Curious Kitten

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Melanie would ever be cursed to hell, she’d find herself doing laundry for eternity. She wasn’t sure why exactly it was that she loathed it so but loathed she did.

This day wasn’t any different than the others. The morning had found her lazily crawling from her bed into her shower, followed by cartoons she was far too old to be watching, then eventually cramming all her chores into the remaining few hours before her parents returned home from work. Naturally, laundry was last on her list of things to do.

Sighing heavily, Melanie drudged through the menial task of washing, drying, folding, and hanging the clothes. There wasn’t a tremendous amount to do, but for three people in a household, more than an ample amount accumulated throughout the week. It was no surprise that the majority of it was hers, after all, what eighteen year old can ever wear the first thing they pull out of the closet? Nevertheless, her pout remained glued to her lips, and her disdain for the job at hand was less than subtle.

The last shirt hung, last socks paired, and final pants pressed, her heart lifted as she gathered the clothes to put away.

“How is it that my pile is always the largest?” she mused, knowing damn well the answer to the question. Her own pile was put away in two trips to her bedroom.

Melanie gathered her mother’s small mountain of clothing and walked them upstairs to the master bedroom. She hung the blouses and pants neatly in her mother’s closet, and then skipped to the dresser to put away the socks and panties. Her mother’s taste was a tad risqué when it came to panties, mostly consisting of sheer lacey thongs. Holding up a particularly naughty pair to her own hips, Melanie giggled at the thought of wearing such a thing to school, let alone to work.

“Mom, you never cease to amaze your darling daughter…” she laughed, then placed the panties back into their proper place in the drawer. As she did so, her hand brushed against a shoebox, hidden in the back of the drawer. “What’s this?”

Melanie delicately pulled the box from its hiding place, and sat on the edge of the bed as she removed the lid. She half expected there to be cash, jewelry, or even old checkbooks, but, o was she wrong. Her face flushed and her breath caught in her throat as she realized what it was she was holding. Blindfolds, handcuffs, and various battery powered devices filled the box.

Instinct moved her hands to slam the lid back onto the box, but sheer curiosity held her back. bahis firmaları Each item was pulled from the box gingerly by her shaking hands, and examined thoroughly as though trying to piece together the clues from some erotic crime.

The blindfold was first. Satin and smooth, Melanie slipped it over her eyes and marveled at the coolness suddenly befalling her skin. her fingertips traced up her bare thighs to her shorts, and she relished in the delightfully wicked feeling that was creeping into the back of her mind.

“I wonder which one wears this?” she wondered aloud of her parents. Knowing her mother, she would venture to guess it was her.

The handcuffs were much heavier than she had originally thought. She didn’t dare fasten the steel rings around her wrists, but all the same she imagined what it would be like to wear them. Images of her wrists bound to the head of the bed flooded her mind. Her thoughts pressed further, imagining wearing the blindfold as well as the cuffs, and feeling as some strong lover’s body slid down hers.

Those thoughts quickly turned to images of her father’s friend, Nathan, whose body had tortured her innumerable times when he came to their home. She dreamed of his glistening body as he pulled himself from their pool, with his trunks clinging to his very obvious gift. Already she was squirming at the thought. As her imaginary lover lifted the blindfold from her eyes, her fantasy came to life.

She could almost feel his warm skin pressing against her. What she wouldn’t give to feel as his arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a forbidden embrace, kissing her so softly and deeply at the same time.

Melanie’s eyes snapped back open. She chastised herself for having such thoughts about Nathan. After all, he was very nearly twenty years her senior. Embarrassed, she tried very to put the thoughts out of her mind. She shook her head and started putting away the contents of the box. Ah, but curiosity would again stop her.

Melanie bit her lip and decided to continue in her venture into her mother’s secret sexuality. Various ticklers and brightly colored condoms filled smaller spaces between the toys. There was a T shaped object she wasn’t quite sure the use of, and beads ranging in size that could be used for God knows what. There was a small egg shaped object with a long cord and what appeared to be a controller that lacked batteries. And of course, there was a rather unmistakable phallic shaped object that Melanie didn’t dare touch. It was thick, purple, and had what appeared to kaçak iddaa be strands of beads encircling the 8 inch shaft. Something inside her began to burn at the thought of how that must feel, and what exactly the beads were for.

Crimson filled Melanie’s cheeks, and she decided to move on to the last object in the box. There was a small cylindrical object that vaguely resembled a mascara tube. She delicately fingered it and gave it a twist, half expecting it to open. Instead, it sprung to life and began to furiously vibrate in her hands. The vibrator slipped from her shocked fingers and dumped into her lap, falling squarely onto her sweet little button. The shock and intensity flooded her immediately as the toy danced across her panty-clad clit.

Her nipples perked and screamed their presence through the thin fabric of her blouse, begging for a lick, a touch, a suck, a pinch! Immediately, the images of Nathan sprang into her mind. Her hips pressed forward involuntarily and her breath caught in her throat as she realized exactly what was happening. Her hand searched madly for that buzzing source of pleasure, finally finding it and grasping tightly around it, and pressing it harder against her young button. Soon her mind was abuzz with flashes of fantasy and desire. Flesh on flesh, grinding, pressing, thrusting… so many thoughts at once!

Melanie laid back onto the bed and dipped her hand, along with the toy, into her panties, desperate for a more fulfilling sensation. Her knees spread slowly as the fantasies slowly filtered themselves down to one. Her heart pounded and body ached as she finally allowed her mind to drift to her imaginary lover once more.

“Oh God yesss…” she moaned, breathless. She could almost feel his face between her thighs; the gloriously coarse sensations of his unshaven face first thing in the morning nuzzling into her sweet sex; the way his tongue would dive into her as he sucked her clit and brought her just out of reach of climax time and time again. “Mmm, Sir, I need you so badly! Oooh God, please Nathan, fuck me!”

She was so close, but, still she lacked something to make her feel satisfied. Melanie’s legs quivered as she fumbled for the box of toys. She wanted… no… she NEEDED more! She quickly found the one thing she sought to complete her fantasy: the thick purple dildo.

“Am I really going to do this?” she asked aloud, fingers trembling. The pulsing had yet to subside in her wanton pussy and she knew the answer already. She pushed her panties down hurriedly, not daring to pause for kaçak bahis even a second before laying back onto the bed, else she may not have the courage to go on. She needed it. She found a button on the toy, and flicked it into the “on” position. The beads that wrapped around the phallus spun into action, slowly orbiting the shaft. Her eyes widened and she flicked it back to “off.” Baby steps, she thought to herself with a giggle.

She positioned herself just right and began to fantasize about Nathan dragging his cock along her clit. Her thoughts turned carnal, and soon she was growling words she had never dared to think before.

“Oh Nathan, own me! Oh that’s it! Fuck your little whore!” She groaned as she allowed the tip of the toy to graze against her tight hole. Slowly…so slowly…she pressed the tip inside. She could feel the girth of the toy splitting her open as inch after inch slipped inside her wet cavern.

“Ooohhh yesss!!” she hissed as she began to work the toy in and out of her tight little pussy. She could almost feel his heavy balls slapping her ass as she began to furiously pound the toy into herself. Her tits bounced as she rocked against it again and again, imagining his cock thrusting into her without mercy. The wet pop, pop, pop, pop of their bodies filled her mind.

The pulsing walls of her young sex gripped the toy tightly. Her moans and groans of pleasure filled the air, and her hips rocked as she worked the toy inside her fervently. Just a few more twists of the wrist and thrusts deep into her burning womb and a cascade of pleasure overwhelmed her.

“Ooohhh!” she moaned. “Oooh Nathan, I’m gonna cum for you! Harder…ooooh…Ooo I’m cumming!!”

In one blinding moment, the heat of her desire seared her soul and sent carnal waves through her entirety. Her unyielding orgasm shot through her and sent sensual screams erupting from within her.

Her pussy clenched the toy hard, gripping it so as to milk the lover for every drop of his thick, hot cum. Sweet juices poured around the toy, drenching her thighs and the sheets beneath her. Her back arched, tiny beads of sweat dribbling down her forehead, and, still the orgasm tore through her. Nimble fingers found her screaming nipples and squeezed just so tightly as finally the intensity began to subside. She fought desperately to force her breathing to slow as she gingerly peeled the toy from her abused sex. A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

Her head reeled as she stood up, her knees shaking beneath her, threatening to collapse any moment. She quietly cleaned up the toy and placed it back into its box. Melanie smiled to herself as she placed the box back into its hiding spot and straightened the blankets. Laundry day might just her favorite day of the week after all.

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