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**I would like to thank Rach357113 for her time editing this story**

I do not understand what’s going on. It seems like no matter what, I am always horny. My hard dick today seems to be pushing against my pants, a hard on like a flag pole, ever since I saw Nikki earlier. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt, and boy did she look very so beautiful.

I rush home after classes, run up stairs and lock my door; I press the power button on my computer. I undo my belt buckle, unzip my pants and they fall to the ground. As I walk across the room, I glance in the mirror as I pass.

I think I look pretty good for 20 years old. My body is slim, I have long hair. My ears are pierced and I have the makings of a six. I stand almost 6 feet tall, with blue eyes. My dick is a respectable 7″ and I shave. Not a hair anywhere below my head, I have found girls really like that.

Once my computer is on, I go to my favorite web page. There she is, Nikki Irish, a beautiful, 22 year old classmate. She is 5’7″ tall, long reddish hair; in the picture I am looking at she is wearing a red two piece bikini.

“What beautiful fuckin’ legs” I say to myself. Her legs are so smooth, long and slender. One time in class, I remember I accidentally touched her bare leg, sent a shock wave up through my body. My hand reaches to my cock, and grips it. I close my eyes, and I start to imagine…

Nikki and I are lying in bed. The top to her bikini is removed. Our lips meet, our tongues are intertwined. My hand is on her beautiful 32B tit, her hard nipple, pinching it. I can hear her softly moan. My tongue moves down to her neck, I make my way from her shoulder blade right up to the most sensitive spot behind her ear and back down again, gently kissing, licking and ever so lightly nipping at the soft skin with my teeth.

I continue down through the valley between her tits and lick and kiss the canlı bahis fleshy mound, getting close but not quite reaching her rock hard, pierced nipple. She whimpers, letting me know where she wants my mouth to be and feels my warm breath on it just a split second before my tongue flicks across her left nipple.

My mouth covers her whole nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth. “Ohhh, fuck that feels good” moans Nikki. She holds my head against her breast and runs her fingers through my hair.

My hand follows her stomach towards her belly button. It is pierced, with a small chain with a diamond attached to the bottom of it. I continue down, reaching the waist band of her bikini.

I move my hand over her bikini, in between her waiting legs. The soft cloth of her bikini bottom is smooth and silky. I can feel warmth resonating from under the cloth. Her bikini was slightly moist; I can feel her clit starting to become hard. My hard throbbing cock twitches in anticipation of being buried in the warmth of her pussy.

I have thought of this day for many years. With one last gentle nip on her nipple with my teeth, my tongue slowly makes its way down to her belly button, gently licking and swirling around it, then following the same path as my hand. I trace it on top of her bikini, biting her clit through it.

“Quit fuckin’ teasing me” she moans loudly “put your mouth on my pussy or fuck me..I don’t care”. With that, I ripped off her bikini bottoms. Staring at me is a beautiful, moist pink pussy. She has it nicely trimmed with a clit ring.

As I get closer to it with my tongue, I can smell the beautiful aroma coming from it. Her juices are already flowing, leaking down her lips and in between her ass crack.

My tongue is met with the loudest moan, the pleasures of my expert tongue touching her clit are shown. It dances around her clit, exploring ever inch it has to offer; while at the same bahis siteleri time my hands are pinching her nipples.

Every second my tongue tastes her sweet juices drives me crazy. My cock starts leaking pre cum and it seems as though it gets even harder than it already was. The sweet smell coming from her pussy juices are driving me insane, wanting to so badly sink my hard cock in to her slippery pussy. I want to feel her cunt squeeze my hard shaft as she cums.

My tongue goes a few centimeters down where the warmth and juices are originating from. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her pussy. It is soft and warm, her juices taste like heaven.

My hands are lightly pulling at her nipples, twisting them as I do. I can see her eyes are closed, enjoying the pleasure of which I bestow. “Oh…god that feels great” she exclaims, her hands pulling my hair. Her nice smooth legs are squeezing against the side of my head keeping it in place “oh…oh” she says, thrusting her hips up against my face trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper inside her pulsating pussy, in a sense, face fucking me. “um..” She is biting her lower lip “uh, fuck, uh..uh..” Her voice is getting louder and louder as I can sense her climax is nearing

“Oh shit…don’t stop, don’t…fuck, fuck..” She cries “fuck oh yes, don’t stop…..UUUUHHHHHHHH” and with that, her already tight pussy gets tighter around my tongue and her as she comes my tongue is flooded with her climax. “oh shit” she states, “That was so good, no one has ever made me cum like that with their mouth before.”

I climb back up towards her, our faces next to each other. Again our lips meet, our tongues intertwine, she moans deeply as she tastes her juices on my mouth and tongue. She climbs upon me, kissing my neck, running her tongue down to my nipple. She giggles as she lightly bites it. She runs her tongue down to my stomach. Her right hand gripping my hard bahis şirketleri cock, slowly jerking it.

She continues down, her tongue a mere inch away from the tip of my waiting manhood.

Pre-cum has formed, her tongue licks up the thick clear liquid, her eyes are staring straight into mine. Her beautiful red colored lips wrap around the tip, her tongue stroking the top.

She seems to take it easily, sliding down until her lips are touching my pelvis. Her cock sucking skills make it swell another inch in her mouth. The pleasure of her soft lips around my shaft, her tongue playing with my tip, I knew it was pure magical. Her head comes up, back to the tip as she starts to stroke the now wet shaft. Her other hand massages my balls. With every stroke, I come closer to orgasmic relief. Nikki is one of the, if not the greatest blow job queens I have ever had.

Her eyes lock on mine as she smiles, lowering her head again to deep throat my dick.

I close my eyes, lay my head back and lose myself in pleasure.

I wonder if this pleasure I’m feeling, is it real? Could anything be as good as this?

The rhythm of her bobbing head gets faster, a mixture of pre-cum and saliva on her lips and cheek. The faster she goes, the more I need to cum and the more I moan.

“Ohh..” I moaned, “right there, oh yes” I could feel my orgasm creeping up from deep within me, “fuck baby.. that’s it, ooo…keep sucking, oh yes baby” I groan as I feel my balls tighten. ‘Oh shit Nikki that feels so good…. Don’t stop, yeah baby, fuck I am close”

The explosion hot me like a tidal wave. I grab her head and push it down. My cum hits the back of her throat. She gags a little but stays until she has extracted every bit last drop of cum from my well sucked, satisfied cock

She slowly raises her head, a little bit of cum drips out and she quickly licks it up. She crawls up to me gives me a passionate kiss….

When I open my eyes, I see my cum is all over my stomach and hand. My dick has retreated, being exhausted as he is I grab a towel and clean up my mess. I plop down on my bed and close my eyes, soon I am fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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