Careful What You Wish For – Day 09

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This a work of pure fiction, all sprouted from my overactive horny brain. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts, that some may find disturbing. So, if you are still going to read it, after having been warned, then enjoy!

I write as a hobby and a distraction in this difficult COVID-19 era. Feel free to comment, but keep it civil please, I’m not trying to win a prize or get published!

Stay safe and share some extra love with those who need it most in these challenging times!


Careful what you wish for — Day 9: Friday

Joan turned her face up and relished the warm water falling from the showerhead. She finished rinsing off the shower gel she had used to lather herself up and stepped out of the shower. While she dried herself off, she looked at herself in the full-size mirror on the wall. She was proud of how she looked. She still had a tight, firm, athletic body, great tits and long flowing hair. She was still any man’s dream! ‘Just not the dream anymore of the man I love!’ she thought sadly. She really missed Chris in her life! She knew she had probably ruined her marriage forever, in just a single week and felt sad and alone. Hopefully she could tell and show Chris at the dinner tonight, how much she still loved him!

As she opened the drawer to get her hairbrush, she noticed the box. ‘Oh shit!’, she thought, her eyes wide-open! She picked up the box and looked inside. It was empty, but she already knew that more than a week ago! Shocked she realized she had completely forgotten to renew the prescription for her anti-conception pills. She had taken the last one more than a week ago. She had made a mental note to pick up a new box from the pharmacy, but she had just been too preoccupied with fucking Ulan and avoiding Chris! SHIT! She needed to get a new box today! She decided she would also buy a pregnancy test, just to be sure. After all, all those big black cocks had put tons of cum in her pussy last week!

She dressed for work and went downstairs to the kitchen. Allie had left her a note on the table, telling her Mia would pick Allie up early in the morning, so they could finish some homework that was due for today. Joan realized it was just an excuse. Allie was still avoiding her as much as possible.

On her way to school, Joan swung by the pharmacy in the mall and got a refill for her anti-conception pills and bought two pregnancy tests.


During the morning Chris and Jenny had rehearsed the presentation for their potential client and made some minor modifications. Afterwards they had lunch together and then drove to the offices of the new client.


After Joan had finished with her classes, she sat in her office. She had trouble finishing some paperwork as her thoughts kept drifting towards Chris and the dinner appointment tonight. She really wanted to see him, talk with him and hold him in her arms. She missed him so much! Her eyes started watering and she felt a sudden surge of love for her husband. She had to see him! Now! She packed her stuff and walked to her car in the parking lot. She would just drive to his office and tell him how much she loved him and missed him. She would beg him to come home, if that was what it would take to get him back! She got in her car and drove off.

When she arrived at Chris’ office building, she took the elevator up and walked into the hallway where his office was located. When she came to the door, she saw that Chris’ office was dark inside. She opened the door and looked inside, but there was nobody there. The same was true for the side office she knew was Jenny’s office. Where was Chris? And where was Jenny? Joan felt a spike of jealousy! Chris and Jenny? Together?

“Well…well…well, who do we have here? If it isn’t Chris’ slutty wife!”, she heard the familiar voice of Dan behind her.

She turned around and saw Dan standing in the doorway of his office. His office was next to Chris’, but further to the entrance of the hallway. She had just passed it, but not noticed Dan sitting inside.

“Hi Dan, do you know where Chris is? I need to talk to him”, Joan said.

“I’m sure you do!”, Dan grinned.

“Well?”, Joan asked impatiently.

“Why don’t you come in and I’ll fill you up….umm…in…on where Chris has taken Jenny”, Dan said softly.

Joan couldn’t help it, but hearing that Chris had taken Jenny somewhere, triggered an immediate response in her. She felt jealous and angry! So, Chris was cheating on her! The fucker! She walked past Dan into his office and sat on the couch against the glass wall that separated Dan’s office from the hallway. Dan followed and shut the door behind him. He sat down on the edge of the desk in front of Joan.

“So, where are they?”, Joan asked angrily.

Dan grinned. He was going to enjoy this!

“Well, to start with, they were together in their offices the whole morning. But I couldn’t tell what they were doing. They had locked the door and they had closed the slats in front of ataşehir escort bayan the windows to the hallway. Which was odd, they never do that. I did notice however that Jenny looked particular sexy today! She was wearing a sexy black leather skirt and stiletto heeled boots! She looked hot!”

Joan’s wicked imagination had her imagine Jenny laying on her back on Chris’ desk with her booted legs in the air, her leather skirt hiked up, while Chris was pounding her cunt with his big dick! Joan felt her anger rising! Dan could see the effect his words were having on Joan. He had lied about the door being locked and the slats being closed. He knew Chris and Jenny had worked hard on their presentation, but he wasn’t going to tell Joan that!

“When they finally came out, I noticed they were both adjusting their clothes. Must have been a steamy session in there! They went out for lunch and told me they wouldn’t be back until later today. No idea what they planned doing after their lunch. Maybe it was just time for their nooner, who knows, right?”, Dan continued.

By the time Dan stopped talking, Joan was furious, her emotions boiling over! ‘The fucking cheater!’, she thought. She looked at Dan and decided to get some revenge sex! She stood up and turned around to close the slats in Dan’s office. She then walked to the door and locked it. Dan followed her with his eyes as she moved through his office. This sure looked promising! When Joan moved back to the couch, she suddenly heard laughter coming from the entrance of the hallway. She heard people talking and suddenly recognized Chris’ voice! She kneeled on the couch and peeked between two slats to see who Chris was talking to. Suddenly she saw Chris and Jenny walk into her view! Both were smiling and laughing and Jenny held Chris’ arm and leaned against him as they walked into view.

“I can’t believe we actually did it, Chris, you were great, I loved it!”, Joan heard Jenny say through the glass.

“Hey, this afternoon was a team effort! And don’t forget, we have put in a lot of preparation! Also, I would be lying if I said that your attire, didn’t help my performance! You sure know how to distract people!”, Chris laughed, while he playfully goggled Jenny’s attire.

Jenny laughed and wiggled her hips and boobs, leaning into Chris as they walked towards his office. Joan was furious! She had heard enough! It was clear to her that Chris and Jenny had spent the afternoon fucking in some hotel or motel room!

Joan turned around on the couch and got up. She walked over to Dan and without saying a word she got to her knees and unzipped his pants. She reached inside and took out his cock and wrapped her lips around it. She started sucking it, jerking it with one hand, while she stuck her other hand under her dress in her panties and started rubbing her pussy! She felt Dan’s flaccid cock quickly getting hard in her mouth and moaned. She loved the feeling of a cock getting hard in her mouth! Slurping noises quickly mixed with more panting and moaning! Dan grabbed Joan’s head and pushed it further on his cock, forcing her to deepthroat his cock!

“Owww yeah….take my cock down your throat…owww fuck, you’re an expert cock sucking slut…..shit, your husband is in the next office……ohhh yesss….keep sucking whore…..fuck, you’re such a cum slut, aren’t you?…..owww yesss….i’m gonna fuck you so your cuckold hubby can hear you scream when you cum on my cock……owww fuck, yesss… keep sucking…..ahhhhh….ok, come here!”

Dan pushed Joan’s head backwards and with a popping sound his cock slipped from her mouth. Joan whimpered when she felt him pull his cock out of her mouth. Dan grabbed her arm, pulled her on her feet and pushed her with her face against the thin drywall that separated his and Chris’ office. He lifted the hem of her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees. Joan looked over her shoulder.

“Oh yes….take me…make me scream so my cuckold cheater husband can hear his slutty wife enjoy your cock, Dan!…..make me cum…..make me scream your name when I cum on your fuck meat”, Joan told him lustfully.

Dan placed his cockhead against the entrance of her cunt and with one forceful thrust pushed his cock all the way into Joan’s cunt! Joan’s cunt felt on fire!


Dan was now pounding his cock into Joan’s cunt as fast and as deep as he could. He didn’t care whether he hurt her or not, or whether she liked it or not, he was just ramming his hard cock in her fuck hole! He hoped Chris heard his wife scream!


The presentation had completely gone according to plan! Chris had presented both their general services and the specific ones the potential client had requested. Jenny had presented the processes and quality control their firm used escort kadıöy to deliver their services. They had choreographed their alternating presentation bursts during the long rehearsal session in the morning and it had gone like clockwork! Chris had been especially proud of Jenny! She had proven to be a professional presenter, who knew her stuff! But she had also used her femininity and attire to make sure each man in the room had wanted her!

She had walked around in the room when Chris was presenting and he could see every man in the room glance at her when she walked past them. The sound of her stockinged legs against the inside of her leather skirt and the cracking of her leather boots, was just something a man’s brain could simply not ignore!

After the presentation there had been a few questions and after a short internal meeting, the CEO had let them know they were Chris’ new client! They had been invited for drinks in the penthouse bar and Chris and Jenny had a number of drinks with the men who had attended the presentation. Chris had noticed how the men flocked around Jenny and had hit on her. Jenny had entertained them, laughed with them, but had kept a professional distance. After they had said goodbye, they had taken the elevator down. Once in Chris’ car, they had congratulated each other with high fives and a hug! They had talked and laughed while they drove back to their office. When they entered the hallway to Chris’s office, they were still talking about how well the presentation had gone and how they had worked as a team to bring in this new client!

“I can’t believe we actually did it, Chris, you were great, I loved it!”, Jenny had told him with a big smile.

“Hey, this afternoon was a team effort! And don’t forget, we have put in a lot of preparation! Also, I would be lying if I said that your attire, didn’t help my performance! You sure know how to distract people!”, Chris had laughed.

Jenny had laughed and had wiggled her hips and boobs a bit! They both had laughed as they had passed Dan’s office. Neither of them had noticed the closed slats or the small slit through which Joan’s eye had been looking at them. They had entered Chris’ office and walked into Jenny’s side office.

They were still talking and laughing when suddenly through the wall they heard the muffled sound of a woman screaming in Dan’s office. Chris and Jenny stopped laughing and looked surprised at each other with raised eyebrows! Facing each other, they grinned and placed their ear against the wall. They could now more clearly hear the woman screaming.

“OMG, they’re fucking in there!”, Jenny blurted.

“Holy shit!”, Chris said.

He and Jenny both laughed, while they both tried to hear what was going on in the other office. Suddenly Jenny walked out of her office into the hallway and to the door of Dan’s office. She tried the door, but it was locked from the inside. She tried to look inside through the windows, but the slats were closed. She walked back to the door and knocked on it.

“Dan? Hey Dan, are you in there? Are you alright, we heard some strange noises coming from here! Are you ok in there?”

Jenny could hear people moving inside. She placed her ear against the door and could clearly hear bare flesh banging on bare flesh! Then she heard a woman moaning! ‘Holy shit, somebody is getting thoroughly fucked in there!’, she thought, longingly. Jenny felt her pussy getting wet! She quickly returned to her office, where she found Chris still with his ear against the wall.

“They’re fucking in there alright”, she said with a dry voice.

She stood close to Chris and facing him, placed her ear against the wall again. As soon as she heard more screaming and moaning, she started making obscene gestures at Chris. She pushed her tongue into her cheek and moved her hand in front of her mouth to simulate she was giving a blow job! She rolled her eyes upwards and moaned seductively. Chris looked at Jenny standing just inches away, looking hot as hell, while she pretended giving a blowjob! Then Jenny started thrusting her hips seductively, like she was really fucking! Chris felt his cock getting hard in his pants! ‘Time to get the hell out of here!’, Chris thought. He quickly picked up his attaché case and moved to the door.

“Enjoy their show Jenny, I have another appointment tonight! Again, great work today, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you Monday!”, he said loudly, as he walked into the hallway.


Joan stood leaning against the wall, her legs spread wide, pushing her cunt back onto Dan’s thrusting cock. Her head hung between her arms and she was panting heavily. She felt so slutty and dirty, fucking Dan, while her husband could hear her! It made her super horny! She felt her orgasm building, when suddenly there was somebody at the door! She heard Jenny ask if Dan was inside and if he was alright!

“Don’t mind her….keep fucking my wet cunt….I need to come….make me come….fuck me harder!”, she whispered, looking over her shoulder maltepe escort at Dan’s face.

Dan kept pounding Joan’s cunt, faster and faster, until his cock was just a blur! Joan moaned and whimpered. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted nothing more than to come!

Suddenly she heard Chris’ voice in the hallway, wishing Jenny a nice weekend. ‘Fuck, he’s leaving!’, she thought. Why was he leaving so soon? She was sure he would start banging Jenny again, when he heard Dan and her fucking in the next-door office. But now he just left, killing her whole revenge fuck, leaving her unsatisfied in more than one way! Immediately she felt her anger returning! She was going to confront him about his nooner with Jenny! Now! She just pushed Dan away, pulled her panties up and left Dan’s office, following Chris to the elevators. When she walked around the corner, she was just in time to see Chris get in the elevator, talking to two male colleagues. She ran over and pressed the button to prevent the closing of the elevator doors, but was too late. She kept pushing the button to call the other elevator and when it finally arrived, she pressed the button for the parking garage. As she walked into the parking garage, she saw Dan driving out of the garage. ‘FUCK!’, she thought.


Jenny had noticed the bulge forming in Chris’ pants and for a single moment it looked like her fantasy of fucking her handsome boss would finally come true! But then Chris had bolted, leaving her all horny and wet! Suddenly she heard the click clack sound of high heels leaving the next-door office and walk down the hallway. She quickly walked to the door to see who it was, that Dan had been fucking! As she stepped out into the hallway, she saw the back of a woman turning around the corner into the reception area. She just got a glimpse of long brown flowing hair and a firm athletic body in a summer dress. She didn’t recognize the woman as a co-worker at the firm though! Determined to find out who it was, she started walking down the hallway. As she passed Dan’s office, she automatically looked inside and stopped in her tracks! Dan was sitting on the edge of his desk with his pants on his ankles. He was slowly stroking his hard cock, his eyes closed. The image immediately made Jenny’s pussy drool! Spotting another opportunity to get her horny itch fixed, she stepped into Dan’s office, closed the door and locked it. When she turned around, Dan was looking at her, still rubbing his cock. Jenny walked over to him and without saying a word, grabbed his cock and took over the slow hand job he had been giving himself.

“Ow, did she leave you here with blue balls?”, she teased Dan, talking like a mother would, to comfort a child.

Jenny slid her hand down and cupped Dan’s balls.

“Oh yes, they feel swollen and full of cum! You didn’t cum yet, did you now? You want mummy to help you fix that, baby?”, Jenny teased him.

She let go of his balls and lifted her skirt. She sat down next to Dan, spread her legs and pulled her panties aside, revealing her wet cunt.

“Come on now, be a big boy and fuck mommy! Fill my pussy with all that cum!”

Dan couldn’t believe what he was hearing! He immediately stepped between her legs and thrust his hard cock into Jenny’s wet pussy! He felt his heart beat in his chest and his breathing got shallower and faster. Jenny felt Dan’s cock slide inside her and moaned loudly! ‘Finally, a cock to fill me up!’, she thought. Her hands roamed over his body. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her at every thrust of his cock.

“Ohhh fuck Dan….first all those horny guys in the presentation, then the drinks and now finally your cock in my pussy….I’m so fucking horny now…..I’m sooooo wet….ohhh fuck, don’t stop, keep fucking me…..give me your cum…..make me cum….I need it so badly now!”, she moaned in his ear.

Dan pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again, teasing Jenny. Again, he pulled it all the way out and as Jenny whimpered feeling his cock leaving her, he pushed it back in.

“Oh, fuck Dan, stop teasing me…..FUCK ME HARD AND FAST!”, Jenny ordered him.

Dan picked up a steady pace fucking Jenny as deep as he could. His balls slapped against her bum and Jenny hung onto him, urging him to give her his cum! Dan felt he was going to come soon and wanted to extend fucking this beauty a little longer. He pulled his cock out and dropped to his knees. He buried his tongue as deep into Jenny’s cunt as he could, licking between her pussy lips and sucking on her clit.

“OWWWW FUCK YES!!!”, Jenny screamed.

Dan kept licking her drooling pussy, savoring the wetness running between her labia.

“Owww…yessss….make me cum….keep licking….make me cum….I’m almost cumming….keep sucking my clit…..make me cum…..make me cum….owww yesssss….ahhhhh….make me cum…..I’m almost there…keep licking me….ohhh fuck….yessss.yesss…..owwww….I’M CUMMINGGGGG!”

Jenny grabbed Dan’s head and pushed it as hard as she could into her cunt. Her whole body twitched and shuddered as she came! She pressed her legs together and clutched Dan’s head against her pussy as she rode out her orgasm. Dan stood up and without waiting for her to recover from her orgasm, he pushed his hard cock back into her pussy! Jenny moaned!

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