Cirrus the Enchanter

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This story was inspired by Venus who never got to read it. She was so self-absorbed that she was off to the next relationship because she could not stand the thought of me not paying attention to her for a whole year while I was off at the War.

I offer it to you for your enjoyment.

It was also inspired by the Frank Frazetta Painting Sea Witch

Cirrus looked out over the water, feeling the energy of the Ocean surge through her body. But it wasn’t enough to feel the massive energy of the Ocean as a storm approached, she needed the touch of another being.

She brushed back the strands of her black hair that the wind had blown across her beautiful face. A knowing smile crossed her full lips as she contemplated who she would take to be with her tonight, man or woman, who would best fill her needs? While a man would fill her physically, the seduction of a woman was more challenging and emotionally more fulfilling.

Almost unconsciously Cirrus reached up and touched the nipple of her full breast through the nearly transparent silk gown she wore. The thoughts and action sent electric shock from her nipple to her groin, her body flinched in delight. Her nipple raised to her touch, followed by the nipple of her other breast. Moister began to flow between her legs, her tongue flicked out of her mouth and wet her lips. Her body twitched in pleasure. Her own light touch had made up her mind. Her delicate sandaled moved her with grace and elegance from her perch on the rocks overlooking the Ocean down to the path that lead into the village. The coming storm would gather all the villagers making a greater selection for her appetite but also making it more of a challenge.

Cirrus excitement almost caused her to break into a run, but the certainty of her evenings adventure as well as her elegant presents kept her stride.

The rain broke just as she reached the edge of the village, sending everyone running for cover. The huntress in her wanted to pursue, the seductress in her checked her step. The large warm raindrops quickly soaked Cirrus gown making it truly transparent, but only wetted her full head of hair. She approached the first hut and moved to the back window. Inside she could hear muted voices and soft laughter. This was Ord and Varian’s hut. Cirrus had known Ord many times before Varian had wondered into the village and stolen his heart. While Cirrus had honored their union and stayed away from Ord, she did wonder if they would be interested in her joining them one evening. This thought occupied her mind as she pulled the curtain away from the wall to peer inside.

Ord and Varian were standing in the center of the room at the foot of their sleeping mat lightly embracing one another and kissing each other on the lips tenderly. Light from several candles and oil lamps cast the entire room in a soft warm glow. Ord’s blonde hair fell to his shoulders, his leather armor covered his warrior toned body. He gently kissed Varian’s mouth, face and neck. His chiseled face that centered on his piercing blue eyes was clean shaven, something he prided himself on and something both Varian and Cirrus appreciated.

Varian stood on the edge of balance, her head tilted back slightly to allow Ord access to her neck, leaning forward only when Ord’s body signaled that he wanted to kiss her lips. The contact of their bodies grew more intense with each passing moment. Ord ran his hand up and down Varian’s tan arms and then upon her back as she embraced him. Her red gown fell from her shoulder nearest the window, causing Cirrus to catch her breath. The gown hung on her breast and Varian tilted her head back, signaling Ord that she wanted his lips lower on her body. Varian’s auburn hair swung freely to the center of her back, Cirrus envied the color and wished that Varian’s eyes were open so she could see the exquisite contrast of their green color.

Ord’s lips delicately traced a line from her jaw, down the nape of her neck, across the top of her shoulder down to where the fullness of her breast suspended her silk gown. Ord stopped his line of advance and began to kiss his way up to Varian’s neck.

Varian’s arms moved together, one reaching across her body to pull the gown from her breast the other hand she pushed into Ord’s hair and pulled his lips to her nipple.

Cirrus had to bite her lip to stop from moaning, Varian’s nipple was erect and surrounded by a large brown areola that was perfectly centered. Varian moaned in response to Ord’s talented tongue.

Cirrus fought the desire to touch herself at this moment. She knew that her satisfaction would come later at the hands of someone else.

Varian ran her fingers through Ord’s hair as he licked and kissed her nipple. Gently he pulled the gown from her other shoulder and gave his attention to her other breast and he manipulated the first with the soft touch of his fingers. Her red silk gown hung tediously around her waist, held in place by the swell of her hips and butt, leaving the small of her sarıyer escort back exposed to Cirrus’ view. Varian’s moans increased as Ord’s touch intensified with his passion.

Cirrus was not sure if she saw his arousal or if she imagined it. Ord was wearing his leather armored skirt and any sign would have been truly impressive.

Varian did not want Ord’s attention to stop but she wanted more. She pushed him gently away and helped him pull his armor over his head. She then pressed herself to his sculpted body, feeling his arms and chest as she kissed him deeply.

Ord pushed her gown from her hips with both hands as she released the waist catch of his armor, the garments falling to the floor. As each stepped free of their clothing, Varian pushed Ord to the sleeping mat, his slightly larger member making a slapping noise on his flat stomach. Varian leaped onto the mat beside his, grabbed him and placed her mouth over the end. She worked her mouth and hands feverishly as Ord closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure.

Cirrus mouth watered as she watched, she entertained the thought of joining them and enjoying Ord’s fullness, but her tastes were running more to the feminine this evening.

Varian’s oral endeavors had taken Ord to the edge of pleasure, but both wanted more. Varian moved her body around so that Ord’s talented tongue had unrestricted access to her vulva. Varian pushed her hips down onto Ord’s tongue wanting to be penetrated by it, he obliged.

A noise outside the hut caught Cirrus attention, a young woman had snuck out of the village and was on her way to bathe at the hot springs in private.

Loud moans inside pulled Cirrus attention back into the hut.

Inside Varian had turned herself about and mounted Ord. She paused to a moment to become accustomed to his size. Ord’s hands rested just above her waist, stoking the sides of her body. She sat upright to facilitate his entry, then slowly she began to rock forward and back.

Ord’s hands found their way to Varian’s nipples and their touch caused her to lean forward and kiss him. This changed the angle of their motion and Ord began thrusting from underneath. Varian broke their kiss in order to breath, holding her body close to his as her breath came in short gasps.

Varian moved her hips in order to match Ord’s thrusts, her gasps for air became short screams with the rhythm and contact of her clitoris at the base of his member. Slowly Varian began to straighten her legs as the moment approached, she interlaced her fingers with Ord’s and pushed their hands above their heads on the sleeping mat. Cirrus saw little tremors ripple through Varian’s body, the precursor to her orgasm.

Varian threw her auburn hair back and evoked a very guttural scream as her body reflexed in orgasm. A smile crossed Ord’s face as he looked at his love deep in the throes of pleasure. Varian’s body remained contorted for several moments as her orgasm coursed through her.

Cirrus looked on in pleasure, knowing the satisfaction that Ord’s body could bring.

Varian released Ord’s hands and slouched across his body, falling to one side.

Ord slid delicately from under Varian, whom he left laying on her stomach. He moved above her and placed himself between her legs.

Varian turned her head toward him and said something that Cirrus did not hear.

Ord paused for just a moment, member in hand, then moved back and put his face between Varian’s legs. With his tongue he began to make her moan again.

Cirrus had not heard what Varian had said and could not see what Ord was doing to her. Across the room near the foot of the sleeping mat she could see another window covered in a blanket. Gently lowering the blanket, she moved to the other window.

Being careful to be quiet, she lifted the blanket and saw something that sent tingles through her in a very unexpected way.

Ord’s tongue was moving freely between her vulva and her anus paying particular attention to the latter.

Cirrus almost gasped in shock, Ord had never shown any interest in that part of her anatomy, then she pondered that she had never asked. Not stopping to fret a missed opportunity, she turned her attention back to the couple.

Ord had resumed his position above Varian and was gently pushing himself into her backside. Varian was trying to match his efforts, but was meeting with frustration as she was lying flat on the mat. With a breath, she relaxed and her ring gave way to his head. Both paused for a moment, her to become accustomed to his size, he to regain control. Varian was first to start, pushing herself back with her hands, she moved to take the full length of him.

Cirrus watched as Ord’s arms shook and his buttock twitched, she knew he was close to losing control.

Varian continued by slowly rocking her body underneath his, making short thrusts.

Ord shook his head in an effort to regain composure and began to thrust esenyurt escort in earnest. Varian laid her head on the pillow, so that she could look back at Ord as he was wrapped in pleasure, a loving smile on her full lips.

For a moment, Cirrus thought that she was looking right at her and was captivated by her green eyes.

Ord’s thrusts continued until he became winded and rolled off Varian to the side. Varian quickly moved to his side, her hands reaching for him maintaining the rhythm he had set. She kissed her way down his body until she took him into her mouth again, reviving his interest.

Easily maneuvering her light frame, his positioned himself over her between her legs again, this time with her facing him. He probed her outer lips with a few unguided thrusts, to which she shook her head. Reaching for him under her leg she guided him again to her backside. This time he easily slid into her. She began thrusting her hips vertically in order to rub her vulva and clitoris against him. Varian quickly climaxed again, the dual stimulation had been exactly what she had hoped for.

Ord watched her climax and wanted to push her over the edge, again. Pulling himself out, he thrust back in to her vagina, causing her to scream in ecstasy. Several more thrusts and Varian was climaxing again! As her body twitched, Ord had his own release, deep inside her. The two collapsed on the sleeping mat holding each other through the aftershock of their orgasms.

Cirrus let the curtain fall into place. Her own breathing was rapid, her nipples erect and she was very wet. She stepped away from the hut and realized that she was dizzy and close to orgasm herself.

She stood at the edge of the village pondering where her quest would take her next and trying to regain her composure.

She remembered the fleeting image of a young woman heading to the hot springs. It was not uncommon for young ladies to venture to the bathing area in bad weather to avoid the leering eyes of old men and young boys. The voyeurism was frowned upon by everyone in the village, but it was better for a young lady’s reputation to be safe.

Cirrus moved along the path to the hot springs wondering who was there waiting for her. She hoped that it was one of the young women that she found attractive otherwise the walk to the springs would be a waste of her time.

The grove of trees that surrounded the hot springs made it easy for her to move close without being detected. At the last point of cover, Cirrus stopped and looked into the clearing.

Facing away from her, was a naked woman that had just removed the last of her clothing. Cirrus could not tell who the woman was but her shapely figure renewed Cirrus’ hunger.

The woman had light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. A slight turn as she entered the water showed the side of a full firm breast. She entered the water and ducked under to wet her hair.

Cirrus thought about moving to the edge of the water, but wanted to find out who it was before she did.

The mystery bather swam to the other side of the hot springs, ducked under the water and reappeared swimming back to shore.

Cirrus excitement raced as she recognized Ann, an unmarried maiden with an angelic face, intense blue-green eyes and a woman’s body in all its’ wonder! Cirrus trembled with excitement. She stepped back to hide herself as Ann exited the water.

Ann sat on a drying cloth with her back to Cirrus washing her feet and legs.

Cirrus quietly approached her from behind. Kneeling behind her she reached for the soap next to Ann.

“Can I wash your back?” Cirrus asked in a breathy seductive tone.

Ann was not startled, Cirrus drifted around the village like the morning mist and would appear without much warning.

“Alright.” Ann offered with no stipulations.

Cirrus rubbed the soap in her hands to create a good lather.

Ann fidgeted, not knowing what to expect, but feeling safe with Cirrus.

Cirrus soapy hands on her back caused her to skin to raise in goose bumps and her nipple to grow erect. Ann moved her hand to cover her breasts, her face reddened with embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Ann.” Cirrus said, mustering every lustful sound she could in her voice. “It’s natural to react to the touch of others.” She continued. “It’s natural to desire it as well.”

Cirrus words caused Ann’s nipples to become even more erect and she felt herself becoming wet as well.

Cirrus continued to lather Ann’s back, kneeling above her and then beginning to soap her shoulders.

Cirrus looked down at Ann’s breasts and could barely contain her excitement. Ann’s arm still covered her nipples defensively, so Cirrus knew that she was going to have to proceed slowly. Cirrus sat back and moved down Ann’s back with her hands.

Cirrus looked down at herself, her own nipples were erect, she could feel herself becoming wet again and wished she was naked. Her gown was still transparent avrupa yakası escort from the rain, but she desperately wanted to rub her breasts on Ann’s back. She moved her hands to Ann’s sides and washed around her waist. She saw Ann’s body react to her touch.

Ann felt tingles running from her waist to her groin. Her body was coming alive with sexual energy, but she was still unsure about being with Cirrus in that way and she put her arms to her sides over Cirrus’ hands.

Cirrus withdrew her hands and took the opportunity to slip her white silk gown from her shoulders exposing her own breasts. Ann, lost in her own thoughts, did not notice.

Cirrus sat up again, kneeling over Ann as she returned her attention to Ann’s shoulders. With Ann’s arms at her side, her breasts were now exposed to Cirrus view. Full and firm they were capped with medium sized areola and nipples that were not too large. Cirrus mouth watered at the thought of licking them.

Cirrus leaned forward until her own breasts brushed against Ann’s back.

Ann sucked in her breath knowing what Cirrus had done. Her mind struggled with the idea of what she thought Cirrus wanted to do to her, the social stigma and the desires of her own body.

Cirrus felt Ann recoil, but noticed that her nipples grew again.

“Why don’t you rinse off?” Cirrus suggested, taking things slow, giving Ann’s body time to make up her own mind.

“Sure.” Ann replied her voice quivering with excitement. Ann did not look back as she dove headlong into the water.

Cirrus finished removing her gown and sandals and took Ann’s place beside the water.

Ann swam to the far side of the springs, again trying to rationalize her thoughts and get the desires of her body under control. She turned to see Cirrus sitting where she had been, removing her last sandal. Her eyes were drawn to Cirrus’ groin. Not a hair was visible between Cirrus’ legs. The thought entered Ann’s mind to touch her there, just to see what it felt like and then she wondered what it would feel like to be free of hair herself.

Cirrus had begun to lather herself when she noticed Ann staring at her. She reached between her legs with the soap and seductively lathered herself.

Ann felt warmth rush to her groin before she realized that she had been caught staring. She shook her head to clear the thought. She resigned herself to getting away from the hot springs without having sex with Cirrus and then swam back toward her.

At water’s edge, she reached for a drying cloth, but Cirrus put a hand on it.

“Wash my back, please.” Cirrus asked, offering a hand to help Ann out of the water. “It’s only fair.”

Ann’s resolve stayed with her as she exited the water naked, her arm returning to cover her breasts.

Cirrus made no attempt to reach for her and let Ann take her place behind her.

Ann began to lather Cirrus’ back. Cirrus responded with a soft moan that caught Ann off guard. She stopped washing Cirrus for a moment, but realized that she was the one doing the touching.

Cirrus leaned back slightly causing one of Ann’s hands to slip over her shoulder and the other around her side. Cirrus nipples became erect as Ann’s hand brushed the side of her breast. Cirrus moaned.

Again, Ann stopped.

“Sit up and wash my shoulders.” Cirrus half suggested, half commanded. Her voice heavy with lust.

“Alright.” Ann said, moving to her knees above Cirrus.

Ann looked down on Cirrus breasts and watched them sway slightly with the motion of her washing. Ann noticed that Cirrus’ nipples were erect and could not help but stare at them. For a moment, she wondered what it would be like to lick them and have hers licked in turn. She shook her head to remove the thought.

Cirrus pretended to lose her balance and fell backward into Ann’s legs. Ann’s soapy hands slid from Cirrus’ shoulders and ran across both Cirrus’ breasts. Cirrus’ nipples responded immediately to the touch. With Cirrus head very near her groin, Ann’s breasts came to rest on Cirrus’ upturned face, her nipple reacted as well. Both women paused for a moment before Ann recoiled, but she did not withdraw far. She gently moved back to sit on her heals, dragging her breasts across Cirrus’ face as she did so. Ann’s body shuddered and she bit her lower lip to suppress a moan. Cirrus lay back on Ann’s thighs looking up at her face, past her breasts.

Ann examined the full length of Cirrus body, her painted toes, her hairless legs, her groin, void of hair as well, the swell of her hips, her flat stomach, her full breasts, her painted nails and finally her face. Sharp jaw line, high cheek bones, full lips, delicate nose and intense brown eyes that looked up at her seductively, all set against light olive skin that made Cirrus the definition of erotic. Ann stared into Cirrus’ eyes, lost in a dream about kissing those full lips.

Cirrus held the stare until Ann’s thoughts won over her desire.

Ann brought her hands to her head and breathed deeply.

Sensing the change Cirrus made a suggestion.

“Wash my hair?” She asked, innocently. Ann took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Sure,” Came Ann’s throaty replied, washing Cirrus’ hair is innocent enough, she thought.

“I need to rinse off first.” Cirrus said, wading out into the hot springs.

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