Crack of Her Ass

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{Short one here, just for fun.)


Dale looked up at the mess left by the guys he had hired to cut a stand of trees. They got the trees cut OK, even sawed them into blocks for him, rolling the blocks down the hillside into a huge pile.

Firewood, and free except for the cost of the two guys he had hired. Looking at the stack, he knew there was nearly a dozen full cords there, enough for his house for the next 2 and maybe 3 years.

He had offered them $25 per cord to do the job, not a lot of money he knew, but hiring someone to work was easy. Even at the low price, the two guys worked hard, but paying them did clean out his checking account.

That was neat, not only was there now some added sunlight on his Corn patch, but it would be a long time before he had to cut any more.

With nearly 30 acres of big Alder trees, he wasn’t going to run out any time soon.

It would have been fine except they cut the smaller limbs off and left them pretty much where they fell and that pissed Dale off.

He asked them about cleaning up the mess but they told him that wasn’t part of the deal and they wanted another $200 to do it.

Fuck that, he paid them for what they had done and sent them on their way. It was probably well worth having them do it but he was out of money, so he decided he would just do it himself.

A month later the fucking brush was still there, Dale had actually gone out and started on it since every time he looked out his kitchen window he could see the mess. The little stuff he could just cut up with his limb lopping tool, the bigger stuff had to be moved to where it could be sawed up.

But being 69, just getting up the hill was difficult, pulling on huge Alder branches lying every which way was even harder.

Dale did fire up the big wood splitter he had built. It had a 17.5 horsepower lawnmower engine on it, a pump and hydraulic ram with a 30″ stroke, 2400 pounds per square inch pressure. No yanking on a damn starter rope either, he had installed a battery and a push button starter.

There was even a dandy winch for picking up and loading the heavier blocks.

One flick of the handle and the block of wood was in two pieces, easy. That part he knew he could do. Dale popped all of the blocks of wood into smaller pieces, then piled those in the wood room.

It took him a full week, a dozen cords of wood is one hell of a big pile.

By the time he got all of that done, every single one of his 69 year old muscles were complaining.

He just could not remember ever hurting so badly.

The fires he built sure felt good, he liked it nice and warm now, and nothing is better than a good wood fire. He did have electric heat, but lord was that getting expensive, plus even standing in front of the damn thing he couldn’t get fully warm.

Taking a long last irritated look at all the brush, Dale decided fuck it, he went inside the house and sat down in his chair.

Living alone is actually OK, no worries about dirty dishes in the sink, get to the laundry when the mood strikes, it’s an easy way to live.

He did own a vaccum cleaner but had never plugged it in.

TV was nice, Dale watched a lot of that, read some books. He also liked the naughty story websites, although a lot of those were on the sick side for his tastes.

His favorite stories were the ones about women showing off, letting men get naughty peeks at their hidden treasures.

Some woman doing that in a video did nothing for him, he was partial to the real thing.

His very favorite time was when that Social Security check arrived. For a few days he had some extra dollars, so he would get in the old Ford pickup and drive down to the nudie bar.

That was fun, he always sat in the 2nd row because then he didn’t have to keep putting precious dollars up on the stage, the dancers would be reacting to the dollar tossed up there by the guy up front and Dale got in on it too.

The dancers didn’t seem to mind Dale looking over the other guy’s shoulder much.

But then the monthly light bill, phone bill, all of that arrived and Dale had to wait the rest of the month to get to look as some pussy again.

He had never had a strange piece since he got married at age 30, that lasted 25 years and then his wife Caroline decided to go “find” herself. Caroline had been barely 18 years old when he married her, life had been good but it actually was boring so he didn’t blame her all that much.

Way back when he was younger, he would sometimes get himself some of that dancer nookie. In fact Caroline was up on the stage, that is where he had met her.

The girls back then all wore G-strings and pasties, but even then for a few bucks they would let their G-string slide sideways when the bartender wasn’t looking. Caroline had done her share of that stuff, part of what he liked about her. She had also responded well to his string of $5 bills, most of the guys just threw rare singles.

What the hell, he had money back then and no one to spend it on, not really.

After about three times of internet casino watching Caroline do her thing up on stage, he got a real closeup look in his bedroom that night. They hooked up, Dale was married and that was the end of his going to the night clubs.

That was odd, he met Caroline in one of those places yet she would get all huffy at the idea of him going to one of them.

So he just didn’t, not for 25 years. But he did manage to talk Caroline into dancing for him a few times at home, and out at the beach she did not mind at all dropping her top, or even rarely running around naked as a Jaybird.

But she got older, and a bit more matronly, all of that stuff ended.

Now the dancers were all stark naked, Dale liked that. Of course with his silver hair and wrinkled face he knew he was never going to get any of that young pussy ever again, it was just the way things were.

Damn shame, too. Everything still worked just the way it always had, all he had to do really was think about some gal letting him have a look at her privates and up it came.

But the ones that interested him took one look at all of the wrinkles, the white hair, and they wandered off.

He could maybe hire a hooker, but with around $100 left over each month to play with, fat chance of much of that.

He did miss it, solo sexuality was OK but not enough. Sometimes he thought about all the years, wondering if perhaps he had wasted some of them? Caroline had been a good wife, never cheating that he ever suspected, always keeping a good house, willing in the bedroom although he couldn’t call her eager.

The last dozen years she had acted more like it was a chore, just something she did like cook and clean.

So Dale’s life was now just him. The good part was he did get to come and go as he damn well pleased.


That fucking brush! It became an obsession, so Dale bit the bullet and skipped the nudie bar, saving up some money. Then he ran an ad online, that was free.

“Part time job, removing and piling brush. Person applying needs to be strong. $10 per hour.” It read.

It took just 20 minutes, his phone rang. It was a female voice, for God’s sakes.

“I am calling about the job?” She asked.

“I think I need a man, some of the brush is pretty big.” He told her.

“I am strong and I will work hard! Please? I really need to make some money.” She begged.

What the fuck.

“OK. Come on out.” He told her, giving her directions.


Dale was looking out the window, an extremely beaten up Datsun pickup pulled up and stopped. An on the large size woman that looked to be in her twenties got out. He noticed the just over her ears blond hair, the fact that she did appear to be very physical. It was her outfit that floored him, she had on a halter top that demonstrated clearly that she had rather large boobs, and a pair of denim shorts, those appeared to be Jeans that were cut off.

Not fat, but certainly not skinny, she had nice looking legs, muscular like she rode a bike or something a lot. He saw they were bare.

Bare legs? In the brush? Dale chuckled to himself at that.

The shorts were so low on her hips that he could see the beginnings of the “V” shape of her pubic mound. It was rather obvious that she at least shaved some of that, those shorts were so small that hair should have been sticking out the top of them. There were also a couple of soft looking rolls at her belly, and her fanny was clearly larger than her bust.

Piling brush in that outfit?

“Hi! I’m Sherry, I called about the job?” She smiled as he opened the door.

Up close, she was actually rather pretty, although her hair was every which way and she had no makeup on at all.

Dale had a feeling that she was not going to last long on that hillside, but what the hell. She was here, so he decided to give her a shot.

Besides, she really wasn’t that bad to look at.

He showed her what he wanted done, drag all the limbs down the hill and toss them over into the canyon on top of some blackberry bushes that he was tired of cutting back all the time.

He had thought of using his little 16″ chain saw to whack them all up into small pieces but decided against it since he had too damn much firewood already.

Up the hill she went with almost no effort. Dale watched her for a few minutes, she was like a damned beaver up there. He went back in and sat down in his chair, and promptly fell asleep.

He woke up with a start, looking at the clock he had dozed off for nearly an hour. He went into the kitchen and looked out, Sherry was bent over pulling on a fairly large limb.

It hit him that bent over like that a good six inch long strip between the cheeks of her ass showed clearly.

Plus since she was bending over, the halter top had fallen away some and the bottom half of her tits showed.

Swinging back and forth as she jerked on the limb trying to get it loose.

Damn! Now that was hot! He stood there watching her out the kitchen window for a long time. Then he went canlı poker oyna into the living room, got his 40 power field glasses.

With those he could see a lot more, damn was a lot of the crack of her fanny showing. He even got a couple of very brief nipple shots when she bent over even further.

Finally he went into the kitchen and made some iced tea, opened the back door and invited her in for a break. It was hot as hell outside, she accepted gratefully.

Dale turned on the swamp cooler, she stepped up to it and tugged the halter top away from her breasts, flapping it to cool off. He could see that she was soaked in sweat.

Sherry turned, saw where he was looking. She looked down at herself, her big nipples showed clearly through the damp cloth. She looked back up at Dale, then she smiled.

Dale felt himself blush mildly at having been caught peeking at her.

They sat and talked for about 30 minutes, then she said she had better get back to work and off she went. Dale went and got his canvas chair, sat out there and watched her work. Sherry kept glancing back and smiling, she made no effort to pull her shorts back up.

They kept getting lower and lower, and there was no sign of panties under there at all.

Finally as she was tugging on another large branch, he couldn’t stand it any more, so he got up and went up the hillside to give her a hand.

Standing right next to her like that, with the back of her shorts now way down, he could see a tuft of black hairs in the crack of her ass.

Now he was sure she shaved the front some but not all of it.

One more inch and he thought he would be able to see her butt hole, maybe even part of her…pussy?

The branch came right loose when he reached down to tug on it with her.

“Thanks!” She told him with a huge smile.

Dale went back to his chair, sitting and watching her the rest of the afternoon.

She thanked him when he paid her for the seven hours she had spent on the brush. He was happy because she was doing a good job, and also happy because she was fun to watch.

“I will be back tomorrow, one more day should finish it up.” She told him. Dale was hoping so anyway, all he had left was just $80.00.

At the same time he was wishing she could work for him every day.

The next morning, Sherry arrived exactly at 9 in the morning. This time she had on a tank top style T-shirt, her heavy breasts made round bulges in the cloth. She also wore what he thought were denim shorts, but wore those much higher than the shorts the day before.

There was not likely to be any ass crack display wearing those, he thought.

Oh, well. He went inside and turned on the TV.

About an hour later she knocked on the door.

“Do you have some lotion? My legs got scratched up some yesterday.” Dale looked down, she sure was scratched up.

“Come on in.” He led her into the living room, got her sat down. In his medicine cabinet he had a tube of ointment he put on cuts and things like that, he brought that out and handed it to her.

“Thanks!” She smiled as he went to his chair. She began to apply some to her legs, he could see her ankles were scratched up pretty good.

“Maybe you should wear long pants.” He told her.

“I would but I don’t own any, I usually just wear shorts or a skirt when I work. I didn’t even think about this part.”

Then she swung one leg up and set her ankle on her knee.

That was when Dale realized those were not shorts! There was no doubt about it at all, she was rubbing the upper portion of her leg, acting like she had no idea at all that he could clearly see her dark pubic hair, and the pink slit barely covered.

When she reversed and put the other leg on her knee, she opened even wider. Dale sat there staring with his mouth hanging open. He was correct in his assumption, she had the upper portion trimmed all the way down to just above her pink lips.

Sherry looked up at Dale with a big smile. Then she looked down at herself, acting like she had just realized.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you, I really didn’t mean….” She was still grinning, as she put her foot back on the floor.

“Oh, that’s OK. I didn’t mind..I mean…I was just…?” He stammered. Hell, he had no idea at all of what to say.

Totally busted taking an illicit look, what can a guy say?

Sherry got up, acting like she was posing for a moment.

“You sure are a nice man, I really like you. Well, I had better get back to work and finish up. And thank you for the lotion!” She gave Dale a final grin and went back to the hillside.

Dale got a cup of the Tea he had made and went outside to watch. She didn’t seem to mind and if she didn’t he sure as hell didn’t.

The next three hours were the best show on the planet, if she wasn’t on her knees tugging at something, she was bending over.

Hell, he was getting more beaver shots from Sherry with a skirt on than he got down at the nudie club, and they didn’t have any pants on at all.

He sat there watching poker oyna with the biggest hard on he had managed in years, far more than he ever got in the nudie bar.

It was like he was seeing something that he was not supposed to, even though by now he was sure she was doing it deliberately.

Plus she never stopped, she went up the hill, grabbed a branch, drug it down. Then right back up, getting more and more soaked with sweat with each trip.

If it had been one of those wet T-shirt contests, Sherry sure as hell would have gotten his vote!

Finally she finished up, and she had done a very nice job. She came in to get paid, looking at his watch it had been just 6 hours but he handed her the entire $80 he had left.

Sherry thanked him and then asked if she could have some more of the lotion. Dale managed to not run when he went in to get the tube for her.

She sat down and put some on her ankles and then on her knees, being much more careful this time.

Still it was interesting, especially when Sherry lifted up one butt cheek and was trying to rub some on the upper back of her legs.

“Can you maybe help me? It’s hard to reach back there, I have no idea how I managed to get my fanny all scratched up.” She coyly smiled again, holding out the tube of ointment.

The next thing Dale knew, she had turned around and gotten onto her knees on the couch.

He took the lotion and squeezed some out onto his hand, she stayed just like that as he rubbed the lotion pretty high on her legs. He could almost see the very bottom of her bare butt cheeks.

There actually was a tiny little scratch there, high on the back of one thigh.

It took everything he had to not lean down and take another long look up there, but she had her head turned, watching him.

Finally he stopped, then stood there not knowing what to do or say. Sherry turned around, gave him another grin.

“My tummy, too?” She asked, lifting the bottom of her tank top up, baring the very bottom of her breasts. Dale rubbed some on there also even though he didn’t see any marks.

Her belly felt nice and soft on the surface, yet he could feel the solid muscle underneath. He even let his hand slip upwards, just a little bit, feeling the swell of the lower edge of her breasts as his hand slid by.

She just sighed and let him, her upper body leaned against the back of the couch.

This was amazing, when she finally sat upright, she looked up at him with one of her big smiles.

“I always like you mature men very much, you are all so nice and kind.” She said.

“Uhhh…it’s my pleasure, glad to help. And thank you for doing such a nice job for me.”

“Sure. Maybe you might have more work for me sometime? I would really like that, and you seemed to enjoy…watching me…work.” One eyebrow went up, then she giggled.

She stood up to leave, then she turned back and looked at him. She appeared to be thinking.

“I guess I will just be blunt. Would you like it if I..took care of that for you?” She looked down at Dale’s obvious bulge.

That was unexpected.

“ you mean..?” He managed with a gulp.

“I sure do, sweetie. Here, let me…” With that she dropped to her knees, reaching for the catch on Dale’s pants.

OK. Now he was past being unsure of her intentions.

In short order she had his erection in her hands. She played with it, turning it every which way, inspecting.

Then she opened her mouth and sucked him in all the way.

“I love doing this to older guys!” She said at one point, then went right back to work. When Dale reached out to fondle her heavy breasts she didn’t seem to mind at all, so he reached down and pulled her tank top up so he could see them.

“That feels nice.” She muttered at one point as he rolled her big nipples with his fingertips.

Then Dale was blasting off, she didn’t stop, just kept on until he finally went limp.

“That was neat, you really got nice and hard. I don’t…not usually, but it just felt right?” She still had one hand on his swiftly fading erection.

“Well, I have to go, I have class in just two hours.” She stood up.

Dale was floored, this was all a complete surprise, and one hell of an experience.

“Can I maybe see you again?” He asked her, reaching down to fumble with his pants.

“See me? You like to see me, huh?” She grinned at her own double meaning, watching as he got his pants zipped back up and fastened.

“God, yes.” Dale told her.

“Well, I also do house cleaning, laundry, things like that. Just about anything, since regular jobs are so scarce. I am trying to build a client base of guys that are…special? I would love having you on my list.”

“Really? I would like that, but I need to save up some money.”

“I can even work nude when I am inside, if you want. Do you think you would like that?” She said with a titter. Then she looked around, it was clear that Dale could use some help with the house.

“I would love it!” He answered.

“OK, great! I usually get $75 for a couple of hours for things like that and I will make it really fun for you, OK? I will do a good job. I will wait for you to call. Just one thing, I don’t let know?..Actually go all the way with me, but we can do everything else if you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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