Caroline Ch. 02

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Work drags by so slowly that I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve glanced at the clock. When our manager asks for a volunteer to get some files from upstairs, I jump at the chance to have a change of scenery. I flick the switch in the filing room, and check my list to see which shelf I need. The room smells of old paper and the fluorescent bulb floods the shelves with a harsh light. I sit on a clear bit of table and consider my meeting that morning with a beautiful stranger. I’ve only ever had boyfriends before and I’m not really sure why I was so attracted to her. I know I’m starting to get turned on by the memory of her. Most files are kept downstairs, so we rarely visit this room. I’m opposite the door, so if any one came in they would see me immediately. I admit the idea excites me quite a bit. I’ve fantasised about being caught before.

I recall Caroline’s face with those calm green-grey eyes and full lips. Running a hand over my hard nipple, I undo a couple of buttons on my blouse and start to softly stroke the top of my full breast. I undo my bra and slide my hands inside my top to cradle them, feeling their full weight. I pinch a nipple, rolling it between my fingers and I moan softly, imagining soft breasts pressing into my back as she licks the nape of my neck. I can feel the material of my thong sticking to me. Images of brunette hair spreading out on a pillow, and breast moving over breast fill my head as I slide one finger onto the damp material. Circling my hard clit, I tease myself before gently slipping inside the small triangle of fabric covering my swollen lips. I leave it as long as I can stand before I touch the wetness, feeling my casino şirketleri orgasm building and push my middle finger slowly inside. Imagining soft kisses and her tongue, instead of my finger, plunging inside me again and again. I’m so close to coming, my body just can’t stop. I can almost feel the gentle caress of her breath on me. I cry out as I spasm around my fingers, coming so hard that I bite my lip.

The key sticks in the lock again, and I open the front door to be greeted by my affectionate cat, Cindy. She weaves round my legs as I scoop up more junk mail and bills. After a quick meal, I jump in the shower and take time smoothing on the expensive body lotion I bought the other day. I have no idea what to expect from tonight, but I sure want to smell nice. I stand and look at my reflection. Not bad. Short and slightly spiky strawberry blonde hair, grey eyes, a full C cup (nicely pert, if I say so myself) and fairly long legs. Three change of clothes later and I’m ready to go out, feeling slightly nervous.

As arranged, I wait by the post box on the corner of the high street, looking at the people milling around.

“Jessica,” she says and I turn round, my heart beginning to race. She has put her hair up and her simple green dress brings out the colour in her eyes. For the second time today, I say hello whilst trying not to look at her breasts. A translucent pendant nestles in her cleavage and the skin looks so soft and inviting. I figure she’s a C cup like me, or maybe a little bigger.

We meet her friends inside and I find I have a lot in common with them too. The evening seems to be going by quickly and her friends rush casino firmaları off to dance to a song I don’t remember. Caroline and I make our way to the chill out zone across the other side of the club. Some of the booths here are quite dark and we light a candle and carry on our conversation. As she’s telling me about her last holiday, I find I’m straining to listen to a noise behind us.

“I’m sorry, but can you hear some thing too?” I ask, and she nods her head in agreement. We listen for the noise again and Caroline clutches my hand as we hear a woman moan nearby.

“Oh my god, I’d heard that some people get a bit frisky in this place, but I thought it was just a rumour!” she says.

I’d meant to have a dance or get another drink, but we’re transfixed, listening to this mystery woman moaning. The noise sends shivers up my spine. You can tell she’s trying to be quiet, but it’s getting louder and more urgent. Caroline’s grip is crushing my fingers and she apologises as she lets go. I notice she rests her hand on my knee rather than removing it completely. The moans are becoming more frequent and with a start, I feel her fingers starting to caress the bare skin in between my long boots and skirt.

“Please tell me to stop if I’ve got this completely wrong?” she asks.

I shake my head.

“I’ve never heard a woman come before,” I manage to say, struggling to get the words out as her thumb moves higher up my inside thigh.

“I want to hear you come,” she replies breathlessly.

I can feel her breath on my cheek and I know I’m already soaking wet.

I’ve completely forgotten to listen for the mystery woman, as güvenilir casino Caroline leans in towards me. I think she’s going to kiss me & I part my lips expectantly. However, she slowly brushes her lips against mine and I’m aware that I’m trembling. As I try to kiss her she pulls away and smiles, while her hand is still making its achingly slow progress up my thigh.

Her friends appear at the table and I pull away guiltily.

“Come and dance!” they say, all smiles and flushed faces.

Caroline takes me by the hand and we follow them into the crowd on the dance floor. It’s so full that I’m pushed from behind into her. She places her hands on my hips and all of a sudden, I feel self conscious as she watches me. I’d forgotten that kind of look, she’s devouring me with her eyes, taking in every detail. She dances round me, touching and gently rubbing against me like a cat. I can see a guy to my left watching us with his mouth slightly open.

We kiss each other hard, hands pulling at clothing, desperate to get closer. I plant feathery kisses down her cleavage as she grinds against me, sliding one hand up my skirt. The club is packed now and bodies are pressed against each other every where. I notice a couple next to us touching and kissing, and watch in amazement as he then enters her from behind, moving in time to the music. I show Caroline and we touch each other, watching them fuck right beside us. I love watching the girl’s breasts move with each thrust. I come so hard that I can barely breathe.

Some time later, she has me pressed up against her hallway wall and I want to kiss her all over. Then she sees the light blinking on her answer machine. She pulls away apologetically to press the button. I am disappointed when she rushes off to the hospital, but she’d mentioned her brother’s recent illness earlier. She gets me to promise I’ll stay and I curl up in her bed looking forward to her return.

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