Chat Leads to Hotel Meeting

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I couldn’t believe my luck. We have been chatting online for so long and had often talked about it but now it was really happening. After being promoted you have been selected to attend the national convention in Rochester Mn and give your presentation to the leading doctors at the Mayo clinic. The company is putting you up for 2 weeks and you suggest that I join you.

We have often fantasized about how hot it would be to meet up and the scenes we played flooded through my mind.

The flight down was nothing special, just your plain old average flight but I must have looked strange sitting there against the window pondering the coming week. My eyes would close and there would be the image of you, so beautiful and that inviting look on your face. God I almost pursed my lips to kiss you.

“Sir, Sir do you want a drink?”

I am brought back to reality by the attendant with the drinks trolly. I look up and she is staring down at me with a quizzical look on her face. Oh please tell me I didn’t purse my lips, she must think I am some kind of weirdo.

“Can I get a cola?” I stammer trying to regain my composure.

She leans across and smiles as she puts the drink on the tray. “Enjoy your flight,” she says with a look in her eye as though she has an idea of what I was thinking.

Having never met face to face I wonder if you will be disappointed when you finally see me. I am no model and I know it and was frankly surprised when you agreed to chat to me. I had seen your photo on your profile and thought why not. The worst that could happen is she will ignore me like the others.

After initially chatting I sent you a recent pic of myself and waited for the normal extended silence that occurs but was surprised by your friendly response. After that things progressed quite quickly and we were soon camming on a regular basis, but face to face is so much different then the cam. Will you be as attracted or will there be hesitation? I can’t help but worry.

The drive from the airport to the hotel was not a long one. The early morning traffic no where near as busy as back home. As I approach the front desk I feel the apprehension growing again. I still can’t believe this is happening.

We had arranged to meet tomorrow as you were going to be in conference all day today but I could not bare to wait any longer.

“May I help you sir?” I look up at the guy behind the desk.

“Ms Rossiter’s room thanks,” I say as I try to hold back the growing anticipation of the coming days.

“Is Ms Rossiter expecting you?” he says as he looks down at the pad.

I explain to him that I have flown in early to see her and wanted to surprise her as its our anniversary. I produce my wallet with my licence and credit cards and hope this will satisfy him.

“Ms Rossiter did mention you would be joining her but I believe that was for tomorrow and she has already left the hotel.”

I again explain that today is a very special anniversary and I wanted to surprise her by arriving early. Against ikitelli escort all company policies he agrees to give me the second key to the room and promises not to mention it to you.

“I hope your stay with us will be comfortable,” he says with a wink in his eye.

I head upstairs and slip my bag into the wardrobe. Waiting for you in your hotel room the day has dragged on. I want it to be a surprise for when you get back and then I hear it, the sound of the door opening. I stand in the small ensuite just to the side of the doorway, planning to surprise you as you come into the room. Waiting for the right moment, I watch as you enter you turn around and close the door. I see my opportunity.

Quickly and silently I step out and slip my hands around your waist. I feel your body begin to go rigid as in your shock you start to scream and struggle. I turn you around to face me and see the fear in your eyes turn to passion as you realize its me. As you melt into my arms our lips meet and our tongues search for each others. Passionately kissing I lean you against the wall and undo your top, taking a breast in my hand I caress it. I feel you press yourself into me, your pleasurable moans escaping into my mouth. Sliding my hand to the front clasp of your bra I undo it, releasing your hot fleshy orbs, already flushed with your arousal.

My mouth waters at the sight of your firm nipples and as I caress your breasts I lower my lips and run my tongue around your areole. Your nipples are proudly erect and you whimper heatedly as my tongue circles your nipple. I cannot resist it and slide my lips over it. I begin gently sucking as I take it deeper in my mouth, my other hand caressing your other breast. I feel your hands run through my hair as I suckle you, pulling your nipple deeper and rolling it between my lips and teeth. Sliding my hand from your breast, I continue to suckle.

Your breathing becoming deeper as my hand travels down along your torso and reaches your skirtand slides the side zipper down. With a few gentle tugs your skirt falls to the floor. I bring my hand back to your inner thigh and feeling you shake in arousal as it slides up and cups your soft mound through your panties. Your hand pulls my head in tighter and I swap to your other breast and suckle. You rest back against the wall and I slip a finger under the leg of your panties and play with the moist lips they protect. I am so hard as I feel the heat of your pleasure with my finger tips and I drop to my knees.

Pulling your panties to one side I part your lips and slip my tongue hungrily between the hot folds of your pussy. Your back arches and again I feel your hands on me, holding my head in place and steadying yourself as my tongue delves deeper. Hungry for more I lower your panties and part your legs with my hands.

Your sweet pussy lips are glistening with your juices and are so inviting. I slide two fingers along them spreading them as I do. The hood that hides your clit slides istanbul escort back revealing its treasure and my tongue flicks at it. At first I do it softly, but then faster, my tongue widening and becoming more insistent. Like little bolts of lightening it sends a shiver of pleasure through your body and your hands grip me as you moan and start to push your hips to me, your hands gripping my head harder than before. I suckle your clit and slip a finger inside you searching for that tender spot, that spot that fills you with bliss, that spot that brings you to the edge.

Your sighs have turned to moans and you are grinding on my face. I know it wont be long before you lose control and I suck, lick and nibble at your clit harder. My fingering of your slick hole becomes more frantic, stimulating you, trying to drive you mad with arousal.

You suddenly hit the boiling point, your hands fly to my shoulders and you hold on with a vice like grip. As my teeth drag across the tip of your clit you let go. A surge of pleasure waves over you and your hips buck wildly. I hear you crying out, moaning, sighing and calling my name as wave after wave hits your body. My tongue laps at the sweet juice flooding out of you. My cock is hard as a rock knowing how much pleasure you have had, seeing how beautiful you are in this moment, and knowing there is more to come.

Your hands pull me in as your body slowly comes down from its high. My tongue still licking at the last of your juices as I slowly kiss my way back up your body. My lips again find your swollen breast, so firm from your pleasure and I suckle your nips.

You fumble with the button of my pants as I pull your nipple to my mouth. My pants fall to the floor and I step out of them. Your fingers caress my balls through my jocks and I lift up and kiss you, your juices still on my lips and tongue. You slip a hand inside my jocks and feel how hard I am. There is a wet spot where precum has leaked and my cock straining hard against my jocks. You slide your hand up my cock and run your fingers over its head finding the sticky sign of my arousal. Your finger spreads it across the head of my cock and I shiver.

You pull your finger to your mouth and suck it and sigh, leaning in you whisper “My turn baby.”

You push me back to the bed and again slip your hand inside my jocks and release my cock. Slowly stroking my hard cock, you gently push me down on the bed and drop to your knees. Smiling at me, you reach up and grasp my jocks, drawing them down over my knees. Once that barrier is removed you kiss your way up my thighs, all the while teasing my balls with your fingernails. My cock throbs in anticipation as I feel your tongue licking at my balls. You slowly explore every sensitive spot before raising your face and looking at me. You can see the desire in my eyes, the lust for you and you lower your head. Your lips slide over my cock causing me to buck. As you reach the rim of my cock I can feel your tongue in its eye as you take the precum kadıköy escort bayan from it. I push my hips up trying to get more in your mouth but you move with them.

“Oh God, please Hun,” I moan.

You look up at me and give me that look and I know you are going to make me wait.

Your mouth continues to suckle the head of my cock and you drag your teeth across it sending shivers of pain and pleasure through me. I buck again and this time you slip your mouth down over it. Taking me all the way you gently massage my balls as your lips grip me. With all of my cock in your mouth you again suckle and start to slide your hot wet mouth up and down, your lips tight around my hot flesh. You continue this maddening and pleasurable torture for a few minutes before changing up on me again. As you reach its rim you again use your tongue to lick and delve its eye. Your hand slides onto my spit soaked shaft and start to stroke me as your lips move across the head of my cock. With my cock pulsing and throbbing I can’t help but arch my hips again. I can feel the beginning of my orgasm growing within me and slip a hand to your head, feeling your silken tresses in between my fingers. You start to slide your mouth up and down on me, swirling your tongue and rubbing it over the head. You can feel me pulse each time you do and your pussy twitches to the thought of what is to come. Your mouth is milking my cock, taking me deeper and deeper. I know it wont be long and I squeeze my muscles tight trying to stem the flow. You lift your head off of my cock and pump me with your hand. Looking at me you see the pleasure on my face. All I can think is don’t cum, oh god don’t cum yet.

Knowing how close I am you lower your head again and start to suck. Bobbing your head faster and faster, your hands massaging my balls. You lift off and pump my cock with a vice like grip.

“Cum for me baby,” you whisper, “Cum for me now.”

My body tightens and you start to suck again. Your mouth going wild on me and I reach down and grab your head. You gag at first as I hold your head down and trying to get air you move and shake.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes baby do it, do it, do it!” I moan as I release you.

My cock hits your throat as you resume sucking me faster, and I can’t hold back. Spurting a stream of thick cum I hear you moan in satisfaction, the sound of your wet sucking and slurping filling the air. My hips thrust as I fuck your face and again I release. With your mouth full of my hot cum, your eyes gaze at mine as you start to swallow. You continue drinking my cum as I release another thick stream of cum deep in your throat.

My body drops back in the bed as your lips milk me hungrily, trying to get the last of my cum from my aching cock. I lay back moaning as you your lips slowly slide back and forth, I push up one last time trying to give your more but you have taken all I have. Your tongue licks at the eye of my cock as your lips work their magic.

I reach down and pull you to me. Your hot body pressing against me as I hold your head in my hands and kiss you. Your pussy pressing hard against my cock as our tongues mesh together, instinctively moving our bodies against each other. I roll you over and take in the beauty that is you. My fingers feel your wet pussy.

“The night is still young my sweet,” I whisper hotly in your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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