Coming of Dawn

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Just a few hours earlier, the clear blue sky had been thick with hot lead and flak. The American B-17 bombers struggled to maintain formation despite the onslaught of Focke Wulf 190’s, Messerschmitt 109’s, and deadly flak. However, the bombers were far from sitting ducks. They weren’t called ‘Flying Fortresses’ for nothing. Top and bottom machine gun turrets, a chin turret, tail turret, and waist guns sent many Luftwaffe planes hurtling to the ground.

Having bombed its target, the “Tiger Lilly” was limping back over the North Sea. The number four engine was out. Its propellor had been feathered. Flak had torn holes through her fuselage and wings, but the B-17 was a tough plane which didn’t like to quit.

“Should be nearing the coast any minute,” the navigator’s voice came through their earpieces.

Leo, the pilot, and Jack, the co-pilot, peered ahead through the thickening clouds for any sight of the beautiful English coastline. Jack spied the coastline first, and the crew gave a collective cheer to hear the news. The radio operator had contacted Kimbolton Air Base, home of the 379th Bombardment Group, to advise them that the “Tiger Lilly” was shot up badly and to be ready for a possible crash-landing. Kimbolton was still over 100 km from the coast, but, if at all possible, Leo and Jack wanted to bring their plane all the way home.

After what seemed like an eternity, the landing gear thankfully went down, and the massive tires touched the runway once more. It had taken all the efforts of both the pilot and co-pilot to land the battered bomber, but she rolled to a stop without incident. Leo and Jack shook each other’s hands. Some of the crewmen literally kissed the ground. After exiting the cockpit, Jack patted the underside of the fuselage.

“Thanks, Lilly,” Jack whispered.

“Lilly” would be in the repair hangar for awhile. After debriefing, all crew members of the “Tiger Lilly” were given 48-hour passes. Jack then returned to his barracks and fell into a fitful sleep.


The following early June day turned out to be sunny and warm. Jack awoke feeling refreshed. He showered, shaved, and after lunch, retrieved the second-hand bicycle he’d purchased.

With his wallet and pass in his pocket, Jack began to pedal toward the village of Kimbolton. On that Spring afternoon, the English countryside was so beautiful that Jack was able to flush his mind of unpleasant thoughts. The rolling green farms and fields under the bluest sky couldn’t have been more peaceful. The warm air filled Jack’s lungs and he was aware of birds singing. His long, powerful legs propelled the bicycle easily over the country roads.

Jack rounded a stand of maple trees and rode into the village. He dismounted the bicycle and walked it through the quiet streets.

As Jack approached an older couple, he greeted them, “Hello… Beautiful day.”

The couple looked at the tall, young serviceman and the man replied, “Hello… Yes, it’s a lovely day.”

“Could you please possibly suggest a good place to eat and drink in the village?” Jack asked with a smile.

The man and woman looked at each other. The woman then replied, “Harrison’s Pub is where we like to go.”

“Would you please tell me where I could find it?” Jack asked.

The man pointed and said, “Go two streets down, turn right, and it’s on the left hand side.”

“Thank you very much,” Jack said.

“You’re welcome,” the man said.

“And stay safe, young man,” the woman added.

Jack grinned and replied, “Thanks, I’ll try.”

Jack and the couple headed off in opposite directions. As Jack walked his bicycle past houses and shops, in spite of the few scattered cars, he felt like he’d stepped back in time to the Dickensian era. He half-expected to see a sign for Fezziwig’s at any moment. As he rounded the corner, Jack spied a sign with ‘Harrison’s Pub’ painted in emerald green. He crossed the street and made for the pub. Noticing two bicycles leaning against the wall, Jack added his. The interior of Harrison’s was quaint and homey, much like the few other pubs Jack had been in.

Jack smiled and nodded to the bartender and then found a small table off to the side.

A fifty-something blonde barmaid strode over to Jack’s table and greeted him warmly, “Hallo yank. What’ll it be?”

“Hello,” Jack said with a smile. Jack ordered a pint of beer.

There weren’t many patrons in the pub as it was only late afternoon. They casually glanced at the young American, then returned to their conversations. The bike ride had made Jack thirsty, and he quickly drank most of his pint. Feeling the call of nature, Jack searched for and found the men’s room. He was returning to his table when he glanced into a side room off of the narrow hallway. In the room were a few small tables and chairs, and an upright piano.

Jack hadn’t played piano since he’d been stationed in England. He looked into the room and saw that nobody was bahis firmaları inside. He walked over to the piano and sat on the bench. What the hell, he thought as he lifted the keyboard cover. He positioned his fingers and tried to remember something familiar. Quietly, he began to play the “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. The piano was in tune and sounded warm to Jack’s ears. The piece was deceptively difficult, but Jack only missed a couple of notes.

Dawn had completed her linen delivery to Harrison’s Pub, when she heard the “Moonlight Sonata” drifting quietly into the back room. She had never heard classical music in Harrison’s before, and the music drew her like a magnet. She followed the music to the side room. Sitting at the piano, with his back to Dawn, was a broad shouldered man. He was wearing a military uniform like so many of the men during the war. His beautiful playing seemed incongruous with the soldier’s uniform.

“Me Mum used to play that on our spinet piano when I was a girl,” Dawn said to the soldier’s back.

Jack turned and gazed at the woman whose soft voice had shaken him from his thoughts. Her long, straight, dark brown hair, parted in the middle, framed one of the most beautiful faces Jack had ever seen. Her long-lashed, blue eyes were hypnotically beautiful. Her lips were full and sensuous. She appeared to be late-thirties, with a slight wrinkle or two and just the slightest puffiness under her inviting eyes. She wore a blue blouse and gray slacks.

“Hope I wasn’t bothering you, ma’am. I’m afraid I’m pretty rusty,” Jack smiled shyly.

“Not at all. It was lovely,” Dawn returned his smile. “And please don’t call me ma’am. My name is Dawn.”

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Jack… Jack Banacek.” He said, rising to his feet in a show of manners.

Dawn had to look up at the tall man. At five feet four inches, Dawn guessed that Jack was not quite a foot taller than her. She recognized the U.S. Army Air Corps uniform from having seen many in their village. Dawn liked what she saw. The American was young and handsome. His medium brown hair was short and straight. He had mischievous green eyes that touched something within Dawn. His nose was neither too big nor too small. His warm smile showed even, white teeth. His physique seemed lean and muscular.

Dawn held out her hand and Jack shook it politely.

“So your mother liked to play Beethoven?” Jack said, just trying to keep the conversation going.

Dawn nodded and said, “Beethoven, Chopin, even your Gershwin… She used to give piano lessons to make extra money. I haven’t heard the Moonlight Sonata since she passed away a few years ago.”

“Sorry for your loss,” Jack said softly.

“Thank you for bringing back pleasant memories,” Dawn said.

“Can I buy you a pint? Do you work here?” Jack asked.

“I just delivered some linens here,” Dawn explained, “It was my last delivery for the day.” She hesitated, then continued, “I suppose I could accept a pint from a young pianist.”

Jack grinned and said, “Fantastic. Shall we?” Jack motioned toward the bar with a sweep of his arm. He led Dawn to his table and pulled a chair out for her.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Dawn said with a smile.

Her British accent was music to Jack’s ears.

Within a few minutes, the barmaid had served Dawn and Jack pints of beer, and they were chatting quietly. They gazed into each other’s eyes and the magnetism grew.

“So Jack, what part of the State’s are you from?”

“Savannah, Georgia. Ever hear of it?”

“That’s in the South, right?”

Jack nodded and smiled, “Sho’nuff.”

“How old are you, Jack Banacek?”

“Twenty-three,” Jack said and thought better of asking Dawn’s age. He tried not to gaze at Dawn’s chest, but she filled out her blouse exceptionally well. Jack noticed that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

“So young to have seen so much horror,” Dawn whispered and sadness briefly showed in her eyes.

Not knowing how to reply, Jack looked at the table and shrugged. Why was it always so difficult talking to a beautiful woman?

Dawn continued quietly, “My husband was killed in North Africa in ’41. You might as well know it, so you understand that this horrible war has bloody well touched us all.”

Jack nodded, “Again, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you… I’ve learned that life can be short and not very sweet,” Dawn said, then paused and smiled at Jack, “But I don’t mean to put a damper on things. I’m enjoying your company, Yank.”

Jack wanted to take Dawn in his arms and kiss her blues away. Instead, he smiled and said, “The feeling’s mutual. Let’s not talk about the war, alright?”

Dawn smiled and nodded. “Have you played the piano long?”

“I started when I was nine, but my playing has been sporadic the last couple years.”

“When you get back home, you should pursue music more seriously. I can tell you’re talented.”

“Thank you again. Since you said it, I’ll give it some thought,” kaçak iddaa Jack smiled.

“Do you live in Kimbolton?” Jack asked looking into Dawn’s eyes.

“In the next street but one, and down a little ways,” Dawn replied, happy to gaze at Jack’s face. His eyes were liquid green passion. Dawn was flattered how Jack kept sneaking glances at her chest, without being obvious and rude about it. She too surreptiously examined the American’s muscular young body. He was the picture of virility. It didn’t matter that he was sixteen years younger than her, she could tell that he wanted her and she wanted him.

With supper time approaching, Jack talked Dawn into having a ham sandwich and chips with him. They ate and drank and talked, and the desire became almost palpable. When Jack’s leg touched Dawn’s, she smiled and allowed him to inconspicuously rub against her.

Finally, Dawn decided that she wanted some private time with the handsome, young pilot.

She leaned closer to him and whispered, “Would you like to go back to my place where we can have some privacy?”

“That sounds great,” Jack whispered.

Jack took care of the bill, and followed Dawn out of Harrison’s Pub. She strode over to a bicycle which had a large basket on it for deliveries. Jack grasped the handlebars of his own bike.

Dawn grinned and said, “Let’s ride. We’ll get there faster.”

They reached Dawn’s apartment in a few minutes, and parked their bicycles in a small backyard. Dawn led Jack through an outer door, and down a hallway to another door. She inserted a key and entered her apartment. Jack followed her inside and Dawn turned on a lamp.

“Make yourself comfortable while I close the curtains,” Dawn said and hurriedly pulled all of the black-out curtains closed.

While Dawn closed the curtains, Jack removed his necktie, laid it over a chair, and undid the top button of his shirt. Jack sat on the small couch and watched Dawn. With the windows obscured, Dawn moved back to the couch. She sat so close to Jack that they were touching.

Jack said softly, “I’ve been dying to kiss you since the moment I saw you. May I?”

Dawn smiled and said, “I’d like that.”

Jack slipped his right arm around Dawn’s shoulders and pressed his lips to hers. He ran the fingers of his left hand through the hair on the side of her head, savoring its softness. When Dawn felt Jack’s tongue brush her lips, she opened her mouth to receive it. Their tongues intertwined with feverish passion. Jack continued to run his fingers through Dawn’s hair. It took only moments for Dawn to realize that nobody had ever kissed her as sensually as Jack. She wrapped her arms around Jack’s torso, pressing her breasts against his chest. Their lips slid together in a slow circular motion while their tongues caressed.

Lust filled Dawn more powerfully than any time since her husband had been alive. She was determined to steal some pleasure from the cruel world. Dawn ran her hands over Jack’s body, until her right hand found the large bulge in his trousers. She rubbed it and felt it grow even larger.

Jack had been attempting to act like a gentleman, but when Dawn began to fondle his erection, Jack ran his left hand over Dawn’s right breast. Dawn moaned softly. As Jack rubbed and gently squeezed her breasts, Dawn wanted to teach the young man everything that she knew about sexual pleasure. Though she was a small town girl, she and her husband had enjoyed a fuller than average sex life. She squeezed his erection with her fingers. He looked at her as his fingertips found the top button of her blouse.

Dawn whispered, “You can take off me blouse if you want.”

Jack smiled and replied, “I want.”

Dawn smiled as Jack deftly opened five buttons in a matter of seconds. He opened her blouse and gazed at the white bra which covered her ample breasts. Dawn slid her arms out of the blouse and placed it over the arm of the couch. She once again moved close to Jack and pressed her lips to his. Jack’s hand cradled a bra cup, and he felt the heft of her large breast. Dawn began to unbutton Jack’s shirt, and soon, it joined her blouse on the couch. Jack then lifted his undershirt up and off. Dawn gazed at his muscular torso.

“Take off your shoes, Jack, and make yourself comfortable,” Dawn said.

“You too, beautiful,” Jack said.

They smiled at each other, and quickly removed their footwear and socks.

Dawn then instructed, “Stand in front of me.”

Jack moved before her. Dawn smiled up at Jack. She then reached up, unbuckled Jack’s belt, undid the button on his trousers, and slid down his zipper. She hooked her fingers into his waistband, and slipped the trousers down until they dropped to the floor. Dawn gazed at the tent in Jack’s boxer shorts. Her fingers found the fly in his shorts, and guided his erection out of the shorts. Jack moaned as she curled her fingers around his erection, and began to stroke it. Dawn felt the long, hard cock throb in her hand. She gazed at kaçak bahis the swollen head and the long shaft with not too many veins. Dawn hadn’t seen a penis since her husband had died, and was savoring the sight this long, hard one. She then hooked her fingers into the waistband of Jack’s shorts and slid them down until they fell to the floor. His long, hard cock bobbed before Dawn’s face like an ivory flagpole. As Dawn stood, she grasped Jack’s erection once more.

“Let’s go into my bedroom,” Dawn said.

“Sounds great,” Jack said, and stepped out his his shorts.

Dawn led Jack into her bedroom and snapped on lamp. Jack was naked, but Dawn was still wearing her bra and gray slacks. Jack wrapped his arms around Dawn and pressed his lips to hers. Dawn felt his erection pressing against the bare flesh of her stomach. After a moment, Jack reached down and undid Dawn’s slacks. He slid them down, revealing white panties which were more like small cotton shorts than today’s bikinis. Her slim waist accentuated her large breasts confined by her 1940’s bra. Jack moved behind Dawn and unfastened her bra hooks. Still from behind, he slid his hands up underneath the loose bra cups and over Dawn’s breasts. He kissed her neck as he fondled her large, firm breasts. Dawn allowed the bra to slide down and fall to the floor. She moaned softly as Jack’s fingertips brushed back and forth over her nipples. Dawn reached back and fondled his hard-on.

“Let’s lie on the bed,” Dawn suggested.

“Whatever you like,” Jack said.

Dawn and Jack lay on the bed side by side, and pressed their lips together once more. Jack then began to kiss his way down Dawn’s neck, and down her chest until he came to the most beautiful breasts he’d ever seen. He licked her right nipple and flicked it with his tongue. He licked and sucked her nipple until it was erect. He then moved to her left nipple, which he also licked and sucked until it was erect. Dawn was moaning softly from Jack’s attentions.

After spending some time pleasuring Dawn’s nipples, Jack began to kiss and lick his way downward to the edge of her ribs, where her warm flesh became a concave slope to her flat stomach. The tip of Jack’s tongue glided down the slope, causing Dawn to shiver slightly. Jack ran his tongue over Dawn’s navel, down her abdomen, to the edge of her panties. He hooked his fingers into her panties and slid them down. Dawn raised her hips to allow their removal. Jack gazed at her brunette pubic bush, and then ran his tongue along her inner thigh.

He couldn’t want to kiss me there, Dawn thought… but, he did. His tongue ran up the length of Dawn’s moist vaginal lips. Jack then kissed the upper portion of her pussy. Dawn inhaled sharply as the pleasure flooded her mind. Once again, she felt his tongue run up and down her wet slit. Then, his tongue found her most sensitive area and caressed it. It was the most pleasurable sensation Dawn had ever felt.

Dawn moaned and lifted herself on her elbows to better view the licking of her pussy. As Jack’s tongue lapped her clit, Dawn shivered with pleasure. From kissing, to the licking of her nipples, to the licking of her pussy, Dawn found Jack’s oral skills to be the best she’d ever experienced. He had her very wet in no time. It appeared to Dawn that he was going to teach her as much as she would teach him. Little did Dawn know that the reason Jack was attracted to older women, was because he’d had a couple of older women as sexual mentors. They had taught the eager young man many ways to pleasure a woman.

In order to keep his tall frame on Dawn’s small bed, Jack had repositioned himself so that his feet were toward the headboard. Dawn looked to her right and realized that Jack’s long erection was inches from her face. She curled her fingers around the warm shaft and licked a drop of pre-cum from the head. Jack compressed his body to aid the smaller woman to service him. When she felt his dick throb in her hand, she swirled her tongue around the head several times. Next, Dawn eased the hard cock deep into her mouth. Jack moaned, and licked her vagina even more vigorously.

Jack said, “If there’s anything you want me to do differently, or anything special you’d like, just spell it out for me.”

“You’re doing bloody brilliant,” Dawn purred, and then resumed sucking Jack’s hard-on. She felt it throb in her mouth.

“So are you,” he panted.

Dawn ground her pussy tighter against Jack’s mouth. She felt his fingers sliding rapidly in and out, while his tongue caressed and flicked her clit. Wave after wave of pleasure cascaded from her vagina to her brain. Each wave seemed more intense than the last. Her mind was swimming with lust. Suddenly, the tidal wave of orgasm swept through Dawn, and her body shuddered as she came.

Dawn continued to suck Jack’s dick as she regained her composure. After another minute, Dawn said, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Do you want top or bottom?” Jack whispered.

Dawn was pleasantly surprised that he’d even asked. “You take top,” she said.

Dawn spread her legs wider, and Jack knelt between them.

Jack guided the head of his cock to her pussy, and slowly pushed inside. Dawn moaned as she felt him fill her.

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