Daddy Does Me in the Bathroom

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Amy Brooke

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


I’d got a text from my daddy while he was on his way home. It told me to ‘be ready’. This meant he’d expect me naked and waiting for him by the door. I always got excited when I received these texts, ever since we started having sex, these texts are my favourite thing!

He opened the door with more force than was necessary, but I didn’t question it. Maybe he was just excited too. “Follow me” he snarled. I did as I was told and followed him through the living room and up the stairs, I thought we were going to his bedroom, or mine, but he entered the bathroom. I got a little more excited, maybe we’d be showering together.

Once we were in there, I watched as he splashed water on his face and started to take his clothes off.

Daddy was always rough, but today he wasn’t stopping when I asked. He was in a bad mood and was taking it out on me, I could tell something had happened at work. He pushed his huge cock into me as hard, deep and fast as he possibly could. I grabbed hold of the bathroom counter, to balance myself.

“Daddy, please slow down now” I panted, gripping the counter harder.

“Shut the fuck up, slut.” He pushed into me and stayed there, stuffing me. He reached around and started to rub my clit, fast. “Ooooh” I moaned, as I did, daddy slapped my pussy as hard as he could and pulled right out of me. “Turn around, now” he ordered. I took a deep breath and did as he said. He surprised me by kneeling down in front of me, he spread my pussy lips and pushed into me with his tongue, I tried to tip toe to get him to stop, he was always so rough when he ate me out, even when he wasn’t in a bad mood, he made me beg to cum but would never let me.

He pulled down on my hips, keeping my feet flat to the floor and sucked, hard. I felt my knees start to give way, I was going to cum, and soon. “Daddy, please can I cum?” I almost screamed. He started to nibble. I was going to cum, hard. I grabbed the back of daddy’s head, trying to keep his tongue inside of me. Seconds before I would have cum, he removed his head from my now dripping pussy and slapped it again.

“No, you cannot” he said as he stood up.

He grabbed me around my waist and lifted me onto the counter, before I could say anything else he slammed himself back inside me, I screamed and threw my arms around his neck, he didn’t stop.

He was grunting every time his cock entered me. He gripped my hips harder, it casino şirketleri hurt. “Daddy, you’re hurting me.” I panted, unable to catch my breath.

“Baby girl, I do not care. Now. Shut. Up.” He said the last words while pushing his cock in as hard as he could. I tried to use my arms around his neck to lift myself up slightly, he was being too rough today! “That’s it” He growled. He lifted me off the counter top and turned us around, pushing my back up against the door.

He started to push in me hard again, so hard my back scraped against the wooden door, causing even more pain. He was now using my weight to fuck me harder, he’d lift me slightly and then leave me to slide down the door, down onto his cock, all while still pumping into me. I gripped his shoulders harder “Fuck, daddy!” I didn’t know this time if I was telling him to slow down or speed up, I could no longer tell if I was enjoying this or just wanted it to end. My pussy had gone slightly numb and that helped.

Without warning, daddy pulled me from the door, still inside me, and lowered me to the floor. He got a little slower now, pumping at a speed we’d normally go. Rough but not too rough. He started to suck of my right nipple, using his hand to twist the other one. “Oh, yes. Thank you daddy.” I breathed as he continued to slow his speed down, making it actually enjoyable.

“This isn’t for you.” He said around my nipple.

He started to speed up after that, I felt an orgasm coming on, “Daddy, can I cum, please?”

“No.” He grunted as he continued to get faster. I griped his shoulders, he bit my nipple.

“Oh god, please!” I screamed.

He didn’t answer, which meant no. I griped his shoulders tighter, I couldn’t keep my orgasm in, but I didn’t want to be punished, he was in too much of a bad mood right now.

“Please. Please daddy, I need to cum!” He bit my nipple again. “FUCK, please daddy!”

“Please what?” He slammed in to me, hard.

“Please can I cum?” His hand moved from my nipple, down to my clit.

“Can you cum what?” He started rubbing my clit.

“PLEASE CAN I CUM DADDY?” I screamed, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I pushed down on his huge cock, digging my fingernails into his shoulders. My back arched, the orgasm ripped through me like nothing I’d experienced before.

“Shit” I couldn’t catch my breath. Daddy didn’t slow down during my orgasm, something he usually does.

“I didn’t say you could cum, did I?” He growled casino firmaları after my body stopped shuddering from my orgasm. “No.”

He gripped my nipple so hard, before twisting it. I tried not to scream in pain. He then slapped my breast before pulling his cock out of my pussy.

“Stand up.” I did as he said, my legs shaky, he turned me around to face the bathroom counter again, he bent me over it and before I could say anything else he slapped my ass, harder than he ever had before. “Count.” “One” I cried.

He slapped again, just as hard. “Two”

He slapped me again, in the same place, harder than the last time. I screamed, gripping the counter as hard as I could. “Say it.” “Three.” A tear slid down my face.

“Daddy, this hurts too much.””Shut” Slap. “Up” Slap. He continued to slap my ass, seeming not to care that I’d stopped counting.

“Open your ass for daddy.” He said, grabbing his cock with one hand and my hip with the other.

“Daddy, no.” I said, shocked. We’d only tired anal once, I hadn’t enjoyed it and it had hurt. He’d stopped half way though, saying he’d never hurt me.

“Do it.” He snarled as he slapped my ass. I moved my hands round to my ass, spreading the cheeks slowly. My breasts were flat against the counter-top.

The head of his cock rested at the opening. I didn’t really think he’d go through with it, but before I could ask him again to stop, I felt his spit slide down my crack, and he pushed the head of his cock into my ass.

“FUCKKKK!” I screamed in pain and moved my hands off my ass cheeks to push back on his stomach, he grabbed my hands and held them both in one of his, he pushed them up, behind my back, forcing my head further down, pushing my breasts flatter into the counter top.

“God, this is fucking great baby.” He grunted as he started to slowly pull back out my asshole.

“Daddy, please take it out.” I begged as I felt his hand that wasn’t holding mine in the air move down to my left ass cheek. “No.” Was all he said as he pushed back into me, not fast, but hard.

I gritted my teeth and let out a breath, making a hissing sound. “You’ll get used to it, just like you got used to being pounded, like the fucking slut you are.” He said as he started to speed up, no longer sliding slowly in and almost out, but starting to pick up to a normal speed.

Just as I was about to beg him to stop, he slid his hand from my ass cheek to my clit, it shocked me because the pain güvenilir casino in my ass was starting to fade and adding daddy rubbing my clit made it actually quite pleasurable. “Oh, oh, daddy, oh yes!” I started to moan, once he realised I was enjoying it, he let my arms down, I used my hands to push up off the counter and push back onto daddy’s cock in my ass. “I told you my little fucking whore would start to enjoy it.” He growled as he started to speed up again.

Five minutes of this and I was panting hard, begging to cum once again, “Daddy, please can I cum?” I just managed to get out before he slid two fingers inside my pussy. The shock of the pleasure made me jump and huff out a loud breath.

“No baby, not again, not before daddy” he slammed his cock harder into my ass. I moaned loudly again, needing to cum. His cock still inside my ass, he removed his fingers from my pussy and told me to stand up. I tried as much as I could with his cock firmly inside my asshole.

He reached around and grabbed both my nipples, turned me towards the door again and pushed me forward, I placed both my hands on the door and he got right back to work, almost lifting me of my feet with the force he was entering me.

“Fuck, baby this is amazing. We’re gonna do anal more often.” I winced as he gripped my nipple with too much force.

“Daddy, please can I have your cum in my ass?” I asked, if he came, then I’d be able to cum.

“You want daddy’s cum in your ass baby?” He whispered in my ear as he squeezed my breasts.

“Yes please.” I breathed, I really needed to cum! Without asking him again, he sped up just a little more, grabbed my upper arms and thrust into my ass one more time, again almost lifting me off the ground as he did. He grunted and I felt his cum enter my asshole, causing me more pleasure than I was expecting. “Oh fuck daddy, yes. YES!”

“You like daddy’s cum in your ass?” He grunted, still cumming.

“Yes daddy, oh god yes!” I panted, almost cumming myself. “Can I cum now Daddy?” I begged. Daddy kept himself inside me, stuffing me, then he leant forwards, his chest touching my back and moved his right hand down to my pussy, pushing three fingers inside.

I almost screamed before he grunted “Cum now!” I let myself cum, I shuddered, making it more intense as I could feel Daddy’s cock still in my ass, I moaned loudly, panting and sweating. “Thank you daddy” I muttered through my orgasm.

“You’re welcome babygirl, I feel much better now, Daddy is sorry he was a little rough with you today, please forgive me?” Daddy kissed the back of my neck as I stopped shuddering from my orgasm, both his fingers and cock still inside of me.

“I forgive you Daddy.”

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