Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 01

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My name is Nicole Edwards and I have been with Chase Williams for the past five years. He thinks he has been in control this whole time, but the truth is that I am the one in control of everything. I’m not talking about having him on his knees and begging, or anything like that, although I’m quite certain I could have him doing just that if I wanted. This kind of control is so much better and I love how easy it is to manipulate him into doing exactly what I want.

When I first met Chase, he was one of the most withdrawn guys I have ever come across. You know the type, the guy that stands in the back of the room during a party and watches the world pass him by. I happened to notice him doing just that at a party that someone had to have dragged him there kicking and screaming, since there was no way he would have ever gone voluntarily. I knew there was something special hiding over there and it helped that he was sexy as hell.

I left my friends behind in order to force myself into his personal space and he was so nervous talking to me. It was the shyness that I loved about Chase and knew there was nothing that would stop me from having him. His face turned red almost immediately, which was very sexy with those blue eyes of his. I did have some concerns over just how aggressive I was, but he didn’t excuse himself and that was the moment he became mine.

I continued to seduce him long after the party was over and have been very patient with Chase. He was not exactly quick to get me into his bed and he just had to have the door closed for his preferred privacy. Personally, I would have preferred to be in a lot less private setting, but I knew it would take time to get him where I truly wanted him.

Chase was twenty-two when I first conquered him and I had to teach him everything. I never asked, but I think I was his first. So much the better for me, since I knew I had the patience needed to slowly break him out of that damned shell of his. All the time that I invested in him has paid off greatly and I love that he is still very much an unfinished work.

I found out pretty quickly that he has a wonderful seven inches and handled himself alright in bed, but it’s a damned good thing he’s a quick study. When women tell guys that size doesn’t matter, they are lying through their teeth. Trust me, I’ve been with some small guys and they can’t hit shit. Just like when they claim a dildo is just as good as a dick, they are lying and any woman that has experienced a real orgasm knows this to be true. There is nothing to match an actual dick inside of me and the feeling of him releasing himself is amazing, which is something no dildo can do.

I have slowly lead him down so many wonderful paths and his confidence has grown at a wonderful rate. It took quite a bit of manipulation to get him to the really fun parties and even longer to get him to really enjoy what they have to offer. Orgies should be a requirement for every relationship, since there is no better way of getting someone to loosen up far more than they ever thought possible.

The orgies are a lot of fun and he has grown a great deal as a result of that added experience, but getting him to do something in public that first time was far better. I lead him to a tennis court completely surrounded by houses and got on my knees. Chase tried to stop me, but there was nothing he could do and I quickly had his pants down around his ankles. It would have been impossible for anyone to miss his seven inches staring right at my face.

There was real excitement in knowing any number of people might be watching from their windows as I started to suck his dick. His hands had moved to the back of my head, with no sign of wanting to stop anything. I have always loved the feeling of a dick in my mouth, but this was so much better. After all, there is nothing like an audience when performing on stage and sex is no different than any other craft.

He started to cum quickly and I pulled my head back to take the shots on my face. As I got off my knees and he was in the process of pulling his pants up, I knew there could be no denying what was dripping down my face. I started to check the windows and know I had caught at least one person that watched the show with great interest.

That is how I got him to this moment and now find myself sitting with Chase at some burger joint. This was his idea, at least that is what he believes, and there are no shortage of people inside eating their meals. My hands reach into his black overcoat and there is no pocket to stop me from reaching what I want.

His pants are very custom made, by my hand, and there is nothing between his dick and the coat. Any pair of pants can be made to do exactly what I have done with these. All it takes is a pair of scissors and the willingness to remove what is needed. From behind, they look like any other pants, but the front tells a very different story.

His dick twitches at my touch and I smile at the sensation, but his face does not reveal what we are doing. canlı bahis He is so well trained and I love that there are so many potential eyes to watch our act. Chase’s shaft feels wonderful in my hand as I start to stroke him and know the movement can be seen by anyone that happens to look over by design.

He is talking about something, but I have no idea what is coming out of his mouth as I slowly pleasure him. My brown eyes are searching out to see if anyone has noticed and far too many have their eyes glued to those damned tablets. I hate those things, since it is getting harder to find people that watch their surroundings and I do so love an audience.

My eyes fall on two black boys sitting next to each other who can’t be more than twenty and they have their mouths open just a little. Fortune truly smiles on the bold, since neither were facing away from me and I get the feeling they like to watch the people. I’m not referring to the average people watcher at the mall, but something far different.

I wink at them as my movement increases and know they are enjoying the show. Chase is on the verge of release and my hand moves to cup the head of his dick. I feel the slimy heat start to fill my palm and he has just barely missed a beat with his words. The twitching stops and I pull my hand back carefully, then grin at them as they see me drip the white over my fries.

There is no doubt that most remains on my hand, which is why I make a show of licking off the salty wonder for the two of them. They are completely mesmerized by my actions and I show them the cum on my tongue. My lips close as I smile seductively at them, then start to work on the fries. There is not enough cum to really cover everything and most will remain uneaten.

I lean over to Chase and whisper, “I’ll be back, hun.”

He gives a nod as he continues his meal and his voice is as quiet as mine. “Have fun, babe.”

I smile broadly as I whisper back, “I will.”

Their dark eyes are focused on my face as I nod towards the door, which causes their mouths to open a little wider. I head to the door and hope they are close behind, since my audience deserves something special. It is a little chilly out, but I don’t mind one bit for what I have planned. They quickly join me and I can see their breath as they exhale in the excitement.

I turn and grin at both of them with a voice that does not conceal my desire. “You boys want to have some fun?” They cannot find their words, but their tongues hanging out tells me everything I need to know. “Follow me.”

I turn away once again and wish it were a little warmer, since my coat is covering my ass. They are close behind and I can feel their eyes scanning what they can. My feet carry us to the nearest alley, which is in clear view of a great deal of stores. They are positioned, with my help, against one of the stained walls and my hands reach out for their very hard dicks in great need of release from their constraining clothing.

I pull my hands back and my eyes move from one to the other as I say, “Drop your pants boys.” They are both a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and who can blame them. “I can’t suck your dicks until they’re out.”

They both nod and I drop to my knees to see what they have to offer. I am wearing white jeans and enjoy the knowledge that there will be no hiding what I am about to do. Both dark dicks are revealed to me and neither is as big as Chase, which isn’t much of a surprise. Far too few men are gifted like him and I will never regret anything I have done.

My pale hands start to work their dark shafts and both start to moan from the pleasure they are receiving from my touch. My mouth searches out one of their cocks and soon that familiar sensation reaches my tongue. I don’t spend a great deal of time to truly enjoy the dick, since there is another that is in great need of my attention.

My lips free themselves of one dick, then quickly replace the emptiness with the other. Both are starting to moan a little louder and I can only hope the noise is attracting attention. I control the time I spend on each to ensure they last as long as possible, since there is just the two of them and neither will last anywhere near as long as I would like.

Their moans are getting louder and I wish I could see if someone was watching, but that just isn’t possible at the moment. My hands work their shafts with a great deal of expertise and my tongue sends pleasure they have never known before. It won’t be much longer now and I increase the pressure with my mouth to send the first one over the edge.

He thrusts himself inside a little deeper and I gag from the force, which is just fine by me. All men enjoy the sound of a woman gagging on a cock and these two are clearly no exception. The salty slime hits my tongue as he groans out and quickly fills my mouth in its entirety. I pull back to swallow and feel him release the rest onto my face.

I do not wait for him to finish completely as I turn towards his friend, bahis siteleri since he cannot possibly wait a moment longer. As soon as my lips press over his head, more of the slimy wonder lands on my tongue and starts to replace what was lost down my throat. My mouth fills to capacity and pull back to feel more cum hit my face as I swallow the second load.

Once their twitching stops, I release their dark shafts and get off of my knees. Their dark eyes both look hazed as I turn away from them and love the feeling of their cum on my face as it drips down. Chase is waiting and his eyes are squarely on their remnant with a broad smile. I look down and see the stains on my knees, which causes me to grin broadly. Temptation strikes to look back at their faces again, but I ignore the impulse and leave them to their deep breathing.

I reach Chase and ask in a hope filled voice, “Anyone watching?”

His smile widens as he says, “Just me, babe. You have some cum in your hair.”

I give a soft laugh and say, “Good. Let’s go home. We have a party to get ready for.”

He leads the way and we quickly find ourselves driving towards his house when I say, “You wanted me to remind you to call Samantha.”

He never brought up his sister, but I know he won’t recall anything different than what I just told him. This is an important part of a plan I have been working on for a long time. Despite all the things I have done and seen, there are still some that continue elude me and I must be very cautious about making those things happen. After all, I can’t exactly come out and tell him I want to watch him bang his sister, nor can I talk about all the other plans that I have for the two of them. Patience has paid out greatly in the past and will continue to do so for this.

Chase nods and I can see his blue eyes trying to recall a moment that never actually happened. “Thanks, babe. I must have forgotten all about it.”

I smile at the control I hold over him. “You’re welcome, hon.”

There are a few eyes that glance my direction as we finish the drive, but nothing that shows they viewed anything amiss. Getting out of the car, I know that at least one of our neighbors is watching from his windows and I certainly hope others are doing the same. He never misses an opportunity to watch and there is no hiding the stains on my knees.

Once inside, I say, “When you call, don’t forget to invite her over tomorrow for drinks.”

Chase calls out, “Thanks again, babe.”

I am heading towards our bedroom as I call back, “You’re welcome, hon.”

Samantha is a lightweight and won’t take long to get her to the state I need to take that next step. I have been drinking with her enough to know that it won’t take much for the real fun to start and wish she were here right now. It doesn’t matter that I have never broached the subject of incest with either of them, since neither will be able to stop what I have planned.

I look at my reflection in the mirrored closet doors and smile at what I see before me. Chase is calling his sister and my smile broadens, but his words are far too muffled for me to hear anything clearly. My brown eyes focus on my knees and I can see the dark marks clearly imprinted on them, which I find to be rather pleasant accompaniment to what I know is on my face.

With some effort my eyes move up to see the reflection of my face and wish that I would have taken my time to check a mirror sooner, since there is a big difference between fresh and dried cum. I have always preferred it to be as fresh as possible when I see myself in a mirror and hate that not one drop still shows the glory of that early release. My brown hair shows the remnant a little better, but even that is not enough for me to truly enjoy my reflection.

I strip out of my clothes and smile at what I see before me. My large tits show no sign of gravity, which is going to happen eventually. The pale flesh is without a single flaw and my dark nipples look wonderful against the pale flesh as they stare back at me. As my eyes move down a little further and stare at my petite body, my hands move to ensure nothing can be felt. There isn’t time to shave and I’m glad there is very little sign of the pubic hairs that I hate.

Turning away from the mirror, I move to the bathroom and wash the dried stains from my face. I leave my hair the way it is, since I just had a shower this morning and there is no need for another right now. Just as I am rinsing my mouth out, he comes in behind and caresses my round cheeks. A sigh escapes my lips, once I am free from any liquid to prevent the sound of enjoyment.

He looks at my eyes in the reflection and says, “She’ll be here. Thanks for the reminder, babe. You know I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached.”

I sigh at his touch and say, “Don’t mention it, hon.”

Turning towards Chase, my smile is firmly implanted on my lips and they press hard to his. Chase’s tongue enters and I love that he is so much better than he was. His hands grip my cheeks bahis şirketleri and I give a soft moan into his mouth. I can feel his erection pressing against me and a decision has to be made.

I pull back to release my lips from his and ask, “Going or staying, Chase?”

At this moment, I am perfectly content with either option and am leaving this one up to him. Had it been just the handjob, I would have been much more intent on going to the party. However, sucking off those two has been causing parts of me to ache for a while now and I can use some immediate attention.

His hands squeeze a little tighter as he says, “We’re staying, Nicole. Knowing him, it’s going to be a real sausage fest and I don’t want to wait in line to get some action.”

My eyes sparkle as I say, “Sounds like fun.”

He grimaces as his voice fails to hide his thoughts. “Fun for you, but not me. Fuck him. I’ve got my action right here, babe.”

Chase presses his lips to mine and I am swept off my feet, which is not just from the passion of the kiss. He has me in his muscular arms and is carrying me to our bed. His tongue easily gains dominance with every step and I know I would have collapsed into him completely had I still been standing.

He lowers me to the bed and I watch his face lower between my legs. My hands reach out to caress his short hair and I am already very wet. His tongue reaches those parts of me he knows are very sensitive and I let out a soft moan to show my pleasure. His blue eyes look wonderful as they stare across my body and I run my fingers across his blond scalp.

Chase moves his tongue towards my clit and my fingers try to grip his short hair. This view is why I love to be completely shaved and never want to risk a single hair blocking what I see before me. My moans are getting louder and I feel my body starting to get engulfed from the pleasure that I have trained him so well to bring.

As he continues to work my clit, the pleasure builds to great heights. Time is complete lost to me as my body starts to tense. My head is thrown back and I scream out the pleasure that has fully consumed my body. I feel his tongue move further down my pussy and his lips press against my flesh.

My hands attempt to grip his blond hair, but there is not enough for me to grab hold. I scream out as I crash over his face and start to thrust my pussy against his mouth. Another crashes over me and I am completely lost to this pleasure that fills my pours. One wave after another sends me to greater height of pure pleasure and I can feel nothing except the explosions within my body.

The last of me crashes against his flesh and he pulls away from my pussy. Chase quickly places his mouth to mine and I can taste my sweet release strongly on his tongue. His hands caress my sensitive nipples with an expert touch and my hands move to pull his mouth harder onto mine.

He pulls back and I must force myself to move my wonderfully exhausted body. This is just the opening act and I steady myself in preparation for the short walk I must take. A few deep breaths and I manage to get off the bed, which causes his eyes to burn into my cheeks.

I reach the drawer with all of our wonderful toys and pull out the strapon, while another hand grabs hold of the lube. Chase had not told me about his desire for anal, but I could tell by his lingering fingers exactly what he wanted. I ordered the strapon and the lube using his card and simply implied later that it had been his idea. If he is going to have my ass, then it’s only fair that I have his.

I set the lube down on the night stand next to the bed and began the process of securing the straps to hold the dildo in place. They are not the most comfortable thing to wear, but I have grown accustomed to where they dig into my flesh. The sensation of the dick hanging out in front of my still makes me smile, since I know it is every bit as big as Chase.

Chase has already moved into position as I start to lube up the entire dildo attached, which means part of his ass is hanging over the edge of the bed. Once I am certain there is more than enough, I place the lube down and move between his legs, which are now being held up by his hands.

My fingers caress his asshole and he lets out a soft sigh of anticipation, then slowly feel the warmth press around one of my fingers. He used to hate this part, but now his sighs tell me all I need to know. Another finger joins the first and his breathing deepens, which is joined by a third and I love the way this feels.

I slowly release my fingers from the heat and press the edge of the dildo against his asshole. There was a time when it was difficult to get even the tip inside of him, but now he opens quite easily for me. He gives a few grunts as I press in slowly and start to caress his balls to alleviate the discomfort that still remains.

All seven inches enter his asshole and he is giving a mixture of groans and sighs. Our eyes are locked onto one another as I slowly start to fuck him and each thrust is met with a grimace that he cannot hide. This is far better than when I first got it in all the way, since he cried like a little bitch and even the slightest movement caused him to scream out from the pain.

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