Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.

This started as a three-part story. My editor wasn’t fond of my ending. I reworked the story and got carried away. 33,000 words later and there are now two bonus parts and an ending with more closure.


Chapter 1 — Recruiting

I hear mom on the phone, “Oh no. Oh no. Shit. No way. I am so sorry, I will be right over.”

I question mom, “That didn’t sound good. What’s wrong?”

Mom snaps at me, “My good for nothing sister got into another car accident. She is in the hospital. She is ok, but she has a broken hip and they need to keep her at the hospital for a while. I have to go and see her! I hate that bitch!”

Why is she snapping at me? What did I do? It must be the 10-year anniversary thing. Ten yeas ago dad left us and started the breakup of our family.

I continue questioning, “I take it she isn’t coming with us on the cruise then, huh? It’s already Thursday and we leave Saturday morning.”

Mom screams, “Damn that woman. Ok, fuck her. If you can find a friend of yours, they can come along. Everything but the plane ticket is free. I may kill my sister. It’s bad enough you and your lesbian girlfriend are coming but now another of your friends. Maybe I should just stay home. This is going to ruin my vacation! Argggggggg!”

I wish she would. She is a real killjoy all the time.

Instead, me, being the good girl, I say, “Mom, you know you need this trip. You need to find someone and get laid. There will be lots of good-looking men around and with all the working out you do, you are still a hottie. I would fuck you.”

My mom is hot looking. She spends a lot of time in the gym. Having a 38D chest doesn’t hurt. She is tall with long legs like me. I am more athletic, but she is toned nicely. We both have a narrow face with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Mine are a deeper blue while hers are softer. She is a little heavier, giving her more curves to her sexy body. I would be considered skinny. I use makeup, mom doesn’t bother. The biggest difference between us is I like women and she hates everyone. She is THE Ice Queen.

Mom gives me the bird as a parting hand gesture. She storms out of the house stomping her feet. Typical morning surly with a side of grouchy. Of course, if my husband left me for another man at my son’s 6th-grade graduation in front of the entire town, then took all the combined family wealth and left the country, I might hate men as much as she does as well. It wasn’t my fault.

That is her conundrum. If you are a woman that is anti-lesbian, hates men because of my dad, who is there to have sex with? It’s no wonder she is mean and has had no sex in a decade. In a flash of brilliance, I know who to call. I start dialing. It’s been a few years and I have been meaning to call for a while now. For me, that is two years.

John answers, “Hello?”

I surprise him, “Hey dude, what are you doing this next week starting Saturday?”

John asks, “Who is this?”

Irritated, “It hasn’t been that long. I am your fucking sister, dumb ass.”

John replies playfully, “Ok, attitude, demeaning, abusive, yes, that can only be my sister, I remember you now. Hi Lisa. I honestly never expected to hear from you two again. Mom made it painfully obvious how much she hates men and last I heard you have no use for people like me with a kickstand. I think I will go do a few things that are on the same level of fun like fighting a grizzly bear, running after poachers that shoot at me and putting out forest fires. Yup time with you two would be a barrel of laughs all right.”

Am I that bad? I remember him as a happy go lucky geek. He fights grizzly bears, poachers, and fights forest fires. What the hell is he? I have no idea who my brother is. It has been too long I guess. All the more reason to convince him. How is he in such a good mood? Oh, that’s right, he hasn’t been around mom.

He has good reason to hate both of us. After dad’s debacle, mom hated men and she made me hate them as well which was easy at the time. I always liked my brother and was sad when he left home a few years ago. I still picture him as a scrawny geeky kid that is smart with computers and plays video games rather than dating or thinking of women.

I am sure I sound rather sad, but I ask anyway, “I have been meaning to call you for a couple of years to say hi. I called because we have a suite on a cruise ship that sets sail on Saturday. Up to four people and one of the four WAS mom’s sister. She got in an auto accident and is in the hospital. Mom would kill me if she knew I am inviting you but oh well. Maybe being her only son will thaw her frozen heart a bit. She has turned mean and bitter, I need help. This week marks the tenth anniversary of dad leaving her.”

I hear him thinking.

John asks, “What ship are you on and are you sure casino şirketleri this won’t end with her hands around my neck again?”

Dejectedly I answer, “It’s on the Sol and no. If it gets terrible, I will let you screw my girlfriend. She will do anything I tell her, and she likes guys, she goes both ways. Mom is angry all the time and still may hate you. I miss you and would like her to get over her issue and stop hating men. This is probably a horrible idea, but she can’t make my life worse. Maybe with it being so long, we can try a relationship again. I would like that. At the very least, I can guarantee my friend to fuck you. I am useful, I can get you women.”

John laughs hard at me.

While still laughing he says, “Oh don’t worry about me. I do ok these days. I just finished fighting some fires, I have a bunch of overtime eating a hole in my wallet and two weeks of free time. If it gets too bad I will swim home. Only out of morbid curiosity am I agreeing to this. We will need an extra pillow and blanket.”

I ask with a confused voice, “Wait? What?”

He chuckles, “I doubt mom wants a lesbian or man sharing her bed. I will sleep just fine on the couch. It’s far better than the rocky wet forest ground. That is my typical bed.”

He asks for our flight information and says he will be there to greet us. This is going to be fascinating. I hope I survive the greeting, mom may kill me on the spot.

Chapter 2 — John?

Saturday is a whirlwind. We wake up early, shower, dress, and pick up breakfast on the way. The car already has our luggage in it, we packed last night. Sara is afraid of mom, so she stays curled up with me in the back seat of the car, just the way I like it. I get to feel her up. This helps Sara relax. Mom is abusive towards Sara at times, I need to protect my love.

My hand goes under her shirt and cups her braless tits. Sara is a mousy shy girl. Short, thin, light red hair, submissive, and a nice rack for her size. Her face is round and uninspiring. It’s her intelligence and personality that make her special. She is smart and playful. She knows when to be quiet and when to be outgoing and fun. She is awesome and I love her.

She is to my left and has turned towards me and has her head on my shoulder. My left arm is around her back and then up under the side of her nice white blouse. No bra on, my instructions. My hand cups the left breast and then I squeeze and release her breast. She is silent.

After a few minutes I use a finger to rub the top of her nipple. It is hard and rough on top yet silky smooth on the sides. I lightly tug on the nipples causing excitement in her. I can see she is smiling at me. She won’t look up at me or mom might see her smile and figure out what I am doing. I am looking out the window while feeling Sara up. It feels so naughty.

Pushing my luck, I squeeze a nipple hard, hold a few seconds and then release. Sara shudders from the light pain. There is nothing she loves more than me doing this to her. I don’t understand it, but I once spent two hours doing this for her. My fingers finally got sore and I had to stop. I continue to squeeze her breast and play with the nipple all the way to the airport where we have to stop.


We are now on the plane cruising in the back of first class. It’s chilly, we have a blanket. There is an older gentleman to our left. He is reading the paper. I use my hand to push Sara’s head down and under the blanket. She pushes up my dress and starts licking my lips slowly and methodically. I love the way she eats me. The cute young stewardess walks by and smiles at us. That is a huge turn on for me, knowing that the cute stewardess knows what Sara is doing. I start a soft moan.

The man next to us on the other side of the aisle puts down his paper. He is staring at me. I ignore him while the stewardess brings us all a warm wet towel to clean our hands. As she leans past my face, her tightly restrained breast pops out. That is a hell of a trick, being able to do that on command. It almost rubs my face. She has wonderful perky boobs that were straining for release. They are creamy white with long nipples.

I latch on to a nipple while she places three towels on Sara’s tray. She slowly pulls back, I don’t let go. She winces at me and then stops trying to retreat. She winks at me and giggles.

“You are a bad girl.” She giggles again.

I lightly bite her nipple causing a moan from the stewardess and I tuck her breast back in the shirt. That was awesome. She smiles at me.

The man giggles at us but never says anything. I use a pillow to stifle my orgasm from Sara. Between her mad skills eating me and the stewardess, it didn’t take long to get me off. Sara uses a towel to clean me up then uses a second on her hands before we eat our salads. They were small but good. Mom complained to the stewardess that the salad was terrible. I feel sorry for her. She also doesn’t like the watered-down drinks that came straight from an unopened bottle. This is going to be interesting casino firmaları when she sees John.


We land at the airport and head to baggage claim. I am expecting John to be there and meet us like he said he would. He must have had second thoughts, I don’t see him and nobody calls out my name. I am disappointed, I was looking forward to seeing him again. There are several men walking in circles. They are coordinated. It’s like a mini flash mob or something. Mom is holding on to her purse tight, she is afraid of this group. Many people stop and are now watching.

The six men line up and then they start to do a simple yet choreographed dance routine with no music. A large crowd of people are now standing and watching these men perform. Even mom is intrigued by it now. From the crowd, four women step in and join the dance. They had to be part of this, they are in unison with the men. It lasts about five minutes.

When they finish, two men sing, “Sara” and hold the “a” for a long time. Two sing, “Lisa” and hold the “a”. Finally, two more and the women sing “Rachel” and hold the “l”. Then they all sing, “Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.” Now only one man talks, “This show is compliments of a bunch of strangers. Oh, yea, and a big loveable guy named John,” and they held the “n” for a while and sink to the floor pointing at the cute guy.

The crowd applauds, and I shake hands with all of them and congratulate them for an awesome welcome. The big tall handsome man (John?) picks me up in an embrace.

John says, “You had no clue it was me, did you?”

I stand there stunned, looking at the biggest and cutest man I have ever seen. He is tall, with enormous muscles, sandy hair, and a full beard. Mom drops her purse, Sara is quick to pick it up. I think Sara is drooling at John as well. When I say man, he is all man. He looks solid, beefy, and adorably cute. He has rough calloused hands and easily lifted me into the air. His eyes look familiar but nothing else does. He has a twinkle in his eyes and every woman stares at him. There is longing and desire in his eyes.

John says, “Not quite the scrawny wimp you remember right?”

Mom and I can’t talk, we are in shock that this specimen of a man is related to us. He is perfect. I expected mom to rant and bitch me out for inviting him. She can’t speak. Even the Ice Queen is thawed by this incredibly cute and imposing man. She wouldn’t dare do anything physically abuse to him. I doubt she can hurt him, he is huge!

Sara asks bashfully, “How much does it cost to get a show like that?”

John laughs at her question. It seemed reasonable to me. Not everyone gets that.

John explains, “I got here yesterday. They are show dancers on their way to Buffalo. Their plane had a mechanical problem this morning. Later their flight was canceled. They are stuck here until late tonight. I told them some cool stories to help blow some time. One of the girls always wanted to do a flash mob so we practiced here for the last three hours. I learned a lot about dancing. I don’t do that much out in the forest. Trust me, they had a blast doing it. They love dancing and there was nothing else to do. We all got lunches and tips while practicing. It was fun!”

John has a big grin on his face.

Mom is dubious, “So you get here early, make friends with strangers, then rehearse a flash mob, and you can’t dance? This is bull shit.” She is angry.

Sara says with love hearts in her eyes, “I bet he can do just about anything. He is huge, strong, and so adorable.” John blushes.

I give him credit, “All I know is that I have never been met like that coming off a plane before. I thought it was cool. Come on mom, it wasn’t that bad. He did it for you.”

Mom has hate in her eyes, “He has no business being here. I don’t need him reminding me of his father. What the hell were you thinking? I would rather you brought another lesbian with you. I don’t want anything to do with him. He is your problem.” Now looking at John. “Don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. Stay out of my way!”

John walks up to mom, dwarfing her with his tall body and bulging arms. He bends down and hugs mom. She tries to protest and flails her arms, but he easily picks her up off the ground and holds her up in the air like parents do with a newborn. Mom is freaking out. He pulls her close to him and his chest devours her. After a minute, he puts her down. Mom blushes but her horns are blowing smoke and she is trying to kill him with her laser eyes. He is immune.

I think mom was blushing because of how easily he handled her and because she wasn’t wearing underwear. She just flashed half the airport. I was almost blushing for her. Sara pointed but was smart enough to not say nothing.

John is so innocent. He wasn’t showing mom off, that was John at his core. A decent guy that has a terrible family, mom and me. Wow, has he changed yet that moment, it reminded me of him as a child.

John takes care of all the luggage, sets it outside, goes and gets a rental güvenilir casino SUV, then picks us up. While he was gone, Sara hugs me. This isn’t unusual other than she spoke to me in my ear.

Saya says, “He has no clue how gorgeous he is. If you don’t want him I would love to have him fuck me any time he wants … if it’s OK with you.” She pauses. “Even if it’s not ok. I feel like being a bad girl with him.” She blushes.

I reply to Sara quietly, “Have you seen every woman in sight staring at him. There may be a line for you to stand in.”

Sara snickers, “I know where he sleeps.”

The ride to the ship is quiet, mom is still fuming. John ignores her and is in a positive mood. Mom is not taking him down one bit. He is very confident in himself. Not the shy young wimp that mom almost killed one night by choking him to death. He stayed with a cousin until he graduated from high school. I had not seen him since that night. I didn’t even talk to him on the holidays. What a terrible person I am.

Once at the ship, they take care of the bags. We somehow get a free upgrade to the best room on the ship, they won’t say why. The girl smiles and winks at John. We check in, get room keys, and find our room. Two queen size beds, a large washroom, and a small deck with two chairs. Several chairs, a table, couch, tv, and sound system round out the room. There is nice artwork and the walls have a nice floral wallpaper. The lights are large and bright. The room is huge. Bigger than home. Plenty of closet and drawer space for our clothes. John lives out of two bags, one is for suits. Dinners are formal events on this ship.

This week, there are no children, it’s for singles. Very few older people are on the ship, most of the crowd is 20’s through 40’s although there are some teens on board. A lot of nice looking older women are here. There are lots of studs walking around, but none hold a candle to John. He is the beefiest and best looking. We all split up to explore. Sara and I look at the shops, mom went to a bar, and John vanished. Our dinner seating is at 6:00 PM.

At 4:00 the ship departs. We go outside to watch debarking and it is cool. Cheers and confetti then the ship pushes off, tugboat drags us out a bit, then we take off at a quick pace. It’s easy to tell where John is, listen to the laughing and gaggle of women following him. He is like a small child, so carefree. It’s refreshing after ten years of doom and gloom. About 5:00, we go back and start getting ready.

We were all on pins and needles, worried that John will come back and catch us partially naked. He never came back. I think all three of us are a bit let down. We wanted more of him and for him to join us for dinner. We check in for dinner and John is waiting for us. We hardly recognize him. He got a haircut and shave. He was cute before but now he looks like a model on a magazine. No, better. His eyes stand out now, his chiseled jaw is perfection. His skin is pure and unblemished. Why is he single?

All three of us get a big hug and even mom doesn’t mind. She is still eyeing him, unsure of what to make of him. It really doesn’t matter what she thinks anymore. She obviously can’t control John and I don’t think she has the strength to kill him anymore. We sit down at a table and four others are already there.

“Hi, I am Ann, and this is my boyfriend Richard, my friend Stacy, and her boyfriend Ken. Are you all family?”

John says “No”, I say “Yes”. I look at him in disbelief. Why won’t admit we are his family?

John continues, “Actually Sara and Lisa are together. Rachael is paying me to be her sex slave for the week.” They look at him blankly. “You know, boy toy.” He continues while their mouths hang open. No, all our mouths are hanging open. “She is divorced and has needs. My meaty eight inches hits all the right spots. The howling at night, it’s not the wind, it’s her screaming from her climaxes.”

He says this all like it’s true and we say nothing to suggest he is crazy. They now believe we are paying my brother for sex. At least he didn’t say he was our brother. Oh my, he just set us up, he can fuck us all. We let him do it. Do we all want him to fuck us?

While eating dinner, mom asks John, “What is it that you do for a living?”

John is excited, “I am a forest ranger. I hunt poachers, clear out dead trees allowing the healthy ones to grow, and I fight forest fires. Logging and fighting forest fires are demanding work. It’s lonely work though, lots of days and weeks out alone. For fun they let me watch the campsites. I love to tell stories. Some are true, most are fake, they are all fun and have surprise endings. I love a happy ending.”

Mom says, “Too bad life doesn’t always have a happy ending.”

John is quick to reply, “I don’t think your book is complete yet. There is still hope for a happy ending.”

I ask, “You mentioned fighting a bear when we met. Tell me about that.”

John snorts, “That almost killed me. We always hunt bears in pairs, they are dangerous animals. Smart, quick, and unpredictable. I was in front looking at some tracks. I was on my hands and knees when I got surprised by a young Kodiak who came down a tree. I am near a tree, but he can climb faster than I can. I can run but he runs faster. I am thinking oh no, what do I do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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