Club Raunchy

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A few months ago my husband Bill and I went to Berlin for a holiday. Actually it was a double celebration — my 48th birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary a couple of days later. It was our first visit there and we had a lovely time seeing the impressive sights of the city and strolling in the Tiergarten in the sun. On the night of my birthday we went out for a gorgeous meal, and so we decided we’d like to do something a bit different for the anniversary. That morning Bill was flicking through a magazine he’d picked up on a U-Bahn train when he showed me an advert and said “This sounds like a bit of a laugh.”

It was for a place called Club Raunchy, in the heart of the eastern part of the city. The ad showed a row of female dancers wearing feathered head-dresses and very little else, and promised a ‘live sex show.’ The club’s logo was a thick, erect, veined penis with what appeared to be a scarlet demon’s pointed tail curled around it; to be honest I thought the whole thing looked a bit tacky, but Bill seemed quite amused by the idea and I wanted to make him happy after the expensive birthday meal he’d bought me, so I agreed we’d go and he phoned to make a booking.

I wasn’t sure what sort of outfit would be appropriate for such a place so I opted for a sparkly black calf-length dress with a V-neck which showed just a little bit of cleavage and a zip up the back. Perhaps I should explain at this point that I’m fairly ordinary looking; I’ve got quite short, curly chestnut hair and my face is reasonably pretty I suppose, with a pale complexion, big brown eyes, fleshy lips and just a few faint lines around my eyes and lips. I’m five-feet-six tall, and probably a couple of stone overweight, with quite big boobs (DD cup), a big bum and chubby thighs. I live in Surrey, south of London, and I work as a receptionist in a doctors’ surgery. Basically, if you went to central casting and said you wanted ‘average middle-aged housewife’ I’m what you’d end up with.

The club entrance was down a dimly lit alley off a main street. It looked like the clichéd image of such a place, with a red and blue neon sign over the entrance and a quite steep flight of stairs leading down to the premises. The front desk was staffed by a pretty blonde girl with her boobs nearly flowing out of her skimpy dress; she looked me up and down and told a waitress (equally under-dressed) to take us to Table Two. The club was set out with small round tables, covered in white tablecloths with red silhouettes of curvy women on them, and I was quite surprised to find that we had been seated right by the stage, to one side. It was dark inside but I got the impression from the sounds around me that most of the clientele were male, perhaps not surprisingly.

As casino şirketleri soon as we were seated the waitress gave us a bottle of champagne, “compliments of the management.” Naturally I assumed it was just included in the price of the tickets. As she bent over to pour it her dress was loose enough that I could clearly see her nipples — I thought Bill’s eyes were going to pop out when she turned to him! At the other end the dress was so short that as she poured his drink I saw right up it; at first I thought she wasn’t wearing pants, then I realised they were so brief that they had all but disappeared between her bum cheeks and the lips of her quim.

The champagne was very pleasant, but had a slightly unusual taste, slightly spicy. After a couple of glasses of it my head was rather swimming. (In the light of what subsequently occurred I wondered if there was something else in the bottle with the champers.) Anyway, from the small food menu we ordered a surprisingly good wiener schnitzel, then the show started. I’m no prude and I admit I found it quite entertaining and erotic. There was lots of naked flesh, male and female, with performers stripping, dancing, wrapped around poles and wrapped around each other! There was quite a lot of sex too; at first I took it for granted that it was simulated, but I soon changed my mind about that. At the back of the small stage was a large video screen, and from somewhere in the club the action on stage was being videoed, with close-ups of the action projected onto the screen. It seemed pretty clear that the dancers were actually shagging and sucking each other; after a girl had sucked a man’s huge cock, right in front of me on the stage, she stuck out her tongue and on the big screen it certainly appeared to be coated in his spunk. I can’t deny, I could feel myself getting hot and sweaty watching all this sexual activity, my pussy was starting to feel damp, and I couldn’t wait for the show to end and Bill and I to get back to our hotel room!

After maybe 45 minutes two women put on an energetic lesbian show. Both were slim and incredibly beautiful one blonde and one brunette, and, with the high heels they were wearing, stood well over six feet. Even though I’d never been that way inclined I did find it pretty sexy to watch. After they’d 69’d at the front of the stage they both rose to wild applause, cheering and whistling, and I assumed their act was over. But then a spotlight started roaming across the audience, accompanied by a drum roll, and from the rumble of chuckling around me I gathered that whatever was going to happen next was a regular part of their act. The spotlight picked out several women, focussing on them for a couple of seconds each while they sat giggling casino firmaları nervously, then finally it came to rest on me and settled there. The long drum roll ended with a cymbal crash, and the next thing I knew our waitress was grabbing me by the hand and pushing me up an adjacent set of steps and onto the stage!

The naked lesbians came over and, each taking one of my hands, led me to centre-stage. Feeling panic-stricken I stared out to where I knew Bill was sitting but I was blinded by the arc lights focussing on the stage. Then one of the girls removed my glasses, without which I can’t see more than a couple of feet in front of me anyway. I was just about to break away and make a bolt for it but then some quite jolly rumba music struck up and, each still holding my hands, the girls began dancing to it. Well, with the combination of the champagne I’d drunk my blurred vision, and the erotic stage acts I’d been watching, I decided that this was obviously just a bit of fun audience participation so, to laughter from the auditorium, I kicked off my shoes and started dancing along with them.

One of the girls released my hand and moved behind me, and it took me a moment to realise that she’d unzipped my dress! She pushed it off my shoulders and I made a grab for it but missed. At that point the brunette pulled me into a tight clinch and, as I gasped in shock, glued her lips to mine, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. I tried to push her off but she was strong and holding me tightly, as her tongue raked around, stroking my own tongue and the back of my teeth. The music had changed to a slow, heavy, pulsating drum and bass beat. Just as I was thinking “Bill will leap up here and rescue me at any moment” I felt my bra strap being undone. The brunette released me and I turned to run, but was hobbled by my dress around my ankles. The blonde grabbed my bra and ripped it from me, leaving me topless on stage in front of probably 100 people!

Blondie then pulled me into her own clinch and started French kissing me, while her friend reached round from behind me and held my boobs, rolling my stiff nipples between thumbs and fingers. I couldn’t quite believe this was happening to me, but despite the terror I was feeling I was also starting to get turned on by what they were doing to me, and by the situation itself. I felt slightly embarrassed to hear myself moaning involuntarily, but at the same time my back arched to push my tits more firmly against the hands caressing them. The blonde took my hands in hers and raised them above my head. Staring into my eyes she began to rub her boobs in slow circles against mine, our nipples kissing. I was vaguely aware of the brunette doing something behind me, then the next güvenilir casino thing I knew I felt a draught on my bum and my tights and pants being pulled down.

That really was too much! I struggled to escape but the brunette place her hands firmly on my shoulders and pushed me down onto a chair she had moved just behind me. As she held me there the blonde squatted in front of me and, turning the chair so I was actually facing the dark auditorium, lifted my feet and pulled off my clothing, leaving me entirely naked. The brunette’s hands slid down me until she was again kneading my boobs, still holding me firmly in the chair, and I gazed down as if in a dream as the blonde pushed my knees apart and started licking and kissing my inner thighs. It was years since Bill had gone down on me, and I could feel my pussy lips peeling open ad her tongue slid closer. Abandoning myself completely to the situation, as she blew gently on my soaking quim I threw back my head, onto the brunette’s knockers, and, chest heaving, almost screamed “please!”

As Blondie’s tongue traced the length of my slit, then eased inside, accompanied by her fingers, my hips thrust forward greedily. I thought I could hear cheering, although maybe that was just in my head. All I was really aware of was my chest having as I gulped in breath, that throbbing drum beat in my head, and the obscene ecstasy of my insides being caressed by my lover’s tongue and fingers. I felt my orgasm building, white heat radiating through my body, and I became aware of a whimpering sound, which had to be coming from me. At last, but all too soon, my insides exploded, a thousand camera flashes popping behind my tightly closed eyelids, as I rammed my cunt at her again and again as I came. My thighs clamped tightly around her face and I pushed forwards so hard that the brunette let me go and Blondie and I ended up on the floor together in a gasping, heaving, soaking, glorious heap.

After I had blearily taken a bow the girls, who were Polish and Russian and very nice, took me backstage to clean up. They said they always chose Table Two and it was usually a comedy part of the show, with the woman managing to bolt before they even got her bra off. When I met up with Bill again her instantly took me in his arms and kissed me more passionately than he had in ages, saying he’d never been so turned on in his life. He rushed me back to the hotel, and we didn’t get much sleep that night!


When we got back to the hotel the next evening after a day out, I was surprised to find a package awaiting me. I was even more surprised to open it to find a DVD — my entire performance had been recorded and given to us for posterity! Our entire lives have changed since that night. I hadn’t known before that a swingers’ club met only two streets from our home, but we’re regular attendees now. And we’re going back to Berlin next week: I’ve already booked a night at Club Raunchy — and I was most insistent that I want Table Two!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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