Chloe and the Rocker Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: If you’ve never read any of the previous chapters, I do recommend it so you’ll have an understanding of the various relationships between characters. It isn’t exactly necessary but it would alleviate confusion. Feel free to leave comments; I always read all of them.

Chloe woke up with a tinge of excitement running through her. Today she would finally hook up with Crystal, the sexy band manager of Ignatius who wasn’t much older than Chloe herself was. It was the middle of the last week of May and the sun shone brightly through her bedroom window.

Chloe had slept in as she wasn’t planning on going to school today. Her parents had assumed it was because today her spare was the first period of the day and she didn’t have to be in yet. And they had both already left for work.

Another reason for the excitement was that in just one more month she would graduate high school. And then go on the tour with the band and Adonis, the sexy lead singer. It was kind of hard to believe that this all started just over one month ago. In just that short span of time Chloe had lost her virginity, became openly bisexual(to most people she knew, anyway) and even had a rockstar as her prom date.

After showering, the copper-haired 18 year old decided to dress simply. She chose spandex bicycle shorts and a white tank top. She didn’t even bother with a bra or panties since she knew she wouldn’t be wearing her clothes for long. Her attire showed off her long, curvy legs and gave a good impression of her large breasts. She slipped into a pair of white sandals and was out the door.

Once seated in her car, Chloe sent a text to Crystal saying that she was on the way. It was a bit of a long drive, but fortunately she had missed the worst of the morning rush. When Chloe finally reached Crystal’s neighbourhood it was a nice change. Here it was quiet, in comparison to the busy street not far away.

Deciding to just go up and knock rather than send a text, Chloe got out and went up to Crystal’s apartment. Crystal answered after the first knock and let Chloe in. She was wearing a house robe and her dark brown hair hung straight down. Chloe had just pulled off her sandals when she was pushed up against the closed door and met with a deep kiss. She kissed back eagerly.

After some time making out, Crystal stepped back and slid off her robe to reveal her naked body. Although she was about four inches shorter than Chloe they had very similar bodies. Their breasts were the same size, 34D. The only difference aside from height was that Crystal’s legs were a tad slimmer.

“Why don’t you get out of those pesky clothes?” Crystal suggested.

Chloe complied happily, stripping out of her skimpy outfit. Her clothes were left by the door as Crystal took her hand and led her to the bedroom. They climbed into the queen sized bed and resumed kissing passionately. After awhile the older girl broke away from her partner’s lips, kissing along her neck and prompting moans.

Crystal grazed Chloe’s neck with her teeth before biting gently. Chloe gasped softly and sighed contently when Crystal flicked her tongue across Chloe’s ear then nibbled on her earlobe.

“Turn over,” Crystal whispered.

A look of confusion crossed Chloe’s face but curiosity won over and she turned to lay flat on her stomach. She was still new to sex after all and hadn’t yet learned the many ways in which one can pleasure another, especially where two girls were concerned.

Crystal moved to near the end of the bed, laying down. She licked Chloe’s feet, which were laid flat and there for the taking. Chloe gave a surprised little gasp and moaned softly. It wasn’t what she had been expecting but then she wasn’t sure what she had been expecting. This was as good as anything she could come up with, she decided.

Crystal’s tongue worked slowly, almost lazily up Chloe’s sexy long legs. This went on for several moments before Crystal planted kisses on her lover’s back. She climbed on top, laying down on Chloe’s body. Then she slowly and softly dragged her nipples across Chloe’s back. It was an odd sensation but an interesting one.

Afterward, Crystal turned Chloe onto her back and massaged her large breasts.

“Mmm…” Chloe moaned.

Next, Crystal’s tongue slowly traversed Chloe’s breasts. It moved just as lazily as before while Crystal took her time. She even traced the outlines of her lover’s breasts with her tongue before swirling it around a nipple. Chloe moaned softly and a sigh of pleasure escaped her soft lips when Crystal started sucking.

Giving herself into the sensation, the hot teen closed her eyes and enjoyed Crystal’s attention. The more experienced brunette sucked for several minutes until the nipple was left wet and swollen. Then she sat up before leaving the bed altogether.

“That can’t be all,” Chloe heard herself say. Did it sound slightly whiny?

“It’s not. Relax.”

Turning from her closet, Crystal held a harness with a long red strap-on. It must have been at least 10 inches long. Chloe stared eryaman otele gelen escort at it then smiled.

“Why not? Let’s see how it compares to the real thing,” she laughed.

“Well sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. If we’re both thinking about the same real one, then definitely not. But I like to think I do good work,” Crystal replied, fastening the harness around her waist.

Chloe laughed softly at Crystal’s response. She gasped softly as the strap-on slowly entered her pussy. It was harder than a real cock, like she expected. It might also have been bigger. One thing it didn’t have that Chloe had gotten used to and enjoyed was the reality. She loved feeling Adonis pulse inside her and all the other things like that. But it wasn’t a bad experience.

Crystal thrusted slowly at first. Gradually she increased the speed and Chloe matched it with her own thrusts against the fake red cock. It wasn’t fully inside yet and part of it rubbed against her clit. She moaned in pleasure and played absently with her nipple. This didn’t last long as the young woman decided to sit up and go for Crystal’s own ample breasts.

She had intended on going slow but must have been too excited. In seconds Chloe had licked all over Crystal’s breasts, making them wet. She then sucked hungrily on Crystal’s nipple, making it the brunette’s turn to moan.

Being much more experienced, Crystal recognized the need of her partner. She grabbed Chloe’s hips and pushed the rest of the strap-on in. Chloe moaned against Crystal’s nipple and rode the fake cock which, along with Crystal’s thrusts, brought Chloe to her first orgasm of the day.

“I feel like that was the quickest orgasm I’ve had so far,” Chloe said with a giggle.

“Well not to get too into it, but I think you’ve become a very sexual person to the point where if you don’t have sex for a few days you’ll be closer to your breaking point next time you do,” Crystal surmised.

“Hmm. Makes sense. Anyway, now what? Do you still have time?”

“I do and now we switch,” Crystal replied.

She gently pulled out of Chloe’s wet pussy and took off the harness. Chloe and Crystal switched places on the bed and the younger woman eventually figured out how to get the harness on. She then crawled forward and gave Crystal a deep, passionate (and somewhat wet) kiss that was eagerly returned.

They made out for an unknown amount of time before Chloe finally kissed downward. She licked Crystal’s breasts slower this time and briefly sucked on her other nipple. She didn’t spend too long there though because she had already done it not long ago. But they were hard to resist all the same.

Next, Chloe sat up and lifted Crystal’s leg. She pushed the strap-on into Crystal’s pussy, not at all surprised that it went it very easily. This was all guesswork for Chloe but she figured going all in from the start was the best choice. A smile from Crystal confirmed that she made the right choice.

She thrusted pretty hard (or at least she thought so) and was rewarded with a long moan of pleasure. Chloe planted kisses along Crystal’s raised leg before slowly licking it up and down. She had to get the hang of equally dividing her attentions but it didn’t take long. Soon she was thrusting hard and fast enough to make Crystal’s breasts bounce and lapping away at Crystal’s heel.

Crystal was alternating between moans, soft screams and several profanities. It was all so encouraging to Chloe, who had been trying to emulate what Adonis, their shared lover, would do. As Chloe was sucking on Crystal’s toes the brunette screamed louder than before and had an orgasm. Chloe softly pulled out and removed the harness. She cuddled up to Crystal and the two kissed softly.

*****1 month later*****

The arena was packed. Or so Crystal had said. Chloe hadn’t been out front since they all arrived a few hours ago. She had no idea if the full 24,000 capacity had been reached for the first big Ignatius show but there was enough to mark a success. There had been a couple of setbacks as well but those didn’t get in the way. Ignatius had to undergo another line-up change after the drummer Jamison suddenly decided to drop out of both Ignatius and Fragile Figures.

Ignatius had found a new drummer named Brad, along with a bassist named Brendan that joined when they shifted back to only one guitarist, Tiago, who remained with Adonis. Fragile Figures was unable to find someone on short notice though and had to drop out of the tour. It was also decided to be a good idea so Tiago wasn’t doing double duty playing guitar for two bands.

To Chloe’s delight, Maddie was still part of the tour. Her side band Remaclara(a clever amalgamation of her full name) was chosen to be the opening act. Chloe was also excited at the prospect of Danika, a gorgeous makeup artist, coming along on the tour as well. She worked at NYX Cosmetics in the mall downtown but was hired to do makeup for Adonis on the tour. Some of Danika’s friends were also brought on to do makeup for the rest of the sincan escort band. Chloe would be very busy on this tour even if she wasn’t in a band, especially if Danika could join in on the fun.

For the meantime though she shifted back to the present. Remaclara was about to go on stage in a few minutes. Ignatius was still in the back, already having their makeup applied.

“…but anyway, it’s something we could do. I’d like to do it. I know we were doing covers in our sets at the other venues but doing an approach like Steel Panther with one set of originals and one of covers would be cool,” Adonis was saying.

“How does it work, though?” Tiago asked.

“Well it’s still a two hour set typical of most headliners doing the big shows. The first hour is originals and the second is covers of all the best glam metal bands from the ’80s,” Adonis explained.

“Would we get sued for doing that?” Brendan inquired.

“If we called it the Sunset Strip Experience then maybe, since that’s what they’re using. Other than that the format isn’t illegal. As long as we have permission to cover those songs,” Adonis answered.

Even backstage they could hear the cheering that signified Maddie and her band taking the stage. Chloe had thought it an interesting choice: Ignatius was a glam metal band and their opener was rock and some stuff that was pop. But she guessed anything could happen in the music industry. Danika and her friends had just finished doing everyone’s makeup and Chloe decided to steal another look.

Danika was around 5’6″, close to Chloe’s height. She had curves but not as pronounced as Chloe or Crystal. Her breasts were definitely D cups and she had shapely legs. Her lips were full and looked great for kissing(and probably other things as well). Finally, her hair was past her shoulders but only by about 3 inches and it was mostly pink with some blonde.

Chloe averted her gaze just before Danika turned to leave the room with her friends to find their seats out front and catch the rest of Remaclara’s set before Ignatius would go on. Currently, Maddie and (Chloe guessed) one of her bandmates were doing a cover of a fast paced pop song called Starlight Speedway. It apparently wasn’t well-known but Chloe had liked it. Normally Adonis did duets with Maddie during her sets but he had remained in the back.

Three songs later Chloe was following the band as they headed out to go on stage. She saw Maddie as she was coming backstage and they hugged each other.

“You sounded great. I’m sorry I missed it,” Chloe said.

“Thanks! And it’s okay!” Maddie replied cheerfully.

“I’m really glad you’re coming on the tour still,” Chloe said next.

“Yeah it’s pretty cool. Especially if things are going to get wild!” Maddie exclaimed and they both giggled. Then Maddie added “Hey, I’m going to get changed real quick. I’ll be back in like 5 minutes.”

“Okay,” Chloe said.

In anticipation of maybe being involved in the set as usual, Chloe had made sure to dress for it. She wore a white top with thin straps that showed off a lot of cleavage and wasn’t hampered by a bra. She was also wearing shorts that barely even counted as such, hardly covering her thighs. It was a very simple and sexy outfit paired with sturdy open toe heels.

Maddie returned during the second Ignatius song wearing a crop top, ripped black pants and heeled boots. It wasn’t overly revealing but it was also tight clothing and very alluring. At her insistence, Chloe posed for a pic with Maddie that she said would go on Instagram later. A few songs later Adonis was addressing the crowd.

“Our next one is that song you may have seen blow up on YouTube last month…Sex On Fire!”

There was a huge reaction as the thousands in attendance cheered.

“But first we need some help!” Adonis exclaimed.

The opening of the song started as Adonis spoke to Crystal briefly. Crystal then nodded at Chloe and Maddie and the two came out on stage and got their own positive reaction. The delayed intro continued as more girls were invited up, including Danika and Tirzah. Chloe smiled at her friend. She didn’t even know Tirzah had come although she should have figured. The redhead ran over and grabbed Chloe’s arm, pulling her in front of everyone as the crowd went insane when they recognized the girls from the hit music video.

“Let’s go!!!” Adonis shouted and the song finally started for real.

During the song, Adonis stood behind Chloe and she felt an exhilarating rush. His hand caressed her body before pressing into her pussy, which caused the fabric to rub her clit. She gasped and bit her lip. A few days ago she had given her consent to do anything such as this on stage but she hadn’t been expecting it.

If she wasn’t expecting that then she wondered how people felt during the guitar solo when Tirzah stripped completely naked on stage again, this time in front of thousands. The crowd went nuts but booed when security came, covered Tirzah with a blanket and escorted her off stage. When the elvankent escort song finished not long after Adonis spoke with Crystal again and the brunette followed the path security had taken with Tirzah, gathering the redhead’s clothes on the way.

“There’s something special about every Ignatius show!” Adonis said to the audience.

After the show, which still received a huge positive reaction, Adonis and Chloe found Crystal outside the arena with Tirzah.

“I managed to keep her from getting arrested. Instead she’s just banned from the place for a year,” Crystal informed them.

“Worth it,” Tirzah said before adding “Look, before you say anything, yeah I know what I did. And no I wasn’t drunk this time. Most of them probably saw me naked in the video anyway. I was just trying to make the live version as close to the video as possible. You know, promote it some more.”

“I can’t tell you what you can and can’t do. People won’t like what happened when they hear it and others will. Can’t please everyone. Especially in this genre. So I have nothing to say on it except for be careful with yourself,” Adonis replied. “Besides, notoriety doesn’t necessarily hurt,” he smiled.

“Yeah. You’re crazy but we already knew that and we still love you,” Chloe teased.


It had been an almost magical morning so far. High school was over for Chloe and the rest of her graduating class. They had done the ceremony, posing on the stage in the gym with the principal and the fake diplomas used for photo opportunities. Now they were outside in the warm morning sun taking the obligatory selfies one would expect. Chloe found it to be more fun than usual even if it was tinged with sadness.

She had no idea how many of the others she would see now. Of course her closest friends would still be there but the others would move on. Different cities and provinces awaited some of them in the fall. And also, Chloe knew she would miss high school. While lots of people apparently suffered she had a great 4 years. Even with this, it was still a happy occasion and she readily smiled for many cameras.

“So”? Samantha asked as the two were watching some of the others.

“So what?” Chloe asked in return.

“Is a certain rock star coming at any moment to sweep you away to a life of glamour following your graduation?”

Chloe laughed. It was really too funny not to.

“Wow. You have an active imagination,” she said after.

“Well I’m just looking out for your best interests,” Samantha replied.

“And I appreciate it, mom,” Chloe said. This time they both laughed.

“Okay okay. But really, what’s happening? Aside from loads of sex that I have so far missed out on.”

Chloe looked around to make sure her parents weren’t nearby. “I’m going with him on their tour this summer across the country. And honestly…I don’t care what my parents will say or think.”

“Oohh so impulsive! With more than a hint of romance,” Samantha teased playfully. “It’s too bad I’ll miss out once again.”

“No you won’t. Well, not completely. Let’s finish our goodbyes, make up some excuse to hang together for the rest of the day and go see him,” Chloe offered.

“Wow. That is pretty bold….but why not? If this is my chance I’m taking it,” Samantha declared.

They went around talking to their friends one last time. Then they made excuses with their parents and were in Chloe’s car and on the way to what was sure to be a good time. When they reached Adonis’ apartment, Chloe led Samantha up and knocked on the door.

“Hey!” Chloe greeted casually when Adonis answered the door. “You remember Samantha from prom? She wants to have sex with you so I brought her over.”

“Can’t say no to that,” he said.

The girls entered the apartment, Chloe closing and locking the door. She could see Samantha was a bit nervous but was also excited. She rather quickly removed her heels and went to the bedroom. Chloe followed in time to witness Samantha’s hesitation before taking a deep breath and stripping out of her dress and panties.

Adonis was already naked (how had he done that so fast?) and pulled Samantha close and into a kiss. They ended up on the bed and after several minutes of making out, Adonis turned his attention to Chloe.

“Care to join in?” he asked.

“I umm…I’d like to watch. For now,” Chloe said, somewhat embarrassed although she couldn’t quite figure out why.

She stood at the side of the bed and looked on. Adonis licked Samantha’s breasts slowly, the same way he did to Chloe all the time and probably to every other girl. As he continued, Chloe pulled down the straps of her dress and started playing with her own breasts.

Samantha’s soft moans filled the room. Her nipple was being sucked on now and her eyes were closed. Chloe played with her own nipple for stimulation and to somewhat share what Samantha was experiencing, but she knew she couldn’t last much longer.

Neither could Samantha, as it turned out.

“Please, take me. I want you inside of me…” Samantha breathed.

There was no verbal answer but Adonis adjusted his position and pushed half of his cock slowly into Samantha’s pussy. She moaned slowly in anticipation. As the rock star began thrusting inside of Samantha, Chloe pulled her dress the rest of the way down.

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