Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. Remember that the term ‘teen’ can refer to a person who is 18 or 19 years of age!

This is the continuing saga of the Idol of Lesbos, which has been put to film by Margo Sullivan. I’m proud to say that my taboo story has succeeded in making headway into the adult industry. Enjoy a trip into my fantasy world!

The Idol of Lesbos Part IV

Day 15: Saturday

The guest house in the back of the property was dark as Phillip and Bridgett lay in bed, his touch felt like manhandling and nothing was working for the married mother of two. Perhaps it was the long drive, perhaps it was the fact that they were not at home. She felt excited, but nothing seemed to be working as her husband tried to move his way on top of her.

“Bridgett, what the hell is wrong with you?” he whispered.

She looked away, “I don’t know! Maybe I’m tired?”

He climbed off of her frustrated, his stiff dick unserviced yet again. This was their vacation and they had a nice secluded place away from the prying ears of their daughters, and his wife chose this time to go frigid on him. “Whatever. I’m so fucking horny and you want to be a cold fish.”

“Hey! That’s not fair! Honey, where are you going?”

Phillip threw on his robe and walked down to the small kitchenette. “To get some water,” he called back. “Go to sleep.”

The guest house was sizable and two people could be very comfortable for a long time here. He was secretly jealous, wishing he could have afforded the property his brother-in-law bought for his family. “Ex-brother-in-law,” he reminded himself.

He peered out the window at the property across the fence and noticed the lights were on in their bedroom. He saw a young woman, naked from the shoulders down at least, embraced in a passionate kiss. It was a reasonable distance away, but he could clearly make out a pair of arms around her, groping her ass and running across her back. His cock, still at half-mast from his near-interlude with his wife, went fully erect at the sight.

As the woman turned, Phillips was startled to see it was another girl kissing her! His sister-in-law had lesbian neighbors! What a show! His hand reached into his robe and formed a fist around his penis, jerking off at the voyeuristic sight. They were both brunette and both had ample breasts that seemed to rub against each other in the window pane. One pushed the other over and they both disappeared from view, no doubt embracing under the bedroom window and out of view. He played with himself for another minute before he disappointingly concluded that show was over.

Perhaps a cold shower was in order? It was going to be a long night.

Day 16: Saturday

Phillip was outside the next morning with Jennifer and Vanessa, loading his golf clubs into the back of his van. When his fresh morning moves were swatted away by his sleepy wife, he decided to get up and head to the main house to find some breakfast. Dallas was already awake making breakfast for her daughters while his were still asleep.

Phillip turned to his tallish niece Jennifer, “Well, your Aunt Bridgett isn’t up yet. You sure this is okay with her? I thought we were doing a family thing today.”

Jennifer smiled back at him, “No worries, Uncle Phillip. This is our present to you. Eighteen holes at the best golf course in the area.”

“You girls can’t afford this-“

Vanessa chimed, “Well, we all pitched in.”

“Yeah,” Jennifer reassured him with a hug, “And you are totally worth it, Uncle Phillip. So stay out as late as you want. Besides, we’re making today a girl thing.”

Vanessa giggled to herself at her sister’s comment, but her uncle didn’t pay it much attention, assuming that they had some inside joke that sisters often do. Phillip knew that something like this would piss off Bridgett in the worst way, but after leaving him high and dry last night and this morning he was feeling particularly vindictive.

He shrugged and closed the hatch to the van, “I have the best nieces in the world. Tell your aunt to call me on the cell phone if she needs me.”

They each gave him one last hug before Phillip climbed into the van and programmed the address of the golf course into the GPS. The distance readout showed sixty-five miles away and the time en route was ninety five minutes. He opened the passenger window and called to Jennifer, “Hey Jen, is this the correct address?”

Jennifer cocked her head to the side and walked up to the van, “It should be. Why?”

“It’s over an hour and a half away. That seems like a long way to go for golf. Isn’t there a course your dad used to go to right up the way?”

“Yeah, but everyone told me the one we reserved for you was the best around. Trust me, it will be worth it. Besides, we can’t get a refund if you don’t go.”

Phillip sighed. It was a long ass drive, but he didn’t want their gift to go unappreciated. Waving to his nieces one more time, he drove out onto the street and made casino şirketleri his way to the main road. If he pushed it, he would just barely make the tee-off time.

The incestuous sisters looked at each other and smiled wickedly as their uncle drove away. Holding hands they walked back into the house and shut the door.

** **

Bridgett tried masturbating in the shower but somehow couldn’t achieve an orgasm. The water danced on her body and tantalized her nipples as her fingertips moved quickly over her clit. It was no use, however. Nothing was getting her there — not even her favorite movie star fantasy. She gave up, shut off the water, and dolled herself up for the day. Dallas mentioned something last night about an all-girl’s day they were going to have, but wouldn’t be specific other than to say she should dress lightly. So donning a pretty summer dress, Bridgett walked across the backyard and into the main house through the kitchen door. She was expecting Phillip and the rest of the girls to be in the dining room or kitchen but there was neither hide nor hair of anybody. Dallas’ house was as still as a meadow.

She called out, “Hello? Phillip? Dallas? Girls? Anybody?”

Bridgett heard noises from the living room and made her way to the spacious room with vaulted ceilings. The TV was a flat screen that dwarfed their television at home. She stared at it mouth agape, but not because of its size. On the screen there were two women naked and shoving vibrators into each other. She could tell it was a DVD because the case was just discarded on the coffee table right along a stack of other lesbian DVDs. Bridgett looked around confused and disgusted, trying to figure out who would have left this filth on the television. She picked up the stack of DVDs and read through them…

Best of Lesbians 4 hours, Carpet Munchers, Pussy Lickers, Dyking Out, Lipstick Lesbos, Toys No Boys, No Man’s Land…

She dropped them back on the table. “What the fuck? Dallas!” Her sister needed to know about this nonsense. Scanning the room, Bridgett failed to find any of the remote controls — it was like somebody wanted her to find this playing but not shut it off. And she had a good idea who that was moments later. Vanessa walked around the corner wearing a T-Shirt that read “Pussy Whore” and cut-off jeans that were way, way too high up.

Vanessa walked up with the remote controls in her hand, an innocent expression taped on her face, “Good morning, Aunt Bridgett. What’s wrong?”

Bridgett snapped the remote controls from her niece, “Vanessa, what the hell is all this shit? And what are you wearing?”

Vanessa smiled, “You like it? Jennifer got it for me. Don’t you think it makes me look sexy?”

“Jennifer?” she stammered, “your sister bought that? For you? No! I don’t like it. It’s revolting. Listen, young lady. Is all this shit yours? I don’t want my girls seeing this crap, so you clean up all your movies here and take off that shirt immediately.”

“Are you sure you don’t want them seeing it? This movie is really hot. The girls are so attractive, and they have this one scene with a double dildo that gets me so wet.”

Bridgett was convinced she was either in the Twilight Zone or a really tasteless Candid Camera. Her niece –who she was sure had a boyfriend- was dressed like a whore and talking about lesbian porn like it was a prime time television show. It was so bizarre that she didn’t see or hear Jennifer sneaking up behind. The older niece was the tallest one in the family (taking after her father) and used her long arms as leverage to grab her aunt’s arm and bend it backward. Bridgett felt the younger woman grab her by the hair and pull her over to a chair, forcing her down on it.

Bridgett screamed, “Fuck! Let go, Jennifer! Let go! I am telling your mother!”

Jennifer grunted as she struggled to keep her aunt in check, “Sorry, Aunt Bridgett. We’re not putting the movies away. In fact, we left them out just for you.”

Bridgett and Jennifer struggled for a few moments before Vanessa grabbed a frying pan and lifted it up in the air. She let it sail down to her aunt’s head and for Bridgett the room went dark, the pang from the metal being the last sound she remembered before passing out.

** ** **

When Aunt Bridgett came to, she found herself tied up in the chair with a gag ball in her mouth (although she had no idea what to actually call it), her arms bound, and her legs tied so that they are spread open. Naked except for her bra and panties, Bridgett noticed that she was facing the TV with the lesbian video on. Another scene was playing and she had no idea if it was the same disk or not. How long had she been out for? The clock on the wall was just out of sight, but as she turned she could see Jennifer standing behind her, licking a vibrator in front of her aunt, purposefully getting it slick with her spit.

“I have brand new batteries for you, Auntie Bridgett,” Jennifer taunted evilly. “You will definitely like this toy.” The casino firmaları blonde niece knelt down in between her secured thighs and pulled back on her panties. Bridgett screamed into the gag and flexed her thighs to get away, but it was no use. She was trussed up so well that she couldn’t even move the chair. It was terrifying and terrible; her own niece was pulling her panties to the side and working the vibrator along her mound. She tickled Bridgett’s clit before rubbing the sex toy up and down along her pussy lips. Soon it was being wound up into her channel and Bridgett cried in desperation as her demented niece violated her hole and shoved the vibrator into her. The curved end seemed to find her G-spot as Jennifer pulled her panties back over the end of the vibrator, holding it in place deep up in her.

She was mortified as her hips seemed to move on their own, grinding as best they could while tied up, the incredible sexual pleasure conflicting with the disgusting act of lesbian rape at the hands of her own family member. All the while a perverted lesbian display moaned and wailed across the screen in front of her.

“Let’s leave you here to think about how you want your day to go, Auntie Bridgett.” Jennifer kissed her aunt on the cheek before flicking her tongue across her earlobe.

Bridgett was alone in the living room, scared to death as to what might happen as her body and mind fought for control. All last night and all this morning she desperately needed to orgasm, and here she was with her pussy on fire watching two girls dyke it out on the screen. One’s tongue was buried up in the other’s pussy as they both wiggled and writhed in pleasure. Bridgett fought to ignore the pleasure building but it was no use. An exceptional orgasm was manifesting deep inside her and the lack of control she had over stopping it seemed only to make matters worse, stretching out the experience, accumulating the sexual tension deep down. Helpless and strung to the chair, the orgasm ripped through her middle-aged body, causing her whole person to shake. But the vibrator was still deep up inside of her and Bridgett began to spasm and jerk almost painfully as the post-coital stimulation sent her practically into a seizure. Bridgett looked away from the screen and was crying now, her mascara dripping down the sides of her cheeks as the vibrator continued to buzz away up inside her juicy pussy. ..

It was difficult to judge how long she remained like that…. Minutes? Seconds? Hours? All Bridgett knew was the vibrator was being pulled from her vagina by her niece Jennifer and turned off. She tried to catch her breath but it was difficult to breathe with the rubber ball in her mouth. She felt her drool escaping the corners of her lips and dripping down her chin to land on her thigh. In the meanwhile, Jennifer made her way behind her, rubbing her shoulders and massaging her flesh deeply.

“So, Aunt Bridgett. You like watching lesbian porn?” Jennifer sounded demented as she whispered in her ear.

Bridgett shook her head no. As she turned she could see Vanessa standing there looking as crazed as her sister. It didn’t make sense. None of this made sense! How could Dallas’ daughters have become this cruel and twisted?

“Are you sure?” Jennifer teased, “I’ll give you a choice. You can watch the lesbian porn or something else. You pick.”

Jennifer pulled the gag out of her aunt’s mouth long enough for Bridgett to sputter out, “Not this. Anything else!” Jennifer then shoved the gag back in before her aunt’s protests began.

Jennifer smiled at Vanessa, “You heard her. She would watch ANYTHING else but this. Go get them.”

Jennifer turned the TV off as Vanessa disappeared out of view. Them? What was ‘them’? Were they sex toys or some other type of porn that they would subject her to? And where was Phillip? Dallas? Her daughters?

That last question was unfortunately answered as Vanessa led her cousins Cammy and Saylaa into the living room, each of them holding hands with the other as her daughters were presented in front of her. Bridgett knew something was wrong with them instantly. Both wore identical raunchy schoolgirl outfits with tight tops and short plaid skirts. Both her daughter wore white thigh-high stockings and high heeled shoes. Both had their hair in pigtails. Both stood there smiling and giggling, their hands clasped together as they waved their arms back and forth in a juvenile way.

Jennifer circled around Saylaa and Cammy with a strange wooden statue in her hands. “I bet you’re wondering why everyone is acting so strangely, aren’t you? You see this, Auntie Bridgett? It is a very special statue. It speaks to me. It speaks to all of us. It shows us things. Tells us things. It whispers and pushes and suggests and forces and plays and taunts. We were just going to use it on you, but the idol wanted you to remain ‘unaffected’ for a little while. It wants you to see your daughters and how much happier they are now…”

Jennifer slid the Idol of Lesbos seductively güvenilir casino along Cammy’s arm and then Saylaa’s. They both shuddered with its touch, whatever unseen power that came from the statue sending forbidden thrills across their flesh.

Jennifer teased her aunt further still, “Did you know your daughters are lesbians? It’s true. I watched them licking each other all night long. I even ‘sampled’ my cute little cousins this morning. They both love the taste of pussy…. The touch of another girl….”

While her tortuous words spilled off her tongue, Jennifer walked behind Cammy and reached around under her plaid skirt and into her panties, kissing and biting her neck as she did. Vanessa returned and mimicked her big sister by performing the same act on her cousin Saylaa. Bridgett’s daughters moaned in pleasure as their cousins fondled them from behind.

Bridgett shook her head violently back and forth and yelled through the gag for her daughters to stop. She never wanted anything like this for them. There were hypothetical questions every parent would ask such as ‘what would you do if your child was gay?’ But this wasn’t about being gay. This was about her daughters engaged in perverse sex with their own family!

Jennifer and Vanessa turned their cousins close to each other, face to face, breast to breast. Jennifer seductively whispered to them both, “Put on a show for your mother. Let her see what naughty little sluts you’ve become.”

Jennifer and Vanessa backed away and behind Bridgett’s tied up form while Saylaa and Cammy swirled their tongues in each other’s mouths and ground their thighs against each other.

Saylaa looked right at her mother, “Watch us, mommy.”

Cammy joined in, “Yeah, watch us mom. Watch us while we do all sorts of naughty things to each other.”

Bridgett’s screams were loud even when stoppered by the gag. She hopped fruitlessly the chair, struggling at the sight of her daughters French kissing. Cammy and Saylaa followed their cousin’s directions for sure, putting on a show, seemingly getting off on how dirty they were acting.

Behind her, Bridgett heard Vanessa talking in a worried voice to Jennifer, “Maybe we should use the Idol on her now.”

Jennifer dismissed her sister, “No. We have all day long. Besides, I’m enjoying this too much, showing her that we’ve turned her sweet daughters into a couple of incestuous dykes.”

Saylaa and Cammy slid to the ground, sat next to each other, legs spread in the direction of their mom, rubbing each other’s pussies. Bridgett closed her eyes in desperation, wishing that it was some type of horrible nightmare. She turned her head as far as she could trying to avoid the sexual moans coming from her own daughters, but Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard. Bridgett’s eyes instinctively opened as Jennifer held her aunt’s head forcefully in place.

“I didn’t say you could turn away, Auntie Bridgett! Watch them or you’ll be sorry!” Jennifer sounded as if she meant it, so Bridgett looked straight ahead and observed her kids through tear filled eyes mutually masturbating each other. To make matters worse, Vanessa dropped to her knees at Bridgett’s side and began manipulating the vibrator into Bridgett’s panties once more this time rubbing her clit with it.

Saylaa cooed, “Mommy, it feels soooo good being a lesbian. You’ll want it too. I promise. It will feel better than anything you’ve ever experienced.”

“Yeah, mom,” Cammy soothed, “we love it. We’ll never want a boy ever again. Your little girls are pussy lickers now. Watch us!”

Her daughters lapped each other to orgasm after orgasm while Jennifer and Vanessa forced Bridgett to observe every horrible moment. Her daughters and nieces were under some evil spell, held bound by this idol which made them do twisted things to each other. Although it didn’t seem they were forced at all. No…. The idol seemed to force them to want lesbian sex with each other, which seemed a trivial distinction at this point. What mattered was her daughters were committing incest with each other and reveling in their dark behavior while Bridgett sat helpless. And it was happening again! Another orgasm! It couldn’t be! No, no, no, no… Not while watching this… Not while watching her own daughters have sex with each other…

But it was and it was shockingly powerful. Bridgett started to whimper and scream into the gag again, disgusted as the forced orgasm gave her pleasure.

“Did that feel good, Aunt Bridgett?” Vanessa smiled. “Good. We have all day to do this…”

** ** **

It was dark as Phillip drove up in the cab to his sister-in-law’s house. He had gone golfing, headed back to the house, and then decided to stop in at a strip club. The girls were smoking hot and it seemed the perfect way to round off a guy’s solo day out. The lap dance was so good that he actually blew a load in his pants and was forced to clean up before it stained the front of his pants. Of course the alcohol was a bit much and –at the forceful request of one of the bouncers- Phillip took a cab home. He’d have to come up with some excuse to get the van by himself so his daughters or wife didn’t find out where he had parked it, but consequences weren’t big on his mind that evening.

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