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“Take me, I’m yours.”

Those words started the best FWB relationship I have ever had.

How we got there is the story I am about to tell.

Chenelle, the girl in this story is a receptionist at work. She is petite but with a body that is made for sex. She is also extremely sexy in her attitude and the way she dresses.

I had noticed her everyday when I came in to work, and I had had more than one erotic thought about her during the three months that I knew her before I really found out what she was all about. She always had a smile for me and would talk about generalities when I stopped to pick up my messages and always wished me good day when I went on to my department.

She was definitely one girl that I would love to get together with. And little did I know that the chance would come and there would be more than just a one time thing.

I am pushing 60 years old and have been without a female friend for about a year and it looked like I was going to spend another year of dealing with mother thumb and her four daughters. The porn on the internet was not working as well and as usual, it was the same shit all the time. It was getting boring. I had been constantly getting emails from different websites that offered adult dating and I had just ignored them. But one day I got one from a new one that kind off peaked my interest. It was one that featured young women that only wanted to be with older men. I looked through it and thought what the hell, I wasn’t getting anywhere with anything else I had tried.

So I signed up and took advantage of their trial offer for a month, which was reasonable. I started searching through the database, and came across some interesting profiles. I contacted a few and even got a few replies. But nothing came of any of them as they were all looking for Sugar Daddy.

I thought well it is only a month and just thirty bucks wasted. About a week before my trial ended I got an email from the site with a list of matches for me. So I checked them out and there was Chenelle. I knew right away that it was her so I sent her an email through the site and just said that I was interested. She emailed me back that night and was surprised that it was me. She stated that she had been interested in me for a long time and it was neat that we could get together.

I sent an email back with my IM address and we soon were chatting on line. We finally decided to get together that weekend. We were going to dinner and then take it from there.

We finally met for dinner and we chatted away about work, sports, and all sorts of things but you tell the sexual tension was getting higher avcılar escort and higher.

After dinner, we walked out into the parking lot and as we got to her car I pulled her into my arms and we kissed. It was long hot passionate and it was the forerunner of what was to come that night.

I told her how to get to my place and she followed me there. When she got to the door, she had a look of total lust on her face. I think I did too, as the minute she walked in the door, we locked in a long kiss again. She asked me where the bedroom was and I showed her. She said to wait and that she would call me when she was ready.

It took about two minutes and she called me and I came into the bedroom to find her laying naked on the bed on her side, and she smiled and fingered me over.

She looked at me and said “There is something wrong with this picture. I know, you still have your clothes on. Are you going to join me or stand there with your jaw on the floor?”

It took me about three seconds to get my clothes off and I was on the bed with her and we were kissing again. Long deep passionate kisses with tongues dancing and spit being exchanged. We kissed for a long time before I did anything else. I rolled her on her back and I started to kiss her neck her shoulders and I nibbled on her ears. She responded by stroking my arms and mewed as I found sensitive spots. I knew then that I had to make this my best performance yet.

I continued to kiss and lick around her neck and I found her taste to be extremely erotic. There was a sweet musty taste to her skin that I found amazing. I found my way to one of her breasts and as I took my first taste of her nipple, she hissed in air. That hiss of pleasure told me that I was on the right track. I licked and nibbled at her breast for quite a long time before I headed down south. As I got to her pussy, I could smell the aroma from her and it was heady musty smell that I had not smelt in a long time. I just spent some time enjoying the odour and then I gently licked along the seam of her pussy. Chenelle hissed again and whimpered as I slide my tongue up her pussy taking my first taste of her juices.

I licked at her pussy for a bit and then proceeded up to her clit which was now peeking out of its hiding place. I licked it and she sighed as I took it in my mouth and started to suck on it.

“Oh my God, that feel so good, I haven’t had someone do that to me for so long,” She said.

I kept sucking on her clit and she soon exploded into an orgasm which just had her squirming and writhing on the bed. Her juices flowed and avcılar escort bayan I tried to suck up as much of them as I could. She finally settled from it, and I continued to suck on her pussy tasting the sweet juices from her. It didn’t take long and she was cumming again and this one was stronger than the last one.

As she finished cumming again I pushed her legs up so that I could get complete access to her and I started to lick from her ass to her clit. She was squirming very quickly and soon exploded one more time. This time her eyes rolled part way up into her head and I thought she was going to pass out. She managed to stay conscious but just laid there panting as she came down from her last orgasm.

I climbed back up to her face and kissed her deep and long as I laid in between her legs.

It was then that she spoke those words. She had a look of total trust and total lust in her eyes as she said “take me I’m yours, to do with what you want.”

I lifted my self up on my arms and looked at her. She smiled and nodded and I slowly started to push my cock into her pussy. As I slowly slide in I could feel her pussy releasing just enough so that I could slide in. As I got all the way in her pussy started to tighten again but just enough to make it feel good. The sweet soft velvety feel of her was totally amazing. I started to stroke and as I entered every time she would tighten just a bit.

I said “IF you keep doing that I won’t last long.”

She replied “Try and last as long as you can.”

I knew that if I rolled her on top I could last a long time as I had never been able to cum when the woman was riding me. So I rolled her over and she straddled me, moving up and down and taking me as deep as she could. She rode me till she had cum twice and after the last one she laid her head by mine and whispered ” I want you to fuck me and fill me.”

I rolled her over and soon we were in the midst of a hard passionate fuck. I could feel my balls tightening and I said, ” I am going to cum.”

She said “So am I, fill me with your cum. I want all of it.”

That sent me over the top and I started shooting into her with long spasms of cum squirting into her. She came hard and we just hung onto each other and let the spasms subside.

As we laid on the bed later, her with her head on my chest, she said “I am yours now, but there will be certain rules. I will spend nights here and be available for when ever you want. I will not live with you and I don’t want a relationship. I will not sleep with any other man, I am yours only. I don’t expect you escort avcılar to take me on dates, but a nice dinner everyone in a while would not be denied. You can have as many women as you want but I expect you to be able to perform if we get together.”

I took one look at her and knew that she meant every word that she had said.

I said that I understood.

Then I said to her “My rules are simple, I will be with you only for as long as we want. I will give you a key to the house, so that you can meet me here. There will be two drawers in my dresser with clothes in it for you to wear when you are here. They will be slinky types and I will expect you to have them on or put them on when you are here. There will be perfumes and makeup on the dresser for you to use. When I call you to meet me at the house I will give you an indication of how I expect you to be dressed. When you have dressed that way you can call me and let me know when you are ready. I will take you out on special occasions and I will perform as best as Ivan on any given day.”

She looked at me and had a huge smile on her face. She put her head down again and slowly worked her way down to my cock. Just seeing her do that started to get me hard again. She slowly took me in her mouth and gave me one of the blow jobs I have ever had. She stopped short of letting me cum though. As she snuggled up to me again she said,”Fuck me with everything you’ve got.”

I rolled her over and slide into her and we soon were pounding away, I was driving into her hard and she screamed “God fuck me hard split my pussy, give it me hard. I want you to fill me again. Shoot your cum in me. Make me cum hard. God fuck me hard, harder, harder.”

I lasted about three minutes and as I started to cum I drove deep into her shooting my cum as deep as I could.

She said ” God yes fill my cunt with cum, it feels so good, fill me up.”

I shot about five good loads into her and a few little spurts as I emptied my balls into her.

As I finally stopped, she said, “God that felt good, to be filled by a real man, one that knows how to keep me happy.”

We snuggled in bed and she soon rolled over, and was asleep in about two minutes. I laid against with my cock still wet from her pussy and I fell asleep with one arm around her holding on to a breast.

Morning came, and we woke together and just laid in bed stroking and caressing each other. We had long slow fuck, that had her smiling.

We got up and spent the day together in fact we spent three days together and we were either fucking or sleeping or just enjoying each others company.

She went home on the evening of the third night but we made plans for when we would be together again. We have averaged about twice a week for one nighters and twice a month for weekenders.

I don’t think I will find a better FWB and actually I don’t care. She keeps me satisfied and I know that she is just by the way she kisses me when she leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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