Correspondents in Pleasure

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I like to think I write my erotic tales as a chronicle, a documentary almost, as if it is a real event the reader gets to share, be a voyeur of the characters’ excitement. I hope you agree as you share these two’s erotic adventure.

As I wrote it this story it grew and grew, to epic proportions! I’m usually keen to let my stories loose so there may be the odd mistake or a phrase that could have been better said but you can’t edit for ever so here it is. Perhaps you’ll think it too long, to much detail, too samey, unless like me you like the themes. I think my enjoyment of a woman masturbating comes through, but I hope women find something to arouse them here, maybe identify with Anna, even ‘be’ Anna as you read the story!! please let me know if you get turned-on by it ladies.


Not expecting anyone at this time of the morning, thought Anna, as she headed to answer her door-bell’s beckoning. Her breasts danced alternately up and down; side to side as she hastily did up the buttons of her billowing white cotton shirt as she strode toward the door. Fortunately when her door-bell made its surprise announcement her bottom half was already clad in a pair of jeans that had magically taken the exact form of her curvaciousness.

A postman stood on her doorstep with a parcel that required her signature.

Before Anna’s conscious mind deduced what the packet contained and she confirmed it by its opening, her subconscious had sussed and sent messages to the appropriate places. Her nipples engorged, feeling like a lover blowing hot sensuous breath over them just before slurping them into his mouth. Anna’s nipples are peculiarly prominent, a fact she finds embarrassing or delightful, depending on the circumstances. That they adorn the centre of two full globes that amply fill the cups of a 34C bra is similarly provocative to her nature, and to males that come within their range. She looked at the postie again and wondered if she fancied him so to explain her arousal, but no, she didn’t. A message arrived at her clit and she jolted at this abrupt urging of pleasure, as if some invisible hand had touched her up. She paused momentarily to consider and enjoy this sudden erotic stirring as she picked up the postie’s pen off his clipboard.

As Anna signed for the recorded delivery, her hand began to tremble as her thoughts focused on the probability of what the parcel might contain.

“Thank you” she said to the postman “bit chilly this morning” she offered as a unconvincing reason for any display of perkiness. It wasn’t, but Anna [21, 5’5″, slim but curvaceous, shoulder length naturally wavy blonde hair with skin you could also describe as blonde] thought she should give an explanation for her shiver to the postman, and wondered if her, on this occasion, rather uncomfortably overlong hardened nipples were noticeable to him; her blushing surely was. Anna hoped he wouldn’t be bringing her another parcel to sign for any time soon, she’d be so embarrassed if she had to blush at him again.

After she’d closed the door she looked down and saw both her nipples poking forward into her shirt like two short tent poles, and worse [or better if you were her postman that morning] she’d left a button undone exactly where the best view of the fullness of her left breast could be seen from the side, rolling back up to meet its nipple pointing proudly. In fact, exactly the side view the postie had as Anna paused and signed her name. She muffled her scream of anguish into the package as she belatedly did up the treacherous button. Flustered at the inadvertent glimpse of her breast, Anna would soon be engaged in a graphic erotic exhibition she wouldn’t have believed she was capable of, all because of the package she was now carrying to her living room clutched tightly onto her misbehaving bosom. A package that bore the key to turn her into a ravenous sexual tigress. The carnal side of her inner self already knew it and was preparing her body.

She now realised the package could only be from George, her cyber-mate and virtual-lover, with whom she has had an erotic liaison ever since she replied to his posting at her favourite erotic website where steamy erotic stories stir her imagination whenever she feels the need to inflame her imagination in readiness for her favourite sensual pastime. Anna wasn’t expecting any other parcel, not that she thought George would send this one, thinking he was just getting her wound up, a playful ruse to make her excited by imagining what it would be like to see him actually doing what turned her on most. Anna couldn’t believe he had but here was the package in her hands, trembling in anticipation of the viewing, and better still on a Saturday morning when she had time to enjoy it.

Anna forgot all about breakfast and headed for the VCR while she opened the jiffy-bag. VHS: high grade: hi-fi, promised the sleeve. On the label George had written just one word: ‘ENJOY!’, followed avcılar elit escort by 43′ so she would know how long to the end as she viewed. Anna powered up her VCR. Her hands were shaking so much she struggled to place the video into its slot. Had George considered this effect on her she mused, was this part of the event he’d promised her? Anna was convinced George was smart enough to know how he’d make her feel right now.

George had considerately rewound the tape to the beginning, so all she had to do was press play; nothing happened, the screen remained blank. In her excitement she’d forgotten to turn on the TV. She pushed in the TV’s power button and it flashed to life. Anna didn’t want to miss a second, so she stopped the video, rewound it and waited impatiently as the mechanism whirred. A picture filled her TV screen. A close up of a bed lit by the sun shining through a window, she could see a window-frame’s shadow on the duvet. Suddenly the picture zoomed in and out, finally adjusting to focus on the top half of the bed with a super picture quality that delighted Anna after she’d feared a fuzzy blur. Birds whistled and twittered, from outside the window she presumed. Then some rustling sound and a naked man appeared from behind the camera and sat on the bed. He spoke to the camera he’d been adjusting.

“Hi Anna, as you can see I’m very excited to be doing this for you.” he said glancing down. Anna followed his eyes to his lap and sighed heavily as she saw his semi-erect cock hovering above his thighs. He hadn’t exaggerated in his correspondence thought Anna as she focused on it. Anna couldn’t believe she was going to see him masturbate with his huge cock right in front of her eyes. Her body responded with a powerful sexual rush. Her clit throbbed again like it had at the doorstep and her nipples gained rigidity, to be further excited as Anna’s untethered breasts swayed with her movements chaffing her fleshy bolts against the cotton they were pressed up against. Anna’s gradually engorging labia lubricated with thick arousal-cream, seeming to ooze from every pore of her pussy. She couldn’t explain why guys masturbating turned her on so much. A man feverishly jerking his cock aroused Anna like nothing else. It’s her fetish, her ‘thing’ that gives her a shortcut to being deeply turned-on, and this morning her fantasies are to become real.

George had described himself in his e-mails: 25, 6′, athletic, shoulder length dark hair parted in the middle, working in computer animation. A talent for arousing her with his e-mailed words. Just simple words that seemed able to lick her clitoris, french kiss between her labia and make Anna’s hands his own tools of pleasure upon her willing body. And, of course, his cock, uncut, or unmutilated as George had described it, but to see him right there on her TV focused all that into a real person and made Anna feel effervescent.

George continued his intro: “I hope you do what you promised, you should be set-up by now”

Anna pressed the stop button on her top of the range VCR and recalled their recent exchange of e-mails. They had discussed swapping videos of themselves masturbating. Anna and George have corresponded for some time, discussing all manner of things erotic; their turn-ons & fantasies, arousing each other with their eloquent descriptions, describing each other’s masturbatory habits, they both loved it. Their mind’s erotic nature connected as if by a fiber-optic link, they aroused each other’s bodies by using their imagination. Lately the e-mails were all about mutual masturbation. They had agreed doing something like this would be fantastically exciting and arousing for both of them, tho’ Anna only now believed George had meant it and was not just saying it for the effect he knew it would it have on her.

Anna gathered herself so she could set up her camera as George had asked: she was going to video herself doing whatever she was going to do as she watched his tape, a recorded documentary of George’s video’s effect on her. That she was going to be doing it amplified her state of excitement. She hadn’t been so sexually heightened, not even within her favourite fantasies, her liquid arousal dampened the crotch of her jeans imbuing the soft cotton with the heady aromatic smell of her lust that wouldn’t disappear with their washing.

Anna hastily gathered all the equipment she’d need for her World-premiere erotic-artiste performance of virtuoso female masturbation for her one man audience! She connected her Sony Digital8 camcorder to her TV’s second AV-scart socket so she could monitor the camera’s output and check it was working correctly. Anna had fantasised about what she might do but didn’t think George would really send his. A few ideas germinated in her imagination to embellish the undoubted fun she was going to have recording herself while watching George masturbate. It sent a dramatic shiver through her, for a second she avcılar escort thought she’d had an orgasm but it was an intense tingle of anticipation. She hooked up all the video/TV/camcorder cables while coping with the grip of a sexual rush. Then she had to connect the microphones. She had a mono headset mic which she connected into the ‘left’ 3.5mm mic. socket in her camcorder. She inserted a new blank tape into the camcorder and pressed the red record button.

Anna spoke into her headset as she held up the camera to her face:

“Hi, George!” a bright sweet & sexy face with no trace of make-up smiled a warm greeting into the camera.

“I just got it, played the first few minutes before I hooked up my camera ready. I was sooo excited when I realised what the package was, I was trembling, I still am. Before I start to watch your tape properly I’d like to show you a few things!” Anna announced, still beaming.

Anna placed the camera on top of the TV, aimed at her standing before it, and adjusted the zoom until most of her was in shot. She’s wearing only two items of clothing; the man’s style white cotton shirt and her 501’s, somewhat sticky in the crotch area.

“Well, it seems I’m over dressed for the occasion!”

She unbuttons her shirt slowly, one by one, as she peered grinning into the camera. The two firm jutting crescents at the centre of her chest tantalise from the widening gap of her shirt as she lets loose her buttons. Her nipples are unseen but betray their station by the deformity of the cloth that obstructs their viewing.

Anna simply adores her nipples. Although in the outside world they can embarrass her, in her private passions they are a source of boundless delight. They have tasted all manner of sensuousness from Anna exploring their talent for arousing her. A variety of: silk scarves, velvet garments, angora wool, ice cubes, clamps, all manner of creams and other things she thought worthwhile to experiment on them were tested, wiped, teased, applied and even abused upon her nipples, eagerly displaying their response in colourful straining erection. Their pleasure giving nature enhanced by her play to the degree that an orgasm was available from their caress. This morning no extra items would interfere with the supreme arousal of viewing her fixation courtesy of her good friend George.

“That’s the last one George, but I’m not going to take it off just yet, maybe when I’m warmed up some more” she teased.

The shirt parts and closes, trying to reveal her nipples to the camera but failing as Anna’s hands reaches for the buttons of her figure hugging 501’s.

“There are some more buttons here George” she teased, as she undid the first one, as it unfastened she tugged at the flap and all the buttons freed in an instant. A thick tangle of blonde hairs burst out of the lower end of the opened flies.

“Oops, that was quick, yes George, I’m blonde all-over and I like my thick mop of curlies down there, but my pussy is all smooth and slick, wanna see George? mmmm?” Forgetting about her strip, Anna unceremoniously pulls off her Levi’s. She sees the glistening goo soaked into the seam that had been nuzzling into her crack and a small shiver of satisfaction sparkles over her skin. She stands, back to camera, the shirt not quite reaching the bottom of her buttocks as she folds her jeans carefully then throws them to the floor. She looks over her shoulder and turns to face the camera. In her hand is a comb she removed from her jeans’ pocket. Her dense yellow bush fills the parting at the bottom of her shirt, overgrowing her pubes. Just below that a gap where her thighs part inward. At the top of this uneven triangle her inner labia protrude to be silhouetted against the background. In between them a shining pink delicacy was just visible behind a curtain of golden strands.

“I’m so untidy George” she said in a put-on girly voice, “let me freshen up first”, as she began to comb her pubic hair. Long strands straightened out and curled back as she pulled her comb outward, after a few strokes her pubes resembled a golden sheaf. Anna collected the few loosened strands from her comb.

“These will do nicely to pad out my package to you George, so open it carefully or you might miss something!” she promised as she put them safely away.

Anna picked up the camera up and sat on her recliner, the picture on her monitor blurring before she put it down on the chair in front of her. Anna made some adjustments before her glistening pussy, smoothly bald under her golden thicket, filled the screen in glorious close-up.

“God look at me, that’s what you’ve done to me and I’ve not even touched myself yet, shall I do that now?”

Anna got comfortable on her large reclining chair. She likes it because it was so adjustable and supportive of her in any position her writhing body found itself in. Her legs would stray over the armrests as they were doing now, avcılar eve gelen escort the camera on the seat in front of her. After ensuring her pussy was centre screen, sharply focused in close up, her fingers explore into its wetness.

“Wow!, this is great looking at my pussy on the telly, so shiny and slippery, let’s see in here shall we, (she parts her slit with fingers of both hands) like what you’re seeing George? are you turned-on yet? (laughing) if you’re not maybe there’s something wrong with your picture ‘cos I’m really turned on looking at me. Want to see my clit? (she pulls the camera as near as possible) let me pull back its little pink cover he’s hiding in…… see if he’s at home today, funny how I call him a him huh! There he is (as two fingers either side drag the hood back) he’s a little shy at the moment but just you wait. Well that’s a grand tour of my pussy; succulent eh Georgie, all wet because of you, wish you could smell it too? taste me? feel my slippery juice, eh George? mmmmmmm-delicious. Anything else I can show you before we get down to business? I know, hang on, (the picture blurs again) it’s a bit jittery, I’m holding it. (Anna pulls her shirt back on her shoulders) Like my tits? not bad eh? ~(both breasts fill the TV screen as she monitors her camerawork. Two firm orbs slightly squeezed together by her arms present themselves. Perfectly symmetrical at their centre her fabulous nipples stood to attention, glowing a deep pink, surrounded by a softer pink halo that spread to cover most of the front of the fleshy orbs)~ 34C’s as you already know, shapely and firm don’t you think? Let’s see if I can get a close-up on my nipple for you…… look at those lovely pink ridges, they look like a circular sea-shore with the tide just gone out and with a tower at the middle. Eke! I’ve got two crinkly things on my breasts! (she nearly drops the camera laughing) oops!”

Anna gets up and puts the camera on top of her TV positioned to aim downward at her chair she’s pulling right in front of the TV. After ensuring the chair was centred she got back on her chair.

“I liked showing you around my bits and pieces. As you can see I’m on my favourite chair, plenty of room to wriggle and squirm on as I hope to be showing you soon, that’s if your video is any good! but first…… you’re probably thinking there’s a fault, sound only coming through the left speaker? that’s because I haven’t plugged in the right mic. yet. You can see I’ve got my headset mic on, that’s for you to hear whatever sounds I make that you like so much to hear you mentioned in your e-mails. So what other sound effects would you like George? how about I put the other mic near my luscious pussy?, so you can hear my juices sloshing as I strum my clit, would you like that George?, what? I can’t hear you!”

Anna got up and plugs the second microphone, a small tie-clip one with the clip removed, into the camcorder with a satisfying click, holding the cable as she remounts the chair and sits cross-legged on it.

“Hiya again, miss me? Let’s see, where’s the best place for this so it doesn’t get in the way (she uses some sticky-tape to hold the mic. facing her pussy mid way on her right thigh the cable going underneath her leg to the camcorder) I think I’ll invest in some cordless ones!, hang on I’m just going to check the sound’s ok (she turns up the TV-monitor volume with her remote-control and makes noises near each mic) yup, all systems are a go-go”

Anna leans back on her recliner, throws the headset cable behind it and looks at her image from the camcorder being monitored on the TV. She smiles at the woman on her TV dressed only in a white shirt and the erotic diva smiles back. Something resolves within Anna and she is as focused on her body as her camera is. She presses play on her video remote to bring back George. The combined whirring of camcorder and video conspire to create a debauched feeling for Anna, watching and starring in porn? she thinks, lets go!

“Ok, George your video is playing again, I guess you can hear yourself talking in the background, you’re telling me how excited you are about making this video for me and your cock is reacting. My my, how it’s reacting” Anna said deliberately, passionately, almost to herself. “I lurve your cock, it’s sooo big Georgie, and the head, so thick! I know you gave me it’s dimensions early on in our liaison, if that’s the right word, but I didn’t believe you really, nine inches George, nine! Oh my god, I’m leaking all over my chair, can you see that George? my clit’s on fire just looking at it, and you haven’t even touched yourself yet.”…………

……The video shows George lying back on his bed, stroking his cock gently as he spoke. “Ok Anna, I’m assuming you’re ready like we planned. I haven’t come for a week and I’m hoping for three for you today, the third one will be later after I’ve had a bit of a break but you’ll be seeing that added on with no gap. I will have given you the total time so you can pace yourself, if you can, or want to! As you see I wasn’t exaggerating, my seven inches is growing to nine, I don’t want to give too much away in terms of the plot, ha-ha! but there’ll be a close up, somewhere in the middle I would think, don’t you dare fast-forward tho’ you naughty girl.

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