was swimming. A shark–a great white shark to be exact–was coming at her in a vertical position and all she could see was its’ giant mouth coming at her in slow motion. More curiosity than anything struck her at its’ ascent.

The feeling of dizziness overcame her as the waves pulled her this way and that, her entire body loving the refreshing wetness of the Caribbean blue water and the warm breeze of the tropical winds.

Her heart began to beat faster and faster until she realized the shark was upon her and she screamed out in her sleep a little bit, surprised.


Ariana’s consciousness took effect and she realized she’d just been dreaming, among other things. A wetness between her legs and big strong hands around her waist pulling her into him pleasantly surprised Ariana, as she opened her eyes to find the shadow of her step dad at the end of her bed, eating her tender pussy with forceful vigor.

“Daddy wants his baby girl.” He said in a rough yet quiet whisper. His voice was almost on the edge of cracking the sound barrier that they knew they had.

Immediately her thighs spread for him from their resting position into their ‘daddy take me’ position and she sighed in enjoyment.

“Oh Daddy..”

Her step dad made a low growl and put his tongue all the way into her pussy now, blowing on her clit as his tongue caressed the insides of her now completely wet and aching pussy. Ariana couldn’t believe she was finally going to get what she wanted so desperately for too long; she looked forward to their encounters, which were sporadic at best.

Arching her back, Ariana’s head dug into her pillow and her arms flew up to her headboard as his tongue fucked her pussy with as much force as she could bear. Her eyes closed tight at the overwhelming sensations but soon she began using her arms to push her wetness into his face.


Her voice was clear yet near silent–something she’d had plenty of time to perfect. It drove him insane for her not to scream out like she should even when they were alone, but she still wasn’t comfortable with being loud in fear that someone would hear and know their secret.

“I don’t want them to take me away from you Daddy!”

She’d said this one day, a truly terrified look on her face. Thus, she’d had good practice at being sexy quiet since the first day she had given him the inclination as to what she wanted.

“Cum for me sweetie.”

That was all she needed in order to feel her body go rigid. Her pussy was pulled into herself so tight that when his tongue hit her inner box, it opened up a flood of pleasure. Holding her breath along with her breasts so as not to make a sound, Ariana felt a release of juices flow straight from the deepest reaches of her pussy onto his soft wet tongue.

She could feel it tickle her outer clit as her Daddy started sucking on her wet little pussy–pulling out more and more of her cream as her muscles pulsed over and over around the the tip of his tongue.

Feeling his cock grow as hard as it could get, if not harder–he knew what he wanted to do with his little girl.

“Mmm daddy liked that.”

Using his strong Beşiktaş Escort Bayan hands, he pulled her by her hips into his strong hips and thighs–stopping his cock right at the entrance of her hot wet pussy, as his arms encompassed her at the neck.

“Please Daddy,” Ariana’s fingers were wrapped around her long hair at one side, while her other hand was rubbing her own breasts manically. It drove him insane to know how much she wanted him right then.

Needing nothing else, her Daddy groaned and growled very low as he slid his big, hard cock into her tiny little sex. His burly chest met with hers and he kissed her lips as he entered her. He smiled at himself when she winced–obviously she was incredibly tight for him tonight.

“It’s been too long since I’ve fucked your sweet little pussy.”

Ariana’s lips cracked a smile of revelry at this, and her entire body shuddered at the contact she was having with his all too familiar hairy body.

Trying to remember the last time he’d visited her bed for fear of almost having been caught LAST time by his alibi girlfriend–he’d been overly cautious in his endeavors. It had been torture for him since then, as his girlfriend had been visiting almost every night for weeks, and now?

He slammed his cock into Ariana’s accommodatingly wet pussy with pure force, making her small hips jump.

“OHH!” Her voice was slightly too loud, and he slapped her ass somewhat softly whispering,

“Hush now sweetness, I don’t want anyone hearing!”

“But daddy.. Daddy, daddy…” Like a good little girl she regained her composure and whispered it as hot as he could possibly imagine while he slid in and out of her over and over. Her frail legs were wrapped around his hips as one of his fingers found her clit. He loved giving her everything she needed.

Then deciding to change position for more deep access to her sopping wet little pussy, he used his brute strength to rotate her hips around as Ariana got the message and turned with his hands onto her knees. She felt his big hand running softly down the arch of her back onto her ass where his hand cupped her cheek and then slapped it–something she was very aware was going to happen, but was still surprised by.

A rush of adrenaline flooded her entire body and she could feel herself shake as she felt him slide back into her.

“Fuck!” His voice trembling; her daddy was obviously pleased with her and that made Ariana even more hot to know. She could feel her body release a wave of warm cream onto him.

“Daddy!” She couldn’t bring any other words into her now blank thoughts.

He started stroking in and out of her slowly before he felt the need to ram her sweet little box doggy style. He could hear the slap of their skin on each other and wondered if it was too loud? No matter, he thought–Ariana’s room was on a different floor of the house.

“Besides, I’m fucking my baby girl!”

After ten minutes of feeling her cream all over his cock while he molests her body with his hands–he got an idea. Having never done this before, he was slightly reluctant but the freeness of her actions with him tonight let him know she was on full out horned mood. Perfect.

“Daddy’s going to fuck your ass now, baby.”

Ariana’s heart skipped a beat as he pulled out of her now sopping wet pussy, and her eyes opened as wide as they could when she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of her other hole.

“Daddy no! NO daddy!”

Still speaking just above a whisper, she kept their cover as she tried as best she could in a her muted voice to tell him she didn’t want this. All she had to do was scream–and this could be over, but she didn’t want it to be over, she was just scared. She wanted it more than he knew, but it still frightened her.

“You’ll like it, honey. Do you want it?”

Hesitating for a half a minute, Ariana couldn’t stand the thought of making her Daddy wait any longer and resigned herself to the inevitable.

“Yes Daddy. Give it to me please.”

A lightning bolt of pleasure shot through his body and he got instantly edged at the thought that this was their first time trying this.

“Daddy,” was all she could do or say as he slowly and deliberately took his cock in his hand and guided the tip into her virgin ass.

“Don’t move, baby.”

He was so ready for this–He twitched as his cock made its’ way into her incredibly tight back end. He could hear her inhale deeply when he did, and could feel her ass clench around him as all her muscles tightened.

“My little slut is so damn tight!”

Torn between the feeling of uncomfortably and the burning desires she was getting from pleasing her daddy, Ariana just shut her lips tight and took it like the good girl she is. He pushed in and out of her centimeters at a time as he slowly entered her.

“Ouch, Escort Beşiktaş Daddy.”

This just turned him on more as he slowly fucked and worked his cock into her tight ass. Her hips bounced away from him as he dug deeper and slid in and out of her slowly. After awhile, he was reassured that he’d stretched her enough and he could feel her warmness around his dick as he began to fuck her ass harder and harder with each stroke now.

He couldn’t hear her breathing–she must be holding her breath, the dirty little whore. Smiling ecstatically, he pulled her by her hips until her body took all of him into her. He could hear her screaming into her pillow as her face was buried in it.

“FUCK you’re tight! You’re fucking hot, baby girl!”

Smiling at the compliment, Ariana had started feeling a burning desire inside of her. She began to relax as he worked her hips back and forth onto his raging cock.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He was whispering with each stroke but it was just loud enough to be heard outside the room and he paused for a second to see if anyone was around to hear them.


Ariana’s voice was full of urgency and he returned to his deed with happy relief. She was his, and he was fucking the shit out of his little girl. Each time he rammed her, she squeaked–begging for more in her own childish way.

He was going to blow any second, he thought to himself as his arms were wrapped around her little body and his fingers fucked her clit. He knew she was close, too.

Pressure was so strong that when he rammed her ass once again, his shaft sprung forth cum like a fire hose. He didn’t stop cumming for what seemed like an eternity, and he wondered how his little girl could hold so much of it in her tight little ass?

Then the sound he was waiting for–squished juices finding their way to the base of his cock as he slid in and out of her, extracting the most from his orgasm while he fingered her shaking body.

“Cum for your Daddy.”

Ariana couldn’t help but feel somewhere inside her turn at these words, and she unknowingly spread her knees apart so she could lean her head down on the pillow again. This was exhausting for his little girl.. Her body was twitching at the pleasure and the exhaustion.


Ariana was all out screaming in her pillow, but only he could hear her frustration. His fingers got juicy with her sweet cum and he knew he had her now. He encompassed her entire body with his–wrapping his big burly body around her tiny frame like a blanket as he extracted that sweet sweet nectar out of her hot little flower.

“That’s it, baby.”

He felt a rush of juices both from her pussy and from his own cock as he surprisingly pumped another flow of his own cum again successfully all over his little girls’ ass.

He could feel contractions spiraling all over his dick as he pulled out and shoved into her one last time. Holding his cock in as deep as it could go indefinitely, he dumped what was left of his semen all over her now defiled ass and kept himself in there while he waited for her body to stop spasming. He loved that feeling and he loved feeling her sweaty body against his.

She lay there breathing harshly through her pillow and she turned her head to the side to get some oxygen, completely content.

His hands felt her cream leaking down her thighs and he leaned off of her and back up onto his knees, slapping her ass before sliding out completely.

“That’s my good little girl.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

Smiling to himself, he felt the most powerful urge to want to kiss her and he lay in bed next to his sweet little Ariana who was now back on her back, panting and shaking quietly. His sweaty body lay next to hers as he tickled her nipples with his fingers softly and kissed her neck before he took his hand and guided her chin to look at him.

“Very, good girl.”

She nudged him with her nose like an Eskimo kiss and he couldn’t help but feel an all encompassing love for this spicy little vixen. She was, after all–his. And he loved this little creature. His possessiveness kicked in hard and he wrapped his arms around her and held her until he could hear the soft sweet sound of her breathing turn back into sleep.

Exhaling in contentment, her Daddy slipped out of Arianas’ bed and slipped his pants back on–fixing himself in her bathroom mirror of crazy sex hair and sweat.

Looking around at all the intricate little things she had in her room made him smile as he did; he really did spoil his little girl! Pictures lined the sides of her mirrors having been placed in a purposefully disorderly fashion and he thought,

“Damn, she’s at the age now that her friends look hot now too!”

A sly smile pulled up on his face when he remembered how there was once a time when he looked at his baby girl like just that: his baby girl, not his personal fuck toy. Reminiscing on some of the first moments when she was the one purposefully tempting him: made him love her just that much more and feeling a twitch in his pants, he took one last glance at the photos before it made him too hot to go back to his occupied bed.

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