Crying Wolf

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“But Karl, he’s an asshole. You know I think he’s a prick! All he does is try to look down my top or stare at my ass…” Elizabeth Alexander replied to her sweet boyfriend of just over three years as she held the phone to her ear with her shoulder while unpacking the brown bags full of groceries — if she put them away a little harshly…well, she was just taking out her frustration at the topic of conversation.

“You’ve got a great ass, Beth. A guy just can’t help looking sometimes. It’s harmless, you know that.” Karl Tabbert replied…as he always did…and Elizabeth frowned as she pulled the fridge open and almost tossed the milk inside.

“You’re too laid back.” She said in reply, frustration turning to irritation as a memory popped all too vividly into her mind. “You remember that time I first met him and went to kiss him on the cheek and he turned his head so I accidentally kissed him on the lips?”

“Yeah…” Karl answered, the tone of his voice the same as always when she brought this up.

“Yeah…? He did that on purpose so I’d kiss him!” She muttered angrily, placing the fruit into the bowl on the table a little…less gentle…than normal.

“Come on Beth, he heard someone call his name, he told you that after.” Her boyfriend replied, again, as he always did when she mentioned any of his friend’s ‘incidents’.

“Yeah, of course he did.” She answered back sarcastically and muttered to herself under her breath.

This wasn’t going to do any good, it never did. This was not the first time this exact same conversation had happened. It always did when Karl’s ‘best friend’, Rhys, was going to be anywhere she was. The man was a total prick. A conceited, cocky, player-kind of a guy who always had his eye on her when he turned up…well, more than his eye at times, he had even tried hitting on her the night Karl had introduced them to each other, and that had been only a week or two after they had gotten together! And this was her sweet boyfriend’s ‘best friend’ who he wanted to come over for a drink!? The fucking guy always wound her up!

Still, this whole conversation wouldn’t do any good, it never did. Karl wouldn’t believe his best friend was a creep until he saw him pulling her clothes off or something!! Not that Rhys had ever done that, or would ever be that stupid…for a self-assured prick her boyfriend’s ‘best friend’ wasn’t stupid at least. No, he would never do something that would reveal what he was! Fucking arrogant, creepy bastard…

That thought made Beth far more irritated than she already had been.

“Do you have to come here though? Can’t you guys just meet at the bar or something?” She asked, trying to calm herself.

“Come on babe, as soon as you get to know him you’ll love him.” Her boyfriend replied, his voice taking on that sound he had when he was playing peacemaker…which in her opinion he did all too often with Rhys fucking Jenson.

Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth sighed before she spoke again. Damn him, and damn his perpetually laid-back trust in his friend, and fuck, damn the fact she loved him too!

“Fine” She answered resignedly. “You guys won’t be here long anyway so I won’t have to put up with him for long.”

“That’s my girl.” Karl replied sounding pleased and Elizabeth grunted in reply as she screwed up the brown bags and threw them into the bin in the corner, frowning irritably as she did it. “Right, I’m gonna have to get going, gotta get back to work but I’ll see you when I get back. Thanks babe.”

Elizabeth replied that he had better thank her before telling him that she loved him and hanging up the phone.

Running a hand through her light-brunette hair, she sighed heavily, thinking of the intolerable evening to come, before she placed the phone back on its stand and looked forlornly around the kitchen for a moment.

After a moment, Elizabeth Alexander, the beautiful brunette girlfriend, shook her head and relaxed the frown that had slowly crept onto her face…she was just going to have to deal with Rhys fucking Jenson, fucking Karl…before she glanced up at the clock on the wall. Four hours till Karl finished work and maybe half an hour on that till he was back. Four and a half hours of peace…four and a half hours to prepare herself for an hour or two of dealing with Rhys in the house. Oh, for some reason that just didn’t feel like enough time.

Deciding to put her boyfriend’s ‘best friend’ out of her mind — he would have enough time to piss her off when he was there, she had no intention of letting him get to her when he wasn’t – the 24-year-old brunette headed over to the refrigerator and taking some ice and lemonade out made herself a nice cool drink to take the edge off the gorgeous day before making her way into the lounge, grabbing a magazine she had intended to read that day, at least before Karl had ruined the day with his news, and sat on the couch, curling her legs underneath her as she held the drink in one hand and the magazine esenyurt anal yapan escort in the other.

And oh, how blissful that peace was. Sipping her cool drink and flicking through her magazine with nothing but the sounds of summer outside and the warm caress of the afternoon air. Followed, of course, by flicking through the television channels to watch her favourite shows, grabbing something to eat, phoning one or two of her friends to see if any of them wanted to come over seeing as Karl was heading out tonight (which none did unfortunately, but still). Oh, it was beautiful and time did fly.

At least, it flew for three hours…and then there came a knock at the door.

Placing her not-long-poured lemonade on the table beside the couch, Elizabeth dropped the remote on the seat as she got up, feeling quite content, and headed through into the hallway and to the etched glass-panelled front door.

Opening it sprightly, the beautiful girlfriend’s positive mood quickly drained as her eyes fell on the attractive but self-assured face of her boyfriend’s best friend — everything about him was cocky! From his short, dark lightly-gelled hair, his fit but not overly muscular body in his jeans and fitting t-shirt, to his large brown eyes and that arrogant, smug smile he always had that got her back right up!

Fuck but her mood changed instantly. One moment she was on top of the world and now…now she was rigid and had a knot of irritation already tight in her stomach. What in the hell was he doing here two hours before Karl got home!?

“Karl’s not back from work yet Rhys.” Elizabeth said tartly, not even pretending to sound welcoming, though she did manage to stop herself frowning, which she thought was an accomplishment at least.

“That’s alright, I can wait for him.” Her boyfriend’s best friend replied as he gave her one of his overconfident smiles before walking straight passed her and into the lounge.

Standing holding the front door open, Elizabeth gritted her teeth in irritation for a moment before she pushed the door closed…so what if it slammed a little…and turned to follow Rhys into the lounge, ready to give him what for.

When she walked into the room however, he was already sitting on the couch in front of the large television, his feet on her coffee table and the remote in his hand, flicking through the channels.

That ball of irritation knotted ever tighter and Elizabeth thought she would crack her jaw she clenched her teeth so tightly. Not only had he just walked in as if he owned the place, without even asking her, but now he had turned her programme over! That…that…that self-conceited asshole!

“Do you get any good porn on here?” He asked before he twisted his head to look at her as she stared daggers at him, her arms folded beneath her large, heavy breasts as she scowled at him.

“No.” She replied curtly, and biting her tongue as she knew yelling at him wouldn’t do any good, she reached over and yanked the remote from his hand and changed the channel back to what she had been watching before he came in and ruined her afternoon.

“That’s alright, I’ve got you to look at.” He retorted smugly, that small smile turning the corner of his lips as he stared at her face…which at least made a change from him ogling her body.

If it was any other guy except Rhys fucking Jenson, Elizabeth would wonder why he thought she looked sexy. Sure, she looked good, in whatever she wore too, she knew that, but it wasn’t like she had dressed sexy. She was just wearing her stonewashed jeans, which fair enough were a little snug like most jeans around the thighs and ass, but still, they weren’t tight jeans, and ok, she had on her yellow t-shirt which had a couple of black roses imprinted on the front, which granted was also tightish and may have emphasised her swelling 36D tits, her flat stomach and slim waist a little, but no more than any other non-baggy t-shirt. Other than that she had her long light-brown hair hanging down her back and over her shoulders and her faint-yellow slip on shoes on her feet. Nothing sexy, just something comfortable.

But then, as she had already thought…if it was any other guy than Rhys Jenson she would have been surprised…

“Rhys…” Elizabeth said and then stopped before she said something that showed he had gotten a rise out of her. “…what are you doing here? You’re not meant to be here till later.”

Crossing one leg over the other on her coffee table and placing his arm on the couch arm, Rhys smiled at her a moment before he deigned to reply.

“I was in the area and I thought I’d stop by. No point in heading home only to come back out here again, is there?” He answered before he took a piece of gum from his pocket. Popping it into his mouth he smiled self-assuredly at her. “Besides Beth, I can keep you company now…” He added and slapped the couch beside him. “…come, sit.”

Irritation esenyurt escort flared into anger at the audacity of this…this…fucking asshole! However, with more than a little effort Elizabeth managed to keep her temper…just…though her eyes did flare dangerously. Oh, he would love it if she showed him how much he had gotten to her, she had learned that lesson the first few times she had been around him. No, she wouldn’t play into his hands. Fucking asshole!

“I was having a nice…peaceful…day until you turned up.” She replied and walked around the couch, planning on heading to the chair next to it but then changing her mind. Why should she have to move because of him!? But she wasn’t going to let him think he had made her sit with that…gesture…

Grabbing her drink from the table beside the couch, Elizabeth stood facing the television, watching it as she sipped from her glass, completely ignoring her boyfriend’s best friend as if he wasn’t there.

Ha! Let him suck on being ignored for once in his life. For a moment the gorgeous 24-year-old girlfriend felt pride at showing Rhys his place with her, at least, she did until he spoke…

“Man, you look fucking hot standing there…” He said and as she half-turned to look at him, she noticed his eyes trailing down from obviously staring at her chest, to her tight ass and down her obviously toned legs.

Draining the rest of her drink, Elizabeth bit her tongue again as she turned to walk into the kitchen, gripping the glass a little hard as she heard Rhys chuckle to himself behind her…she could ‘feel’ his eyes watching her ass sway! That fucking….she would growl if she could!!

Muttering under her breath, the sexy brunette poured herself another glass…then almost jumped as she heard Rhys speak from the doorway behind her.

“Mine’s a beer.” He said, sounding confident that she would get him one. “I always thought you’d make a hot cocktail waitress Beth.”

Placing the jug back on the counter before she threw it at him, Elizabeth turned around, her eyes flaring again before she smiled at him sweetly. He would not win this time, and fuck if she was going to let him get to her…well, enough to get a reaction anyway…

“You know where they are.” She replied a little too innocently before taking a sip of her drink and walking towards the door. “And there’s an apron in the drawer you may want to wear.”

A small irritation spiked inside at stooping to his level…only small though — sometimes it had to be done…however it was quickly squashed when Rhys leaned back against one side of the doorframe…inside the doorway!…leaving only just enough room for her to squeeze through.

Standing there staring at him for a moment Elizabeth watched him watch her back completely at his ease — more so, he was still smiling that small, smug, fucking self-assured, egotistical smile of his, as if he had not even heard her comment! For that moment she just stood there staring at him, her eyes wide as if to tell him to move, though he remained smug, and she finally decided that he had no intention of letting her passed easily, as he simply waved his hand as if to say ‘go on through’…

“A man would move for a woman.” She commented acidly, and much to her continuing irritation, Rhys’ smile deepened.

“A good man, maybe, but everyone knows women love the bad guy.” He replied cockily; however this time, Elizabeth just smiled sweetly…her voice was anything but though.

“Not every woman.” She retorted, holding back the addition of saying how she hated him.

This time Rhys’ smile was not so self-assured, at least for the briefest of moments, which as far as she could remember, was the first time she had ever seen that arrogant façade stumble. He didn’t reply though even when his smirk returned to its usual irritating self, and Elizabeth waited for him to move a moment longer before sighing exasperatedly and moving to squeeze passed her boyfriend’s best friend.

At first she tried to get through forwards, however the asshole had not left enough space for that, and so in the end she twisted slightly, holding her drink in front of her as a shield between them as she squeezed through as quickly as she could.

For a moment Elizabeth thought that Rhys was going to try to press her against the doorframe, or grab her waist or something…however her boyfriend’s ‘best’ friend simply watched, apparently amused at her obvious defensiveness. Asshole…

The moment she was through the doorway though, which had seemed like forever being so close to that prick, Elizabeth turned and was about to head towards the couch when suddenly…

“Mm-mm!” Rhys murmured appreciatively behind her as he obviously ogled her ass. “Now I could watch you for hours.” …and with those words, before Elizabeth could turn or move any further, in that split second the gorgeous girlfriend suddenly felt her boyfriend’s best friend slap her esenyurt eve gelen escort tight, jean-clad ass firmly.

The slap caught the sexy brunette off guard and for a moment she scurried forward, trying to get to the couch and out of Rhys’ reach. Rhys apparently didn’t notice her reaction, however, for which she was grateful, as she heard him chuckling to himself as he walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

With her cheeks flushing with indignation, Elizabeth sat down on the couch, her ass a little tingly from the sharp slap. The nerve of that motherfucker! Treating her like a piece of meat…like ‘his’ piece of meat…she should slap him for that! Show him just how to slap someone and mean it!

Holding her drink to her lips, she sat and stared, pondering over her ill fortune at having that asshole here, alone, for another…ugh, hour and twenty minutes — it may have well have been a fucking eternity. What had she done to deserve this?

“You must have known I was coming…” Rhys said with a faint smile as he came waltzing back into the lounge, an open beer in his hand. Elizabeth looked over towards him disdainfully to see what he was blabbering on about now. “…got my favourite beer for me ah? And I get to stare at you till good old Karly comes back.”

Of course, as he spoke the irritating prick made a bee-line for the couch seat next to her. Not wanting to let him make her move, Elizabeth quickly snatched the remote up from the seat, trying to maintain some sort of composure as she gripped it ready to beat him with it if he tried taking it from her to turn the television over…this was her house, after all, she wasn’t going to be pushed around by anyone in it, least of all this asshole. Well, any more anyway.

Dropping onto the couch beside her, Elizabeth cast an irritated glance sideways at him, her boyfriend’s ‘best’ friend, as he almost made her spill her drink over herself. However, of course, Rhys simply smiled amusedly…

“Shame, would have been hot seeing you in a wet t-shirt.” He commented, his eyes unashamedly falling to her impressive, heavy rack confined behind the yellow t-shirt.

Sneering and not saying a word…he would ‘not’ get a rise out of her…oh she wished Karl finished early today…Elizabeth folded her arms and crossed her legs before focusing on the programme she had been watching as if Rhys wasn’t there at all.

It seemed to work for about ten minutes — at least if the fact he didn’t stop eyeing her up over the entire time wasn’t counted anyway — however after that, true to his prick-like self, Rhys placed his arm on the back of the couch and turned to watch the television, commenting on the women that were on…oh, just about how some were hot, how he screwed a chick like that the other night, or how some chick had sucked his dick in the parking lot of a club who was the spitting image of that one’s sister…nothing that would have bothered her much, well, not much compared to Rhys’ normal behaviour anyway…but then came the inevitable words…’but none of them are as hot as you.’

At that Elizabeth would have continued ignoring him if he had left it at that…but of course, this was Rhys fucking Jenson after all.

“I bet none of them suck a cock or fuck like you though Beth.” He said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

It took all the willpower she had not to slap him for that, and boy was it still a close call. But she would ‘not’ let him get that rise. No. No she would not. Even if she had to sit there until she burst. Fuck she felt like screaming at him!

Seeing that he still hadn’t gotten a rise out of her only emboldened him though, and so as he grinned at her from where he sat, like a smug cat, he added…

“You should try wrapping these sexy legs of yours around me and we could have some fun while we wait” He said with that leering smile as he slapped her thigh and left his hand gently squeezing her leg through her jeans.

Grabbing his hand, Elizabeth pulled it from her leg, which took a little going as Rhys made her struggle to move it…his eyes showing he was obviously enjoying the ‘game’ …and just managing to stop herself from trying to break his fingers she tossed it like a dirty rag back into his lap. However that didn’t stop a man like Rhys, and so after the third time of removing his hand from her leg, Elizabeth turned on him, her voice calm and steady yet the obvious withheld annoyance clearly tinging her voice.

“Stop being such an assh…” Elizabeth managed to get out before suddenly Rhys’ lips mashed fully against hers.

Everything happened at once, too fast for her mind to take in. The moment her boyfriend’s best friend’s lips pressed firmly against hers, Elizabeth’s eyes widened in surprise, her hands held up in shock for a moment as Rhys began to push her backwards with the force of his kiss, his lips trying to part hers. As the force of his kiss began to push her down onto the couch, Elizabeth suddenly recovered from her initial shock and quickly placed her hands on Rhys’ chest, trying vainly to push him off and away from her, however Rhys simply moved in with the kiss and so Elizabeth was almost on her back by the time she managed to roughly push Karl’s ‘best’ friend’s lips from hers somewhat breathily and shove him off her.

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