Christmas ‘Round the World

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“What’s the matter?”

“Wake up.”

“I am awake,”

“No you’re not. You weren’t. You were snoring.”

“I don’t snore. Do I? What took you so long?”

“Your brother was taking a shower. He must have been in there for half an hour. I finally had to knock on the door.”

“Well, did you take a shower?”

“A very short one, there was no hot water left.”

“Greg, I’m sorry. I’m sorry this visit has been so awful for you.”

“I really liked the church service. It was nice, with all the candles. Your parents are nice.”

“My brother?”

“Your brother is an asshole.”

“I thought you liked assholes. You’re always trying to get at mine.”

“That’s different. You know, at this point, any part of you would feel good. I wish you weren’t wearing pyjamas.”

“I am not going to run around my parents’ house bare assed, okay?”

“You’re not running around now. You’re in bed. With your husband. You could take the bottoms off.” He started to pull the pants down.

“Stop that!”

“Look dear heart, we’re married now. It’s okay.”

“No it’s not! This bed creaks. You’re noisy.”

“I’m not all that noisy. I’m not the one who starts singing.”

“I can’t help it. It’s just a habit.”

“A habit? Just when and how did you develop this habit?”

“Stop that! Stop tickling, that’s not fair! Now you’ve got me wide awake.”

“What about a back rub?”

“Okay. You can cuddle next to me and rub my back. Oh, what else are you rubbing?”

“I am really, really horny. I’m not going to sleep unless I come. Can’t I at least rub against you?”

“Okay. As long as you don’t make the bed creak. Oh, that feels really nice!”

“You like that?”

“No, where you were rubbing my back.”



“You were asleep again.”

“So? I want to be asleep. We have to get up in five hours to go to my sister’s.”

“Tell me again why we have to be there before dawn?”

“It’s when their kids get up. We can’t keep them waiting for their presents, can we?”

“You are fucking crazy. No, non-fucking crazy. How the hell did I marry into such a crazy family?”

“Three more days. That’s all I ask. Three more days. Then we’ll go back to our own little apartment and fuck non-stop until New Years. Please?”

“Okay, okay. Can I keep rubbing, at least?”

“I don’t need my back rubbed any more.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“As long as you don’t make the bed creak and you don’t wake me up.”

“Cindy? Cindy?” The only answer was a soft, contented snore. He reached around her to find her breasts, but she stirred a little, shrugged him away. Careful, he thought to himself. Careful. If she stirred, if she turned over on her back, he would lose his opportunity to even rub.

Before, he had been rubbing illegal bahis his penis almost idly, along the smooth fabric of the pyjamas. Now, he dared to pull them down, gently, just enough that the two half globes of her ass came bobbing out. She stirred a little, and went back to sleep. He began to poke a little, trying to work towards the soft heat between her cheeks. She grumbled a bit, and rolled away from him, trying to avoid his probing, but that actually opened her up to him. Evil, he thought to himself, this is crazy evil. The night before Christmas, in her parents’ house, I am about to rape my bride in her sleep. Well, she had given him permission, hadn’t she? Sort of? As long as she didn’t wake up, and the bed didn’t creak. The angle was all wrong, in any case. He could slide along the outside of her cunt, but he would have to bend his penis at right angles to get any penetration. If he tried to move down underneath her to get the correct position, the bed was going to creak, her legs, still tied together by the pyjamas were going to be in the way, and she was going to wake up and spoil all his fun.

And he had to pee! Damn! He rubbed a little harder, trying to come, but it was no use. He was going to have to pee before anything else was going to happen.

Sighing a deep sigh, he pulled on his robe and ventured out into the hall. Down in the den, a light was flickering, there was the sound of a woman in passion. He glanced in to see her brother, beer in one hand, prick in the other, deeply absorbed in what was happening on the little screen. It was filled with two butts, one male, one female, and a penis almost buried in an asshole. Damn!

“Hey Greggy boy, how are they hangin’?” Her brother wagged his prick in greeting.

“Not too bad, Jerry, How are you?”

“I feel like fucking shit, if you’ll pardon the expression. God! Two weeks until school starts again! I am really missing my girl friend.” Jerry wagged his prick again for emphasis. “You are so fucking lucky to be married. You can just fuck any time you want to, and no one gives a fucking shit. It must be great.”

“It is great.”

“Sis is treating you all right?” Jerry was staring at the bulge under Greg’s robe.

“Yeah, sure.”

“That’s great. Man, you should have seen some of the losers she used to drag in! It’s nice to see she found someone decent to marry.”

“Thanks. Maybe you should get some sleep?”

“Nah, it’s useless. I’ve found the only way I can get through Christmas morning is to be as blitzed as possible. I’m going to stay up all night and see how many beers I can drink and how many times I can jack off. Seven and three so far. Not bad for a start. Man, look at that!”

On the screen, the guy had pulled out of the girl’s asshole, and was shoving his cock deep into her mouth. “Ass to mouth!” Jerry started to play illegal bahis siteleri with himself more seriously. “Man, I love that! I’ve never found a girl that would do that for me! What about Sis?”


“Does she give a nice blowjob?”

“What?” Greg was totally taken aback. “Better than you?” he snapped.

“Maybe.” Jerry reached out and parted Greg’s robe. “Maybe not. Want to find out?”

“Not right now,” Greg managed to gasp. God, he was ready to do it. He was ready to stick his dick into his brother-in-law’s mouth, stick down his throat.

“Okay, okay. Finish what you’re doing first. I’ll be here all night.”

“Fuck you, Jerry.”

“Any time, pal.” Another man had entered the scene on screen, and he was busy fucking, not the girl, but the guy. “Ever take a cock up your ass?”

“Not a real one.”

“Oh? Sis does that for you? No shit!”

“Jerry, you are a total asshole.” Greg broke away and retreated to the bathroom. He was so rigid by now, it took him a few minutes to be able to pee. Then he paused, wondering if he should just finish himself off, humping the sink the way he used to do as a teen. He pressed against it and gave a few tentative thrusts. When he closed his eyes, he was seeing, not Cindy, but her brother. No, no, this was madness. He fled back to his wife.

He was sure that by now, she would be on her back, or facing him, but no, she was still on her side, her back to him, her butt still bare as he had left it. And he realized, that the way she was lying, her cunt was inaccessible, but her asshole was in perfect position.

No, no, he thought to himself, that was really, fucking, literally fucking, crazy. But he could not get the image of that deeply buried penis out of his mind. What would it be like to have his flesh interlocked with hers, like that, her cunt still wide open and exposed, fucked and not fucked at the same time? He snuggled back against her, and she stirred a little, but did not push him away. Gently, gently, he slid his finger along the ridge of bone between her cheeks, down, down, towards the heat, towards the softness, until he could feel where the flesh parted.

“Stop that!”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, blushing in the dark. Could she feel how fast his heart was racing with passion and shame?

“You scratched me. You know I don’t like your finger there.”

“Okay,” he said. “I won’t put my finger there. Is that okay?” He had gone soft, and he rubbed the tip of his flaccid penis over the puckered flesh of her asshole. She didn’t answer. It seemed that she had dozed off again.

He started to rub a little more, relishing the way her flesh felt, the way the tip of his penis fit into that little puckered depressing. He was starting to harden again, he was trembling with guilt and excitement, and his penis was pouring out fluid, canlı bahis siteleri not semen, not urine, but something else, something thin and slippery. He was, he realized dimly, preparing his own lubrication. She was covered with it now, her entire crack slippery. He shifted a little, sliding just a bit towards the foot of the bed, and lifted up his top knee to get a better angle. Then he gave a tiny thrust, hardly daring to move. And she parted for him, engulfing him in smooth hot flesh.

God, he thought to himself, it was so easy. Too easy. He must have wound up in her cunt somehow. Carefully, he ran a finger down the base of her spine, along her tailbone, between her cheeks. It stopped at the shaft of his cock. “No shit!” he whispered. He ran his finger in wonder around the taut perimeter of her asshole, and forward still, till it found the back of her cunt. “No shit!” He thrust the finger into her, just to make sure that it was really there, really open. And she woke up.

“Damn it!” She rolled over on her stomach, dislodging him. “Damn it, you scratched me again!”

“Sorry.” I am, he thought, in such deep shit. I am going to be tossed out onto the lawn and left with the garbage.

“What were you doing to me?”

“Rubbing,” he lied.

“Well, whatever it was, I’m wide awake now. You’re going to have to put me back to sleep again.”

“You want mouth?”


He turned her on her other side, and then himself upside down to her.

“Is that a hint?” she asked.

“It’s just to make sure you don’t start singing.”

“Yeah, sure.” And she took his cock into her mouth.

Ass to mouth, he thought giddily, she’s doing ass to mouth. Of course, she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. What does it taste like, he wondered. There was only one way to find out for sure. He had been working on her clitoris, but he started to lick further and further back, until his tongue was brushing her asshole. She shuddered at the first touch, and started to come.

They were probably, he thought dreamily, getting a bit too noisy. Tides of passion were flowing through their bodies. He moved his tongue back to her clitoris, thrusting a thumb up one opening, two fingers up the other, and she had a finger up his ass also, her thumbnail digging into him right at the base of his balls, her teeth scraping a little. They hung that way for a while, several minutes at least, before she pushed him away.

“That’s enough!” she gasped.

He rolled her on to her back.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not finished yet.”

“Not finished? I’ve been gagging on your come. How can you not be finished?”

“Because I’m not.” She was so slimy, so wide open, it was hard to tell if he was in her, but then, all at once, she tightened, she was coming again, and so was he, finally he had the release that had been eluding him.

“Oh God! That feels better.”

“It’s almost time to get up,” she sighed. “Just think, while we’ve been in bed, Santa has been going ’round the world.”

“So have we,” he whispered, but so quietly she did not hear him.

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