Computer Overload

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All Holes

I was working at my computer in the back office. As usual, when working in my office, I was in my shorts; and I guess I just drifted off to sleep. Of course, within my reverie, it was of you. Even after 12 years of a very full and active marriage to you, your charms still invade my every thought.

I still revel at the sight of your 5’2″ frame, seemingly near perfection to me. With your gentle mane of brown hair framing an angelic oval face with hazel eyes, who could ever resist. And, my God, thinking about your body always brings me to an immediate state of erection. I ponder your slim frame and with that fantastically rounded ass, so firm, yet so yielding to my touch. And, ohhhhhhhhh, the fabulous globes of your 34 D breasts…

Back in my reverie, I felt something gently tugging at my wrists and this awoke me. I startled awake, but found I couldn’t see or move. I had been fettered and blindfolded in my sleep. I tried to free myself, but I was bound fairly tight.

Suddenly it hit me…the scent of my woman…all clean and freshly perfumed. I tried to turn my head this way and that just to see you, but I could not. I could only smell your sweetness…your deliciousness…and sense your heat! God, I can always smell that delicious aroma your crotch emits when you are stimulated. Then I heard your gentle giggle, and knew you were near…somewhere!

Something silky brushed across my face and ataköy escort chest…my heart pounded within my chest. There again was the fragrance of your perfume…but this time there were also the fragrances of your wanton love nectar.

What did my sweet lady want? hmmmmmmmm.

My mind raced wildly through about all of the lovemaking we had done in the past 12 years. Which way were you going to take me? How insane and delirious would you make me become before you will let me again bask in your love?

And then, suddenly, right next to my ear, I heard you purr–softly, sensuously, totally sexy.

“I warned you that if you didn’t leave your computers alone once in a while and spend some time with me you would be sorry! And now you shall pay!”

I just could not even fathom a guess at what you were doing, nor what you had plans for. I was somewhat scared, but also knew you wouldn’t do anything to physically injure me. Yet, through my predicament, the scent of your perfume—and your sex…and now, this brush of silk immensely turned me on across me!

I felt your hot and moist breath on my shoulder, my neck, and on my ear. I gasped with anticipation and desire as your lips and tongue touched my shoulder, then my neck, and lingered at my ear. I was becoming rapidly incensed. Your tongue flicked at my ear…inside it…around it. This created an immediate erection ataköy eve gelen escort piercing through the fly of my shorts.

“Oh, what a good boy, you purred at me again, you have finally noticed me!”

Then you continued to kiss and lick all up and down my upper torso…moving over to my chest…my arms…down to my bound hands…back to my chest…nibbling at my nipples and even biting them softly!

You purred at me again, “You have been a bad, bad boy…not paying attention to me! And I don’t like it!”

Then you draped whatever it was that was silky over my head…and the scent again wafted into my nostrils…it was the aroma of your sexual arousal mixed with the scent of your perfume…all over that silky whatever. Yes, that was definitely what I smelled!

With that, you again began to kiss and lick at my body, pausing at my navel…French kissing it…lips smacking loudly!

Now I feel your silken hair brushing across the bulging, throbbing head of my manhood…making it pulse and throb even harder…hurting more…pounding for attention! I feel your lips kiss through my pubic hair and reach the base of my member. Then you start to massage my testicles and kiss along the length of my blood-engorged shaft…up one side and down the other!

I am writhing in the ecstasy of your actions, and yet it is pure agony not being ataköy grup yapan escort able to see or touch you at the same time. I strain at the fetters binding me to my chair, but your have learned well as I cannot gain more than an inch of wiggle room. I am completely helpless and at your mercy…or desire; hopefully it is the latter!

You lick around the tip of the reddish-purple glans-head…and flick your tongue at the tiny opening which emits the hot love cream you love so much. You expand your licks to slowly encompass the total length and girth of my prick. Damn it hurts…wanting your love.

My tensions and passion are rising, as you can readily tell from the bobbing of my penis and the tightness in my balls. You know I am just a seconds away from splashing all over you with my hot, creamy passion. I try to lift my hips to invade your mouth, but you pull away, laughing and giggling loudly.

Now, the delay in the oncoming release has become agony, and the stiffness in my erection actually hurts. Suddenly…I feel nothing…except that silky whatever draped over my head—bearing your love’s scent—your impregnated scent—continually making me delirious with my wanton, lustful desire for you.

After what seemed like an eternity I suddenly feel you breath again…at my neck…at my shoulder. And then I sense you ever so close as you coo and purr into my ear, “I told you that you have been a bad boy…not paying attention to me! And I didn’t like it! And now YOU shall suffer the agony! It’s 3 AM now…I will be back at again at 4, and we’ll do this all over again. And I will keep doing this until I think you have learned your lesson! Besides it’s only Friday night, well Saturday morning!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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