Claire and the New Guy Ch. 02

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Big Tits

All of the people in this story are 18 years of age, or older.


His dick stayed inside my ass for an immeasurable amount of time. He just held onto me, letting me absorb all of the cum he had filled me with. And allowing me to come down from my own orgasm, while simultaneously waiting for his cock to go soft. It fell out of me with a soft plop a few minutes later leaving me feeling empty.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” He whispered into my ear.

“I told you I wasn’t a whore.”

He chuckled. “I thought you were my whore?”

I looked over my shoulder batting my crusty cum covered lashes at him and biting into my bottom lip. “I am now.”

“Are you trying to turn me on?” He kissed my shoulder.

“No.” I sighed. “I think my poor little assholes been fucked hard enough for tonight.”

Leaving me leaning forward on the couch he stood up, away from me and pulled his pants up from around his ankles. “I beg to differ.”

I whimpered. “Are you going to fuck me again Cam?”

Without a warning his hand rubbed against the crack of my ass. He massaged my bruised asshole, sliding a finger inside making me gasp. Then, he pulled it out and slid his expert digit down my pussy lips to massage my enflamed clit. He circled my nub between his thumb and fore finger. Then, he pulled away from me, and using his other hand grabbed ahold of my shoulder and forced me onto the ground. “Suck on my fingers Claire.”


He smacked me across the face. “What’d I tell you about asking questions?”

I didn’t say a word before I greedily sucked his fingers into my mouth. I hungrily lapped at our sex and desperately tried to absorb the flavor of his cum from my asshole. “How’s your pussy taste Claire?” He pulled his hand away from my mouth and wrapped it around my neck pulling me to my feet.

“Not as good my cum-filled ass.”

He smiled. “You like licking cum out of your whore-ass?”

“Only when it’s yours.” I tried to push myself up on the balls of my feet to maneuver my mouth to his, but once again, I was denied as he threw me back toward the ground.

“I don’t kiss whores.”

“I’m a virgin.” I moaned. “I’m not really a whore.”

“I just ass-fucked you like a whore.” He countered, stepping over me and pulling me up by my hair. “I fucked your face, and coated your face like a whore. And you licked cum out of your ass like a cum-hungry whore.”

I looked up at him from under my thick lashes. “Because I’ll do anything for you.”

He let out a moan. My dirty words were obviously getting to him. “Come here.” He started walking to an adjacent bathroom, which I hadn’t noticed until he was pulling my by my hair toward it. He pushed open the door and threw me down on the tile making my knees smack the ground hard. “Open your mouth.” He demanded.

I obeyed immediately. It didn’t matter that his dick had just been in my ass or that my knees were burning from the assault.

I was ready to go.

He didn’t bother holding onto my nose like he had the first time. This time he grabbed a hold of my hair with one hand, and with the other he grabbed my throat. He stabbed his semi-hard cock into my mouth in one go. I nursed on his dick like the cock hungry whore I was. I didn’t hold my hands behind my back like the first time; instead I used them to pull his pants back to where they belonged around his ankles. After a few seconds his dick was rock hard and he was back in the rhythm of fucking my face.

He didn’t show any mercy on my poor gullet as he rocked out of me, and then back in. My eyes rolled into the back of my head from lack of oxygen, and then his dick left my throat.

“How good does that ass taste?” He whispered.

“Mmmmmm.” I moaned, After gasping to catch my breath. “It tastes like whore.” Before I could catch another breath he fucked his dick back into me. Cam fucked my face hard and without mercy until I was close to passing out, and then he would pull out to let me breathe.

“Stand up.” He commanded, after a good long face fucking, without any gratifying cum. I wanted to beg him for it, but I knew better. “You look like a whore.” He added at the sight of me

“I am your whore.”

He smiled and turned toward the shower. “Do you want to wash that cum off?”

I shook my head back and forth with a smile. “Never.”

He chuckled. “You’re too much Claire.”

I took my time in the shower. Mostly because I was trying to admire how beautiful his tan skin looked with the water cascading over it. There was never a more gorgeous sight than Cam in that shower. “You know I don’t really think you’re a whore right?” He whispered into my ear.

After all of the spanking, and ass-fucking, who knew? I bit into my lip and shook my head back and forth.

“Don’t get me wrong. I thought you were.” He smiled. “Aiden talked about you all week. I was jealous as hell. All I wanted to do was get you on my dick. But apparently Aiden’s a liar.” Cam looked me over admiringly while simultaneously rubbing a large bahis firmaları finger along the outside of my pussy.

I couldn’t believe it. That little prick lied about me! “What’d he say?” I asked in disbelief.

Cam smacked my ass lightly, making me shiver from the belt-blisters he had left earlier. “What did I tell you about asking questions?”

I bit into my lip, but didn’t say anything.

“He said he fucked you lots of times … not the panty time, which was just mean.” He shook his head back and forth playfully letting out ‘tsk-tsk’ sounds. “But he said he was gunna fuck your ass tonight … And that’s why I did.” He smiled wryly.

“That asshole.” I let out a breath in disbelief, and then, I asked a question despite the rules. “Is that why you ignored me all week?”

His hand smacked my ass once again making me wince this time. “I prefer to play hard to get.” He laughed. “As opposed to your game.”

I pulled my eyebrows together. “Didn’t you think I looked pretty?”

He smacked my ass harder this time. “Yeah. When you walked into the gym the other day I almost bent you over the stage and fucked you right there.”

An eager breath escaped my lips. “Could you imagine the look on Aiden’s face if you’d have done that?”

His hand slapped the other cheek, making a sloshing sound as it hit water, and causing me to flinch. “I’d have told him to stuff his dick in your mouth. Would you have liked that?”

“Ugh. No. I’m only your whore.”

His face lit up. “Is that so?”

I wrapped my hand around his semi-hard dick and started stroking it. Then I nodded. “I don’t want to taste his disgusting cock. Just yours.”

“What about Blake?” Cam moaned.

I shook my head back and forth. “I already told that pervert what I’d do if he put his dirty penis anywhere near my mouth.”

He let out a loud breath. “You’re really being awfully stingy with this pretty fuck tool of yours Claire.” He ran his finger across my bottom lip, and I stuck my tongue out to lick at it.

When he pulled away I licked my lips and continued to stroke his hardening dick. “But I thought you wanted me just to be your whore.”

He nodded. “I do. And I’d like my whore even better with her mouth around my balls.”

Without any more provocation than that I dropped to my knees and lifted one of his sopping wet balls into my mouth. He let out a moan. “Oh fuck Claire.” I tongued back and forth and then switched to the other … not wanting to be too stingy.

After a few minutes of swathing his balls in my mouth he pulled back on my hair and pointed me toward his hard dick. This time he didn’t fuck it into me though. I pulled my hands up and started jerking the base, while I nursed on the head of it.

“You’re an amazing dick sucker Claire.”

He let me go to town, doing whatever I wanted, and enjoying the flavor of his dick on my tongue.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.” Cam answered.

I started to pull my head off of his cock to protest, but he held me down. I remembered him locking the bedroom door, but this was the bathroom, and its door was unlocked.

“Shhhh.” Cam looked down at me holding his forefinger over his mouth.

“Hey man, what the hell are you doing in here? This parties fuckin’ crazy. You’re missin’ it.” Blake’s words came from just inside the bathroom.

Cam waited to answer. He waited until he had slid my mouth all the way down his dick. Then he glanced over his shoulder and spoke in the direction of the doorway. “Sorry, it wasn’t really my scene.”

“So you’re just hanging out in your parents’ bedroom all night? Come one they’re out of town. You’re supposed to get drunk and destroy the house.” I let out a small choke that Blake never heard. This was Cam’s house? And his party? I didn’t know the guy, and we had, approximately, negative 8 inches between us. There was a steady stream of water as Blake turned on the sink.

Cam pulled back on my hair and slowly started fucking his dick down my throat. “Yeah, I don’t know. I just don’t know all these people.” As soon as he was done speaking he shifted himself so that he was standing over me, and the water that was flowing over his chest was running straight into my face. I looked up to see him smile.

“You know Claire though.”

“Not really.” As he spoke he pulled his cock halfway out and shoved it all the way back in with a pop filling my mouth and nose with water. “She just looked hot tonight.” His smile shifted wickedly.

“Yeah well you fuckin’ pissed Aiden off.”

“Oh yeah,” Cam pulled his dick halfway way out once more and slammed it back into me, bringing a flood of water into my face. It felt like was drowning instead of suffocating, like usual. “Didn’t he get to fuck her ass, like he said?”

“No way. She disappeared after he called her a whore. He’s been trying to call her for the past hour. Poor bastard.”

Cam smiled down at me once again, and without warning started quickly shoving his dick in and out of my throat. kaçak iddaa It was more than I could handle, and despite his hand on my hair I pulled back, and gagged.

“What was that?” Blake asked stupidly.

Cam laughed. “Hey man. I’m sorry but I’m trying to get blown in here and you’re really making this awkward.”

“Oh fuck, sorry dude. Have fun.” Then, the door of the bathroom opened and closed as Blake left.

Cam reached down and ran his long fingers across my cheek. “My beautiful Claire.”

I gasped. “I seriously thought I was going to drown.”

He laughed. “You think I’m going to let anything bad happen to you?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, and before I could, he reached up and turned off the water. I looked up to see his throbbing hard dick right above my face. I reached up for it, but he slapped my hand away, and shook his head. “This isn’t going in your mouth Claire.”

“My pussy?” I felt a slight thrill for my virginity.

He shook his head back and forth once again. “I want to save that for a rainy day.”

“Cam.” I complained. “You fucked my little asshole too hard already. I don’t think I can take anymore.”

He smiled. “Guess we’ll find out wont we?”

“Wouldn’t you rather fuck my virgin pussy?”

His open hand tore hard across my cheek. “Was that a question?”


His large fingers snaked through my hair pulling me to my feet and dragging me back toward the bedroom. “Good, because I’d hate to have to find my belt.”

I shuddered at the thought.

Without taking his hand out of my hair he threw my across the bed, with my ass up in the air. He used his other hand to hold my back down. “I want you to beg me for it Claire.”

“Cam.” I pleaded. “Fuck my pussy please.” I was almost positive my ass couldn’t take any more abuse.

His hand released my hair and in the next second he smacked my raw ass cheek. “That was the wrong answer Claire. Where do you want me to fuck you?”

I don’t know if I was enjoying the spanking or if I really didn’t want his dick in my asshole, but I continued. “I’m serious. I don’t think my whore ass can take anymore. You fucked me too hard.”


I could feel my pussy ache every time his hand made contact with my abused ass. “Please Cam. Don’t fuck me in the ass.”

With that I heard the belt fly through the air and land hard on my swollen ass and pussy with a deafening crack. I exploded instantly with an orgasm. I don’t know how he knew my spots, but Cam hit me perfectly.

I watched over my shoulder as he dropped the belt and with his free hand grabbed his dick and started aiming for my asshole.

“What’re you doing?” I cried.

He smacked my blistered ass once more. “Don’t ask questions Claire. You should have begged me for it. Now you’re getting a nice dry fucking.”

“Cam, don’t.”

His dick head pressed hard into my asshole. The only lube we had was the quickly drying shower water. “I can’t take it Cam. It hurts.”

“I know it hurts Claire. You should have listened.”

The head of his dick slid painfully inside me with an audible ‘pop’. “Reach back here and hold your ass open for me whore.”

I obeyed immediately grabbing ahold of my bruised and blistered ass cheeks as he inched his fat dick inside me.

“Are you ready to beg me for it Claire?” He whispered his question.

“Yes.” I cried. “I’ll do anything to be your whore.”

“Good girl.” He inched his dick slowly into me. “Tell me how it feels Claire.”

“It hurts.” It felt like I was being stabbed, but I wanted it. I never wanted Cam to stop fucking me in the ass. “I want it.”

“Why do you want it Claire?” He asked softly.

“Because I’m your anal whore.”

He pushed his dick into me a little further, giving me a second to adjust to invasion. “You want this big dick in your ass Claire?”

“Yes.” I cried, with pain induced tears streaming down my face.

“Do you want me to give it to you slow?”

I never hated myself more than I did in the next moment. I looked over my shoulder at him, and bit into my bottom lip. “No. Fuck that big dick into me Cam. I want all of it now. Fuck me hard and fast. Make me cum.”

He chucked, and with one hand snaked through my hair pulling me up, and another hand on my hip, he pulled me backward on his fat cock. Without giving me a second to adjust to his width he pushed me forward off of him and started fucking me back on him again.

I could barely breathe through the pain of it all.

“You have a tight ass Claire.” He fucked into me hard.

“It’s all for you Cam. This ass is yours to fuck and abuse. Fuck it.” I let go of my ass and grabbed a hold of the bed sheet with an iron tight grip. The pain was indescribable, but the pleasure was unquantifiable. I could feel my pussy juice pooling on the bed beneath me. And with every thrust he brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

He threw his leg up on the bed next to me to get himself deeper inside me. “Oh god, Cam.” kaçak bahis I screamed. I was positive the people outside the room could hear me. But what did I care? They could come in and see this god-like creature giving me the best ass-fucking in the world and I wouldn’t care. “Fuck me harder.”

He let out a low oath at my request and continued to pull me harder back onto his dick. He plowed deeper and deeper into my ass.

“I’m gunna c-c-cumm.” I moaned.

He pulled me back and lifted me up so that my knees were on the bed and he was fucking upward into my ass. “Cum for me Claire.” He whispered into my ear. “Cum for me you little anal whore.”

His dirty talk sent me over the edge and as soon as his large fingers started probing around my needing clit I exploded. The only thing keeping me from doubling over on the bed was Cam, who was holding me back onto him, and his spear like dick that was still fucking into me.

His rooting mouth searched around my shoulder, and then my neck. I turned and eagerly met him with my own lips. The taste of sweat and sex on his mouth made me kiss him ever more feverishly. It was the kiss I had longed for, and it was amazing.

Without a warning he pushed me forward onto the bed, and with an animalistic grunt he exploded inside me. I tried to push back against him, to soak up every last drop of cum that his dick had to offer.

I knew the second she gagged on his dick it was Claire. Well, to be honest, I thought it, and then I saw her panties lying on the ground. A decent gentleman would have left the room, and let Cam get his rocks off. That bastard was getting his dick sucked in the shower by Claire Bettencourt.

Me? I wasn’t known for being a decent gentleman. I opened the bathroom door, held it for a second, and the slammed it shut.

Only a few seconds later I heard Claire, it was definitely Claire, gasping for air. I snuck into the adjacent bedroom to find proof of the encounter. Aiden was going to be fuckin’ pissed. In his mind, he and Claire Bettencourt belonged together. He bought into her school-princess bullshit. And though, he wasn’t the only guy who had claimed to have gotten into those perfect, and presently soaked, panties of hers, Aiden wanted her most of all.

In my mind, Claire Bettencourt belonged on my dick.

There was proof too. It was lying in a tattered ball right next to Cam’s shirt. I picked up the dress only seconds before the water shut off and she shower curtain tore open.

I wouldn’t ever have called myself a pussy, but I was man enough to admit Cam was at least a half a foot taller than me. And to be honest, he could beat my ass. So, without any more thought than that, I dropped the ruined dress and slipped into an adjacent closet.

What happened next, well that was a shock.

For starters, I had always known Claire was sexy. A girl can’t get to the top of the high school social ladder without a perfect body, but this girl was beyond perfect. Her round tits and flat stomach made my dick jump. Then I got a good look at her pussy, a round mound of shaved perfection. God damn I wanted to fuck that girl.

But I didn’t get to. Because, well … Cam did.

Cam threw Claire Bettencourt down on the bed like she was a common slut. He held her down and talked to her like she was meaningless, like she was nothing. Using one hand to hold her down, he used his other to smack her ass.

Claire wanted it.

Her want was written all over her face. She arched her ass and begged for him to continue with the assault. She didn’t beg with her words though. The conniving Claire Bettencourt was playing reverse psychology. When she didn’t answer Cam the way he liked he reached to the end of the bed and grabbed his belt.

I winced at the site of the leather object swinging through the air hitting the girl. I winced, but my dick throbbed. And Claire loved it. She loved every fucking minute of the abuse. The look on her face only made me want her more.

Something told me if I’d have been positioned anywhere else, getting a different view, I might not have been so turned on. But, as it where, I got a perfect view of Claire Bettencourt’s sexy face. I saw every emotion running through her. Every expression, every ounce of desire, looked as if it were aimed at me.

When Cam pointed his dick at her asshole … her ASSHOLE — my dick leaked cum. It wasn’t my fault. No one would have been able to stand inside that closet and watch that goddess get fucked in the ass, without getting a raging hard on.

Without a thought for what I was doing I reached my hand down my pants and started jerking it. If anyone had found me inside that closet they’d have thought I was a pervert. Fuck it. I’d be a pervert, as long as I got to continue watching the show.

I personally felt bad for Claire (my cock didn’t feel bad for her. Dirty bastard had a mind of his own.) Cam showed no mercy to her poor ass as he pulled her back onto him. He didn’t move an inch as he slid the sexy girl on and off his dick.

Luckily, the three of us came at the same time. It was lucky because I was pretty sure they would have heard me grasping at things inside the closet to keep quiet, if they hadn’t been so wrapped up in their own orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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