Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 04

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Jody’s story continues (suggestion to reader: once again, you’ll get more out of this if you re-read chapter two first).


I awoke with the chill of cold night air on my bare back, it was from my bedroom window – I always left it ajar; it was healthier to have fresh air in the room. I often sleep naked but always under my quilt, I have never woken uncovered like this.

I wrapped the quilt around me and for a while lay cocooned in its comforting softness, remembering earlier events and smiling a little. I felt a flood of embarrassment at the thought of my lovely daddy fingering my bottom and touching my pussy. It had been so nice, so unexpectedly sexual. My daddy! I giggled a little at the thought of his obvious nervousness and embarrassment. He had loved it all as much as me though; that was so obvious now.

I was starving; I’d had nothing to eat since lunch and it must be nearly midnight now! I sat up, stretched, yawned and rubbed my eyes. I fished my top from the floor and pulled it over my head – but where were my panties? I examined the floor… what did daddy do with them when he pulled them off? I stood up and walked to the end of the bed, nope, they were nowhere to be seen. Had he taken them away with him, maybe he’d put them in the bathroom laundry basket? I opened my undies drawer and grabbed a fresh pair, pink briefs with white teddy bear motif. He still bought me cutesy underwear from young teen shops; he would never get me anything remotely sexy. I smiled as I stepped into them and pulled them up.

I opened my bedroom door a little and peeped out, it was dark, there was no light from the stairs and all was quiet. Daddy must have gone to bed. Good. I didn’t really want to face the inevitable mutual embarrassment just yet.

I tiptoed downstairs and into the kitchen. I cut two thick slices from the crusty loaf and fixed myself a big ‘doorstep’ cheese sandwich, well I was hungry. I walked into the living room, still munching, pausing to admire my figure in the patio doors – it was dark outside so the light inside turned the glass doors into a big mirror. I liked the look of my bum in those ‘little girl’ panties, they looked almost ‘sprayed on’, caressing every contour of my bum cheeks and (I turned around) my pussy lips. My slightly domed tummy showed below my crop top, punctuated by the dimple of my tummy button. The pink cotton top stretched over my breasts, the ‘beads’ of my nipples and puffy areolas making little peeks.

(note for American readers: croptop = belly shirt)

I wasn’t vain, well I didn’t think so, I exercised daily and ate carefully (usually) to keep my figure like this… so you could say it was all my own work! I smiled at that thought. I didn’t usually walk round the house like this either, what would daddy think if he came down and saw me like this? It would be really embarrassing, but then he had seen so much more now… I smiled to myself.

After a bit more posing and posturing in the big ‘mirror’, jiggling my breasts and wiggling my bum, I went up to bed, stripping off and sliding under my quilt, eventually drifting off casino şirketleri to sleep with a hand between my legs.

Note: What Jody hadn’t realized was that when glass is like a mirror from the lit side it’s just a big shop window from the other, and she was the goods. Her every move had been watched intently from the house across the street, by ‘the creepy man’ as Jody jokingly and rather hurtfully when he was in earshot, referred to him – but that’s a different story (working title: Jody and the creepy man – coming soon!).

I heard an alarm clock going off, it wasn’t mine, it was quite faint coming from down the corridor, but I knew it was daddy’s – he would be getting up now and… well… I better get ready. I slipped on my pink toweling robe, grabbed a towel and walked quickly to the bathroom – I wish I had an en-suite like daddy! I threw off my robe and stepped into the shower cubicle where I covered myself in peach blossom shower gel, rubbing it thoroughly over every inch of my body. I scrubbed my teeth till they were gleaming, flossed, splashed some cologne onto my neck – and as an afterthought patted a little on my bottom cheeks. I put my robe back on and walked out and towards my room… almost bumping into daddy.

“Morning Daddy”, I smiled nervously as I spoke, “I’ll be ready in a few minutes, OK”

“Oh – yes darling, I’ll wait outside your door shall I?” he asked me, trying to sound nonchalant.

“OK daddy…” I paused, what was he gonna be waiting for? “I suppose… well… you might as well come right in… it’s not like I’m gonna be hiding much.” I felt my face warm up, it was obviously glowing red…

“Oh – OK… if you’re sure darling?” he said, following me in and closing the door firmly.

As daddy started fiddling with the suppository pack and cream I sucked my lower lip nervously, and as discretely as I could opened my gown and slid it off. Before it hit the floor he had turned and was just staring at me, slack jawed and wide eyed; I could see him exploring my upper body, examining every detail. My nipples were tingling and stiffening at his look. My face started glowing again as his gaze moved down to my tummy, my thighs, between my legs… My eyes caught his; I think I was frowning a little…

“S–Sorry darling, you just look so… grown up!” he stuttered – then looked away and resumed his fiddling with the tube of cream.

I climbed up onto my bed and into the same position as before; my head in my pillow and my bottom in the air. I settled with my knees a foot apart on the bed and eyes closed – and waited… I suddenly felt that cold sensation again as he put a big blob of cream on my bum hole. I felt him parting my bum cheeks with one hand as he massaged the cream into my opening. I so wanted to reach underneath and finger my pussy. He kept rubbing, more and more…

“Daddy?” I had to break the silence.

“Oh, uh, yes darling – sorry?” he said, pressing a little harder and sliding his finger in… I kept my sphincter muscles relaxed as I enjoyed the sensation. Once again he was feeling my pussy lips, actually casino firmaları stroking them a little before he withdrew.

“Mmmm.” I tried but couldn’t suppress a little moan of pleasure.

Now he was pushing the suppository in. He pushed firmly but very slowly till he could push no further. His fingers were on my pussy lips again and I felt a wave of pleasure run through my body as his hand turned a little and one if his fingers stoked my slit.

It was over all too soon and he was once again laying me flat on the bed.

“That’s it darling, all done again.” He said brightly but with a hollow, disappointed ring to his voice. He affectionately patted my bare bottom.

“Thank-you daddy.” I peered back at him, smiling softly.

“OK baby”, he turned to go, soon I would be left alone to relieve these pent up feelings with a flurry of self pleasuring. I had to stop him, but what could I possibly say? He was slow to open the door, hesitating…

“Daddy?” I whispered quietly.

“Yes baby?” he turned immediately and looked at me.

“Umm, will you stay with me for a while?” was all I could think of, “will you lie next to me for a while, and keep me company?” God did that sound as pathetic as I thought it did. I rolled onto my back, here was the moment of truth, would he stay with me or make an excuse and leave?

“Of course I will darling!” He said, almost too quickly, obviously wanting to stay and leaping at the invitation. He smiled broadly as he perched on the edge of the bed, then swung his legs up and lay next to me, on his side, placing his hand caringly on my poorly tummy! “How are you feeling now baby” he asked.

“I feel pretty good” I said, closing my eyes contentedly. My answer had nothing to do with the state of my bowels.

His fingers moved a little, his fingertips were feeling my tummy and stroking my tummy button, respectfully staying in the space between my ‘naughty bits’.

“Mmm” I moaned softly, purposefully, encouraging him, letting him know I was enjoying it. His hand moved up a little, he was making tiny little circles with his thumb, little circles that got bigger until he was lightly brushing the swell of my breast. It tickled and I giggled. My giggle obviously encouraged him and he continued to brush against my lower breast until he was pressing more firmly, feeling the roundness of my little titties.

“Ooooh” I groaned in pleasure. Waiting for the rubicon to be crossed, for my daddy to make that step that would be indisputable sexual contact. At the moment he was just stroking his little girl’s poorly tummy and accidentally touching her childish bosom, but if he…

His finger made contact with my left nipple, which stiffened at his touch and sent little tingly waves through my breast. I closed my eyes more tightly.

“You OK baby?” he asked in a quiet nervous whisper.

“Yes daddy” I whispered back, smiling a little to reassure him that he was on the right track and everything was OK.

At this he placed his whole hand on my left breast, right on it, softly caressing it, feeling its sponginess, güvenilir casino his hand brushing my nipple sent tingles of pure pleasure through my breasts. Then I felt his warm, wet lips on my right nipple! He sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue all over it. Oh – my – god! My daddy was sucking my titty! Ecstasy! Without thinking I reached up and stroked the back of his hand, reassuring him, urging him on. He continued to caress my left breast then sucked the whole of my right breast into his mouth… he stroked and fondled, licked and sucked for ages. I moaned softly and groaned with intense pleasure as he brought me to mini orgasms.

I needed more. I wanted more. I decided to force his hand, literally. I started applying pressure, forcing his hand down away from my breast. He didn’t resist, I knew he wouldn’t, he would never do anything against my will or that he thought I wouldn’t like. He placed his hand back on my tummy. But I renewed the pressure on his hand – moving it slowly, down my tummy, over my tummy button, below my panty line, onto the tiny tuft of hair above my smoothly shaved pussy, lower… I felt his heart pounding as I opened my legs slightly, as I guided his hand down, onto my most precious place. My daddy’s hand was between my legs, feeling the warmth of my pussy, and I was ready to scream with anticipation. I left his hand in place and ran my fingertips up his arm, stroking softly.

He started to stroke me, feeling my lips, feeling me from mons pubis to anus, rubbing, caressing, and loving his little girl. He ran his finger up and down my slit, feeling my folds, caressing my clit and slowly allowing his fingertip to sink between my moist lips. My daddy was fingering me!

His mouth moved from my breast and I felt his lips on the corner of my mouth; I turned my head a little to kiss back, restrained but loving kisses.

His finger was now pressing into me, slipping into my moist channel, he moved it in and out, rubbing my clit gently, expertly, his finger sliding freely in my wetness. My pussy gripped his finger tightly. I purred a little and moved my hips rhythmically with his hand. I felt another finger being pushed in and released my grip to give it easy access. Suddenly I was lying with legs apart being frantically fingered by my daddy!

Daddy was eagerly finger fucking me while brushing my clit expertly with his thumb. His tongue was in my mouth, licking my teeth and exploring my brace. This was perfect; I had never felt such an intense groundswell of ecstasy as now engulfed my body. I was gonna explode with pure pleasure.

The big one hit me like a car crash; I lost all control of my body as it shook with spasms of intense, unrelenting orgasm. I screamed and cried with the crashing tsunami of pure pleasure that flooded my body. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I sobbed in complete satisfaction.

“Oh daddy-y-y!” I cried. “I love you-u-u!”

“And daddy loves you too darling” he whispered back proudly.

My thighs closed tightly on daddy’s hand, gripping it and keeping his fingers deep in me as I hugged him tight, feeling his face pressed into my neck. I wanted this feeling to last forever.

I guess I fell asleep pretty quickly, not for long, but when I awoke daddy was gone from my room and so, I realised later, were my teddy bear panties!

To be continued…

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