Cross Training

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old

CROSS-TRAINING. September 10, 1992 Los Angeles, CA

**THURSDAY After Midnight**

Carter lay naked on his back, in the middle of his king-size bed, arms folded behind his head and under a pillow. Under the top sheet, two teen-age co-eds, also naked, curled against him. The 18 year-old Periwinkle Halstead, eyes closed in natural sleep, lay with her long, light-brown hair splayed on her pillow and her left cheek abutting Carter’s right pectoral muscle. Patricia Dempsey, 19, in a hypnotic trance, was similarly positioned on Carter’s left side, except her copper-red mop haircut was tucked into his armpit and her nose nudged his ribs. In slumber, they cuddled their 66 year-old college counselor, holding hands across his round, soft stomach. Carter listened to the soft, slow, regular breathing of both the girls and sighed happily. “They finally ran down,” he said to himself, reflecting on the activity after they had decided, about 9 p.m. last night, to go to bed.

The girls, giggling, had hurried down the hall ahead of him. By the time he walked into the bedroom, they were already under the covers, sheet up to their chins, grinning slyly. He saw, through the open bathroom door, their black suits and terry robes, still damp from their earlier swim, lumped in a pile on the tiled floor. His robe hung open, revealing his chest and slight paunch. His penis hung, unrevealed and limp, behind the soft cloth of his grey jersey gym shorts.

“Hurry up, Uncle Bill,” Peri admonished, as he stood taking in the scene, “Dump that old robe and those shorts and get in bed!”

“Yes,” chimed in Trish, “We’re keeping it warm, but hurry!” She laughed, turned her face, kissed Peri quickly, and scooted her bottom slightly left. “Come on in, we won’t bite, AGAIN!” she said, between laughs as she patted the open spot she had just created.

Peri looked meaningfully at her friend. “Maybe YOU won’t,” she said, sotto voce, “I didn’t get filled up like you!”

Carter stepped to the bathroom, added his robe and shorts to the heap, then climbed into bed over Trish as Peri slid to her right and pulled back the covers. He saw their nubile nude forms, kissed each student on her mouth and settled in with his arms outstretched under them. His cock twitched as he touched their bodies, despite having just delivered a huge load of cum into Trish’s greedy mouth. “Alright, here I am. Thanks for being so sweet to an old man,” he said self-deprecatingly, “now, Trish, pull the alarm stem and turn out the lights. Beddy-bye, Babies!” he said firmly, shutting his eyes.

“Oh, no MISTER!” Peri exclaimed, rising up and straddling Carter’s extended legs. “You don’t get off that easy!” She pinched his right nipple hard and smiled when he yelped and opened his eyes. “Just because I sucked your nuts and helped you shoot gobs of goop into Trish doesn’t mean I am finished with you.” She winked and grinned more broadly yet. “I think WE want to see if YOU are finished with US!”

As she had spoken, Carter remembered, she had continually ground her pelvis across his thighs and tweaked his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Trish, honey,” Peri said “Clamber onto his chest and let Dr. Carter see what a nice pussy and bottom you have.” Turning her head back to Carter, Peri added with a wink, invisible to Trish, “Believe me, Uncle Bill, her pumpkin is totally plump and pretty!”

As Trish re-positioned herself, knees beside Carter’s ribs, shins pinning his upper arms to the mattress and cunt and ass hovering over his face, Peri kept grinding and pinching. She was delighted to see Carter’s dick getting thick and rolling around on his reduced, but not withered, eggs.

Thinking back, Carter still didn’t know how he was able to rise to the occasion after the monster evacuation of his seed less than twenty minutes before. It may have been the pure sexiness of Peri’s voice, her nails nipping his tender titties or her constant ass wiggling. It might also have been the sudden, close-up view of Trish’s looming posterior. He had squirmed his arms toward her ankles freeing them and bending his elbows. With his hands on her ample butt cheeks, he pulled sideways and stared cross-eyed at her tightly shut rosebud. Lowering his gaze, he focused on her bright pink slash, slightly open, beaded with tiny, glistening, juice drops. As Trish moved her bottom back and down, her carrot-orange muff tickled his chin. Her sluice settled, like a soft, sticky sponge onto his open lips.

“Ah HAH!” Peri had cried, upon seeing his cock’s vigor restored. “THERE’S our lost friend, Trish!”

“Hoo Ray!” Trish crowed, seizing it once more in her fist and then snatching back her hand as Peri slapped it.

“Huh UNH! This one is mine, sister!” she snapped, scooting herself forward and raising her haunches.

Trish was startled, but had quickly indicated her true intent. “I was just going to help you, like you helped me,” she said, evenly.

“Well, that’s OK,” Peri said, “You keep his casino şirketleri mouth occupied, and I’ll take care of his dick.” She leaned forward and kissed Trish, just before she lowered her pussy onto Carter’s upright staff. “Uhnnn..” Yes!” Peri exclaimed, “Right there, Uhhn… cle Bill!” She grunted as her ass punched the top of Carter’s thighs and she was maximally impaled.

Trish had started swaying her hips while her thighs closed in around Carter’s cheeks. He remembered being concerned about airflow, but it had turned out that Trish also raised and lowered her ass, which acted like a bellows, and kept him oxygenated while he sucked her cunt and ran his tongue up her slit, teasing her swollen clit. “Ooohh… mmmm… uuunnn…” she gasped as she jerked under his treatment.

Peri bounced up and down, hard, frantically, grunting “Uhn! on every downbeat and hissing “Yesss!” at the top. She reached out, grabbed Trish’s tits and squeezed with each grunt, releasing them with every hiss.

The girls kissed each other intensely while Peri posted, with wild abandon, on Carter’s cock. Trish held onto Peri’s shoulders, steadying her, pulling her up and pushing her down forcefully.

“UHN!… Yessss!” Peri cried continuously, now into the cavern of Trish’s sweet, large, hot mouth.

“UNH!… Yessss!” Trish echoed, adding her own wheezing moans, “Hhhhnnn… Hhhnnn,” as Carter feasted in her fat twat.

Carter recalled trying to shout encouragement, “Ride it, Girl!” as Peri thumped and pumped, but he was stifled by Trish’s thick, sloppy pussy lips and his words ended up as gargling, bubbling, buzzes, adding more fuel to Trish’s fire.

Peri and Trish came hard together and Carter had feared the bed might not hold up. The girls bounced, screamed and wiggled as the king-size bed shook. Carter’s nuts, huddling and constricted in their shrunken bag, mustered any available troops. Carter lunged his hips up, rammed his energized dick to its hilt into Peri’s sopping cunt and dispatched his boys to quell her riot.

“Goddamm, That was something!” Carter remembered, smiling into the, now all-quiet, darkness, “Like a fucking earthquake!” He ignored the budding erection his memory prompted. “Not now, pal, not now,” he said to himself, turning his mind back to last night.

In the aftermath, the girls kissed and rubbed each other in their embrace. At last, Peri rose from Carter’s flaccid penis, Trish lifted her gash mask from his face and they sat on their heels beside their spent lover.

“Thanks, Uncle Bill,” Peri crooned, rubbing Carter’s salt-and pepper chest hair. “I knew you had it in you… and now I have it in me!” she chortled.

“Oh, Peri!” Trish chittered excitedly, “What’s it like? To have his thing in your… OH My GOD! I was so amazed to see it disappear! How long until…” she broke off and looked at the bedside clock. “Oh, man, twelve more hours until I take my next pill and then another whole day!” she answered her own incomplete question.

Carter, still too wasted to talk, enjoyed the post-coital massage and the teens’ conversation. “What?” Peri asked in surprise, before remembering Trish had been under Carter’s spell when he fucked her, so of course she had no awareness of losing her virginity. “You mean you’ve never, ever had a cock in your pussy? OH MY GOSH! It’s dreamy!” she gushed. “But I won’t spoil it by describing, or trying to describe, it… Oh MAN! you are going to LOVE it, and Dr. Carter,” Peri continued, smoothing, then re-ruffing his chest hair, “is, like, THE BEST!” She leaned over and kissed Carter. “Did you hear that, Uncle Bill? Trish wants to know when you can fuck her. She’s still a virgin!”

Carter had smiled and watched Trish blush at the bold, candid paraphrase. He slid his left arm up her naked back, rubbed her shoulders and said weakly, “Don’t you even worry about that, Toots. You’ll find out for yourself what Peri is talking about, soon enough.”

Trish shivered and shimmied under Carter’s touch. “I can hardly wait, Bill!” she exclaimed, “You make me all tingly when you touch me!”

Peri crawled over Carter and got off the bed, pulling Trish’s arm, saying, “Come on, Trish! A quick shower and a brisk towel will clear that tingle!”

Carter had drifted into a snooze when he was jarred awake by the girls shaking his shoulders. “Hey! Wake up!” Peri ordered.

“Yes! We want you to do something!” Trish added emphatically.

Carter had opened his eyes in trepidation, knowing this time, for sure, he would be unable to perform. “Take it easy, babies, I have not had time to recover from our last adventure,” he protested.

Peri and Trish had laughed aloud at his admission. “We know THAT, Uncle Bill!” Peri giggled, “And you are SO SWEET to want to play whenever…”

“But this is something that Peri says only you can do…” Trish added, tugging his arm, “So, please get up and come into the bathroom with us. PLEASE?” she urged.

As it happened, Trish had noticed, and coveted, Peri’s topiary thatch. Now, casino firmaları in the steamy bathroom, she stood, naked, side-by-side with her new best girlfriend, and demanded, with a grin and a foot-stamp, “I want a ‘Hidden Mickey,’ TOO, Dr. Carter!

“I see,” Carter had said, as, indeed, he did see her freshly showered, fluffy, fine, bright orange bush spreading across her mons. Trish turned her grinning face to Peri, arched her eyebrows and rocked up on her toes in eager anticipation of the event. “Well, OK,” Carter had said as he considered the carrot field, “I think I can work with that.”

Peri clapped her hands and Trish bounced again as Carter got his razor, cream, and small scissors ready. He tipped a bucket he had taken, from the sink’s commode, under the tap and partially filled it with warm water. Sitting on the toilet in front of Trish, he put the bucket and implements on a towel on the floor and pulled her a half-step closer to him. He planted a quick kiss squarely on the apex of her conch and squeezed her ass cheeks as she flinched at the contact. “You mustn’t move, Toots,” he teased, “If you want a good result!” Then he let go of her bottom and wiped a warm, wet, cloth over the hairy mass.

Peri had watched in silence, handing him razor, scissors, cloth and tweezers as he asked for them. She smiled as the pubic sculpture took form. Trish had tried to watch the work-in-progress but Carter’s head and her own 40DD boobs blocked her view and she had been constrained to stand, patiently, while Carter barbered. Finally finished, Carter pulled a towel from a nearby rod and wrapped it around Trish’s waist. “Alright, let’s see what it looks like,” he told her. “Remember, if you don’t like it, we can shave you clean and it will all grow back.” He kissed her and pushed her through the bathroom door into the bedroom.

Carter stood behind Trish, in front of the full-length wall mirror, with Peri nude, on her right, displaying the light-brown tufted circles of her ‘Hidden Mickey.’

“Let me see! Oh! Let me see it!” Trish squealed, anxious for the unveiling.

Carter whipped away her towel with a flourishing “Ta DAH!” and revealed in reflection Trish’s design. She saw two small, one-inch equilateral triangles, about four inches apart, centered six inches below her belly button. Their bases aligned with the top edge of a larger isosceles triangle with three-inch legs pointing down to her pussy. Immediately below the large triangle was a half-inch diameter dot, resting at the top of her cunt. The orange hairs, trimmed short, had been plucked from the center of the dot and from two one-inch by half-inch rectangles in the top third of the large triangle. Also a thin line of bare skin separated the bottom edges of the small triangles and the top edge of the large one. The final effect was a stylized red fox’ face with narrow eyes. Its nose sniffed Trish’s clitoral hood.

“Oh my gosh, that’s cute!” Peri declared.

“EEEE!” Trish squeaked in delight. “I LOVE IT!” and she spun around and gave Carter a huge hug and smooch, rubbing her tits across his chest, twerking her ass and abrading her new topiary against his loins. “I’m going to call him ‘Freddie Fox!'” she proclaimed.

“I am very happy you like it,” Carter said. He had been proud of his creation and secretly would have been disappointed if she had wanted to erase it and start growing a new patch. “SO,” he said with an exhale of finality, “May we now go to bed, TO SLEEP, that is? 6 a.m. arrives whether we want it to or not, you know.”

Peri and Trish had happily nodded agreement and hopped under the covers, leaving room between them for Carter. As he got in, over Trish’s body, he whispered into her ear, “SIGMA, SIGMA,” dropping her quickly into a tranced slumber as insurance while he sorted out the next steps in the cross-training process. Cuddling up to Peri, he had kissed her, said goodnight, and was pleased that she was soon asleep. Now, after an hour and a half of reflection and planning, armed with a strategy and self-satisfaction, Carter relaxed, closed his eyes and slipped into his own shaded world.


Peri woke on her own, rubbed her eyes, looked across the sleeping bodies to her left and saw the digital clock flags roll to 5:57 a.m. She got out of bed on her side, padded barefoot around to the other side and switched off the alarm. “Keep dreaming, Trish,” she said under her breath, not knowing Carter had entranced the Aberdeen teen.

Stepping into the walk-in closet, Peri retrieved and donned the pale lavender, spaghetti-strap, satin teddy Carter had given her, just one week earlier. “Jeeminy!” she whispered to the open bureau drawer, “It’s only been a week? What a week!” Looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror she smiled. The violet lace trim on the tap pants’ loose leg hems complemented the small fleur-de-lis, centered between her legs, at the top of a lace-seamed opening, running the length of her pussy and up the back of the pants two inches above her anus. When güvenilir casino she stood, legs akimbo, the crotch-less seam opened, revealing her bald cunt.

Peri brushed her palms across her firm, satin covered, breasts. Her grinning dimples deepened as she watched her areolas, her ‘coins,’ puff up and her nipples stiffen against the soft, pastel, purple bodice. “Time to wake up Uncle Bill,” she declared, leaving the closet.

Carter lay on his right side, his butt against Trish, faced away on her left side. His legs were together, bent at the knees. As Peri pulled the top covers back and climbed into bed again, she saw Carter’s morning erection proudly laying against his abdomen. Its bulbous plum bobbed gently as his sleeping breaths raised and lowered his chest and pot-belly.

Cuddling up to her elder lover, she traced her left fingers along his cock’s length, lightly grasping its base, while she placed her right hand soft upon his cheek and kissed him awake. “Uncle Bill,” she buzzed, between his lips, “Uncle Bill, wakey wakey.” She kissed more ardently as she felt him stir in her hand and saw his eyelids flutter. Quickly moving her index finger from his face to her own mouth, she whispered, “Shhhh! Leave Trish to sleep!” Peri backed away to her side of the bed, tugging Carter’s dick and shoulder, pulling him along with her as she moved.

When they were on both on Peri’s side of the bed, she pushed him flat on his back and straddled him on her knees. Carter, fully awake, greeted her, “Good morning, Sweetie! You are up early!” he grinned, pushing his hands up, across her satin tummy, and pressing them against her full breasts. He slid the loose teddy across her tits, teasing her aroused coins and plucking her hard pips.

Peri moaned, “Mmmm,” and leaned down to kiss Carter some more. “Like YOU are not up early, yourself!” she said, squeezing his fat staff and rubbing her thumb over the blob of pre-cum welling up from his slit. “Come inside and rock me, Uncle Bill!” she urged, pointing his cock into the violet archway accenting her wet, aching pussy. “I love to feel you deep in me! Rock me!” She probed her tongue into Carter’s mouth, thrilling as he sucked on it.

His fleshy knob slid up and down her bald, slick cunt lips, insinuating itself deeper between them with each slipping thrust, until at last her twat had captured it. Carter flexed and pushed, slowly, as Peri rolled her pelvis languorously. “Uhhhnnn… mmmm… aaahh!” she sighed, satisfied, when Carter’s cock was completely housed in her sheath.

Carter undulated his hips while kneading Peri’s boobs and sucking on her tongue. Peri rode his slow waves, her rowboat lifting and dropping gently at its mooring. She felt her climax building and pinched her hands on Carter’s shoulders. Sensing the pending release, Carter moved his hands to Peri’s haunches, firmly sealing her to his groin.

“UUUUNNNCCCLLE!” Peri screamed, tipping her orgasmic flashpoint and shuddering as she came. Carter grunted and heaved his hips hard against her squirming ass, launching his agents in hot spurts.

As she calmed down, Peri slid her bottom and legs down, flattening herself against Carter, still holding his dick in her tight pussy. She lifted her face, looked into his eyes and kissed his nose. Crunching her cunt around his trapped cock, she said, “Thank you, Uncle Bill, that’s exactly what I wanted!” Carter rubbed her back beneath the satin teddy as he felt Peri squeeze and coax his final bits

of stored semen from their reservoir.

“Mmm hmm,” he concurred, “Me too.” Patting her bottom, Carter suggested, “Why don’t you go get the coffee going while I wake up ‘Sleeping Beauty’ over there?”

“OK,” Peri agreed, rolling off her softened prisoner. “If you can!” she laughed. “I screamed pretty loud and she hasn’t budged.”

“Oh,” Carter said, realizing Peri misunderstood Trish’s entranced state, “I parked her last night. She won’t wake up until I want her.” Winking, he added, “We have additional programming to do, if your project is going to be successful, right?”

Finally getting it, Peri responded, “Of course! I should have figured it. Duh!” She laughed again, got out of bed and stood, legs apart. Cupping her right hand below her pussy, she wiggled her fingers into its juicy maw and extracted them. Running her sticky digits across Carter’s lips, she said, “Here’s your cream… I’ll go make the coffee…” She turned and walked her special walk out of the bedroom as Carter licked his lips and sighed.

Rolling to his left, still tasting Peri’s and his own mixed cum, Carter pulled Trish’s right hip toward him, laying her flat on her back. He dawdled his right index finger along the outline of her new ‘Freddie’ until it reached the fox’s nose, just above her clit. Pressing down and then sliding along her pink cleft to the tiny, tight aperture at its bottom end, he inserted the tip and wiggled it. Trish’s body automatically responded to the stimulation and Carter’s finger, quickly lubricated, slid easily in to its webbing. He slowly pulled his finger out and then pushed it in again. Pull. Push. Pull. Push. He watched, fascinated, as Trish’s breathing changed from regular, slow, deep sleep into a rapid, shallow, agitated pattern. He heard her gasp and moan as he finger fucked her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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