Cat’s Firehouse Workout

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Big Dicks

At 47 years old, Gary was in great physical shape, and he usually had no problem keeping Cat’s hot pussy satisfied. As a fireman, Gary worked 24 hours on and 48 hours off, so he and his co-workers had lots of down time, which they usually spent eating, sleeping, and exercising. They had a state-of-the-art gym with all the latest equipment, and they were the only ones who were allowed to use it. The Department permitted them to bring family members to the gym to exercise but, for insurance purposes, no outsiders were allowed to use the equipment.

Gary and Cat ran together at home, but they didn’t have any exercise equipment other than an old barbell set. Cat had been going to a personal trainer for about a year, and even though she was 42 years old, she had the hard body of a 22 year old athlete. Gary suggested she come to his gym at work to exercise, since it wasn’t far from the house, and it was free. Cat thought this was an excellent idea and readily agreed. Gary warned her that, in general, firemen were horn dogs, and his co-workers, who were all tall, young, and well-built studs, would probably be giving her a lot of lecherous stares. Cat said she didn’t mind as long as Gary didn’t, and she usually had no trouble handling men. “In fact,” she said, “I might even enjoy teasing them a little. Just for fun.”

So during his next tour-of-duty, Gary called Cat around 9AM on a Saturday morning, and told her things were slow and it was a good time to come over to work out. Cat dressed in one of her typical outfits, a small jog bra and a matching exercise thong. She then wore a lightweight warm-up suit over the bra and thong. Gary had told her on several occasions she looked great in exercise clothes, and had taken numerous pictures of her bench pressing their barbell at home, wearing only the bra and thong. Sometimes he even got her to take the bra off while she lifted weights, which, even lying down, her tits looked impressive. Gary made some business cards for Cat using some of these pictures, advertising her as a “Personal Trainer.”

One time Cat showed one of these cards to her own personal trainer who, along with the other trainers in his gym, thought she looked so hot, they asked Cat for several copies each. She was even offered a job working there as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. Cat said her trainer wanted one of the topless ones and she asked Gary if he minded. Gary said he didn’t, and made some of those for her as well.

When Cat arrived at the fire station, she was escorted to the gym by one of the chief’s secretaries. When she entered the gym she saw about three firemen working out on various machines, and another three that were lifting free weights in the center of the room. All appeared to be over 6 feet tall, most were wearing nothing more than running shorts and sneakers, and just like her husband, they were all well-built and good-looking.

A friendly, blond haired guy, who was standing near the doorway said, “You must be Gary’s wife Cat. Hi, I’m Danny.” Danny told Cat that Gary was in a meeting with the lieutenant, and he would be back soon. During this exchange all eyes turned toward Cat, and the men were giving her very appreciative stares.

After brief introductions were made, the guys went back to exercising, each continuing to steal glances at Cat. Danny asked Cat what equipment she wanted to use and she told him she wanted to start with the Nautilus machines first, then do some free-weights. So he took her to the first machine and got her set up with the weights she specified. Danny asked Cat if she wanted him to spot her later on the bench press, and she said yes. Cat took her jacket off and all eyes in the room went straight to her tits. The jog bra gave Cat good support for workouts, but because it was so low cut and because her boobs were so big, a lot of skin still showed. The material was stretched so tight in front, you could see the outline of the nipples beneath. Danny thought to himself this was going to be the most enjoyable workout he has ever done. Cat noticed the stares and was beginning to get a little turned on by the attention she was getting from all the gorgeous man-meat surrounding her. She made a few discrete observations of her own, and couldn’t help but notice several large bulges in the fronts of those little shorts the men were wearing. “Oh well,” Cat thought to herself, “Back to work.”

Cat ran through all the machines, going in the order they were set up. Several of the firemen chatted with her, enjoying the sight of her heaving chest as she worked out. Cat enjoyed their company and the attention she was getting. After awhile, even though there were fans blowing and the a/c was on, the room started to get a little warm with all the exercising and heavy breathing going on.

When Cat finished the machines, and after a short rest, she told Danny she was ready to do some bench presses. Danny smiled and joined her in the middle of the room. All the men in the room were sweating profusely, and even Cat was sweating a little. She was too warm, so she thought, what gaziantep bayan escort the hell, and took off her sweat pants, and was now wearing only her jog bra and exercise thong. All the men stopped and stared, and Cat just laughed and said, “What, did I break a rule or something?”

Danny was the first one who spoke, and he said, “No, no, we just never had such a beautiful woman in here exercising with us before.”

Another fireman named Steve said, “And certainly no one with a body like yours. Wow.”

“Well thanks,” she replied, “but I don’t want to be a distraction. I’ll put my sweat suit back on if you want.” As Cat started to put her sweat pants back on, the men, almost in unison, shouted “NO!” Cat laughed and said, “Well okay, but if my ass and tits start to bother you, just let me know and I’ll get dressed.”

Danny said, “Don’t worry Cat, your ass and tits certainly won’t bother any of us, so please don’t cover them back up.”

Cat said, “Well then let’s get back to exercising.” Cat laid down on the bench on her back and Danny stood near the top of her head, ready to grab the bar in case she had any trouble. Danny had a great view of Cat’s cleavage, and began wondering to himself what her bare tits must look like.

While she was lifting the weights, Cat was looking straight up and noticed she could see right up Danny’s shorts. She could just see the lower part of his balls, and his dick was making an impressive bulge in front. Even though she was concentrating on her weight-lifting, she figured, what the hell, I might as well enjoy the view at the same time. Besides she knew Danny was getting an eyeful of her tits from above.

The other men were watching Cat work out, and all were getting turned on by the sight. Cat had her legs spread with one foot on each side of the bench. The thong barely covered her pussy this way, and the lips were clearly outlined, to the delight of all the men present. Cat was grateful she kept her pussy nearly shaved bald, otherwise in this position there would be hairs popping out everywhere.

While she was lifting, a couple of the other men came over to watch. At 5’4″ and 118 lbs, Cat was strong for her size. She was easily lifting 100 lbs, and asked if someone would add 10 lbs to each side. Two of the men walked over to the weight stand and retrieved the weights. The men watching her cheered her on as she lifted the equivalent of her own weight, with no apparent problem. She then asked for 10 more pounds on each side, and the same two guys complied. Again she pressed the bar with no problem. “You are one badass, Cat”, Danny said.

Cat had noticed she was getting a lot of attention so she decided to have a little fun. She sat up to stretch her back, first raising her hands above her head, then placing them in her lap while she stretched from side to side. When she thought no one was looking, she hooked a finger under each side of the front of the thong, and pushed them together. This squeezed the material in her crotch into a thin strip, causing her pussy lips to almost pop out the sides. When she lay back down again and spread her legs on either side of the bench, she stretched her thighs as far apart as she could, exposing her outer pussy meat.

Needless to say, the three guys standing over her saw this, and immediately got erections. Cat saw their huge bulges, and got turned on herself. Her pussy juice started flowing, leaving a wet stain on the front of her now barely visible thong. When she looked up again, she saw not only Danny’s balls, but the entire tip of his penis coming out the bottom of his shorts. Danny saw her staring, and stammered, “I’m sorry Cat, I’m really embarrassed. You’re so hot I can’t help it.”

The two guys standing on either side of her were also sporting huge boners, and they both looked uncomfortable as well. “Yeah Cat,” said Steve, “I mean your Gary’s wife and all. We didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but you’re the hottest woman we’ve ever seen working out.” Danny said, “C’mon guys, lets leave Cat alone. We don’t want to piss off Gary.”

But Cat said, “Hey wait a minute. Don’t I have any say so? Maybe I don’t want to be left alone. I happen to know that not only would Gary not be mad at you guys, he would probably be flattered you find his wife so attractive. I didn’t come here to work out by myself, so nobody’s going anywhere.” The guys were so startled, nobody moved. “In fact,” Cat said, “Now I’m horny as hell and I’m going to need some relief first.”

With that she reached up to Danny’s crotch and grabbed his cock, pulling it to her mouth. Danny didn’t resist, and Cat was soon sucking happily on the tip. She then reached one hand toward each of the two guys on either side of her and wrapped her hands around their dicks, slowly stroking them. Cat was busily licking Danny’s balls and the underside of his cock, while continuing to stroke the other two men. The other four guys in the gym came over and started rubbing the outside of their shorts while watching the action.

Cat stopped for a minute and said, “This would be a lot more enjoyable if you guys took off your shorts.” With that, all seven men in the gym quickly stripped off their gym shorts. Danny then straddled Cat’s upper chest, putting his cock back in her mouth. This time he grabbed the sides of her head and pumped his huge member in and out of her mouth, allowing Cat to take as much in as possible. The other two guys still stood on either side and Cat really began jerking them off in earnest. They pushed her bra up exposing her tits, then began mauling them with both hands. The other four guys just watched, stroking themselves and hoping to get their turn.

Danny was pumping away at Cat’s mouth, and when she started to gag, he stopped for a moment to let her catch her breath. “Are you alright?” Danny asked.

“I’m great. But my pussy is on fire and I think I need a fireman to put it out. And put that magnificent cock of yours back in my mouth and give me some cream to swallow.” Danny readily complied, and one of the guys watching knelt down between Cat’s legs and pulled off her thong. Then he lowered his head and buried his face in her crotch, eating her out. Cat’s juice was flowing so heavily, he had to lap it up and swallow several times. Cat began moaning with Danny’s dick still buried in her mouth. She managed to swallow almost 8 of his 10 inches, and Danny knew he was not going to be able to hold out much longer. Neither were the two guys she was jerking off with each hand.

Tony, the guy eating her twat, said, “Man this is the best pussy I’ve ever tasted.” Then he went back to licking and sucking her cunt.

Danny was about to come and started to pull out of Cat’s mouth. Cat exclaimed, “No! I want to swallow it, every drop, from everybody. Nobody shoots off anywhere but in my mouth. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am” they said almost in unison. With that Danny started shooting his load down Cat’s throat and she swallowed every drop, just like she said.

Steve, who was being jerked off by Cat’s right hand, said, “Get out of the way Danny, the lady wants my load too.” Danny finally pulled out of Cat’s mouth, but his cock gave one more spasm, squirting his jism on her face and chin. Steve quickly took Danny’s place straddling Cat’s chest, and almost as soon as she sucked the head of his dick in, he started pumping his cum in her mouth. Steve’s dick was not quite as large as Danny’s, but he had huge balls and he shot what seemed to Cat almost a gallon of semen into her mouth. She sucked in as much as she could, swallowing rapidly, but some still leaked out the sides. It ran down her cheeks and dripped onto the floor beneath her. When he pulled out, he wiped his dick across her lips, then across her forehead. Cat stuck her tongue out and licked Steve’s huge balls, then just smiled and said, “Next!”

Mark, standing on her left side, said “Hurry up I’m ready.” When Steve moved away, Mark took his place, but just before he got his cock in her mouth, he ejaculated, sending loads of sperm all over Cat’s forehead, eyes, and nose. She managed to get his cock in her mouth and was able to eat some of his spunk, but not before her entire face became completely covered in cum. Cat was so turned on by now, that she had already had several orgasms, and was getting ready for another.

Tony had moved away to let John take his place eating Cat’s cunt and John began trying to lick her clean but there was too much pussy juice. The last two men, Bobby and Louis, had taken their places on either side of Cat, and she managed to concentrate just long enough to keep jerking the two huge cocks in each hand.

John decided his dick needed some attention, so he stood up and said, “Hey, let’s flip her over on her stomach. Is that okay with you ma’am?”

Cat had Mark’s cock buried in her mouth up to the balls, so she just nodded in the affirmative. She was trying to get all the sperm she could and after she finished cleaning off Mark’s cock, she turned over and knelt on her hands and knees on the exercise mat on the floor. John then stuck his cock into her twat and began pumping her for all he was worth. Tony had moved to Cat’s head and dangled his erection in front of her face.

“With all due respect ma’am, I’m gonna cum real soon, so I’d really like to fuck your mouth.” Cat just smiled and before Tony could move she grabbed his cock and forced it into her mouth. She began sucking noisily on his prick, taking in as much of its length as she could. John had a tight grip on Cat’s hips, his cock pistoning away in her cunt, rhythmically pushing her whole body back and forth. This caused Tony’s cock to slide in and out of her mouth, and when Tony put his hands on the back of Cat’s head, he tried forcing his dick all the way down her throat.

Cat was so turned on, still having one orgasm after another, and at one point she thought she was going to pass out. Even with her nose embedded in Tony’s pubic hair and his entire cock in her mouth, Cat was still able to breathe. “This girl really knows how to give head,” Tony exclaimed.

John was almost ready to ejaculate, so he yelled at Tony, “Hurry up man, I’m gonna explode!”

Tony said “Me too, here it comes Cat.” Tony then shot his juice right down Cat’s throat, and she managed to swallow every drop. John came around to Cat’s head and before Tony even managed to step back, John shoved the tip of his cock in Cat’s mouth, and came heavily. Cat was still swallowing Tony’s load, so a lot of John’s cum ran out and down her chin. Cat gulped as fast as she could, but couldn’t get all of it. She used her hand to catch what was dripping off her chin and smeared it on her tits. Cat licked John’s balls clean, sucking each one completely into her mouth.

When John finally sat back on the mat, Cat looked up and saw the two remaining firemen, Lou and Bobby. Both were rapidly jerking their cocks and Cat said, “You better not waste those or I’m gonna kick your ass.” Cat then told Bobby to lay back on the floor, which he did. She then crawled over to him and, while facing his head, sat down on his dick, embedding it to the hilt in her pussy. She was still so wet, Bobby’s cock went right in with no problem. Then Cat said, “How come I don’t have a cock in my mouth yet?”

“Sorry ma’am,” said Lou, quickly moving to stand in front of Cat, directly above Bobby’s head, shoving his dick in her mouth. Cat began bouncing up and down on Bobby’s cock, while Lou grabbed Cat’s head and pumped his dick into her mouth.

Cat pulled Lou’s dick out of her mouth for a moment and said, “I want you to come on my tits, so I can lick them off later. And you,” pointing to Bobby, “I want you to push me off when your ready to cum, stand up and shoot on my face. Understand?”

Bobby and Lou both said “Yes ma’am!” Cat then pulled Lou’s dick back to her face, first licking his balls, then the underside of his cock. She then shoved his whole dick back in her mouth, deep-throating him like the others. Lou and Bobby had been jerking off for awhile before getting their turn with Cat, so they were both ready to come.

“Cat I’m . . .” Lou stammered, but never finished his sentence. Cat knew he was ready, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and, while aiming it at her left nipple, rapidly stroked his shaft, until he shot a huge load all over her left breast.

Lou was still ejaculating when Bobby grabbed Cat around the waist and pushed her backwards. Still holding onto Lou’s dick, Cat fell back pulling Lou toward her. Bobby stood up and came around the other side of Cat’s head, jerking his cock. He aimed the tip of his penis at Cat’s forehead, and shot his cum all over her face. Cat was still jerking Lou’s dick onto her tits, then she pulled him into her mouth so she could clean him up.

After licking every drop of cum off of Lou’s cock, she let go and grabbed Bobby’s cock. She pulled the tip to her mouth, which placed his balls on the bridge of her nose. She pulled his dick down lower so she could get at his balls. She managed to suck both of them into her mouth at the same time, licking them clean. Bobby’s dick was still squirtng, and some of his cum dripped onto Cat’s upper chest. After cleaning up his balls, Cat pulled Bobby’s dick back into her mouth and sucked the remaining fluid out of the tip.

Bobby sat back on the mat and Cat got up and sat on the weight bench. Her face was completely covered in spunk, and a good-sized load was still on her tits and chest. The guys were drained, but a few of them got semi-hard when they saw Cat lift first one tit, then the other to her mouth and lick the cum off.

Cat said, “Wow, that was great, I’m gonna work out here all the time from now on. If that’s okay with you guys?” All seven of them shouted, “Yes ma’am!” at the same time.

“Well, I think I need a shower. I might need a hand getting cleaned up too. Any takers?” All seven firemen got up and led Cat to the community shower, and for a while Cat had seven sets of hands scrubbing her back, tits, ass, pussy, and any other available body part. All the men were soon sporting huge hard-ons again, and just as Cat grabbed the two closest to her and started stroking them, the alarm went off in the fire station. They had a call to go to!

Cat just stood there as the men quickly dried off and started to get dressed. “Just as well,” Cat said to herself, “I’ll need to rest up before my next workout anyway.” One by one the men thanked Cat as they ran out of the locker room, promising to “work out” with her during their next shift. Cat got dressed herself and left, feeling completely satisfied.

That was the first gang-bang she had ever participated in. “But not the last,” she thought to herself, smiling.

What Cat didn’t know was that Gary had seen all the action almost from the beginning, while standing concealed in a storage closet. Gary always had his digital camera with him, and had taken hundreds of pictures of his co-workers fucking the shit out of his wife. Not only was Gary not jealous, he was so turned on by the whole show that he had jerked off at least three times. “And I’ve still got plenty left for Cat when I see her at home tomorrow!” he thought to himself. “I am going to fuck her silly, then invite her back here to exercise with the guys again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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