Chapter 01: This Time Tomorrow

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“Excuse me. Did you just put this song on?”

I sipped my beer, smiled and said, “Indeed I did.”

“It’s an odd choice for a bar but I wanted you to know that I love it. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time.”

This TIme Tomorrow by The Kinks. It was one of those days. Work sucked and I needed to unwind, so I went to the bar for a few beers in hopes that the bullshit would just melt away. I was two beers deep when I decided to hit the jukebox. I never really wonder whether anyone else there likes the music I pick because I really don’t care. These songs are for me. What I need to hear depending on my mood. And on that day, I needed to hear The Kinks.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed my selection. I love it too and needed to hear it after the day I had.”

“My name is Kate. Who are you?”

“I’m Matt. Nice to meet you Kate. How come I haven’t seen you in here before tonight?”

“Oh, I’m pretty new in town and my friends told me I had to come here. So I’ve been drinking wine and trying to figure out the scene. They are all over there,” she said as she pointed towards the table in the corner. There were four women at the table. They looked completely out of place at this bar but they were cute.

Kate though…Kate was something else. Dark brown hair, glasses over her hazel, almost golden eyes. Her eyes opened wide when I admitted to playing the song. Her lips slightly parted in a grin that grew into a full smile. Those lips. I knew I was attracted to her immediately. Women like that don’t come into this bar often. When they do, they are normally with other guys.

“So what happened today? Why did you need to come hear and listen to The Kinks?”

“Just work bullshit. I deal with idiots on a daily basis. But what else is new? Everyone does, right?”

“People are the worst.”

“Ha. They sure are. By the way, I see you’re running low on your wine. Can I buy you another?”


“Your friends are looking over here. Do you need to go hang out with them? It won’t offend me.”

“Nah, they’re grown up. They can handle me being gone for a little while.”

“Good. Because I need to know more about you.” There was that smile again. Damn.

She sat down in the stool beside me and I ordered her a glass of red. Over the next few hours, I found out that Kate was 37 and had just moved here from Washington state. Life had grown stale there and she was looking for something new, much like myself. She loved The Smiths and Pavement and she typically spent her Saturday mornings baking and listening to Jeff Buckley. This was my kind of girl.

As other people floated in and out of the seats next to us, we talked about living in this town. Places to eat. The best grocery stores. How to best deal with the traffic. Even the mundane seemed interesting when talking to her. Her smile was intoxicating. She was witty and sarcastic. Eventually, her friends came over and said they were going to leave. I looked at my watch. 1AM. I got her number and told her that I would call her. She kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the door. I finished my beer and asked the bartender for my tab. As I got up to leave, she walked back in.

“So, I told my friends that I want to stay and hang out beşiktaş escort bayan with you some more. I live pretty close so I can just catch a cab back later.”

“I just closed out my tab but I’m down for another beer.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Standing there was the first time I really had a good look at her body. We were about the same height. She had curves and I’ll admit at that point, I was starting to wonder was underneath that black shirt and those jeans. I was into her, there was no doubt about it. And judging by the fact that she was back in here, she was into me.

The next hour flew by. We took turns picking songs on the jukebox, trying to see if we could stump one another. The touching started. First, it was her hand on my knee as we sat at the bar. When I stood behind her at the jukebox and put my hand on her hips to peek over her shoulder, she reached back and tried to cover up my eyes. Instead, she let her hand linger on my face, touching my beard. Fuck. The lights came on in the bar. It was time to get out of there. I closed out my tab again and we walked outside together. I called her a cab and we leaned against the building waiting. I looked over at her and went for a kiss. As our lips met, she swung around in front of me and wrapped her arms around the back of my neck. She moved her hands to my face as we started to make out. Running her fingers through my beard. I could feel myself getting hard. She noticed and let out a little moan as I bit her lower lip. I grabbed onto her hips and held her tightly against me. Of course, the cab pulled up at that moment.

“I think that’s you,” I said after about 10 seconds of us making out in front of the cab driver.

“Well, I think that’s us actually. I want you to come with me.”

“Ha. Yeah?”

She clutched my hand and we spilled into the back seat of the cab. She told the driver where she lived and I realized her place was about 15 minutes from the bar.

“Pretty close, huh?”, I whispered in her ear sarcastically.

“Shut up! I’m still getting used to this town, okay?”

I was kissing her neck so the last part of the sentence was more of a sigh than a word. She grabbed my face and started kissing me. Biting my lip. Sucking on it. I maneuvered my hand under her shirt. Holding onto her soft hip. Her warm flesh growing warmer with each moment. We managed to keep things clean for that cab ride but just barely. Her hands guided mine onto her chest. Her tits were much bigger than I expected, based on when she was pressed against me in front of the bar. She was starting to climb on top of me when we pulled up in front of her building. I threw the cab driver some bills and helped her out of the car. She fumbled for her keys as we reached her door to her building. We needed to get inside but I couldn’t resist pressing her up against the door as she tried to unlock it. Running my hands up from her hips. Grabbing her tits. Biting her neck. She could feel my hard dick pressing against her ass. She opened the door and grabbed my hand as we semi-sprinted to her apartment. We both needed this.

No sooner than the the door was shut and locked, our hands were all over beylikdüzü escort bayan each other. She was pulling at my belt. I was under her shirt, grabbing and holding onto her waist. I pushed her against the door and started pulling off her shirt as she unbuttoned my jeans. They fell to my feet as she reached her hand inside my boxers, my dick straining against the fabric. Her shirt was off and I unhooked her bra, exposing an incredible pair of tits. I moaned as her hand grabbed my dick, fingers tight around me. My mouth found one nipple as my hand grabbed her other tit. Sucking and biting one nipple. Rolling the other between my fingers. Pinching. She started to moan and used her other hand to hold my head against her chest.

My hard dick still in her hand, we stayed pressed against that door for a a minute or so. Her nipples getting rock hard between my teeth and in my hand. I grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head. I looked her right in the eyes and said, “I need to taste you. Right now.” “Fuck yes,” escaped from her lips. There was a sturdy coffee table in her living room and I told her to get on it on all fours after unbuttoning her pants. I tore them off as fast as I could. Black lace panties were hidden underneath and I took a moment to appreciate her ass in them. She felt my hands on her hips as I started to pull her panties down. A shiver went through her body. She was completely exposed, her ass now in the air in front of me. Her face against the coffee table. I grabbed her ass and she spread her thighs just wide enough to expose her pussy. I bit her ass cheek as my mouth made its way between her legs.

The taste overwhelmed me for a moment as my tongue finally found its target. Fucking delicious. She gasped as she felt me exploring. Licking. Sucking. I reached my hand between her legs to find a small patch of hair surrounded by smoothness. My thumb gliding over her landing strip towards her clit. “Yes. Rub my fucking clit while you eat me out. Fuck. Yes.” My finger now wet from her, I played with her clit. Firm pressure. Rubbing. My tongue running up and down her pussy. She gripped the sides of the coffee table, pressing herself back against me. Grinding onto my face. Her wetness starting to coat my beard. I grabbed and spread her ass as my tongue started to tease her further. She squirmed and moaned as she felt my tongue get dangerously close to her asshole. “I need your dick. Right now.”

She stayed on the coffee table and faced me. My dick was positioned perfectly for her to take it in her mouth. And that’s what she did. She placed the head just inside her lips. Sucking hard. Beautiful lips wrapped around my dick. Sliding her tongue all around it. I gathered the hair off her face as I watch her work. Admiring. Moaning as she took more into her mouth. Feeling her hand playing with my balls. Fuck. She looked up at me as she took my entire dick in her mouth. I let out a gasp as we locked eyes. Her lips tightly around the tip of my dick. Her tongue was driving me fucking crazy. “Kate, I’m going to fuck you. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

I let go of her hair as she got off the coffee table. She grabbed my dick, wet from her mouth and led me bostancı escort bayan to her room.

Kate climbed on her bed and I followed her lead. She spread her legs and and I started kissing up them. My mouth inching towards her pussy. I reached her inner thighs, feeling the heat radiating off of them. My mouth engulfed her pussy, her smooth lips between my lips. I started sucking her clit and she grabbed a hold of my hair. Her hips raised towards the ceiling as my tongue circled. My mouth moving up her stomach as I positioned my body between her legs. Teasing her with the tip of my dick. Pressing on her clit. She exhaled heavily as I entered her. Feeling her wetness envelop me. We kissed deeply while we fucked. Tongues tangled. Biting and sucking each other’s lips. Our hips moving together. Her hands roamed my back. Feeling her nails dig in sent tingles through my entire body. Fucking harder. I grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands above her head. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in deeper. Our bodies locked together, her hips grinding as I moved. Breathing heavily. Our moans mixing together. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy.” The pitch of her voice increased.

I pulled out and lifted her off the bed, flipping her over on her stomach. She got up on all fours and I grabbed a hold of her hips. She reached between her legs, grabbing my dick and started rubbing it up and down her pussy before shoving it in. Grabbing and smacking her ass while we fucked. She put her hands up on the headboard for leverage, pressing back against me. Our moans mixed with the sound of flesh meeting at a vigorous pace. Hand marks started to form on her skin. Pink and warm. “Fuck. Make me come. Make me fucking come. I need to come.” I grabbed her arms and pulled them back, her face now pressed into her bed. Holding onto her wrists for dear life, I continued fucking her. Her moans started getting louder and more frequent. My own breathing sped up. Both of us gasping for air. Letting go of her hands, my hands again returned to her ass. Grabbing and spreading her open. My thumb started to tease. Her pussy tightened around me as my finger pressed gently against her asshole. “Oh fuck. Yes. Please.” I wet my thumb and returned it to her asshole. Pressing and rubbing harder. Her body responded with a shiver. More tingles through me. “Oh god. Fuck.” My thumb slipped inside her asshole and she let out a moan. “Fuck. I’m going to come. I’m going to come. Fuck me. I’m going to come.”

Her legs started to shake as I fucked her. My thumb inside of her. My own body started shaking. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. I needed to come too. Both of us nearing the brink. Both of us needing a release. Her wet pussy tightened further around me and my dick started throbbing. “I’m coming, Matt. Fuck I’m coming.” Moans mixed with yells. She was struggling to hold herself up. Her body collapsing and shaking as I got close. Feeling the waves wash over her put me over the edge. I had to come. Pulling out of her, I came all over her ass. It dripped down on her asshole where my finger had just been. The two of us collapsed on top of her sheets, both of us struggling to catch our breaths. Warmth. Sweat. I kissed her deeply and looked into her eyes.

“Fuck. That was incredible, Kate. I can’t fucking move. I haven’t come that hard in a really fucking long time.” I struggled to get the words out.

“Yeah. Neither have I. Damn.”

The two of us stayed in bed, neither of us knowing whether this was just a one night thing or something that might turn into more. All I knew at that moment was that I needed a repeat performance as soon as possible.

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