Competition Ch. 09

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Jolene laid perfectly still on Dr. Fleming’s couch. She hugged the pillow tight to her chest, her heart thumping in her chest. She braced herself for the harsh criticism that her therapist would likely give her, maybe even yelling. Her hands started to shake.

“Jolene?” Dr. Fleming’s tone was calm. “Jolene, I want you to tell me about how you feel. Whatever is on your mind. This is a safe place.”

“Are you mad at me?” Jolene asked in a timid voice.

“No, Jolene,” Dr. Fleming replied.

“Not even a little?” asked Jolene in a smaller voice.

“Jolene? Do you…want me to be angry with you?” Dr. Fleming was baffled by her patient’s behaviour.

“Maybe,” Jolene squeaked.

“Jolene, you had a close call with Brent, but it’s behind you.” Dr. Fleming took off her glasses and sighed. “The event is immaterial at this time. It happened. What we need to do is get to the underlying problem. You idolize this man for all of the wrong reasons.”

“I’m bad,” moaned Jolene.

“Jolene, you need to confront these issues,” Dr. Fleming said. “Your focus on Brent has been the driving force behind every one of your major decisions in your life. Your fitness goals, your moving out to Phoenix, your sexual proclivities—they’ve all been indicative of this obsession.”

Jolene reached for her phone, then scrolled on it. She sat up and handed the phone to her therapist. “This is Brent.”

Dr. Fleming took the phone and examined the picture. “Well, that’s…wow.” She handed the phone back to Jolene. “You can understand what I mean, however. This was a serious violation of Veronica’s trust. How would you think you could ever make this up to her?”

“I took her to a strip club and let her get groped while she had sex with me,” Jolene replied.

Dr. Fleming dropped her note pad.

On Saturday, Jolene went to check up on Carol, the bodybuilder friend of hers from the gym. Carol had not been around for several weeks, and Jolene was worried about her. Carol was a part-time clinic aide, but they were not able to talk to Jolene about why she was absent when she called in. She also did personal training at the gym, but had been gone from there as well.

Jolene showed up at Carol’s basement apartment and knocked. The door opened, and there was Carol. Jolene had trouble recognizing her at first. Her face was looking thinner, and Jolene realized her muscles had shrunken down as well.

“Carol!” Jolene looked her friend over. “You look as if you’ve lost thirty pounds.”

“Thirty-eight,” replied Carol. She gave Jolene a big hug, and Jolene noticed how weak she felt. “Come in.”

The two of them went in, and Carol had Jolene sit at her kitchen table. Carol got a glass of water for herself and a cup of coffee for Jolene. Carol had two large pills she had to take.

“It’s glomerulosclerosis,” said Carol. “I have severe kidney scarring. They don’t know the full extent yet, but they said…” She began to tear up. “They don’t know how bad it is. I did it to myself.”

Jolene got Carol a tissue. “Was it the steroids?”

Carol dabbed at her eyes and nodded. “I did this to myself. I have to stop the treatments.” Jolene noticed that Carol’s voice seemed different as well. “I don’t know if I’m going to live now. The doctor said if I stopped training and using, I could recover.” She took Jolene’s hand. “I should have listened to you, Jo. I’m so sorry.”

Jolene gave Carol’s hand a pat and smiled. “I just want to be there for you.”

Carol sniffed. “I’m in love with you, Jo.”

Jolene sighed. “Oh, Carol.”

“I mean it,” Carol went on. “I know you’re married. I like Ron a lot. I just…you’re the perfect woman, and I loved you for years. I just wanted you to notice me so badly.”

Jolene leaned over and gave Carol a hug as she broke down.

Jolene went home that night. Ronnie’s final appointment of the day cancelled last minute, and she had gotten home in time to get dinner started. They had dinner as Jolene told Ronnie about what was happening to Carol. Ronnie had little to say, as she was naturally more in control when it came to matters of death. She also did not know Carol nearly as well as Jolene. The two of them went to the gym that night and talked more about the health concerns of Carol.

Casey, one of the gym attendants, stopped to say hi to Jolene. “Did you hear? We might be shutting down soon.”

Jolene stopped her lifts and dropped her barbell. “What? This place has been open forever!”

“I mean, the gym itself is fine, but look at the juice bar—almost no one uses it. We have a ton of empty space we’re not using well, and our overall attendance went way down since last year.” Casey looked around and sighed. “It’s too bad—I love the flexibility of the hours, and it was nice to get a free gym membership. I think they’re going to make this into a call centre.”

Jolene said thanks and went back to her routine. She was outraged that her special spot was going to be made into some ridiculous spot for harassing seniors. She decided she wanted to do something about it.

Ronnie and Jolene got başakşehir escort home and got stripped off. “Casey is right about the gym, though,” Jolene mentioned as she got into her silk pyjamas. Ronnie was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

“We can find another place to work out,” Ronnie called, then gargled.

“There’s not another decent place for miles around,” Jolene replied. She got her moisturizer and rubbed her arms and upper chest. “Oh, but this seems like such a small matter, what with poor Carol and all she’s going through.”

Ronnie came out in her nightshirt with the black kitten on it. “Relax. Soon as the testosterone gets out of her system, she can turn back into her usual self.”

“Oh, I’m just glad I didn’t go down that route,” Jolene said. “It’s a lot of pressure. I remember seeing people doing weird things like stocking up their own blood.”

“Ew!” Ronnie climbed on the bed on all fours. “What for?”

“It’s supposed to improve endurance and give them a more pumped-up look,” Jolene told her. “They cold store it, then inject it back into themselves.”

Ronnie snorted. “Sounds gross.” She reached over and grabbed Jolene’s ass, which made her jump.

“Ronnie, you behave!” Jolene slammed her moisturizer down on the nightstand, then turned around and put her hands on her hips. “You are an impudent little trollope.”

“Well, you know what to do, then,” Ronnie giggled. She got up on her knees and held out her arms. “Come be my little cuddle muffin.”

Jolene fought as hard as possible to suppress her smile, then she unbuttoned her top. “Perhaps I will permit you to please me tonight.” Her top was left hung open, showing a good separation of her breasts. She put her arms up over her head and stretched. “Will you give me a massage, darling?”

Ronnie got the warming massage oil while Jolene got undressed. She laid out a blanket on the bed, then stretched out on her stomach. Ronnie got on her knees and squirted out a generous amount of oil on her hands, then placed her palms flat on Jolene’s upper back. She worked the hard muscles slowly, feeling the ridges. “God, I don’t know how you keep this pace up. You’re gonna be fifty soon.”

Jolene groaned into the blanket. “Please, don’t remind me.”

“You look gorgeous, period. Never mind the age.” Ronnie worked her way down to the lower back, Jolene’s corded back muscles jutting out. She decided to lose the nightshirt, then threw it aside and sat on Jolene’s thighs, working the back more.

Jolene laid her head down and laid her muscular arms out. “Mmm, that’s nice, dear.” She got Ronnie off of her, then got her ass raised in the air and buried her face in a pillow.

Ronnie took over, licking Jolene’s honey pot. She stroked the back of Jolene’s thighs as she worked her magic with the tongue. “Oh, that’s…ohhh.” Jolene gripped the blanket with both hands. “Yes! Please!”

Ronnie licked and stroked while she held onto Jolene’s ass cheeks. Jolene had a quick moment as she remembered the size of Brent’s cock. She pictured herself sucking it while Ronnie went down on her. She tried to clear it out of her mind as she remembered how she had nearly wrecked her marriage chasing a fantasy.

Jolene lifted her head up. “Darling, come here.” Ronnie got up next to her, and the two of them kissed. Jolene fondled Ronnie’s lovely tits as the two of them locked legs together. Jolene inserted a finger into Ronnie’s pussy.

“Damn, girl,” Ronnie whispered as she made a face. Jolene loved the velvet smoothness. She reached in further and found the rubbery part of Ronnie’s vagina, then gave it a good rub. Ronnie’s body tensed as she let her mouth hang open. Jolene moved her face down to Ronnie’s slit, then searched with her tongue to find the clit. Once she found the nub, she gave it good flicks with the tip of her tongue. Ronnie tensed up and pounded the mattress with her fists.

Ronnie then shot right up and squealed. Jolene had managed to hit all of the right cues at once. Ronnie let her head drop back, only she whacked her skull hard on the headrest of the bed. “Shit!”

“Oh, dearest!” Jolene went up to check her. “Did you hurt yourself?”

Ronnie held her head but laughed. “Oh, it was mostly my hair that cushioned me.” She grabbed two handfuls of it and tossed it in the air playfully. “See? Growing it out helps.” She kissed Jolene for a few seconds. “That was great. My turn.” She reached over and got the dildo out of the nightstand, then gave it a few licks. “Lie back.”

Jolene did as instructed, getting her legs stretched out. Ronnie got down, giving playful licks and kisses on Jolene’s lower belly. She held onto Ronnie’s head as she felt the sensations. Ronnie made her way down with the dildo, giving Jolene a few rubs along the labia. Jolene gasped as she felt the same sensations she felt when Brent rubbed his mighty cock up and down her pussy lips. She wished that she had let him insert it just for a minute, just to finally feel what it was like.

Ronnie saw the look on Jolene’s face, and took it bayrampaşa escort as the cue that Jolene was ready. Ronnie pushed the dildo into her wife. Jolene jolted instantly, getting lost in her fantasy about having Brent fuck her. Jolene shut her eyes and pictured it happening. Brent was totally in her mind now. She pictured his hard dick sliding in and out of her, his balls slapping her bare ass.

Jolene reached down and pushed the dildo away, then got her ass propped up in the air and rubbed at herself. She felt herself cumming. All of that talk about Ronnie carrying Brent’s baby suddenly jumped into her mind. She wondered if Ronnie would have fucked Brent. Maybe the recent playing with the stripper at Tassels got Ronnie loosened up to the idea. Her body went through spasms as she felt the sensation of multiple orgasms.

Ronnie stared down at Jolene’s wet cunt. “Wow! It’s like…white fluid.” Her eyes went wide. “God, there’s so much, Jo!”

Jolene stopped to catch her breath. Ronnie bounced into the bathroom, then came back with tissue paper. She cleaned up her wife as best as she could. The two of them laid down together as Jolene threw an arm around Ronnie.

Ronnie held her hands up. “I mean, you just gushed! Then like, inside of you just kind of…rawr! Something came out.” She laughed. “Wow, that was awesome.”

Jolene kissed Ronnie on the cheek, then nuzzled her shoulder. Ronnie continued to talk as Jolene drifted off.

On Saturday, Jolene got a call from Carol. “Hello, darling!”

“Hi Jolene!” Carol sounded more energetic today. “I wanted to ask a favour from both you and Ronnie.”

Jolene knew that Carol was in rough shape with her illness and wanted to humour her. “Certainly! Whatever did you have in mind?”

“Well, I should ask Ronnie about it first, as hers is the more serious request,” Carol said. “I’ve become involved with an organization that does charitable work for sick kids. I knew about them from my clinic. I showed Ana-Maria the picture of you and Ronnie, and…well,s he fell in love with Ronnie.”

Jolene chuckled. “That happens a lot.”

“No, no!” Carol laughed too. ” I mean, she liked Ronnie’s hair. See, she works with a lot of kids who have gone through chemotherapy, and they lose all of their hair. Ana-Maria is able to make the wigs herself.”

“Don’t they have wigs they can buy?” asked Jolene.

“They do, but it’s usually synthetics or animal hairs, and they never look natural,” Carol replied. “So, I wanted to ask if you could maybe ask Ronnie if she was willing…to donate her hair?” Carol sounded unsure of what else to say.

“Oh my, Carol,” Jolene said, sighing hard into the phone. “This is going to be a bit of a difficult argument to make. Ronnie’s quite attached to her hair.” She sucked her teeth. “How short do they need it?”

“Like nearly to the scalp,” Carol said. “I didn’t realize that a lot of wigs come from Asia, and that the hair is super-expensive. They really are desperate for long hair that they can use. Please, Jolene? Please talk to Ronnie?”

Jolene sighed again. “I will talk to her tonight. Meanwhile, what did you want me to do?”

“Oh, well, for you we have something that’s probably a little less stressful,” Carol assured her. “You like to dress up, right?”

That night, Jolene treated Ronnie out to her favourite of cheeseburgers. She waited until Ronnie had her bacon cheeseburger and fries and she was devouring them when she delivered the request from Carol.

Ronnie was careful to consider the options. “Fuck that! My hair is gorgeous. No fuckin’ way.” She went back to shovelling fries into her mouth.

“Oh, Veronica,” Jolene scolded. “You can at least give it some thought. We both care about Carol, and this sounds important to her. She sounded so full of life when she talked about the foundation!”

“How do I know that Carol won’t keep the hair for herself?” Ronnie flicked her own hair over her shoulder defiantly.

Jolene drove Ronnie home, seriously disappointed in her wife. Ronnie seemed immature at times, but this seemed like overkill.

When they got in the house, Jolene’s phone buzzed. “Ooh, it’s Carol!” She went to the living room and answered. “Hi, Carol!”

“Hi Jo!” Carol’s camera turned on and her face was visible. “Did you get to talk to Ronnie?”

“Oh! We…discussed it over dinner!” Jolene looked around and saw Ronnie walk in.

“Ronnie! It’s great to see you again!” Carol waved at the camera. “Hey, I have a surprise for you.”

Ronnie smiled wide. “What the fuck is she talking about?” muttered Ronnie through her gritted teeth to Jolene.

Carol went off-camera for a few seconds, then turned the view around. It was obvious she was at a clinic of some kind. She got the camera in view of a little girl lying in a bed. She had no hair, including her eyebrows.

“Hi Ms. Vance,” the little girl yelled.

Ronnie held the phone with no expression on her face.

“Auntie Carol said you want to make a wig for me!” The little girl smiled. “Thank you so beşiktaş escort much! I love your hair!”

Ronnie smiled the best she could. She was starting to sweat. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“I’m Mackenzie! Mackenzie MacDonald!” The girl looked as if she was feeling better just by talking to Ronnie. “I’m seven and a half! You’re really pretty.”

“Aww,” replied Ronnie. “Mackenzie, sweetie? Can I talk to my friend, Jolene, for a minute?”


Ronnie put the phone on mute, then tossed it onto the couch. She marched up to Jolene and jammed a finger in her face. “I swear to Christ, Jolene, I will get you for this!”

“I didn’t know anything about this!” Jolene held her hands up for defense. “Please! Maybe we can tell her it was a mistake.”

Ronnie sneered and stomped her feet. “That fucking Carol steroid bitch.” She went to get the phone and took it off mute. “Mackenzie, sweetie?”

“Yes, Auntie Ronnie?” replied Mackenzie.

Ronnie took what she thought would be her final clutch at her long, brown hair. “Do you want Auntie Ronnie to come and see you?”

“Oh boy!” Mackenzie sat up and held up her tiny fists. “I don’t get many visitors. My daddy is away right now.”

“Oh, is he on a business trip, dear?” asked Ronnie.

“No, he’s at camp,” Mackenzie replied. “It’s in Kuwait. Camp…Arif…?”

“Arifjan,” Ronnie completed. “Oh, honey, is your dad Armed Forces?”

“He’s a captain!” Mackenzie smiled, showing her missing front tooth.

Ronnie held her hand over her mouth. “My dad would kill me if I…” She took her hand away. “Sweetie, we’ll come to see you tomorrow, okay? Please put Auntie Carol on.” Ronnie handed over the phone to Jolene, who got the address from Carol. The two of them said goodbyes and hung up.

Ronnie stood there with her arms folded, looking pissed. “That…was…uncomfortable.”

Jolene touched Ronnie’s shoulders and gave them gentle rubs. “Sweetie, I swear! None of that was my idea. I’m so, so sorry you got pressured like that!”

Ronnie glowered at Jolene, her hands on her hips. “I think you owe me a favour.”

“Anything, dear.” Jolene bit her lower lip. “I mean it. Say the word.”

Ronnie looked off to the side, then back at Jolene. “I want the dancer.”

Jolene’s heart started to race. “You mean…we have to…”

“Yeah, you give me a lap dance,” Ronnie finished.

“Oh!” Jolene sputtered. “Yes! Anything!”

“Good.” Ronnie sat down in her comfy chair. “Go get dressed up for me.”

Jolene dashed off to the bedroom as Ronnie waited. She jumped up and got a beer bottle out of the fridge and cracked it open. She took a swig and rolled her eyes. “Oh, now that’s the way to get a dance.” She went back to the chair and set her beer down.

Jolene came out a few minutes later. She had on her tight white t-shirt showing off plenty of midriff, as well as some ass-hugging jean shorts. She also wore her black pumps. Jolene had her small pump bottle for body oil as well.

Jolene strolled over and leaned into Ronnie’s face. “Good evening, love,” she said in a breathy voice. “Having a good time tonight?”

Ronnie squirmed in her seat. “Oh, this is awesome!”

Jolene slowly stood up, then pumped a few spritzes onto her thick, muscular thighs. Ronnie loved the glossy look, tightened up even more by the high heels she was wearing. Jolene felt self-conscious when she danced, but she remembered how well she could do her competitive routine. She pictured herself up on the stage, hundreds of sets of eyes on her.

Jolene turned and wiggled her butt, then bent down to put her hands flat on the carpet. Ronnie whooped and gave Jolene a quick slap on the butt. Jolene did a few flexes and poses while Ronnie took a few more swigs of her beer.

Jolene climbed into Ronnie’s lap. She gave Ronnie a few quick pecks on the neck as she let Ronnie’s hands wander all over her. Jolene stood up, then took off her t-shirt. She still had on one of her glittery competition bras on underneath. She flexed her biceps as she admired her own body.

Ronnie whooped again and slapped her hands together. “Come on, baby! Shake that money maker!”

Jolene shimmied her hips and shook her tits. She was loosening up as she got more applause from her wife. She stopped to spritz some oil on her arms and upper chest, as well as getting the tummy. She zipped her jeans down slowly, then bent all the way over to slide them off. She struggled to get them off of her feet with her heel still on, but she managed.

Jolene sat down backwards into Ronnie’s lap, then pulled her arms up to touch Jolene’s tits from behind. Ronnie gave them hard squeezes while Jolene worked her ass into Ronnie’s crotch.

Her mind flashed to both Cubby and Diamond, the two strippers she met at Tassels. They were definitely different flavours, but they gave her an idea of how she wanted to do her own little strip teases. The thought of what Diamond had said to her about doing her own dancing enticed her. She would probably never want to dance for a man. The idea of women, however, thrilled her. Maybe a trio of women who worked together at some office, looking to really cut loose. Jolene suddenly pictured herself with the women, getting worshipped and groped. All the time that she thought about getting the muscle worship from regular people, when she could make it more of a show by being some sexual plaything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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