College Road Trip with Mom Ch. 03

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She emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, having cleaned herself up and brushed her teeth. Her tits and belly jiggled with each step she took back toward me. She was holding a towel in one hand and a glass of water in the other. She rested the water on the bedside table and laid the towel on the bed, spreading it over most of our wet spot.

I could tell her mood had changed since she went in there barely 10 minutes ago. She sat on the towel and pulled the covers over her naked lower half and also flung them to my side to cover my cock. She looked me in the eye and said, “Rob, listen. That was amazing. And physically, I needed it more than I hope you’ll ever understand. But, even if I don’t regret it, we have to step back and realize what the hell we just did. Aside from being married and 31 years older than you, I am your MOTHER for God’s sake. This just ISN’T supposed to happen. What would your father say or think about the both of us if he found out what we just did?”

Obviously I was confused by the moral, societal and even possible LEGAL implications of what just happened. But, at the same time I didn’t regret it either. My mother was sharing a deeply emotional moment with me and I was there to comfort her because she needed me. Sometimes comfort means listening to a loved one vent and conoling them as they cry… and sometimes it means eating their pussy until they cum on your face.

Even as she spoke I pictured myself burying my face right back in her pussy and being overcome by her smell and taste all over again. There he was again, the newly born sexual creature in my head consumed with lust for her (and a possible panty smelling fetish I didn’t even know I had??).

I took her hand and said “as far as Dad is concerned, he booked you that hotel room over the summer because he wanted you to have your needs satisfied in ways he can’t… Dad didn’t want to know then who you were casino şirketleri with and what he was doing to you, just that you were enjoying it. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m very confident you enjoyed that based on the feedback provided.”

She smirked and hit me in the arm with a pillow. I continued, “We’ll consider the rest of this weekend the fulfillment of dad’s hotel wishes for you.” I leaned in and kissed her slowly and could feel her hesitation turn to acceptance as our lips remained together and she slowly parted hers, welcoming my tongue back into her mouth. I took her in my arms, one around her shoulders and one around her waist and pulled her down on top of me. Even with as big as she was, I didn’t care. I wanted her on top of me and I wanted her to feel as sexy as she was in my eyes.

We continued kissing and I put my hands up her shirt, lifting it over her head to reveal those glorious tits for the second time tonight. I loosened my grip on her and began lightly caressing her wide, smooth back. Gently tracing spiral patterns from her neck down to the top of her ass. I was experiencing her from a whole new angle this time, her massive tits and belly hung down over me and landed against my own flesh.

My cock was hard again, laying flat between us against my abdomen, the head reaching above my belly button. Her hot, wet pussy was right over it and I could feel her warmth demanding I enter it. I rocked my hips up and down ever so slightly to tease her clit with my shaft. It was definitely working because I felt her thick bush dampen against me and could smell that intoxicating aroma intensify.

Just when I couldn’t hold out any longer and was about to insert my throbbing cock into her, she broke our kiss and got off me, spinning herself on the bed and taking me into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue, spiraling the head just as it was spiraling my tongue seconds earlier. casino firmaları I let out a guttural groan as she unexpectedly gave my balls a gentle squeeze while taking more and more of my 8 inches into her mouth and throat until her nose was in my abdomen buried in my pubes the way my face was buried in hers not even an hour ago.

She continued bobbing up and down with a vacuum seal until I told her I was almost about to cum. To prevent this, she popped my cock out of her mouth and quickly squeezed the head to keep the orgasm at bay. She once again assumed her rightful position laying on top of me and put her arms on the headboard, dangling her enormous tits in my face. I reached up and took one nipple in my mouth and the other in my left hand, pinching and twisting it as I sucked it’s twin in my mouth.

She reached between her thick thighs and found my cock, once again fully hard. Needing no lubricant, she rubbed it along her dripping pussy a few times before stopping, holding just the head inside her waiting sex. Then, as she lowered herself down my shaft, she never broke eye contact and said “I love you so much, Rob” before closing her eyes and taking in the feeling of her 49 year old pussy being filled with her loving son’s very adult dick.

For me – It was undoubtedly the greatest feeling I’d ever encountered – having our pelvises touch as she lowered herself all the way down. The way her hot pussy clenched me tight and didn’t let go, like we were missing puzzle pieces meant to be joined this way. With me all the way inside her, she began rocking back and forth, her ass bouncing in my lap and tits in my face.

All I could think in this moment was she is the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, how just in the last 90 minutes she went from being shy and disgusted by her form to the way she embraced it, owned it and became empowered by being with a man who saw her true self.

I güvenilir casino managed – and this is something I’m quite proud of… call it youthful energy, sexual bravado and the fortune of being in a king sized bed – to roll us over, flipping positions without ever leaving her pussy. Her back and ass were now on the towel, her head on a pillow, and her son between her massive thighs, balls deep in his own mother.

She took my face in her hand and ordered me, “Fuck me as hard as you possibly can and then cum inside me.” I asked if that was ok, if she was still on birth control. She laughed a moment and said, “First of all, I am 49 and secondly, I had a miscarriage a few years after you were born that left me unable to get get pregnant. So, like I said, fuck me as hard as you can and cum inside your mother, young man!”

I squeezed her right tit with my left hand, pinching the nipple between my index finger and thumb, and took a handful of her belly with my right. I closed my eyes and did as I was told… started fucking her like I was trying to hurt her. Every powerful stroke was met with a moan of passion. Every time I slammed myself into her, she was so wet it sounded like splashing in a puddle.

After a few minutes of this, I felt my orgasm mounting. I said, “I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum…” and started jackhammering her. Her eyes rolled back and her body was with shaking, causing her tits and belly to jiggle beneath me and her thighs to clench my ribs. As I felt her second orgasm of the night clench my cock and send her fluids gushing out around it, I knew it was time. I slammed myself all the way into her one last time and stayed there, filling my mother’s soaked pussy with my cum.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her and gave her one more passionate kiss. When I regained my breath, I rolled off of her and watched the combination of her warm fluid and my thick white cum ooze out of my mom’s hairy pussy onto the towel.

I could only wonder what the rest of the weekend would bring for us as I fell asleep with my head on her big, beautiful, pillowy soft tits the way I had done so many nights all those years ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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