Cheat Days Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Dressing Up

I was lying naked in my bed, with my neighbour Eve beside me. She was equally naked, because we’d just had sex. My pussy had been licked for the first time, and it had resulted in an earth-shattering climax that left me breathless. There had been a number of firsts today: I’d licked my first pussy; been with a woman for the first time; had multiple orgasms; and cheated on my husband in our marital bed. That was quite a day, and it was only the middle of the afternoon.

Now Eve had just asked me if I wanted more. More? More than the most I’d ever had? The idea seemed ludicrous. To ask for more seemed greedy, lustful, selfish. Yet I was nodding.

Yes, I wanted more.

Eve grinned and cupped my pussy. She was laying on her side, propping her head up on her hand, and I was on my back. The look in her eyes, and the way her hand almost gripped my mound, felt possessive. Like I was truly desired, in an erotic way that made my belly do flips. I was so wet. This woman did things to me that I never imagined were possible.

I moaned at the sensation of her hand on my mons, and the look in her eyes. She smiled at the sound of the moan.

“You’re so sexy when you do that,” she told me.

I blushed. She dragged the tip of a finger along my slit. I shivered and arched a little, pressing more urgently against her. Eve took this as encouragement and dipped her finger inside me, fingering my wet pussy. I groaned as my walls squeezed around her.

Eve leaned over me and kissed my mouth, as her finger prodded and thrusted. The heel of her palm was grinding on my clit. I shivered and clutched her hair, holding her to my mouth as I moaned and bucked. I was gasping and whimpering as we kissed. She pushed, and a second finger started to penetrate my vagina. I shuddered with pleasure.

“So tight…” Eve said against my lips between kisses. “When’s the last time you had sex?”

I blushed under her, and just kissed her again, sucking at her lips. It had been a long time. I really didn’t want to think about that, or my husband, right now. I just wanted her. She thrust her fingers harder, faster, making my walls squeeze and clench around her. She was finger-fucking me and I loved it.

Eve leaned over me, up on one arm while the other pumped to fill my pussy with her fingers. It was a more assertive posture than her lying down, almost like she was fucking me – with her fingers though, instead of a cock. I moaned and rocked my hips to help her. Her eyes were ablaze with passion, and it was making me melt. I suddenly became aware of a wet smacking sound as her hand thrust against me. My pussy was so juicy that you could hear it!

“You’re so wet,” she purred. “So wet for me.”

I nodded and moaned, as she pumped and thrusted. Shivers were running through my legs and arms. I lifted my hands up and ran them along her sides, feeling the texture of her soft skin over her toned body.

She sat up a bit, and cupped my breast. She squeezed and kneaded as she curled her two fingers, rubbing them along the top wall of my vagina. I moaned and arched my back as this sent even more sensations through my core.

“Does your husband make you this wet?” she asked, teasingly.

Hardly able to breathe, I shook my head. My short hair rasped against the sheets and mattress. I was very aware of sound right then: the raspy sound of my hair on fabric, the wet squelching of my pussy, the pulse in my ears. Her fingers kept thrusting, hooked inside me. I dropped my hands to the bed, above my head, and twisted my fingers in the bed sheets. I was writhing with pleasure and heat.

I closed my eyes, lost in sensation. Eve groped my breast a bit rougher, and I moaned. She was pulling the nipple sensually. Fuck, no one had ever done such things to me! It was overwhelming.

My eyes were startled wide open when she brought her hand down on my fat breast with a loud SMACK sound. A spark jumped through my body, making me shake and gasp. It was at once pleasurable and painful.


“I asked you a question, Mal,” Eve said, like nothing unusual had happened.

I shook my head, no. No, I’d never been this wet for my husband. Eve stared at me.

“Say it.”

I blushed.

“No, my husband doesn’t make me this wet,” I said, my voice almost quivering at the admission. “Only you.”

She smiled and wriggled her fingers inside me, pumping faster. I leaned back, lifting my hips, closing my eyes to enjoy the sensations. I was getting close again, so close to cumming…

“Why only me?” Eve said, and I could hear the smile in her voice. “Why is your pussy this wet for only me?”

I moaned, as she was breaking my concentration. Didn’t she know that I was about to cum?

I managed to half open my eyes, looking up at her through the lashes.

“You know… why…” I managed to gasp.

“Tell me,” she smirked.

I groaned, as my pussy clenched around her fingers. My clit was throbbing.

“It’s yours,” I told her.

Her fingers pressed casino şirketleri upwards, rubbing that spot, the G-spot I guess, and I felt a quivery shudder. I trembled against the bed.

“What is?” she asked, definitely teasing.

“My pussy!” I groaned out.

“Say it all together now,” she cooed. I squirmed and wriggled on her hand.

“My pussy gets so wet because it’s yours,” I squeaked. Eve smiled.

Then she started to PUMP her hand, and she dropped the one from my breast to my clit, strumming it. She was going so much faster and harder than before, I felt lightning shoot through my body, centred in my vagina and clitoris, but spreading outward in waves.


I screamed out and then I was having a thrashing, rolling, seizure-like orgasm on the bed, with my pussy rippling around Eve’s thrusting fingers. She pushed inwards, unable to really thrust but keeping her fingers inside me as my vagina tried to bear down and squeeze her out. The terrible, sexy, overstimulating thing was that she never stopped stroking my clit in circles, faster and faster, and it just drove my climax up over a cliff and into the stratosphere. I panted. I moaned. I whimpered and gasped. I came so hard I thought I was dying.

My hips lifted up and down as I rode out the orgasm, my fingers twisted in the sheets. I eventually collapsed back against the mattress, but I twitched and shivered with aftershocks, especially if Eve moved her fingers even just slightly. My body felt quivery all over.

It took awhile for me to open my eyes. Eve was still sitting there, patiently, and waited until I was looking up at her and lucid before she tugged her fingers free of my pussy. I gasped at the sensation. There was a delectable feeling of stickiness, and tightness, as her fingers moved, and then a feeling of gaping open for a moment before my labia closed back up. I had never been so aware of my body before.

Eve smiled and held up her fingers. They were soaked in my juices. She spread them apart, and tendrils of the liquid glistened between them, almost like strings. I didn’t know pussy juice could be so thick and at the same time so delicate. She licked her tongue around her fingers, cleaning them off, while staring into my eyes.

“Delicious,” she said definitively. I laughed. “Come on, let’s get you showered and then you can drink some water, before you dehydrate.”

She patted my thigh and slid off the bed. Eve marched to the en suite like she owned the place, and soon I heard the sound of the shower running. I slowly sat up and stood, feeling wobbly all over, like I’d run a marathon. I made my way to the bathroom, and Eve helped me step, gingerly, into the big shower, with its glass walls. There was more than enough room for two, so she joined me and soaped me up.

That for me was almost heart-rending. Up to now, the interactions between us had been almost entirely flirtatious or sexual. Eve washing me was incredibly intimate, but she didn’t do it in a flirtatious way, but just with care and almost tenderness. I was still a bit dizzy and shaky, so she just took care of me. It felt good, especially when she massaged my scalp while lathering up my hair with shampoo. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being pampered. That was another first.

She wrapped me in a big towel from the shelves in the corner, and helped dry me off. I found myself smiling as I watched her wrap herself in another towel. It was just so comfortable between us right now. I liked it.

We went back into my bedroom and got dressed. Eve helped me strip the bed, as there was a big wet spot where I had been lying down. We bundled up the blanket and sheets and took them to the main floor washer. Then we sat back down in the kitchen, where it all started.

“I want to take you out for dinner,” Eve said.

“Tonight?” I asked.

“Lots of nights. But tonight to start,” she grinned. “The boys won’t be home from golf until late tomorrow.”

I squirmed at the thought.

“Okay,” I said. “Where do you want to go?”

“Someplace nice. But we’ll need to go shopping first.”


“I told you. You need nicer underwear. Half of sex is the advertising.”

I laughed. “Okay. You’re going to help me?”

“I’m going to pay for it,” she winked and smiled.


I got dressed in a coral sundress that had a high front but a string-lattice pattern that showed some skin on my back shoulders. At Eve’s suggestion, I skipped panties. I felt naughty, a little too breezy down there. I’d never done that before.

While she fixed her hair and makeup in the bathroom, I checked my phone for messages. Like usual, there was nothing from my single-minded husband. There were a few texts from my mother with pictures of the kids and what they were up to. I texted back to say thanks. I felt a little twinge in my stomach – there was something dirty about texting hugs and kisses to my family while Eve was in the bathroom, fixing the makeup we’d smudged by having sex. The worst part casino firmaları was that the dirty feeling was kind of sexy – like I had a naughty secret that was all my own.

I sighed and put the phone away. I glanced over at the woman in the full-length mirror in my room. Her skin was glowing, she had a flush in her cheeks. She was wearing her coral dress with a bounce in her step, like she knew it made her look good. She had a lover in the bathroom who had been bringing her pleasure all day. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head.

What was I doing? Making love to another woman, cheating on my husband, texting my mom like nothing had happened. I had a secret. People would be appalled if they found out. How could I look so carefree, so happy, in the mirror? I tried to frown. I tried to be mad at myself.

Eve appeared behind me in the mirror. She put an arm around my waist and kissed the back of my neck. I shivered and arched against her.

“Come on, beautiful,” she said. “Let’s go shopping.”


On the drive to the mall I found out why Eve suggested not wearing panties. While she steered, she kept one hand up my skirt, caressing my bare thigh and teasing my pussy lips. I was kept on a slow boil the whole ride, squirming for more contact, shying away from it, always yearning. She wouldn’t apply more pressure though, she just kept a teasing caress going. I was meant to be aroused but not satisfied.

I kept glancing over at her, and I would catch her smirking at my aroused discomfort. I blushed and moaned and bit my lip throughout the drive. I was so wet. No one had ever done things like this for me. Called me “sexy” and “beautiful” and touched me in the car.

“We’re here,” she said, pulling into a parking spot.

I moved to unbuckle, but she kept her hand on my pussy. I looked her in the eye.

“We waiting for something?” I asked.

Eve grinned and lifted her hand out. She placed her index and middle fingers against my lips, glistening with my nectar. I blushed.

“Can’t leave a mess,” she teased.

I dutifully opened my mouth and sucked on the tips of her fingers, drawing them into my lips. I looked her in the eye the whole time, blushing throughout. There was something so erotic about doing that for her. It was a combination of things – fingers weren’t the most sexual of body parts, they weren’t breasts or pussy or penises, but they were still sensitive. I knew it brought her some pleasure. But it was also the intimacy, of looking into her eyes, suckling, knowing anyone that saw it would know it was a sexual act.

“You’re oral as hell,” Eve moaned. “You really enjoy using your mouth, don’t you?”

I blushed and nodded as I sucked, making a soft noise of affirmation in my throat. Eve smiled and tugged her fingers free, making me moan and pout. I wanted to keep doing it.

“More later,” she told me. “Greedy girl.”

She got out of the car and I joined her, as we headed into the mall. I walked abreast of her, and fought the urge to reach for her hand. Eve walked casually, elegant in her heels, window shopping, keeping one hand on her purse. I did my best to keep up, aware that I didn’t look half as pretty as she did. I probably looked like the “fat friend.”

We went into a few classy stores, with high-end dresses and skirts and tops. Some of the employees greeted Eve by name, so I assumed she was a preferred customer. She and her husband had a lot of money, by all accounts, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if stores were happy to see her. We glanced at clothes for a bit, and Eve bought a few tops and dresses for herself. We marched on down the mall, now with a few bags in hand.

“I thought we were going to buy underwear?” I leaned over and said as discreetly as I could.

“We are,” she smiled, waving at some acquaintance as we walked by. “But do you really want to go in there directly, like a woman on a mission, or do you want to have some camouflage, other kinds of bags to carry?”

I nodded, that made sense. I had a lot to learn.

Eventually we made it to the right store, and walked in like it was any other. Eve’s confident, relaxed demeanour was an education in itself. If I had acted furtive, people would have been suspicious. It wasn’t like I was wearing a sign, “Cheating on my husband.” I was just out shopping with a girlfriend, so for as anyone knew. I took a deep breath and tried to just go with the flow.

“With your light hair and complexion, I think you’re well-suited to darker colours,” Eve said. She held up a lacy bra and panties set in crimson, and another in navy. “Light colours will wash you out.”

“If you say so,” I shrugged.

Eve glanced at me. “Yes or no, Mal, no diffidence. Do you like them?”

I blushed. “Um, yes. They’re both nice.”

She collected them and moved to a different display. “See these bodysuits and teddies? They’re not my favourite, they cover up your mound and make accessibility an issue.”

Eve said it so matter-of-fact, like we were discussing the weather.

“Good güvenilir casino to know,” I nodded.

She took me over to another section. “For nightwear, I don’t mind baby-dolls and slips, they’re more slinky, feminine. You’d look lovely in this black one.”

Eve grabbed a lacy baby-doll nightie that was incredibly low cut. The lace would make it really revealing, the extra cleavage seemed hardly necessary.

“Isn’t that one showing off too much?” I asked.

“You won’t know for sure until you try it on, darling, and besides, showing you off is the point,” Eve smiled.

I flushed red and glanced around. Then I realized no one was really paying us any attention, and over-reacting would draw it in more than I would like. I tried to compose myself. Ever since we’d left the car my heart had been beating a little too fast, like I felt like I was a spy being followed or something. I needed to relax.

“Be cool, everybody, act like it’s just a regular day,” I said, quoting a line I liked from Pitch Perfect.

Eve raised an eyebrow and glanced around. “Who’s everybody?”

I laughed. “Nothing, sorry, just a movie quip.”

Eve shrugged and moved along the aisle, picking out a dark purple corset and stockings and garters. We moved towards the back of the store and she tugged me into a dressing room. There was a padded bench along one wall, hooks along the other for hanging up selections, and the other wall was entirely a mirror. Eve hung up her choices and sat on the bench, crossing her elegant legs.

“Try one on.”

I nodded and looked over her choices. I felt my tummy butterflies do somersaults. I wasn’t used to someone watching me dress, let alone in a semi-public forum. Back in high school, I’d taken only one year of gym class because I felt so awkward showering and changing in the same space as other girls. Now that memory came back to me, and at the same time as it made me nervous it also made me damp. Had part of my unease back then been because I had been secretly attracted to the other girls? Or was the arousal just in retrospect?

I reached out for the navy bra and panties, they were the most conservative selection on on offer. I heard Eve make a sound, and looked over at her. She shook her head.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked.

“OH!” I said. I looked down at myself. “I’m still dressed.”

“Yes, that’s right. Might make it hard to try on a bra,” Eve teased.

I nodded. I peeled my dress off and hung it up, shivering at being naked except for my sandals. My nipples ached with stiffness. I was really aware of Eve’s eyes on my body.

I grabbed the bra and pulled it on. The lace cups fit my breasts snugly but perfectly, once I adjusted the straps a bit. Eve had a good eye for sizes, it always took me forever on my own.

“Um, I can’t try on the panties, you have to buy them first. No returns,,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it,” she waved her hand.

I bit my lip and nodded, tugging the matching panties on. I stood for her, and Eve made an appreciative noise. She twirled her finger. I blinked, and then realized she meant that I should turn. I moved in a slow circle, letting her see me from every angle.

“Good. We’ll get that and the red ones. Next,” Eve declared.

I trembled a little as I stripped for her again. The act of taking on clothes in front of her kept ratcheting my arousal up, making me wetter. I kept getting exposed. I felt bare, even once I pulled the baby-doll on. Part of that was the cleavage – the top had a deep V shape, and the lace barely covered any of my boobs, just the nipples and aureoles really. You could sort of seem them through the fabric, though.

“This is really naughty,” I said to her, blushing as I looked at myself in the mirror.

“That’s the point, Mal,” she laughed. “I don’t want a prude in the boudoir, I want a slut.”

I felt a tremor run through my body as she used that last word. My cheeks went even redder. Eve raised an eyebrow and she had that smug, sexy smirk in the corner of her mouth again. I felt like she was memorizing my reactions. It seemed like she had noticed the change in me as soon as I heard the word, and I felt like she was making note of it to use later. Even when I wasn’t naked, I felt exposed with her.

Instead of saying anything about it, I stripped off the nightie and hung it up. I grabbed the corset and pulled it on in front, but that left it open at the back. I could reach the bottom clasps okay, but the higher they got on my back the harder it got.

“Would you help me, please?” I asked.

Eve stood, leaving her purse on the bench, and walked up behind me. I shivered at every step, as she got closer and closer. Soon she was right behind me. I could see her in the mirror, and feel her warmth against my back, even though we weren’t touching.

She leaned in and started to do up the corset, and I felt it sucking in around my ribs and tummy. I felt squeezed, but not like unpleasantly so. Eve lightly brushed her fingers along my exposed skin, my upper back and shoulder blades, and leaned in closer. I could see her mischievous eyes in the mirror, and they pierced me. I shivered with the touches, and with desire. Her lips drew closer, and brushed my neck. I trembled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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