Daddy’s Game Part 2

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Note from the author:
I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who read my story and liked it. If you didn’t read it because of the breast size, I am so sorry for your loss! I myself had D breasts when I was 14, and a small waist. If you don’t believe it you should check out the 9th grade female population. I don’t think that I am sick and twisted either, although I definitely could be. Seeing older men with younger girls has always been a turn on for me. Maybe my fascination with incest comes from the fact that my brother took my virginity when I was 11, a story I plan on writing soon. Maybe it comes from the fact that older men just know how to please a girl. Either way, I love to write and writing about sex, and if I can turn myself on in the process why not enjoy the bonus! Thanks again for reading and the feedback.

P.S. What I have in store for the next chapter will blow this one out of the water, so I hope you all cum back for more!

Chapter 2: Morgan’s Secret Little Game

Ever since I had begun sleeping with my daughter Morgan and her best friend Sadie about a year ago things had really begun to change in my life. First of all I was getting laid on a regular basis, hell sometimes twice a day. It must have shown all over my face because people at the restaurant began to notice the difference in me. My barmaid Cheryl would ask me constantly who I was seeing, and I swear she made it a weekly thing to guess a different girl from around town. The town wasn’t big either, but she always managed to have a different name each week without repeaters. Dillon, my best friend from high school and my head chef would ask who I was fucking and if he could get in on ‘that’. He laughed that whoever it was must have good pussy to change such a prick like myself into a nice boss, finally. Each time he’d ask I’d lie and say no one, but he knew me better than that.

Things changed at home as well. My Morgan had actually picked her grades up in school to my surprise and she had begun to clean the house and even cook me dinner. In what had become our little threesome, Morgan had assumed the role of the wife it would have seemed. We would fuck as much as my baby girl wanted and my Morgan liked sex a lot! It seemed my little vixen needed some dick just to start her day, and more dick to calm her down at night. I was more than happy to oblige. Sadie still came over as much as she possibly could, but most of the time it was just me and my baby girl.

The night Morgan turned 15; she and I had plans to celebrate together in our own special way. She wanted me home early enough to have a night of fun, and begged me to think of something new we could try. I was getting ready to leave work early when Dillon stopped me.

“Where’re you off to tonight? I wanted to see if you wanted to throw down some beers when I got off like old times?” He asked me in a half statement half question.

“Oh man, tonight we’re celebrating Morgan’s birthday. I promised her I would be home for dinner and cake.” I responded quickly.

“I haven’t seen your little girl in a long time, man. How about I grab a case and stop by? I’d like to wish her a happy birthday too!”

Dillon had been a big part of my life when Morgan was born. We were both stupid 18 year old boys at the time, I tried to grow up pretty fast but often fell short those first few years of her life. I could always count on ‘Uncle Dillon’, as Morgan had called him, when I needed him back then. He was the one with the car and the full time job. He was always quick to lend me a ride or some cash when I needed it for my baby. When I had finally come up in the world Dillon had just moved back to town and was in need of work. I was more than happy to help him out now that I could finally repay him.

“We’ll see how I’m feeling. Give me a call, ok man?” And with that I went home, a big smile on my face just thinking about the surprise I had in store for my birthday girl.

There was no dinner or cake when I got home. Morgan only wanted one thing for her birthday; an amazing orgasm. She had said to me, “Daddy for my birthday all I want is for you to make me cum harder than I ever have.” Considering the amount of times we had had sex, and the amount of times I had felt my baby’s pussy squeeze my cock while it released her sweet juices all over my shaft, this was going to prove difficult. It took a lot of ‘planning’ on my part, and day dreaming at work what I could do to my daughter that I hadn’t done already. Finally it dawned on me, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

When I got home she was on the couch with only her pink lace bra and panty set on. I loved looking at her smooth tanned skin under the light color of her garments. Her breasts had grown another cup size over the past year, and her hips had widened even more. She was still a very short young lady, at only about 5’4 inches but man her little legs didn’t stop as she sat there with her them crossed. Her long dark hair was bone straight and her bangs were pinned back on top of her head. Her face was painted perfectly with just enough eye liner to make her big brown eyes pop, and her lips shined with a hint of rose.

“Hi daddy,” she beamed when I walked through the door gawking at her majesty.

“Hi baby,” I could hardly contain myself, my dick was hard from just the sight of my knock out daughter. “You look amazing?”

“You like it?” She shook her tits a little bit and very slowly uncrossed her legs, seductively. “I want you to take it off of me.”

She was eager for me to give it to her, I knew it but not tonight, I had other plans.

“I brought you a gift antalya escort bayan sugar.” I told her, and she looked up at me curiously. “You can’t get it until you earn it though.”

“Oh,” she frowned at my little game, “well how am I supposed to do that?”

“Take your bra down baby, so I can see your nipples.” I instructed my daughter and she did as she was told, slowly removing a strap from either shoulder and bringing the cups down to reveal her gorgeous, hard mounds. It took all that was within me not to run right to her and take those hard little nipples in my mouth. “Damn baby you are so hot. I want you to turn yourself on for daddy, okay? Rub your tits baby. Make them feel real good.”

I watched as my daughter began to put on a show for me. This was the first time Morgan had ever begun to masturbate in my presence and I could tell she was slightly nervous as she began to touch herself, by the awkwardness of her movements. Slowly she cupped her own breast and squished them together, squeezing and massaging their new melon shape. Her tits were probably the most beautiful set I had ever seen. Hand sized masses almost perfectly round with such a natural lift to them. Her areolas weren’t too big nor too small, and such a pretty blush color with the hardest little teenage nipples to top them off.

Her fingers found her nipples and began to tug and pinch them, rolling them around slowly and precisely. When she saw how I held onto her every move with my eyes, my mouth hanging slightly open nearly drooling from the sight of such a sweet little angel being so naughty, she began to loosen up and enjoy herself. As she tugged on and molested her perky nubs, she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it for a moment. Watching her stick her finger in between her full, pursed lips and suck it like she would my cock, and then lick it up and down drove me wild. My baby finally took her finger out of her mouth and spit on it, returning it to her nipples to play with them some more.

Unconsciously she began to move her thighs in and out and squirm around as she began to excite herself. It was hard to sit back and just watch but I did. Morgan ran one of her hands down her tummy slowly and opened her legs wide, with her feet still together by her ass. She began to rub herself over her panties with one hand, still teasing her nipple with the other. Her hand would move up and down and around the pink lace that covered her pink parts until finally she slipped her hand underneath the garment with an “Ooh,” letting my imagination run wild. Morgan would look me dead in the eyes as she pleasured her own pussy under those panties, leaving me mesmerized.

My princess played with her pussy so much before she took them off that her juices were leaving wet stains on the crotch of them. Once they were removed she tossed them over to me, where I sniffed at the sweet scent left behind and licked her juices from the fabric; satisfied she began playing with herself and me again. She sat there for a moment, spread wide, giving me a nice view of her clean shaven, tight, small pussy. Then, her hand made its way back down again, rubbing her thigh up and down before she touched her own moist slot with just her index finger. She ran it up her crevasses to the clit and back down again a few times before she brought her finger up to lick it off.

“Mm mm,” she moaned as she brought her two fingers back down to her pink pussy and began to rub her clit in circular motions, pinching her nipple all the while.

“That’s it baby. That’s what your daddy likes to see. Go on and dip your fingers in your little hole baby.” I was so hard watching my baby please herself that I needed to start rubbing my cock before I exploded in my pants.
While my little girl began to stuff her tight center with her two fingers, I began to rub my cock. She pushed her fingers into herself very slowly at first so I could see her pussy devour her fingers inch by inch. When they were in as far as she could get them she brought them back out and began to ram her sweet little cunt as much as she could. She teased her nipple some more as she finger fucked herself, watching me play with my cock and looking me dead in the eyes.

“Do you want your surprise now princess?” I asked, admiring the way she was pleasing her pussy. Morgan nodded and I passed her a long box wrapped in pink paper. “Open it up for daddy baby.”

She did, and pulled out a big, pink vibrator that I had picked up especially for tonight.

“I’ve never used one of these before.” She said in a matter of fact tone as she continued to massage her pussy with one hand.

“Just take it in your mouth like it was my cock baby, and get it nice and wet.”

Seeing Morgan’s perfect little pout wrap around her brand new pink toy as she pushed it in and out of her mouth had me lost for words. I stroked my rod to the beat of her toy blow job and when I knew it was nice and wet I told my baby to rub her pussy with it. She brought the thick pink head down to her wet pink pussy and rolled it around her clit a few times before running it down to her slit. She let just the tip go into her tight little hole and then brought it up again to tease her hard perfect clit.

“Oh Morgan, you look so fucking sexy right now baby,” I nearly whispered. “I want to see you stick it in that pussy baby. Fuck yourself good with it princess.”

And she did. Morgan pushed all 7 inches of that cock into herself and let out a soft cry of pleasure, holding it all the way in her pussy for a moment before slowly pulling it back out, and pushing it in again. Morgan’s cunt hugged onto that escort antalya toy, and I could see it gripping the toy and she fucked herself, not wanting to let it go. As my baby got wetter and wetter the toy began to make sloshing sounds which made Morgan slow down for a moment, until I encouraged her to keep going. Her breathing became more slowed and deliberate as she jammed the fake cock up inside of herself, using her other hand to spread her little lips and massage her clit.

“Twist the top baby,” Morgan didn’t hesitate.

Her toy buzzed loudly as it filled her constricted twat with vibrations. “Ooh… oh… mm mm…” went Morgan as she stuffed herself over and over again. Watching that big dildo split my baby’s vagina, her pink parts hugging its pink shaft as she repeatedly pounded her pussy with it, made me shoot my load all over the carpet in the living room.

“Mm mm… daddy… oh… yea…” and with that my Morgan came hard, her body shaking over a toy that she had already let go of, yet was still buzzing wildly in her satisfied cunt. She must have quivered for about a minute or so before I walked over and sat on the couch next to her.

I grabbed my girl by her arm and instructed her to lie down over my lap, as if I was going to spank her big round ass. Instead I began to rub her cheeks and spread them apart. “You said you wanted to try something new tonight baby and you’re going to. I need you to trust me and just relax ok princess. I will make sure this doesn’t hurt.”

“Mhm, okay daddy.”

I spread Morgan’s ass cheeks open and let some spit drip down onto her tight little asshole. I spread it down her crack to her pussy, scooping up some of her juices as I made my way back to that pin-sized hole of hers. I swiveled my fingers around her puckered part, gently massaging it open, before sticking the tip of my index finger inside.

“Daddy!” Morgan cried, starting to twist away.

“Baby, I know it feels awkward right now but once I get deep inside your ass you’re going to love it. I promise. It just takes a bit to get there.”

Morgan relaxed again and allowed me to play with it. This time I used some of the lube that was still in Morgan’s present package and got my finger nice and slippery. I shoved my finger deep inside my baby’s rectum and waited for her reaction. Besides tightening up she seemed ok. With effort I pulled my finger out almost all of the way, and then pushed it back in. I had forgotten how much sucking power the anus has but was reminded by the way it gripped my finger. If it was milking my smaller finger like this, I could only imagine how it would feel on my thick, hard cock.

I forced another finger into her ass and this time Morgan cried out softly, but laid motionless for me still. I began to pump my two fingers into her ass, squeezing her ass cheek with my other hand. I pulled my fingers apart from each other in that tight hole of hers, stretching it out as best as I could. I wanted to fuck my baby and I wait much longer.

I leaned back against the couch cushions and had Morgan straddle me in the reverse cowgirl position, her ass rubbing against my chest as she stood there lowering herself down.

“Is this going to hurt daddy?” She asked when my dick had reached its destination.

“It might feel uncomfortable at first, just like losing your virginity. But it will start to feel really good real soon I promise.”

I lubed my cock and her asshole up really good and held my cock in place while Morgan tried to lower herself onto me. “It won’t fit daddy,” she looked back at me.

“Just loosen up baby and relax. It’ll go in and you will love it. I swear.” I grabbed her around the waist with one arm and pushed her down onto my cock while pushing my cock up into her.

“Ooh… oww…oh…” she cried out as my cock slowly made its way into her anus, stretching that virgin hole to its maximum, surely leaving my little girl gaping. “Oh daddy, oh be careful,” she moaned as she took the length of my cock into her ass.

I laid Morgan back against my chest, turned her head toward me and began to molest her pretty mouth with my own. Our kisses started off slowly, but as I began to play with my daughters breasts and tweak her nipples, she pushed her tongue into my mouth forcefully. Our soft, moist fleshy bits lapped each other, igniting a fire inside of Morgan who began to play with that stiff little clit of hers again. I tightly hugged her waist as we sucked each other’s mouths began to fuck her ass with my hard cock again until I hit a sweet spot.

“Mm mm…” she moaned into my mouth. “I like that daddy.”

Her asshole was constricted and hot. It wasn’t like her pussy that was always gushing with juices allowing me to slide easily in and out of it. I had to really work to fuck my little girl and I loved the challenge. We continued our kiss as my slow thrusts gently into her ass became fast, deep plunges. She was moaning so loudly now, frantically rubbing her clit, and we were so enthralled in our passion that we didn’t hear the door open and Dillon walk in.

“Hey Matt, I brought over that case of beer. Your door was unlocked so I thought I would…” He stopped talking as soon as he got to the couch. “Morgan?” He seemed to be confused. “Matt? What the fuck is going on here.”
Now Dillon was right in front of us. He could clearly see that my dick was shoved deep inside my daughter’s ass and that my daughter was enjoying the ride she was taking.

“Dillon, I can explain please just listen…” I had begun to try to think of some way to talk my way out of this mess when Morgan chimed in.

“Uncle Dillon, please come help me,” antalya escort she said. I was shocked, and let go of my little girl’s waist as Dillon walked towards us. I had begun to think that maybe Morgan didn’t like it and I certainly didn’t want to hurt her, or anyone to think I was hurting her. I wanted her to be fucking me at her own will. Dillon began to rush towards off, ready to pull Morgan off of my cock to safety.

“Morgan, of course… I mean seriously Matt what the fuck are you…” He came close enough for Morgan to grab ahold of his pants and pull him closer, yanking the button off and exposing his hard cock. He had a hard on from watching us! Morgan was all over his cock now, running her hand up and down its length, trying to pull him close enough to be in her hungry mouth.

“Morgan, um, what… what are you doing?” He asked not doing anything to stop my little princess from drawing him onto the couch where she wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck him.
I watched as Morgan began to satisfy Dillon with her mouth, kissing the head of his dick with her lips and then her tongue, before licking the shaft up and down and around. He began to groan as he asked again, “Morgan, what are you doing?”

She took his whole cock into her mouth a few times, bobbing up and down on it before answering him. “It’s my birthday, Uncle Dillon. You’re going to be my present.”

“I… we can’t… this is wrong…” his voice trailed off as she slurped his dick into her mouth with more sucking force than my hoover.

“Mm mm… it doesn’t feel wrong. It doesn’t taste wrong either,” she teased him, sucking him in between her words. “Just because people may not agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

He moaned as she continued to play with his dick with her mouth. “Please Uncle Dillon, please fuck me too. I won’t tell anybody and neither will my daddy. It will be our secret little game. I want you to fuck my pussy please.”
Morgan grabbed his hand and brought it to her pussy. Instinctively he began to rub her hot, moist, pink parts with his fingers before her brought them in and out of her. As he finger fucked my princess he leaned down and began to kiss her. Their mouths met with such fierceness and wanting that it instantly turned me on, my cock growing hard again. I began thrusting into her ass all over, slowly and slightly. She moaned on his tongue and he began to shove his finger into her cunt faster, finger-fucking her pussy while I fucked her ass.

“Mm oh,” she cried out, “yea… oh yea… mm mm…”

Dillon made his way to the front of the couch and kneeled down and I slowed down my strokes into her ass so he could taste my daughter’s sweet, juicy pussy. He licked her up from the bottom, sticking his tongue in her hole for a moment before moving up to her clit where he sucked her. Dillon spread her lips far apart from her pussy and began to munch on her pinkness, his nose hitting her clit and smelling that salty aroma that only a teenage pussy possesses.

“God damn, you’re beautiful,” he told her and she moaned and gasped from his touches.

When Dillon had gotten his fill he put one leg on the couch and leaned in so that his dick hit Morgan’s hot wet cunt. He asked her one last time if she was sure she wanted this, and when she responded by sucking on his lips he thrust his cock deep into her pussy while my dick sat still in her ass.

Morgan was completely stuffed with our cocks that she lost control of all of her senses. I had to hold her up by her thighs as she went entirely limp with passion from Dillon pushing his manhood in and out of that juicy hole, which slurped from her wetness as he fucked it. I began to form a rhythm with Dillon and together we tag teamed her ass and pussy at the same time, each of us thrusting in as the other pulled out. Dillon had stopped kissing her mouth but was now sucking on her nipples and Morgan’s head was back, allowing me to suck on her neck and ears as she cried out in utter ecstasy.

“Mm yea… ahh… gah…” she moaned without thinking, shuddering and spasm-ing small orgasm after small orgasm uncontrollably.

Dillon and I had changed up from our slow and steady pace to a much faster and deeper one. He was holding her ankles up now folding her body in half, and I was holding her ass in place and together we rocked my daughter’s pleasure parts like she had never had done before. The friction from both of our cocks was over whelming for my little girl. When Morgan would try to twist away from the over powering pleasure that we were creating in her, Dillon and I would hold her in place and make her take it all.

“Ohhhh… fuckkk… shiittttt…” she cried in pleasure, “I’mmm… goinnngg… to… cumm… Dillon… kiss me!”

Dillon began to suck on Morgan’s tongue as her body shook us both, neither one of us being able to hold out any longer. I shot my load straight into my daughter’s tight little ass and Dillon creamed in her pussy. Later my daughter told me that it was the best feeling she had ever had.

“Oh my god,” Dillon was saying, “What did I just do?”

“Shh…” Morgan soothed him, as she recovered before going and cuddling up in his arms, “I wanted it Dillon. I wanted you. Please don’t regret it… please…”

He began to kiss my baby girl again, and she kissed him back sweetly. Later on we told him how it had all started and about our first night together, then I watched as Dillon made love to Morgan in front of me.

Three months later my daughters hips had widened still, and her breasts became slightly bigger and a little sore, as a little life grew inside of her. My own life was about to change, and not just because my little girl was going to be a mother. A week after Morgan found out she was with child Sadie and her little sister, Evelyn were on my doorstep in the middle of the night.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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