Cuckolding My Father Ch. 03

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I woke up early the day after Mother and I first made love and laid in my bed listening to the sound of my father getting ready for work, then I heard the door slam when he left the house. After that came the sound of his truck starting and heading down the road.

I waited in my bed, my heart pounding, hoping my mother would visit me again. The day before she laid in my arms for a while after we finished making love, then she got up, got dressed, and left the room. I have to admit, she seemed a little uptight and distracted the rest of the day, but we didn’t have a lot of contact since I was outside working on the woodpile and she spent the day inside, doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning the house.

As I laid there, I could hear Mother moving around the house, doing things, and that told me she wasn’t going to be coming for a visit, so I got out of bed and slipped on a T-shirt and sweat pants, then I went out to the kitchen. Mother was standing at the sink, washing the dishes she’d dirtied cooking my father’s breakfast. She was wearing one of the many faded loose housedresses that made up the bulk of her wardrobe. This one was once brown and had faded to a dark tan hue.

“Good morning, Mother,” I said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Mornin’,” Mother replied without turning around.

I walked over to where Mother was, slipped my arms around her waist, bent, and kissed her on the cheek. I was surprised to feel her body stiffen. “What’s the matter, Mother?” I asked.

Mother turned, then backed out my arms until she was standing about three feet away from me. Her face was flushed and I could see confusion and hurt in her eyes. “Why’d you do this to me?” she asked.

“Do what?” I asked.

“You know what I’m talkin’ about…what we done yesterday…it’s wrong,” Mother said. “It’s against God’s law and man’s law.”

“Why don’t we sit down and talk about this?” I said. I poured myself a cup of coffee – carefully because my hands were shaking – then I walked over to the table and sat down. Mother followed and sat down across the table from me.

I took a sip of my coffee. “Mother, why is it wrong for two people who love each other to show their love?” I asked.

“What we done is more than that,” Mother replied quickly. “It ain’t right for a mother and son to be doin’ what we done. Why’d you do it?”

I sipped some more of my coffee, took a deep breath, and continued, “Because after you told me what my father did to you, I wanted to show you what making love is really like.” My eyes were locked on hers. It was almost as if I could see into her mind. I knew she was confused.

“That…it don’t matter…we…we shouldn’t of…” she stammered.

“I couldn’t think of any other way to do it,” I continued. “What was I going to do, talk you into making love with somebody else? That wouldn’t be right, either.”

“If we didn’t do nothing, then…” she said, and stopped.

“Are you sorry you’ve learned what you’ve learned?” I asked. “Are you sorry you felt the things you felt?”

Mother looked at me for a long time, then she sighed and shook her head. “No, I ain’t sorry,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

“Would it have been better if it had been someone other than me who had taught you about making love?” I continued.

She looked down at her hands and shook her head again. “No…I…I’d ‘a never done nothin’ like that with nobody else.” She shuddered visibly. “I couldn’t ‘a done it with nobody else.”

“Do you want to stop?” I asked.

Her eyes came up, her face got redder, and she took a deep breath. Her head moved slowly from side to side and, speaking so softly I could barely hear her, she said, “No…God forgive me, no I…I don’t want to stop. I…I never knew I could feel that good.” Her eyes fell toward the table again. “I…I can’t stop thinkin’ about how good what we did felt.” I could see a tremor run through her. “And I hate that casino şirketleri because thinkin’ about it makes me want to do it again.” She looked at me again. “We shouldn’t be doin’ it. If your father ever finds out…”

“There is no way he’ll ever find out,” I told her. “I’m not about to tell him and I know you won’t.” Mother shook her head. I got up, walked around to the side of the table where my mother was sitting, and stood next to her. “Stand up, Mother,” I said softly.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide. The same look was in them that I saw when she came to my room the day before. Slowly, she rose from the chair and stood in front of me, gazing into my eyes. She was breathing a little harder than usual, her face remained flushed, and her mouth was slightly open.

I took both of her hands in mine and could feel her trembling. “Do you want to stop what we’re doing?” I asked softly.

She bit her lip, took a deep breath, and her head moved slowly from side to side.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. Her mouth opened slightly and she pressed back against me. Kissing her was totally unlike any kissing I’d ever experienced in my life. Her lips were unbelievably soft and warm, and seemed to bond with mine – it’s the only way I can describe it. When we kissed, it felt so wonderful I never wanted to stop. All of the softness and connection also served to have an incredibly erotic effect on me and, I’m pretty sure, on her, too.

After kissing for a few moments, we reluctantly lifted our lips from each other, leaned back, and softly gasped for breath. I looked right into mother’s eyes, she looked right into mine.

“I…I never knew…it…kissin’ somebody could…could feel so good,” Mother stammered softly.

“Me, either,” I replied, and noticed the surprised look in Mother’s eyes.

“Really?” she said.

“Really.” I smiled. “I think it may have something to do with the fact that we love each other.”

“Oh,” Mother said softly.

I leaned forward and our lips joined again. Our hands were still clasped, fingers intertwined, and they remained that way. As the kiss endured, Mother’s body leaned against mine, moving sensuously. I’m not sure she was aware of what she was doing. My body surged forward gently, pushing against hers.

Again we needed to break to get breath, and we did. Mother’s face was flushed now, and I thought the lovely glow made her look so much more alluring. I began to unbutton the buttons that ran down the front of her dress. Her eyes, full of love, desire, and trust remained locked on mine. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she breathed.

“I’m not going to call you ‘Mother’ any more,” I said as I undid one button after the other.

“You…you aren’t?” Mother murmured, looking puzzled.

“I’m going to call you Jonelle,” I said. “Jonelle is my lover.” I took a deep breath. “And will always be my lover. Won’t you?” I can’t remember the last time I heard anybody call my mother by her given name. My father generally calls her, “woman” the few times he makes a direct reference to her. Mostly he just says things like, “hey,” “come here,” and stuff like that. The guy’s a real class act. It’s why I feel the way I do about him.

Jonelle bit her lip softly, then nodded slowly.

I had her dress unbuttoned all the way to her waist. I slid my hands inside, onto her bare breasts. Fortunately, my father thought bras were a waste of money, which meant my mother had only a few of them and hardly ever wore one. It felt so wonderful to have her huge, rock-hard nipples pressing into my palms. I squeezed her breasts gently.

“Nnnnnnnnnn!” Jonelle groaned, leaning into me, pressing herself against my hands.

“You like that, don’t you, Jonelle?” I asked.

“My Lord, I surely do,” she murmured. “You make me feel so good.”

“You deserve to feel good,” I told her. I leaned forward and, once more, casino firmaları our lips joined. If anything, this kiss felt even better than the ones we’d shared earlier. It was more intense and urgent than our earlier kisses had been and almost felt as if, somehow, she was trying to suck me inside her. While it went on, I continued to cup her breasts gently. I also rotated my palms, teasing her rigid nipples with my palms and teasing my palms with her nipples. Tingling, wonderful feelings raced from my hands, up my arms, and down into my body. Additional marvelous feelings were moving from my lips down into me at the same time, and all of them were joining somewhere deep in my middle.

Gasping for breath, we again pulled our faces apart. The look on Jonelle’s face told me I was doing exactly the right things. She was clearly caught up in rapturous feelings, feelings I’d evoked in her. Knowing that I was having that kind of impact on her was pretty heady stuff.

“Want to go to my bedroom?” I asked.


Holding Jonelle’s breasts in my hands, I slowly backed down the hallway that led from the kitchen to my bedroom, pausing from time to time to kiss her. She moved with me, her eyes never leaving mine, her tongue occasionally caressing her lips as we moved. When we reached the bedroom, I let go of her breasts and finished unbuttoning her dress. She surprised me by grabbing the waist of my sweat pants and pushing them down. The only problem was that I now had an erection and getting the waist past that gave her a little trouble, but she managed.

“Is…is that…is it…because…because of…of me?” Jonelle murmured. She was staring down, at my erection.

“Yes, only because of you, Jonelle,” I told her. “See how wet the tip is?”

She bit her lip softly and nodded slowly.

“That’s because of you, too. Are you wet?”

She looked up at me, smiled shyly, and nodded. “And that there’s because of you, isn’t it?”

I leaned forward again, kissed her gently, then said, “It certainly is.” I pushed her dress apart. She shrugged and it slowly slid down over her shoulders, then down her arms, baring her body which now was clad only in a pair of mundane white cotton panties. I grabbed the waist of the panties and pushed them down, too. When I did, I had to bend over a bit and while I was in that position, I gave each of her nipples a little lick.

“Mmmmmnnnnn!” Jonelle groaned. A shudder went through her.

I straightened up again and looked at my lover’s bare body. It was magnificent, truly a woman’s body. There were no planes or angles, just soft, wonderful curves, and those curves were all exactly right and in exactly the right places. I have no idea how large her breasts were; all I can say is they were exactly the right size. Her belly was softly, gently rounded. I’d been with girls who have flat bellies and have to tell you that Jonelle’s belly was far more feminine in my opinion.

“Do…do you like…lookin’ at…at me…like…um…this?” Jonelle stammered, surprising me.

I looked at her. “I love looking at you when you’re nude,” I told her.

She took a deep breath. “But…” she began.

“You have an incredibly beautiful body,” I said, interrupting her. “I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful one.” I took hold of her hips, turned her so her back was to the bed, then gave her a gentle push. Her eyes widened a bit, she took a step backward, then hit the bed and fell onto it.

“You’re crazy!” she murmured, smiling up at me. She slid across the bed until she was entirely on it. I noticed that she didn’t bring her legs together.

I kneeled on the bed, between her legs, and shuffled up toward her. I could feel my erection bobbing as I did. I also noticed that she’s stopped looking at me. Instead her eyes were on my erection and never left it. When I had moved as far up between her legs as I could go, I let myself fall forward, güvenilir casino catching myself on outstretched arms. That trapped my erection between our bodies. When I rocked my hips, the shaft of my erection rubbed against Jonelle’s sopping-wet labia.

Jonelle’s face took on the look of lust and need I’d seen when we were making love the morning before. “Gnnnnnnhhhhh!” she groaned. Her hips rose, pressing her vaginal canal tighter against my erection.

“You want me, don’t you, Jonelle?” I murmured.

“Lord, yes!” she moaned. “I need it, J.J.! Oh, Lord, I need it! Put it in me! Please, darlin’, put it in me!”

I lifted my hips, reached down between us, and positioned the tip of my erect penis in the center of her opening, in the portal through which I would be entering her body. Then I lowered my hips slightly and felt her warmth and dampness engulfing the arrow-shaped head. It felt so good I couldn’t be quiet. “Yesssss!” I groaned. “Oh, yesssss!”

“Mmmmmm! Oh, yeah!” Jonelle groaned. Her hips again surged upward and the movement drew me deeper into her.

I kept lowering my hips until I was all the way into her, my hips pressing hers into the mattress. I lowered my upper body and pressed my mouth against hers. We exchanged another wild, wonderful kiss. The fires of need were by now a free-burning conflagration inside me. Being in Jonelle’s body felt way too good. I couldn’t keep still. I began to move my hips up and down, sliding my erection in and out of her.

“Yeah! Oh, yeah, J.J.!” she moaned. “So good! That’s so good! Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord! Uhh! Uhhhhh!” Her hips were moving, too, pushing up against me, matching my thrusts.

I broke our kiss, pushed myself back up on straightened arms, and continued to work my hips against hers while I gazed down at her face. I experienced a rush of joy from the look on her face. She was clearly receiving intense bliss as a result of what we were doing.

Making love to Jonelle felt way too good. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep it up without coming. On the other hand, from the passionate sounds my lover was making and the increasingly zealous movements of her body, I had a feeling she would be coming very soon.

“Nnnnnahhhhh!” she cried, surprising me. Her body went into wracking spasms that were strong enough to make it feel as if I was riding a bucking bronco. “Unnnnnnn! Unnnnnnnnnnn! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yeah, me, too! Oh, God, yeah, me, toooooooo!” I groaned when my hot fluids came jetting out of me, accompanied by powerful spasms that caused my body to tremble with the ultimate in joy.

Our bodies kept straining and twisting against each other. It was as if Jonelle’s body, which had once sheltered and nurtured mine, wanted to draw me back inside and my body wanted that to happen.

Eventually our frantic movements began to lose their force. Our motions became more like a gentle ride on the waves as opposed to the wild bucking I’d experienced earlier. Finally we stopped moving entirely. I again lowered myself and kissed Jonelle, a passionate kiss she returned with equal passion.

When I felt my penis start to soften, I pulled myself out of her and allowed my body to drop onto the bed next to hers.

Jonelle rolled on her side, facing me, and gazed at me wide-eyed, looking awed. “You done it again,” she said softly, in a tone that said she was surprised that I’d again made her feel wonderful.

“So did you,” I told her.

“But I didn’t do nothin’,” she said. “I just laid here. You did it all. Lord!”

“I want it to be good for you,” I told her.

“Oh, Lord, I can’t tell you,” she responded. “I never knew…Lord, I never dreamed…I could feel as good as you make me feel when we…you know…do sex.”

“When we make love,” I told her. I kissed her gently. “Don’t be afraid to say it.”

“When we…make…love…make love,” she repeated. She smiled. “Yeah…when we make love. God, you make love to me so darn good.”

“It’s easy because I love you,” I said. I wrapped my arm around her and was delighted when she snuggled against me.

“I love you, too, J.J.,” she said.

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