College Days Ch. 03

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Ch. 3 – Stephen’s First Butt-Fuck

For the rest of the semester, Stephen and I would jerk and suck each other off almost on a daily basis; usually spending hour’s nude in lying in one or the others bed. However, he wasn’t interested in trying anal sex at the time, and I wasn’t going to push it. He really loved sucking my cock, and he was getting better and better with each passing week. But I was longing to slide my cock into his baby soft, creamy white butt. Thank goodness the semester was ending and I would be heading home for four weeks, as was Scott.

I continued to receive videos of Scott about once a month. The last one had arrived the last day of finals. Stephen and I settled in to watch it just after getting everything packed up and ready to leave for the break. This video was a little weird, as it showed him wearing girl’s black, thigh-high stockings while he was bent over a desk getting fucked in the ass by six different guys, and a girl with a ten inch dildo strapped to her waist. Scott has always had a thing for hose, sneaking his sisters’ hose out to masturbate in. As I watched, with Stephen licking my cock, I realized that watching the girl was as exciting as much as watching the guys.

She was holding Scott by the hips and driving the dildo completely inside his ass. He was moaning loudly and she would swat his ass from time to time, yelling for him to “take it like a man!” After several minutes, the girl began to cry out that she was cumming, falling over Scott’s back with her make-shift cock buried to the hilt. A minute or so later, she pulled out and slapped the big, rubbery cock against his ass, spanking him until you could easily see red marks across his white butt.

Seeing this caused me to explode a massive load into Stephen’s mouth. He did his best to swallow it all, but couldn’t keep up and had two streams of my cum leaking out of the corners of his mouth. I then switched positions and sucked the enormous head of his cock, soon to be flooded myself. After that, we both headed to the showers. It was a Saturday, and we were on a three day weekend, so luckily, there wasn’t anyone else on our floor, so we walked naked from our room to the showers, carrying only a towel, just in case.

After we had the water had heated up, I looked over at Stephen and asked, “Why don’t you come over here and soap me up?” adding, “Then, I’ll do you.”

He glanced around as if making sure no one was around, then he stepped into my shower stall, grabbed the soap and began to soap my back, rubbing the soap from side to side until he reached casino şirketleri the top of my ass, then he covered both cheeks top to bottom and let the bar slide up and down my crack. I spread my legs wider, hoping he’d take the hint to play with my ass more, but instead he went down first one leg, then the other.

After turning around, he soaped from the bottom of my legs up, soaping my cock for an extra long time, until I was fully erect and near exploding. He then continued up my body until my entire front was covered with soap.

I spun around to face the water, washing away the soap. Then, it was my turn. I started on his front. Soaping his chest and stomach, then dropping to his thighs and legs, skipping his cock for the moment, which was at its full thickness. I then coated his red pubic hair with the soap and took his thick cock, wrapping the soapy rag around it and began to wash it back and forth. He placed a hand against the wall and I knew he was about to cum, he never lasted too long. I continued to stroke the cock until it erupted, spewing his thick cum into of the end of the rag, which I had closed off to not let the cum escape.

After his orgasm, I then turned him around to face the water and took the soapy, cum filled rag and began to wash his perfectly smooth, white ass. I made sure to open the rag and smear his cum up and down his crack. With my left hand, I reached under him and pulled on his hanging balls and softening cock. Pulling it down and back, I was securing it between his legs with my left hand.

Once his ass was covered with soap and cum, I begin to slowly push the tip of my center finger into his ass. He tensed up and started to pull away, but with my left hand pulling both his cock and balls, he couldn’t go far. He relaxed a bit and I slid my finger in deeper. Soon, my entire middle finger was as deep as it could go in his ass. He moaned and I began to massage his prostate. His cock began to leak, not precum, but real cum, thick and white. I pulled my finger out just to the tip and inserted my first finger along side the middle one and begin to insert them together.

Again, he squirmed forward. Again, he couldn’t go far. Soon both fingers were deep in his ass and I went back to massaging his prostate again and was again rewarded with cum oozing from this cock. I licked the oozing cock head and he then placed both hands on the wall to steady himself and keep from falling over. Of course, in this position, his ass was much more accessible to me and I began to finger fuck his tight butt with my fingers. He was moaning loudly casino firmaları as they came almost all the way out, then I slid them back as deep as I could.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

In a raspy voice he replied, “No, keep doing it just like that.”

With that, I slid my ring finger up against the middle one as I withdrew almost completely. When I started back in with the third finger, he moaned even louder and tried to pull away again. Again, he couldn’t go far. He relaxed as the three fingers were all the way back in. I twisted my wrist around a bit, letting my fingers feel the inside of his tight ass.

Again, I asked, “You okay, want me to stop?”

Again, he replied, moaning this time, “no”.

With that, I began to pump the three fingers in and out of his butt. He leaned forward a bit more, now the hot water of the shower was running down his back. I stood up and adjusted the nozzle away from us, still not letting go of his cock.

Now that I was standing, it was less comfortable for me to hold his cock and have my right hand slamming in and out of his ass. So, I released his dribbling cock and balls. I then leaned over and whispered near his ear, “I’m going to pull my fingers out now and slide my cock in, is that okay?”

He didn’t answer for a few seconds, and then he nodded slightly and said, “Okay, just go slow.”

With that, I lined up my cock just below my right hand, and as I withdrew my fingers from his ass, I replaced them with the head of my cock. Now, my cock is not huge in circumference, no bigger than the three combined fingers, so the head slid easily into his stretched hole. Of course, my cock being a bit over seven inches is much longer than my fingers. I pushed forward and by watching my cock slip in, I knew when I was reaching deeper than my fingers had gone.

He was moaning again and I knew that he could feel that my cock was going deeper than the fingers. At the same time, though, he could tell that I wasn’t stretching his asshole any wider. His butt was awesome! I had stretched it just enough to make it fit snuggly around my cock, so the tightness was perfect. It also was very hot and felt like warm velvet around my cock.

Soon, my shaved pubic area was nestled up against his creamy ass. I stood still for a moment, and then eased him towards me a bit more, by grabbing his hips and pulling him toward me. This caused him to bend over a little further and I managed another half inch or so of cock into his butt. Again, I stood still and waited for him to get comfortable. I then began to pull güvenilir casino out, but only a couple of inches, then back in. With each outward stroke, I pulled a little more out and then slowly drove it back in.

I was moving very slowly for two reasons. One, I didn’t want to hurt him or his beautiful ass, which I hoped to begin fucking on a regular basis. And, two, I didn’t want to cum yet. I continued my slow fucking of his ass until I was a point where the only part of my cock in him was the head. Then slowly back in.

I whispered to him again, “I’m going to speed up, that okay?”

First he nodded and then he said, “Yea, that’s okay, it feels so fucking good!”

I knew I had him at that point. I picked up my pace, pulling the full length out and then driving it hard back into him. With each stroke, I could feel my hips slamming into his ass cheeks. I could feel the cum building in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. I grabbed his butt cheeks and spread them further apart, hoping to get another quarter inch deeper into his ass.

My pace was extremely fast and with each drive inward, he would gasp and then moan as I pulled back out. My balls began to tighten up and then I felt my orgasm climbing into my cock. On a deep inward drive of my cock, I began to explode. I continued my pounding of his ass, shooting another four shots of cum deep into his bowels. He was moaning and jerking off his own cock which was still pouring cum from its wide head. I slowed my pace, noticing my cum streaked cock was deflating. I settled for one last push and then just stayed buried as deep as I could go.

Soon, my cock shriveled back to its soft size and easily slid from his worn out ass. He stood up and turned around; kissing so hard we both almost fell over. We turned the water off and took turns drying each other off. My cum was still oozing from his now closed butt hole, so I inserted my finger tip into him to open it up. I was rewarded with a small stream of cum running down onto his balls and them dripping onto the floor. I toweled off the rest of the cum and we headed back down the hall.

Once we got back to the room, I noticed the clock and realized that we had been gone for over an hour! Stephen laid face down on his bed. I got a bottle of lotion and massaged his back, legs and his ass. He was moaning as I kneaded his ass cheeks, turning his head to the side he said, “I’m sorry it took me so long to give in, but you can fuck my ass anytime you want,” he then smiled and added, “I mean it, my ass is yours, just tell me to bend over and then take me.”

The rest of that weekend we never dressed except to go and eat, and I dumped at least fifteen more loads of cum into his incredible ass. With at least that many loads being spilled on our beds from his dripping cock.

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