Community Involvement Ch. 04

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The first month of autumn in Sydney was feeling more like summer. Although the nights wore the tell-tale signs of the approaching winter, with a real chill in the air, but by day it was glorious. To make my day even better, I had received a text message from my sexy neighbour asking if I could meet her for brunch.

“Certainly.” I typed as my reply, despite driving in the West bound morning peak, returning home from my usual drop-off run of various family members. “Give me the time and place and I’ll be there.”

My whole mood changed and I felt elated at this news. Any time spent with Michelle nowadays was special. Some more special than others, as I am sure you are understand. Coupled with this special meeting was the knowledge that school holidays were due to start at the end of the following week, which also encompassed the Easter break, so I knew our time together would be limited in coming weeks.

“Woolwich Pier Hotel, Hunters Hill @ 11?” Her texted reply came in just as I had to stop for some traffic lights. Quickly I replied my acceptance and thumbs up.

The air was very still as I parked the car, not even a hint of a breeze, despite being so close to the river, which made the feel of the sun on my back even more soothing. When I got out of the car I took a moment to straighten the sky blue fitted shirt I was wearing and tidy my hair which had being tussled from the open car window. I wanted to look at least half presentable for my sexy partner. I felt like I was walking on air, as I bounded up the stairs, as Michelle had directed, and found her seated around the corner from the stairway, discreetly tucked into a corner of the balcony dining area. She looked gorgeous with the late morning sun still catching that part of the balcony and streaming upon her. The sight of her was made even more stunning as the sun light reflected off the glass behind her, giving an amazing back light, which caught in her hair and made it radiate with a soft golden glow.

I stopped in my tracks, gobsmacked by her beauty. My photographer’s instinct took over and I reached for my phone. I had to capture this image of her loveliness.

“No photos please.” She pleaded, coupled with her beguiling smile.

“Oh, all right.” She said, giving in to my little-boy hurt look. “One photo….. and just one.”

Photograph taken and checked for quality assurance, I continued toward her. I discreetly looked her up and down, admiring every centimetre of her sumptuous female form and enjoying the look she returned. I could tell as I approached, that Michelle had visited the hairdresser, hence the 11am timing I assumed. She wore a figure hugging apricot boat necked T-shirt top with long sleeves, which she had pulled up along her forearms. This was teemed with a pair of hip hugging denim jeans and cork wedged shoes. I could not take my eyes off her as I walked closer. She sipped her glass of water languidly and then looked back in my direction. I kissed her fully on her ruby red lips. Her tongue met mine as we greeted each other with a warm and loving embrace.

“Wow! You look fabulous.” I said still admiring her curves as I sat. “Did you get your hair straightened?”

“Not chemically straightened, just blow dried. I did have some blonde highlights put in though. A girl has to hide the greys from time to time.” She laughed acting coy. “I have not order anything drink-wise, I wanted to wait until you arrived before deciding.”

“I think I know what to order and thank you for thinking of me.” I smiled and looked her over yet again. “You looked great before, but the hair and the styling,” I paused trying to pick the right words. “Absolutely amazing look….. In a word; gorgeous.”

“Well, thank you kind sir.” She said, genuinely blushing.

“I feel like Gok Wan.” We both laughed at this.

A bar attendant came past and I ordered a bottle of Prosecco and some nibbles to go with it. As he departed, Michelle’s hand found mine and gently gave it a squeeze.

“Good choice.” Michelle affirmation delighted me as I had not consulted her.

“So, what brings you here?” I asked casually, not really knowing what to say.

“I have some news.” Her face was as bright as the day.

“Oh, is that so!” I exclaimed raising my eye brows in what I hoped was a comical way. Thankfully she laughed.

“This is not the sort of location to replicate the newsreader video though.” I added, reflecting on our last meeting.

“Oh, you’re incorrigible.” She exclaimed, hitting me on the thigh.

“I have some good news and some not so good, well maybe not so good. Arghh, I’m getting all tongue-tied and it’s all your fault for reminding me off that newsreader.” She said laughing out aloud.

“Oh, I see.” Grinning broadly.

“Let me tell you my news, and then we can work out what is good what is not so good. Notice I am avoiding the word ‘bad’ as I don’t think any of it is too bad, but I will leave that up to you.” She lifted my hand and kissed my fingers gently. Like a moth to aksaray escort a flame, I leaned across the table and kissed her mouth fully again, only to be interrupted by the bar attendant returning with our drinks. He quickly deposited the ordered items and asked if I would like him to open the bottle.

“No, thank you, it is fine. I will do it.”

The sound of the cork popping echoed loudly in our little alcove but it was a sound that accompanied a lovely warm day perfectly, such like the one we were enjoying together. Michelle expressed her pleasure at the sound, explaining it was one of her favourite sounds.

“It’s better though today, because of present company.” It was my turn to blush.

“Cheers.” The clink of glasses heralded our salute, “To us.”

“Now to the news.” I exclaimed, trying to put on a deep news readers voice. The result must have been amusing because Michelle nearly choked on her drink.

“Okay. Here goes.” She said, wiping her mouth following my attempted humour. “School holidays start next week.”

“Don’t remind me.” I added.

“Yes, I know.” She took another sip. “This is very nice. I’ll start with what I think is the not so good news.” She drew a breath before continuing. “On the 29th of April, the day after school returns, it is my wedding anniversary.”

“Congratulations.” I offered and we clinked glasses again.

“Thank you. My husband has planned a trip away for the two of us, no children, to Alice Springs and then on to Broome. We will be away for ten days.”

“For the two of us?” I asked, indicating Michelle and I.

“What? No!” She said exasperated that I was breaking her train of thought, then fully realising what I had said, she added, “If you are not going to listen I will have to put you over my knee and give you a good spanking.”

I moved to drop across her lap. We both were laughing at our silliness but it was great fun as well. I apologised and she reminded me of what she had said about April 29th and the subsequent dates.

“Oh, I see.” I said, trying to mentally work my way through the calendar. I gave up and quickly consulted my phone. “So. You will be back on Friday, May 9th?”

“Yes, but the flight does not get back into Sydney until late evening.”

“That’s not too bad, I suppose.” Putting on a sad, down in the mouth look. “I hope you have a great time.”

“Thank you, I am sure we will.” She took a large mouthful of her drink and seemed glad to be past that piece of her news.

I refilled our glasses and proposed a toast to her anniversary (again) and to her safe return. We discussed various aspects of travel within Australia and the high cost of accommodation. I mentioned that I had heard Cable Beach was supposed to be beautiful and she went on to explain about the travel plans they had made. I nodded and commented at appropriate times even though I was not totally absorbing her commentary. My mind was fixed on her breasts, my eyes drinking in the succulent curves that danced tantalisingly under her top as she related the details of her trip.

“Are you paying any attention to what I am saying?” She asked after a while with a humorous note to her voice, while playfully kicking me under the table.

“What? Oh … Yes.” I responded a little less than convincingly.

“Liar.” She said in a semi-threatening way. “You were more intent on these,” her hands cupping her breasts. “I know you well enough by now. Plus, I could tell by your fixed gaze what was filling your mind.” She sat back and drank deeply.

“Never mind. I rather like the thought of you being fixated with my chest.”

“Fixated?” I said, partly as a question and partly as a statement. “Michelle, if my thoughts were able to be translated into action, telekinesis I think it is called, you would be naked by now. At least the top half if nothing else.”

“Oh, you naughty man.” She answered, mockingly covering her breasts.

“If I was naughty, you would be totally naked…….” I deliberately refrained from further comment.

“And then what?”

I looked deeply into her smouldering blue/grey eyes. Talk about come to bed eyes and my crotch thought so as well.

“I think bending you over the table, spreading your lovely legs wide and taking you from behind, would be definitely in order.”

“Taking me where?” She asked, obviously enjoying playing out this sexually charged exchange.

“Right here…… Oh, I see what you mean. You were being literal with my words.”

She smiled seductively.

“I would get behind your naked body, push you onto the table, and fill you with my hard cock and fuck you until I inundate your ………um, your…………”

“Okay. Steady on my big man. I understand.” She said, reaching over and patting my rising crotch.

“Waiter, I need a cold spoon, or maybe a cold bucket of iced water, stat!” She comically gestured to call the non-existent waiter over, at which we both broke into laughter.

“Okay. anal yapan escort Okay.” I put my hands in the air to suggest surrender. It was so easy talking to Michelle. Being with her just felt so right.

“What is the rest of your news? If that trip was the not so bad, the good news must be amazing.” I said quickly shifting to topic.

“It is believe me.”

“I do, but please tell me what it is. The suspense is killing me.”

Some early lunch diners had arrived which meant we no longer had the river facing balcony to ourselves. I moved my chair to be closer to her and to ensure our conversation would be a bit more private.

“On Sunday, May 18th, my husband has to go away for his work. He will be away until the 23rd. He comes back on the 23rd I mean. On top of that, my son leaves for school camp on the Monday morning, the 19th and he is back home 21st. Now, before I get too excited, I have a funny feeling you mentioned something about these dates yourself a few weeks ago?”

I quickly opened the calendar on my phone.

“What was the first date?” I asked, making finger errors in trying to open the right application, my own eagerness getting in the way.

“He leaves on Sunday night, May 18th.”

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed excitedly. “I have to go to the airport on the 18th. My wife flies out at midday, bound for Europe. She will be away for two weeks.” I looked into Michelle’s sparkling eyes.

“You mentioned school camp as well didn’t you?” I asked returning my excited eyes to the calendar.

“My daughter has to be at school for 8.30am on the……” I deliberately hesitated to build the excitement. “It’s a Monday……. and it is the 19th.” I said the date with a bit too much gusto as some people nearby turned to see what the noise was.

Michelle’s hand grabbed my arm. We looked at each other in stunned disbelief. Neither of us could speak for what seemed ages. The possibilities; this discovery of an alignment of dates; it was all too much to absorb straight away. Slowly, we began to understand and comprehend the wonderful opportunity that was opening for us.

“Three days, or near enough to three days, and two nights…….” Michelle whispered.

“Do you think we could…… you know,” I was nervously excited about asking even though I knew what the answer would be. “Spend that time together?”

“I think we should take the opportunity, don’t you?” Michelle said, taking my hand and gripping it tightly.

“Sounds like a plan. However, before we get carried away with this exciting bit of news. What is the other?” I enquired. For all I knew, there might yet be a spanner that could get thrown into the works.

We were both overwhelmed and from an outsiders’ point of view, we must have looked like a couple of teenagers on a first date. We were sitting as close to each other as possible, holding hands tightly and speaking in low, hushed voices which were obviously filled with bubbling excitement. Our heads were together in deep conversation and discussion, with a lot of phone based calendar consultation, you could have been forgiven for thinking that a major conspiracy was being planned.

“Okay, get ready.” Michelle suggested while opening the calendar on her phone. “How is your schedule looking for a period of two to three weeks, commencing June 29th?”

“That’s the first Sunday of the June school holidays, isn’t it?” I asked, not knowing what she was leading to.

“Yes. The school term finishes on the 27th. Are you available for an adventure?”

“I guess so. You’re not secretly Gandalf are you?” I responded, a little unsure of what I might be expected to commit to.

“Gandalf? What? Oh, I see what you mean.” She laughed her merry laugh, signalling to me that she was truly enjoying this time together and the plotting that was starting to take shape. “No, I am not. I don’t have a beard, as you can see, and I have just had the greys covered at the hairdressers.” Just then a wicked sort of look crossed her face. She leaned in close to my ear.

“In fact the only hair I have is the hair on my head, and a little bit elsewhere, as you know by now.”

It was my turn to choke on my drink. It took us both a few minutes to stop laughing, some of the patrons nearby turned to see what was going on, which only increased the laughter. Finally recovered, Michelle carried on with the third bit of her news.

“My son’s school is going on a European Music Tour and they are looking for someone to be the official photographer come video-person….”

“Videographer,” I interjected.

“Thank you.” She said before continuing, barely drawing breath. “They are looking for one person who can do both, who can accompany them on the tour and produce still images on CD and a DVD of the trip.”

“Would you and your son be going?” I asked hesitantly, but inwardly getting pangs of excitement again.

“Yes. He is in the choir and is a definite starter. I have already put atakent escort my name down for a parent slash student carer place. It is not a certainty yet, but Clare, she is the head of the music department and tour organiser, has given me a verbal acceptance.” I knew she was excited at the prospect but I still had some concerns, which for now I decided to keep to myself.

“Are you interested?” She asked, squeezing my hand.

“Wouldn’t you’re husband want to go as well? If not on the whole tour, maybe to catch the last leg, or even directly afterwards and have some time in Europe holidaying?”

“He thought about it but can’t because of work. You know, end of financial year and all that.” She waved a dismissive hand in the air and then turned on me again.

“Are you interested?”

“Sure. I have done the same thing for my sons’ school on two of their music tours to England and Europe, their only two tours to be precise, so I have an understanding of the brief that needs to be filled.”

I elaborated about the previous tours I had been on and the work I put in after we had returned and she concurred that what I was telling her was exactly what she understood this tour required. That was well and good, I thought, but my gut feeling was telling me to try to keep a lid on her excitement for some unknown reason.

“Good.” She added, and then drained the rest of her glass. “Are you free tomorrow at around 10am?”

“I guess so. What are you up too, you devious little tiger?” She smiled broadly and kissed my cheek.

“Clare would like to meet you to discuss the details and her requirements both during the tour and after.” Her simmering eyes nearly melted any resolve I had left; nearly but not quite. “I talked with her on Saturday morning at rugby and that is how the meeting arrangements were made. I hope you are not angry with me for being pushy?”

I told her I was happy she was happy, and that I would gladly speak with Clare. Michelle continued by asking me a few more questions about the previous tours. I answered in full detail and she hung my every word. When I finished she was even more excited than before but there was a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I could not ignore, maybe it would dissipate after talking with Clare.

We finished the bottle and toasted our luck at being presented with the opportunity to be together for the two nights and subsequent days, in particular. We both agreed that such an opportunity was time that required us to make the most of but just as we were about to start putting our heads together and get organised, Michelle’s phone rang. She apologised for the interruption, and apologised again as it was a call she had to take. She answered and I noted the slight shortness in her voice as she spoke to the caller and then, still maintaining a resemblance of politeness, hung up.

“I am so sorry, Ray. I have to go. That was my husband and he needs me to take him some documents he left at home which he needs for a meeting this afternoon. Fucking hell! Oops, sorry.” She smiled, blushing at her F-bomb outburst. “I am just so pissed off. I actually picked them up this morning and asked if he needed them and he said no, can you believe it. So now I have to drop everything and, like the fucking cavalry, come to the rescue, yet again.” This last sentence was said in a voice full of sarcasm at first and increased in force as her anger rose to the boil again.

I had never seen Michelle angry before and felt glad I was not the focal point. I kissed her lips gently and told her not to worry. I reminded her that we had each other to fall back on and the opportunity to make some plans for some time together was something we both could look forward to. I put my arm around her shoulders and suggested she focus on the positives and rise about the negatives. She thanked me for my understanding, as we walked down the stairs. Once outside, we put our arms around each other and walked to the parking bays across the road. I had not realised that she was parked right next to me.

“Will you be home tomorrow after I see Clare?” I asked as we reached her car.

“Definitely. I wouldn’t be able to function properly, not until I hear all about it, the excitement would be too much. Unless my stupid husband forgets something again.” The sarcasm in her voice and the face she pulled were quite funny and I could not hide my amusement, which made her laugh as well. “If you want, come around to my place straight after?” She kissed me tenderly as I agreed with her suggestion.

“I had better go and rescue the day…… ciao.”

“Gods speed, fair lady. A-river-derci!” I said, putting on an Aussie drawl and bowing low with a lavish flourish of my arm.

“Gandalf… Away!” she cried, at which we both laughed.

I looked longingly at her. She smiled broadly, her eyes as blue as the sky above and as bright as the sun dancing upon the river in front of us. We kissed again, our tongues colliding with an urgency that, under other circumstances, would prelude a torrid sexual encounter. My hand found her breast and cupped it firmly which was greeted by a moan of approval coming from deep in her throat. Reluctantly she broke our embrace. Yet again she apologised for not being able to continue our morning together, and was on her way.

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