Cocktail Hour

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She glanced in the window as she walked past the bar. The tall, good looking guy in the Brooks Brothers cashmere overcoat and Italian wool suit standing at the bar caught her eye. She took a few more steps down the block and then turned around and walked back to the door. The warm air rushed at her as she entered the bar. The air was full of the sounds of clinking glasses, laughing, conversations, and wisps of swirling cigarette smoke. The bar was festively decked out with holiday lights and decorations.

A few heads turned to look at her as she glided down the long bar and slid into an empty seat next to the man she saw from the window. She slipped her jacket off her shoulders and onto the back of the barstool. She was wearing a slinky black dress that nicely showed off her assets. The bartender came over and she ordered a martini, Bombay Safire gin, straight up with a twist. The man asked for another drink as well. He was drinking single barrel bourbon, neat.

The man looked at her with his pale blue eyes. Neither of them spoke. He had a pack of cigarettes on the bar and a silver lighter. She picked up the pack and took out two cigarettes. She placed one between her lips and offered the other one to him. He grabbed the lighter and lit her cigarette and then his. The bartender returned with her martini and placed it on a napkin in front of her and then placed the bourbon in front of him. The man nodded to the bartender to put it on his tab.

They smoked in silence, pausing to sip their drinks. He continued to look at her. Damn she was beautiful. She had dark, almost black shoulder length hair. Her eyes were deep brown and shining. She had pouty red painted lips that smiled slightly. Her body was a knockout, perfect sized breasts, narrow waist and curvy bahis firmaları hips.

He was no slouch either she thought. He was about 6’2″, lean and fit. He was wearing a colorful red and white silk Santa Claus tie that appeared to be too tight. She reached up with her two hands and loosened the tie slightly. She then ran her hands down the length of the tie caressing the silky material. Her long manicured fingernails brushed lightly against his shirt and his firm chest underneath. She continued down his tie until she reached his belt.

She turned to the bar and with her right hand reached for her glass and took a sip of her drink. Her left hand dropped below his belt and felt the warm wool of his pants. Her knuckles traced a line along his zipper. She felt a slight movement in his groin as she slipped her hand underneath his crotch. He looked around nervously hoping no one could see. But the bar was blocking the view on one side and his open overcoat was blocking the other. The bartender was down the other end and no one was paying any attention to them.

She put down her drink and moved her right hand to his zipper. She slowly eased it down. He was wearing briefs. She could feel his semi erect cock straining against the material. The front of his briefs had a small wet spot. She pulled the briefs down and his cock sprung free. She gently stroked it with her hand and felt it lengthen and harden. She loved the feel of a hard cock in her hand.

She gave her first hand job when she was a senior in high school. She went to an all girl catholic high school. Her boyfriend snuck in the building at lunch time. She slipped him into a stall in the girl’s bathroom and jerked him off. He had wanted a blow job but she was afraid he would come in her mouth. kaçak iddaa He came in about ten seconds and got some semen on her school uniform. She was terrified the teacher or her mother would notice it before she could get home to scrub it off. But that experience got her hooked.

While it was true that most men preferred blow jobs and it was something she did quite often and well, they also enjoyed a good hand job. After all, almost every man’s first sexual experience is with their own hand. She liked it because she could watch the man’s face as she pleasured him, something you can’t do with a dick in your mouth. She also liked to watch a man spurt. It amazed her to see all the variation of cum shots. Some guys came in huge thick loads, others were small and watery. Some guys shot several feet and others dribbled out. She remembered one guy she jerked off who was horrified when he shot his load in his own face, covering his eyes, nose, and lips.

Big cocks, small cocks, thick ones, thin ones, it didn’t matter to her. She could make a man come with her hand in under a minute or she could make him last and hour by slowing down and applying pressure to the base of his penis when she sensed he was ready. This usually produced unbelievable orgasms when she finally did let him come. Some guys liked her to put her finger up their ass and massage their prostate gland while she stroked them off.

The man in the bar moaned ever so softly as she continued to work on his erect penis. She reached for her bag on the bar with her free hand and took out a small bottle of baby oil. She preferred baby oil as a lubricant as it had a good consistency, slippery but not too slippery. Some of the commercial lubes were actually too slippery and you couldn’t get a good grip or kaçak bahis any friction going. She placed a few drops on her hand and returned to work. Now her hand was gliding smoothly up and down his big dick. A few drops of precum helped her hand slide even more.

He was breathing heavy now; she could tell he was getting close. That was the beauty of a hand job. You could give one under the table in a restaurant, in a dark movie theater, in a car while driving, or in this case in a crowded bar and no one would be the wiser. She was stroking him with her left hand and tickling his balls with her right hand. She felt his balls pull in and she knew it was time. She picked up her half full martini glass and held it below the bar. He let out a subdued groan as he shot several hot white streams into the glass.

She held the glass up to show him. The clear gin was intertwined with strands of white. She raised the glass to her lips and gulped the entire contents into her mouth, swallowing all of it down. She picked up her napkin and wiped her lips and then took his softening penis and wiped it off and tucked it back in his briefs before zipping him up.

The man smiled and looked at his watch. He finally spoke the first words of the evening to her. “Your late baby, our reservation was for six. Good thing I know you too well and changed it to seven.”

“Aw sweetie, you know I couldn’t resist having a cocktail with a handsome man I saw standing all alone in a bar. Wait till you see what I do for dessert in the restaurant. Shall we go?”

He helped her on with her coat and threw two twenties on the bar to cover the tab and tip. The bartender waived goodbye and went over to pick up the money and clear away their drink glasses. He stared at the martini glass and shook his head. How the hell did a clear martini leave a milky white residue in the bottom of the glass? He shrugged and placed the glass in the warm soapy water, rinsed it and placed it back on the rack for the next use.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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