Carny Ch. 07

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Lacey awoke me a few hours later, her small hand wrapping around my cock and tugging it into wakefulness. I followed, blinking blearily as pleasure raced through my body. “Wakey, wakey.” She whispered, spooned behind me and kissed my ear. I stretched and turned over, kissing her mouth and humming as her hand continued to move. Catching her hand, I pulled both of her arms above her head, torturing her with hot kisses and biting and sucking the soft flesh of her neck.

She moaned, trying to push me off but I could tell that she liked it, that she liked my domination. The darkness in her eyes beckoned to me and I fell headlong into them once again, silencing her whimpers with my mouth and creating new ones with my tongue. I let my tongue trace the globes of her breasts, tantalizingly skirting the fat nipples and smiling when she tried to push one into my mouth. I rose up, caught her eyes and stuck my tongue out, just letting the tip graze the nub. She whined and writhed, arching upward but I moved away, making her work for my touch.

“That’s not fair.” She wailed, glaring at me.

“Then tell me what you want.”

“I want you to suck it.”

“Suck what?”

“My tit. I want canlı bahis şirketleri you to suck on my nipple,” Her eyes met mine. “Hard.”

I bent to my work and she screamed in pleasure as I covered her fat nipple and rendered it hard. I used my teeth on the edges, rubbing my tongue along the spongy tissue until she cried out, then moved to the other, repeating the actions until she begged me to eat her pussy. I stood and walked to my dresser, taking a tie out of the drawer and looping it around her wrists. “Okay?” She nodded, both to the question I asked and the one I didn’t, acknowledging our play. With her hands bound, I stepped back and gazed at the scene on my bed, my heart pounding.

“You’re so beautiful, Lacey.” I reached out and touched the end of one of her stumps, my prick hardening even more at her soft moan. “So fucking beautiful in my bed.” I leaned down and gave the scarred flesh a long lick and a deep shiver went through both of us, her eyes darkening. I found that I couldn’t help myself. Licking turned into sucking and I left a big wet spot on the sheet as I moved up to her soaking cunt.

The minute my tongue lapped the length of her slit, Lacey came, ramming canlı kaçak iddaa her pussy into my mouth and I buried my face in her wet flesh, licking hard and deep. She moaned, struggling prettily against the ties while I plundered her leaking cunt over and over, bringing her to the edge and forcefully pushing her over on the tip of my tongue. After cumming several times, she begged me to stop so that she could catch her breath and I just smiled, rising and crawling over her trembling form.

“No rest for the wicked.”

Slowly, I slid my eager cock into her, groaning at the super slickness of her hot passage and the way her muscles tightened around me. She gasped and arched against me, her stumps clamping against my hips and making me hotter, if that was possible. We moved together, her hips lifting up against mine with each stroke. I went too far and my cock accidentally came out of her, slipping down and poking her asshole.


I froze in place, having heard her hissed response and gently touched her cheek. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Untie me and let me help you.”

I reached up and released the tie, rubbing her wrists and sat against the headboard as she instructed canlı kaçak bahis and I watched as she frog-walked up to me, turned around and impaled herself on my prick. I’d never felt something so wonderful. The heat was different and I groaned loudly, loving the idea of being buried deep in her bowels. Using the strength in her arms, she started pumping up and down on my pole, riding me like a wild horse. I held tightly onto her stubs, squeezing the ruined flesh and lifting her on top of me.

We came almost together. Lacey squealed first, shaking as she sent a torrent of juices down, coating my nuts and wetting the bed. Her ass muscles gripped me tightly, rippling against my cock until I couldn’t stand it any longer and exploded, pumping my load into her clasping canal and grinding up into her until the tremors stopped. She collapsed against me and I held her tightly, wrapping my arms and the covers around her.

I wanted to talk to her, to tell her how wonderful it had been but I couldn’t find the words. With the first fingers of dawn touching the sky outside, we knew that it had been our last time to make love and possibly the last time we’d see each other again. I felt the silent sobs rip through her and tightened my arms around her in a gentle embrace and sighed when she answered by rubbing my forearms. Our hearts aching, we watched the sunrise, our eyes filled with tears as the beauty of the approaching day brought an end to our loving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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