Cheers to New Friends

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We met, officially, at a party.

The twenty-seventh birthday of a mutual friend was to be the first time we actually spoke to each other, although we’d each known who the other was for years. Her name was Erica, and she was beautiful: chin length naturally jet-black hair, huge emerald colored eyes and pouty, raspberry-colored lips. She was about three inches taller than my height of 5’3 and her skin was much darker, carefully and faithfully tanned at least once a week. Body wise, she was amazing, as far as my own personal preferences anyway… not Skelator-anorexic, shapely legs that led up to a shapely ass and perfect C-cup tits that, upon seeing her, I was instantly fantasizing about sucking.

I on the other hand, looked a lot less than my best that night. My already super pale skin was even whiter than usual, except for the deep purple circles around each of my navy-blue eyes, and I was a little thinner than usual. Even my curly blond locks On that Friday night I had been awake for nearly forty-eight hours, chain smoking pot and working fervently on my latest story. I was exhausted, stressed out and by ten o’clock I was only slightly drunk and very bored.

It was November and freezing outside and for this I was grateful. I needed to smoke a joint so I could make it through the next 90 minutes before my ride was planning to leave, and I wanted to smoke it alone. I bundled myself up and went outside to the side of the house that was closest to the woods where it was dark and the most private. I was about halfway through my smoke when I was startled by a voice behind me.

“Could I get a toke off that?”

“Jesus!” I shrieked, spinning quickly toward the sound.

“I’m sorry,” she said smiling, “I didn’t mean to scare ya, or to be a bum… I’m just so fucking bored in there.” As she spoke her eyes rolled heavenward and then she giggled, a terrible giggle that I would have found sickeningly irritating if she weren’t so deliciously sexy.

I took a long haul off the joint then handed it to her, focusing my energy on keeping my eyes on her face. “I’m Erica. You’re Cassidy right? Zack’s sister?” She exhaled slowly and I watched her lips, nodding. She noticed, and she curled her pretty lips into a smile. “We should go smoke this in my car.”

I wasted no time in accepting the invitation and a few minutes later we were side by side in the front seats of her car, smoking a second joint and making small talk while we listened to the radio station’s terrible selection of music.

“Do you really wanna go back in there?” she asked as we shared our post-pot cigarette. I told her I absolutely did not want to go back to Austin’s. “Well,” she continued, “I do have booze at my place and some yummy weed to make it taste good. We could always head over there.”

I took my time contemplating this second invitation. Going back to Erica’s place to get fucked up sounded enormously appealing, but it was difficult not to wonder exactly what she had in mind. Especially when I had no fucking idea what exactly it was that I had in mind.

Anyway, ten minutes later we were walking up the stairs to her third floor apartment. I was totally nervous, shaky and nauseous. Once inside her spacious place I felt a little more at ease. As an obsessive-compulsive neat freak I was relieved to see her home was neat and clean casino oyna and there would be no disturbing distractions like crusty plates in the sink or animal hair all over the furniture.

For about an hour we sat at the kitchen table drinking and smoking and talking about the things we had in common. There were actually quite a few. Our love for creatures of all kinds and our passionate dedication to their protection and preservation; we were both TV junkies with a ton of the same shows in common; we were both twenty-six years old and had been married and divorced and come out of it blissfully childless. We were both voracious readers who favored the true crime genre and we were both picky eaters with little interest in expanding our food horizon.

I excused myself and slipped into the bathroom to freshen up. I pulled my hair up into a high pony tail and touched up what little make up I’d bothered to apply before going to the party. I was glad that I’d chosen to wear my nice ass jeans and my favorite black halter top beneath my black hoodie. I couldn’t help but be thankful that I’d worn my new blue bra and panties set that I’d for weeks and hadn’t worn, and that I’d shaved this morning.

My thong panties were damp and had been for quite awhile. I removed my hoodie, adjusted my halter top and walked back out into the kitchen. Erica was no longer in her chair. “Erica?”

I peeked around the corner into the dimly lit living room and at first, I thought my mind, liquored up and smoked out, was surely playing tricks on me.

Erica was seated on the huge white couch, her head tilted back and her eyes closed. She was also completely naked with her legs spread wide open. I watched, memorized as her hands massaged her tits, every now and then letting her fingers fondle her hard nipples and her shiny bald pussy glistened with her juices. I could feel my own pussy dripping, aching with anticipation.

Erica pulled her head forward and smiled. “This is what you want, right?” Her left hand slid from her breast, down her stomach then between her legs. With the tip of her index finger she began to rub her clit slowly, short, quick moans escaping her lips. Her finger slid down in between her yummy looking pink lips before disappearing deep inside her.

I inhaled audibly and much to my dismay she stopped what she was doing. My dismay was very temporary.

“Come here.”

I went and stood in front of her, my heart pounding out of my chest. Erica leaned forward and lifted my shirt to expose just a little bit of my stomach, over which she promptly proceeded to run her tongue. It made my spine shiver.

“Take off your shirt.” Her voice was muffled with her lips still pressed against my skin.

I pulled my favorite black halter top up over my head and tossed it behind me, followed quickly by my bra. Erica rose to her feet and took on of my nipples between her teeth, nibbling it gently as her hands worked to unbutton and unzip my nice ass jeans. Once that was accomplished, one hand returned up top to play with my tits as she licked and sucked them, while the other hand worked with one of mine to pull my jeans and panties down over my hips.

“I want your pussy…” she breathed, her breath hot in my ear, “… I wanna lick it. And kiss it. And nibble it. And finger it. And fuck it with my tongue.”

At slot oyna that point, I couldn’t kick the rest of my clothing off quick enough… She lead me to her bedroom at the back of the house and we were immediately situated on her queen size bed. I was laying on my back with my head resting comfortably on the pillows and my arms above my head and my legs spread wide. Erica was sitting up on her knees staring down at my dripping wet pussy.

“I want you to do something for me.” she said as she scooted off the bed and disappeared from the room. When she returned she was holding a pair of lavender French lace bikini panties.

“These are the panties I wore to the party tonight.” She returned to her previous position on her knees between my legs. “God, you have no idea how wet you made me. They’re practically soaked.”

She gently rubbed the moist fabric up and down each of my upper thighs and my hand immediately went to my clit. I felt Erica’s hand cover my own and turn it over then drop the panties into it. “I want you to use these.”

I wrapped them around two of my fingers and ran them slowly back and forth between my pussy lips, up and down very slowly, soaking the lace. Erica moaned, sliding two of her fingers inside of her before bringing them to her lips and sucking them.

It was getting hard not to cum and with the panties still wrapped around my hand I began rubbing my clit hard and fast. “Play with your tits for me baby.” I encouraged Erica, who quickly obliged. Harder and faster I rubbed as I watched her work her luscious tits. I was moaning and it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

“Erica, I’m gonna cum, oh fuck…”

Erica immediately dropped to her stomach and looked up at me from between my legs. “Cum for me.”

“Make me.”

She drove her tongue inside me hard, in and out and in an instant my body trembled as my orgasm washed over me from head to toe. As cum poured from my pussy Erica kept her lips pressed against it, swallowing every drop she could.

“Fucking delicious.” She said as she stretched out beside me on her side. She turned my face to hers and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste myself on her lips and I wanted more. I opened my mouth and let her tongue slide inside it. She took my hand in hers and brought it between her legs. I slid my middle finger inside her and she instantly reacted by pushing down to drive it deeper inside her. Riding it, fucking it.

She broke the kiss and the finger fucking and looked at me. “I have something for us.” She leaned over and opened the drawer of her night stand then pulled out a dildo about seven inches long. “Get on your hands and knees.”

I groaned, already anxious to cum again and anxious for her to cum too. I rolled over and pulled myself up steady on all fours. I felt another shiver down my spine as she blew lightly on my pussy. She put the palm of her hand flat against my pussy and dragged it back slowly before shoving three of her fingers inside me. I cried out in pleasure and instinctively pushed back against them.

“Good girl, Cassidy.” She pulled out her fingers, which made me whimper, and slowly dragged them up to soak my ass. She rubbed very slowly and gently, soaking my hole. “Tell me what to do.” she said. I felt the tip of the dildo press against my ass and Erica thrust her tongue back canlı casino siteleri into my pussy.

“Fuck it Erica… fuck my ass.”

“Yeah? You want me to fuck this tight little ass?” She emphasized her question with a hard slap on my right ass cheek that drove me absolutely wild. “That’s very naughty, bad girl.”

My pussy flowed all over Erica’s face and I moaned and gasped and whimpered as she slid the toy cock deep inside my ass inch my inch. Slowly, she would pull it out and push it in, again and again while her mouth expertly worked my cunt…

“Cum for me.”

And I did. Hard and long and loud and down Erica’s throat.

“Your turn.” I told her once I’d recovered enough to speak.. She needed no further encouragement, immediately falling onto her back and pulling me on top of her, drawing me into a kiss.

As we kissed, I began rubbing my pussy against hers, pressing my clit against hers moving back and forth. She was incredibly wet and the thought of her juices mixing with mine was almost too much to take.

“Fuck I want those tits.” I panted, grabbing them with my hands and taking first one then the other nipple in my lips, sucking hard as we rubbed our slippery wet clits together faster and harder. Erica was moaning louder and louder with each shaky breath and so was I.

“Cum all over my hot pussy, Cassidy. Make me squirt.”

And then we were cumming. Screaming with pleasure as our juices poured and mingled and pooled on the sheet beneath us and our bodies shuddered.

For a few minutes, I laid on top of her kissing her neck as she kissed mine until she gently pushed me up. She again opened her night table and retrieved another fake dick then grabbed a pillow which she propped up against the back of her knees then grabbed the dildo. I watched as she rubbed it all over her pussy before pushing it in.

“Lick my tits while I do this baby.”

And I gladly obeyed. I watched her as she pulled the dildo from her pussy and pushed it into her ass. The purpose of the pillow became obvious: it kept the cock in place as she thrust hard onto it. I began rubbing her clit with my fingers and I could feel her body tensing.

“Straddle my tits” She cried, and at first I didn’t really know what she meant. “I want you to cum all over them.”

I climbed up and sat on her chest, my pussy pressing against those fabulous tits. I rubbed my clit like crazy while Erica fucked her dildo with her ass.”

“You’re so fucking hot.” I said, pinching her nipple with my free fingers.

“Oh God!” she screamed, “I’m gonna fucking cum! Cum with my Cassidy! Cum all over my hot tits!”

Erica was the first chick I ever fucked and we continued fucking for a long time. I had a boyfriend the entire time, but he spent a significant portion of his time working on the other side of the border. He encouraged my relationship with Erica, on the condition that I tell him all about it. We spent many nights on the phone reliving those stories. I loved listening to him stroke his cock while I told him all about my adventures in pussy eating. There were more than a few times when Erica and I let him listen in on our fuck sessions and a there were about half a dozen occasions where the three of us played together (I loved watching my boyfriend fuck Erica’s tits before cumming all over them).

I haven’t seen Erica in a long time, but writing this all down has made me think that it might prove a really good time… one I would be more than willing to share if anyone were interested in reading about it.

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