Christmas Carole

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Carole Boyd had never quite done something like this before.

Then again, standing in Terminal B of the Philadelphia Airport nude, covered by only a ankle-length trench coat, a pair of black 4-inch-fuck-me heels, and a generous strand of pearls that dangled between her ample breasts, wasn’t something in the norm for most people. Certainly not the travelers and family members picking up their arriving guests, as hundreds bustled among the busy baggage claim area on this Christmas Eve late afternoon.

The realization of the clandestine manner in which she was adorned, unbeknownst to anyone else around her, caused her freshly trimmed, steamy pussy to drip and leak down her thighs, like a snow-covered roof melting in the warm sun.

Carole was a very well-preserved forty-eight year-old, a recent empty-nester, her divorce finalized less than eight months ago. It had been well over twice that long since she had sex, which is why she had been perusing the various adult web sites and web cam shows to find just the perfect Christmas present for herself this year.


The bigger and thicker the better. Preferably belonging to a complete stranger, so there wouldn’t be any pretense of what she craved. No-strings-attached, one-night sex. Hard, uninhibited, rough sex with the most hung man she could find.

It didn’t take much convincing by either party once Jake saw Carole’s tits and voluptuous body pleasuring herself on his computer screen several weeks ago. With only the slightest of prodding, which served only as Jake’s way of teasing foreplay, he soon electronically displayed his own prize to Carole. Eight-and-a-half inches of manhood, veiny, twitching, and soda-can thick.

Carole nearly swooned the second she saw the dick. “Mr. Incredible’s Cock” as she called it, and Carole had spent the past several weeks masturbating furiously, awaiting this very moment, when her perfect stranger with the perfect package would fly to visit her from Cincinnati, Ohio, solely for the purpose of hot holiday sex.

Arriving at 5:45 PM on Christmas Eve, returning at 9:55 AM Christmas morning. That would leave Carole enough time to get home herself and prepare Christmas dinner for her two college-aged kids, who were spending Christmas Eve at their father’s, as part of the divorce agreement.

Her kids expressed sympathy for their mom, thinking that she would be alone, and lonely, on Christmas Eve. Au contraire. Santa would cum, sliding down her chimney to fill her stockings, over and over and over.

Jake and Carole agreed that Carole would procure the hotel reservations, and Carole’s choice of the Airport Marriott, which was literally attached to the Terminal by a walkway, proved to be a fortuitous one. No need to scramble for parking in the airport lot, no need to fight traffic driving to a hotel. The less time driving, the more time fucking.

Carole shifted her heels and placed her legs closer together as the clock approached five-forty-five, in an unsuccessful attempt to squelch the stream of fluids running down her legs like a leaky faucet. Her inch-long nipples, puffy and full, felt as if they would combust and implode from her areolas.

Carole hadn’t had what she would categorize as “good” sex in almost a decade. Not that she didn’t have her chances. Unlike her ex-husband, though, she took the chastity vows of matrimony seriously. However, that was then. This was now. Merry Christmas, asshole, she thought to herself, thinking of her ex-husband and his new young girlfriend. I can find some hot, young sex partner of my own.

Carole had always been busty, voluptuous, but since the divorce, she had shed about fifteen excess pounds and had a surgical procedure to lift and shape her 38DD breasts. She had dyed her strawberry-blonde hair to augment the wisps of gray, and had let it grow out, halfway down her back. The result of her recent activities, both natural and artificial, served to make Carole appear to be at least ten years younger than her chronological age, which ironically, was about the last time she really had a rigorous sex session.

Her new-found looks did not go unnoticed nor uncommented-upon by her co-workers and friends, including their husbands, who generally said nothing, but their leering glances spoke volumes.

One hubby actually had the balls to announce, after more than a few cocktails at a holiday party last week, that Carole had evolved into dead-ringer for the lead female character in the popular television series CSI, referring to Carole as a “Marg Helgenberger with better tits”. Hubby and his less-than-pleased wife left the party shortly thereafter, no Christmas cheer in hubby’s immediate future.

Carole was still musing to herself about that episode when she spotted Jake coming through the secure area. her heart skipped, and tiny goose bumps formed on the back of her neck. He was as advertised, better even. He was stocky in a very muscular way, and looked every bit the semi-mountain bahis firmaları man as he had described himself. Even though her had flown from Cincinnati, he had driven there from the outskirts of Huntington, West Virginia so that he could avoid a connecting flight.

He was dressed in a cotton sweater, tight jeans, and fashionable Timberland boots. She guessed that he was about forty, she had never inquired as to his age, not with a cock like that. She already had the vital number, which was eight-and-a-half.

Carole could already see the bulge in his faded jeans that had also caught the attention of the flight attendants, one of whom paid several additional trips to Jake’s seat to make sure he had “everything he needed.” Normally, Jake might have taken her up on her holiday generosity, but Jake was more than satisfied that his waiting lady would give him just that for the next fourteen hours or so. Everything he needed.

Carole sized him up as he walked confidently towards her, trying to keep from shaking from excitement. He was about five-feet-eight, or only about five feet taller standing up than he was lying down, Carole quickly calculated, doing the penile math.

Without giving her a chance to say a word, Jake caught Carole’s open lips in a slow, deep kiss. Carole melted into his strong arms, one of which wrapped around her waist snugly, while the other snuck up and surreptitiously unbuttoned the top two button of Carole’s coat. His hand then ran along her collarbone as their tongues danced with desire between each other’s hot mouths. Jake felt nothing but skin as his palm grazed along the top of Carole’s heaving bosom. He mumbled to her as they continued to kiss, “You actually did it, didn’t you?”

Their pact was that she would show up to meet him naked beneath the coat, and although Jake had dared her to do so, he harbored doubts that she really would. When Carole opened the third button on her own, exposing nearly all of her chest down to the areolas, Jake knew she was a woman of her word. Considering all of the other things that Carole pledged to do to him, Jake also knew would get a Christmas Eve that he would not soon forget.

So as not to cause undue attention in the terminal, they reluctantly broke their embrace. “C’mon, lover, let me show you the way.” They walked in silence, holding hands, tenderly, their sensual touching heightening the arousal within them both. Jake was pleasantly surprised to see the signs for the hotel entrance at the end of the tunnel.

Carole had already obtained the key to the room on the top floor, which she had requested, and had placed her bags within. For the first time, as they stood waiting for the elevator, pulses racing wildly, she became aware that Jake had no luggage.

“What, no bags?” she asked as the elevator gong signaled it’s slow descent. Jake reached beneath his sweater and extricated a toothbrush from his dress-shirt pocket. “I pack light, hope I can borrow some toothpaste,” he grinned. “But don’t worry, I brought everything else we’ll need.” He took Carole’s hand and let it linger against his crotch. Jesus, Carole thought, a pocket rocket of my very own.

The doors opened to the lobby and Carole ushered him inside, pushing him gently to the rear wall. For once in her life, she was glad it was a slow elevator. One by one, matching the gongs floor-by-floor, she made a show of undoing each button until it fell from her shoulders, exposing her newly toned body, firm, full tits, and a small landing strip of auburn curls above her mound.

Her bright pink outer labia pushed out like a blossoming flower, clearly punctuating her lust. She ran her hands over her body, enjoying the touch of her own skin that she had explored so frequently, anticipating this very moment.

She peered outside into the corridor to see if anyone was there, but the hotel was nearly empty on this Christmas Eve. She took the coat from her body and stepped out of the cab. Jake followed, mesmerized by the brazen exhibitionism of his soon-to-be-lover. Carole plopped the coat into his arm. “Follow me,” she purred huskily. ” I have a welcome gift for you.” Jake watched Carole’s round, mature naked ass jiggle down the hall, and he followed as ordered, like a moth into a flame.

Carole didn’t even wait for him to fully reach the door as she placed the keycard into the slot. She ducked inside and waited the few agonizing seconds for him to appear into the dim foyer of the suite. Jake walked in,, adjusting his eyes to the semi-darkness, when the light flicked on at the same time the door shut behind him. Carole pinned him against the wall and pointed upward. He glanced up, following the path of her finger like a eager canine, and saw the small strand of what looked like plant material above the door jamb.

“Waddya know,” Carole said, lowering to her knees. “Mistletoe.” She had taped it above the door when she first arrived. She undid the leather belt buckle with her teeth, mumbling kaçak iddaa from between the leather, “You know the tradition. Kissing beneath the mistletoe.” She pulled his jeans down in a mighty tug, falling to his ankles, and Carole’s Christmas gift slapped into her cheek through his boxers.

She gasped. It felt bigger, thicker, BETTER, than she had even admired on screen, and she hadn’t even seen it yet. She began to nearly hyperventilate as she stroked it almost absently through the thin material of his undershorts . “Oh….my…..fucking….God….!”

Both hands wrapped around this anaconda, a species indigenous to the hills of Huntington, West Virginia. “I can barely grip it in my hands,” she murmured in wondrous delight, almost to herself, as if Jake wasn’t there.

She finally looked upward, acknowledging that this snake was attached to something. Her eyes were watery, glazed over, almost as if she was in a trance, which she was, a cock-induced hypnosis. “And I have big hands,” she said, still trying to come to grips with her unwrapped present.

Jake gazed down at her, smiling. He was used to this reaction from women when they first laid eyes, or in this case hands, on his girth. The young ones nearly always recoiled in fright, but the older ones, oh the older ones, they knew a gift horse when they felt one, and like most, Carole eagerly wanted Mr. Incredible in her mouth. Yes, it was the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. ‘Tis the season.

“You take that sweater and shirt off and I will take care of the rest,” Carole demanded as she stepped back to watch Jake undress. When the shirt came off, she just stared in awe. “God, you are built,” she gasped. She ran her hands over his muscular chest, 6-pack abs and down his bulging biceps.

She stood up and began to kiss his chest and lick his nipples as she started to teasingly yank the huge member out of the small slit. She continued to kiss his chest as she pulled down his dick for the first time. Then she stepped back and yanked his boxers down over his rock hard ass cheeks. All eight-plus inches of his manhood came jutting out and stood pointing directly at her.

“Holy fucking God. You are huge!!!!!”

The cock-hungry divorcee fell to her knees again and began to attack Jake’s fabulous dick. She used both hands to begin to pump his length while she licked his great mushroom shaped head. When she had enough saliva on the head, she pulled him into her mouth and began to bob her head and down with enthusiasm, to put in mildly, taking about half his erection in her mouth each time.

A guttural whine began to bubble from deep in her cock-filled throat. Even though it had literally been years since she last gave head, she had always loved to suck cock and she had never seen one anything remotely like this specimen of manhood. The whole time she was sucking, she continued to pump him and play with his big, heavy balls. She was fast, sloppy and damn good.

She was getting Jake a lot closer to an orgasm then he wanted to get to this soon. She definitely didn’t recoil in fright, Jake thought to himself, grabbing her head gently but firmly to control her frenzied tempo. He could feel the familiar tension beginning in his balls. Almost as if she could read minds, she stopped and looked up at him, almost demurely.

“You don’t want to cum yet, do you?” Spit and pre-cum dribbled down Carole’s chin.

Jake shook his head and exhaled in semi-relief. “Whew, damn.” He took a deep breath. He had fucked a lot of women who had seen his dick on display via the wonders of the Internet and just HAD to have it, but he surmised that this one just might be the horniest yet. “Not just yet. Why? What did you have in mind next?”

Carole lifted her enhanced double D’s and pressed the soft yet firm twin globes together, spitting first on his shaft and then into the cleft of her chest. She leaned into him, tits to pelvis, and placed his vessel between the buoys, so to speak.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she calmly wiped perspiration from her forehead that had dripped down onto Jake’s purple cock head. She then began to knead and rub her boobs over the smooth skin of Jake’s titanium shaft. “how about something like a good old-fashioned titty-fuck?”

Not surprisingly, that sounded just fine to Jake.

It had been so long since Carole had fondled a true dick, never mind the fantasy cock of her lifetime, that she had almost forgotten the conundrum of how soft and smooth a hard dick could feel.

Despite the size of her breasts acting as almost a sponge, Jake’s long length still poked her chin as it disappeared into her cleavage and re-emerged approximately every half-second as Carole fervently rubbed her tits over his throbbing member.

“I have to have this beautiful cock in me,” she panted. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Please, please fuck me. Please.”

Her desperate plea served to cause Jake’s to grow even firmer and longer, if that were indeed possible. kaçak bahis He picked up Carole under the armpits and virtually lifted her off the ground. Carole was not a small, but she felt like a tiny bird being swept up by the wind as she surrendered into his strong arms. He paused only momentarily to snatch the mistletoe still hovering on the wall above him.

The couple ran the ten yards or so to the huge king bed in a time that would have impressed Olympic sprinters. Jake threw Carole down on the bed roughly, watching her tits wiggle like jello as she landed and then bounced high off the mattress. He grabbed her by the ankles, noticing that she had surprisingly thin calves and shapely legs for her size, and this time, it was Jake’s turn to fall to his knees in best Christmas-time traditional homage.

He gently taped the mistletoe swatch on her skin between her belly button and her vulva. Satisfied that it would stay put, he then began to first nibble on her sensitive inner thighs, already liberally coated with her vaginal nectars. Then he buried his nose into her soaked twat, pleasing his olfactory sense, inhaling her sweet scent. Carole’s innermost walls smelled like body lotions and shampoo and perfume, kind of like a potpourri of musky-vanilla-strawberry, a delicious cunt concoction.

He smiled to himself as his lips sucked on the fleshy salmon-hued walls of her gash, admiring the view. Carole’s stomach, though relatively flat, still was soft and had a slight pouch of flesh just above the triangle of her trimmed pubic hairs. A real woman, Jake thought. he had his share of young women with washboard bellies and shaved quims, but Jake secretly preferred a woman like Carole.

And he planned to show her his gratitude. He snuck two thick digits into her saturated slit and suppressed a laugh as he felt her reaction when he encircled her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue, which could almost reach the nether regions of a woman’s cunt as effectively as his long cock.


When Carole first felt the invading finger pierce into the hot gap of her pussy, her immediate thought that this was the biggest cock she had ever enjoyed. Almost instantaneously, the realization dawned on her that it was Jake’s cock that was bludgeoning her, but only his fingers. “Holy Mother of God,” she thought, groaning audibly. It had been over twenty years since she had felt something this big, and it wasn’t even the main course, just a tantalizing appetizer, finger food. “What have I been missing for half my life?”

Carole’s former, and now forever forgotten, husband was, shall we say, less than endowed. So, on this blessed evening, well, this was Carole’s sexual nirvana. And she was gonna enjoy every single sensation this Christmas Eve. ‘Joy to the World’ rang in her ears, sung by a chorus of angels, as she erupted into orgasm when Jake’s fingers found her g-spot at the exact second his tongue found her clit. A Christmas miracle.

Standing up in front of her, Jake smiled down at Carole, semi-comatose in orgasmic euphoria. He slowly stroked his dick, slapping it on her clit, and with each touch, Carole spasmed in small after-shocks.

“Planning on fucking you now,” he said simply, matter-of-factly. Carole opened her eyelids just enough to spy his cock. She loved the sight of it. It was huge, the most Mr. Incredibly Super Hero thing she had ever seen, even on screen. As if it wasn’t long enough, it also had to be about 4″ wide. She could clearly see the veins pulsing along the sides. It seemed to throb. Beneath hung two large testicles, seemingly engorged with the cum he planned to soon deposit deep within her.

“Go for it, big boy,” Carole returned, challenging him. She started to massage her massive aroused breasts, and she gave a slight tug to each nipple, pulling them from her flesh lewdly, flipping them around between her thumbs and index fingers.

Jake didn’t waste any time on foreplay. He knew he didn’t need to any longer, and her rigidly erect nipples told him Carole didn’t want anymore either. Positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy, he gave one massive thrust and sank in the full length. Carole gave a loud moan and wrapped her arms around his neck as he pumped her missionary style. Bringing her legs up, she began to rub the heels of her stilettos on the sides of his heaving ass.

God, he thought, that feels good. His cock was engulfed in hot juices. Reaching down and cupping her ass in his hands, he withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again.

Feeling the goading of her heels on his ass, he entered into a fast rhythm of pulling out until the head had almost slipped out and then thrusting roughly back in, so fast his balls were slapping on her ass cheeks. Her pussy seemed impossibly hot and tight from a lack of recent ‘wear and tear’, and he knew he was going to come massively.

Carole was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. Jake’s powerful strokes were bringing her to a fever pitch. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, but the slick, flowing juices prevented a firm grasp. Her nipples, which she had thought were as hard as they could be before, now felt like bullets digging into his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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