Caught Cheating

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“You wanted to see me, Mr. Hamilton,” said Cassie, walking into the classroom after the final bell.

“Yes,” Mr. Hamilton replied, looking up from his desk and setting down his pen. “Close the door.”

Cassie closed the door to the principal’s office and walked to the chair across from Mr. Hamilton at his desk. Mr. Hamilton stared at her in her white button down shirt, black plaid miniskirt and white knee socks as she moved through the classroom She sat down. Mr. Hamilton stood up and sat on the edge of his desk and crossed his arms in front of him.

“Cassie,” he said, “I assume you know why you’re here.”

“Not really, sir.”

“‘Not really’? Ms. Baker caught you cheating on your exam today.”

Cassie shrugged her shoulders and said quietly, “Oh.”

“‘Oh’? You didn’t think she would mention this to me?”

“What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal? Oh, I get it, you’re a senior, you’ve turned eighteen and think you cheat on a test and not worry about your grades.”

She shrugged again.

“Well, young lady, let me tell you something. It is a big deal.”

“Can I go now, Mr. Hamilton?”

He stood up.

“No. Cheating is taken very seriously, here, Cassie.”

“I won’t do it again.”

“What I want to know is why you did it in the first place.”

“I didn’t study last night.”

“That’s it? You didn’t study, so you just decided to look onto another student’s work?”

“It’s just one test, sir.”

“And what happens the next time you don’t study?”

Cassie shrugged.

“What does that shrug mean, Cassie?”

“I said I’m sorry.”

“Cassie, ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t fix everything.”

“Well, I can’t go back and un-cheat.”

“No, I suppose you can’t. But I will need to call your parents.”

Cassie stood up abruptly.

“Mr. Hamilton, please don’t.”

“This is a serious matter, young lady. You need to learn that there are repercussions to your actions.”

“Then give me detention, please. Just don’t call my parents.”

“Oh, mecidiyeköy escort you’ll be getting detention anyway. There’s no doubt about that. But your parents also need to be notified.”

“Sir, please. Is there any way I can convince you not to call my parents?”

Mr. Hamilton thought for a moment.

“I suppose another option exists.”

“Anything, sir.”

“Perhaps a spanking will teach you a lesson.”

“A spanking?””

“I think that might negate the need to call your parents.”

“I’m not sure what to say.”

“It’s your choice, young lady.”

She passed for a moment and then nodded.

“Bend over my desk, Cassie.”

Apprehensively, Cassie bent over, resting her torso on the desk. Mr. Hamilton rested his left hand on her back, and with his right hand he raised her skirt. Her butt was barely covered with a lacey red thong, the cheeks completely exposed. He raised his right hand back and brought it forward, giving Cassie a quick light slap on her ass. A slight moan escaped her lips and Mr. Hamilton thought it sounded like a moan of pleasure rather than of discomfort. He raised his hand again, bringing it back down and giving another quick slap, this time a bit harder. The same moan escaped Cassie’s lips, this time a little louder.

“You sound like you’re enjoying this, Cassie.”

“I have a confession to make, sir.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’ve been even more naughty than you know. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

“Is that so?”

“If I wanted to get away with cheating on a test, I could.”

“Oh really?”

“Slap me again. I’ve been very naughty and I think I deserve it.”

Mr. Hamilton gave another slap to her ass. He let his hand rub her cheeks this time.

“That feels incredible, Mr. Hamilton. I don’t know if I’ve learned my lesson yet, though.”

Another slap to her ass. More rubbing the cheeks. Cassie stood up.

“I can’t tell you how hot you make me,” merter escort she said. “

She set her hand on his cock and felt his erection.

“And I clearly arouse you, too,” she continued.

“I have always had a thing for blondes.”

She bent back over the desk.

“Why don’t you continue that lesson,” she said.

Smiling, Mr. Hamilton set his hand back on her back and lifted her skirt again. He gave another slap to her ass. She wiggled it playfully and giggled, the miniskirt wiggling back and forth with her.

“Stand up, Cassie.”

She stood up and faced him. She placed her hand on his belt buckle and undid it. As she did, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. As she let his pants fall to the floor, she ran her hands up and down his bare chest, finally laying her hand back on his erection which was tenting his briefs. She pulled his briefs off and cupped his cock in her hand.

With skillful hands, Mr. Hamilton unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it to the floor. He pulled the skirt away from her waist and it loosely fell down to the ground. She was left wearing only a pair of knee-socks and her lingerie, a sexy red bra and black thong panties.

“That couch looks very comfortable,” she said.

He reached around her and unhooked her bra. Brushing his hands gently against her shoulders, he slid the straps off and let the bra fall to the floor, revealing her perfectly sized, perfectly shaped breasts. He picked her up, supporting her back and her leg at the bend in her knees. He laid her down on the couch.

He kneeled over her, one leg on either side of her, pushing her legs up against one another so both of them could fit together on the couch.

He laid an index finger on the outside of each of her breasts. With perfect precision in both hands, he began tracing circles, gently against her skin, allowing the sensation of the light touch to heighten the arousal as he was inching closer and closer to the center of her breasts. It took time, nişantaşı escort during which Cassie was growing more and more aroused. Finally, after several minutes, his fingers reached the center of her breasts and grazed against her hard brittle nipples. She caught her breath, breathing in deep and hard as the pleasure hit the highest point it had hit yet. But she knew there was more to come.

“Where did you learn that little trick, Mr. Hamilton?”

Mr. Hamilton smiled. “Your sister used to act out when she was a student here, too. I got some practice on her.”

Cassie smiled. “And here I was thinking I was the first student you’d had to teach this lesson to.”

Positioning himself over her, he leaned down into her as he kissed her mouth; he guided his cock inside of her. A moan of exquisite pleasure escaped her lips as her breathing deepened again. With his hands cupped around he breasts, he kissed her neck sensually as he thrust his pelvis, giving a quick bounce onto her. As he continued to bounce, he slid his shaft in and out causing her to moan quietly in pleasure each time. The moans grew in volume each time.

“Shh,” he whispered into her ear. “Keep it down so we’re not overheard.”

She continued to moan as he continued to thrust, trying to keep herself quiet but finding it increasingly difficult. Finally, she climaxed and it took every ounce of restraint not to scream in pleasure.

“Oh wow,” she whispered.

But he wasn’t done. He continued to bounce on top of her, his hands skillfully touching moving over her body making every single inch of her feel sexy and tingle with pleasure. She felt it building up inside of her again, and as she climaxed for the second time, he finished as well, sending a rush of cum streaming into her.

He pulled himself out of her and sat down on the floor in front of the couch. She climbed off the couch and sat down next to him.

“Mr. Hamilton,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve learned my lesson yet.”

He grinned at her, still breathing deeply.

“I didn’t think we’d correct your behavior in one afternoon, Cassie. I want you back here tomorrow after school and we’ll work on it some more.”

“If that’s what you fell is necessary sir.”

She stood up and slid her panties and skirt on. She wiggled her ass playfully for him again as she put her bra and shirt on.

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